IS IT TRUE? September 8, 2011 Special Evening Edition


President Barack Obama

IS IT TRUE? September 8, 2011 Special Evening Edition

IS IT TRUE tonight we will all be given the opportunity to hear what President Obama will be proposing to do in an effort to jump start the job engine of the United States?…that all of the major papers are reporting that the “quick fix” will consist of tax cuts, extending the social security withholding tax cuts through 2012, spending more money on construction, and extending unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed?…that this group of actions pretty much just extend the government assistance that has been in place through 2010 and 2011 into 2012?…that if these actions did not jumpstart hiring in the last two years that extending these programs another year will have little effect on hiring either?

IS IT TRUE that according to the Kauffman Foundation that all net new job growth comes from businesses that are less than 5 years old?…that this being the case that any program that the government is pondering that does not directly incent or inspire entrepreneurship is targeting a lesser job creator than startup and emerging companies are?…that the first big stimulus is now somewhat discredited for not achieving its goals with respect to unemployment?…that many of the factories that were directly subsidized such as the solar company in Fremont, CA that filed for bankruptcy this week were incented or directly paid by the government to do the wrong thing at the wrong time?…that Solyndra received $535 Million from the stimulus to build a factory to make products that had no market and were not technically ready even if there was a market?…that the battery companies that received federal stimulus money to build factories prematurely to make products for which markets do not exist are already facing financial challenges?…that the government attempting to force solutions that the free market will not accept is a waste of money and is demoralizing in the long run?…that much less money directed toward research may have actually resulted in something good?

IS IT TRUE that some private investment dollars and some American jobs can be saved if the Justice Department will stop harassing the Gibson Guitar Company and Boeing?…that the message that is being sent by singling out these two business is that they should just take their factories that employ between them many thousands of American workers and move to another country?…that in the case of Gibson the “illegal” wood that they were attacked over is used in every guitar factory there is anywhere including some other American companies?…that if the necks of the guitars were assembled in India where the wood comes from that it would be okay to import the necks for assembly into Les Pauls?…that the Justice Department is putting Gibson into a position that the only way to obey the law is to export a full assembly line to India and lay off the American workers that are doing this job now?…that this is a travesty that should never ever occur?

IS IT TRUE that one thing that President Obama could propose tonight that may have a positive effect on American business would be to tell Attorney General Eric Holder to take an 18 month vacation and to stop attacking American business to appease labor?…that we need for the Justice Department to worry about things like meth and leave guitar makers and aviation manufacturers alone?…that maybe the best proposal would be to just stop doing anything because the things that have been done do not seem to go according to plan?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville could and should learn a lesson from the failures of the federal government?…that local support of entrepreneurship and emerging business will have a bigger impact than building temples to sport or whale hunting?


  1. Obama’s background as a “community organizer” has not served him well in the nation’s top job. I can understand where toiling in such a job would tend to limit your world view.

    Perhaps some day he will realize that he is the President of all the citizens in this country and not just the chronically unemployed/unemployable ones.

  2. Anyone with a functioning brain should conclude from reading this article that the United States is under the hobnailed boots of a Marxist government, ruled by a personality cult of the most corrupt sort. Hopefully most of the readers of this newspaper didn’t waste their time watching this yet another rambling rant that went nowhere and offered no new solutions to the worst problems that are keeping economic prosperity several arms lengths from our reach.

    • Gotta agree with you here.

      In 2012, we will get to choose between Big Blue Government or Big Red Government.

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