IS IT TRUE ….Significant Political Decision Will Be Posted Monday Morning.



IS IT TRUE….City County Observer Moleon Monday January 6, 2014 the City County Observer will be first to announce a significant political decision that will rock Evansville’ power brokers socks off? … that we have been authorized to publish this news early Monday morning and now are poised to be first to do so?  ….you should be ready to pull up the CITY COUNTY OBSERVER Monday morning and we guarantee it shall be worth your while?


  1. Could it be that Sheriff Eric Williams will announce that he is a candidate for US Congress.

    Could it be that John Friend is announcing that he shall run for Mayor?

    Could it be that Marsha Abell has decided not to run for reelection.

    Could it be that the State Board of Accounts have found many problems with city books?

    Could it be that the city and county may have problems with acquiring the loans to build new downtown hotel?

    Could it be I can’t wait to read the CCO Monday edition?

    • I can’t see where any of those guesses could be earth shattering, all of them are sort of expected. The exception would be problems with the hotel loan. My curiosity is peaked but not much surprises me about local politics. I think its some sort of political corruption that surfaced and couldn’t be covered up. There’s an awful of hidden funds in this county.

    • Ralph,

      Think about the context. If CCO gets first crack at the story, only the J. Friend bullet point would be possible. Hopefully it is something like John Dunn has also thrown his hat into the ring, we already know J. Friend is running.

      • Geez,An archaic view as such, from the “bulb” might produce an involuntary reaction such as high,blood pressures.or hurling the information as provided.
        Could be a “pons” reaction, as well.
        Does ,however provoke a bit of thought “nice handle stem.” 😉

        “he who joyfully marches to music rank and file,has been given a large brain by mistake,since for him the spinal cord would suffice.” (Albert Einstein)

  2. Something else Significant! For the region after midnight,1/5/14. Not political yet,however careful out there on the road.
    I observed today that across the region the north side shaded ground features didn’t thaw out at If your zipping along driving or walking think about this thermodynamic. Imagine where the shade or wind sheltered area was today,as people felt in december the problem is [thermal ice “accretion” with freeing rain.] The thermodynamic conditional that packs on surface ice on an aircrafts leading edge.

    Road surface, wet ice is slippery stuff,when the surfaces which didn’t thaw during the day take the rain droplets ice will form on it,and on those other such sheltered surfaces first “so be careful” and “anticipate cognitively” where that could happen in your travels tonight and tomorrow morning.

    “transit umbra lux permaet”

    “The shadow passes,the light remains’ [sun-dial] ;…. OR in thermodynamics of rapid mixed air cold fronts,and cold surfaces,freezing rain,black ice,and accretion. 🙁

    • Typo above there! (freeing rain)or is that (reign) if applied politically verse’s,(freezing rain) applied thermodynamically,heck, both when considered,could get a bit tricky….. 😉

  3. Election fraud uncovered from the last Mayor’s race that cost Rick Davis the election…Hey, I gotta dream.:-D

  4. I think SBR will announce her cadidacy for Mayor. It may just be wishful thinking, but I would love to have a woman for Mayor.

    • I would say Bruce Ungentheim for some type of office, not necessarily Mayor. Liked the work Bruce did on the City/County consolidation.

    • Dammit EKB don’t you know no one is allowed to run for Mayor without consulting Johnathan Weinzapful first!!??

      Especially nearly two years before the Mayor/Council Races!

      This was all set down in stone per Mark Owen, Connie Robinson, Missy Mosby, Johnathan Weaver, Chris Cook, Aaron Calbert and the rest of the Weinzapful-Winnecke Alliance and the pinky shake.

  5. TELL US, ALREADY. I hope it isn’t just an official announcement for Bruce Ungetheim. That would be a huge disappointment.

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