IS IT TRUE? September 7, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? September 7, 2011

IS IT TRUE that Venture Connections of Louisville, Kentucky has provided equity financing in the amount of nearly $30 Million since New Year’s Day of 2011?…that this group is made up of both Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms?…that 20 years ago that Louisville and Evansville were equals in equity investments through organized groups and that number was exactly ZERO?…that Evansville after being told time and time again in paid studies, federal government sponsored studies, and by individuals who have participated in such groups elsewhere that this is an essential function to foster entrepreneurship still sits at ZERO?…that there will be Evansville entrepreneurs at today’s meeting of Venture Connections in Louisville?…that Evansville lost a company to Louisville over this very thing?…that another business that is in the multi-billion dollar alternative energy space would have come to Evansville if investments were available?…that the losses just keep mounting up from having no Angel Investment Group or Venture Capital firm?

IS IT TRUE that the website gathers an posts records on the activities and intentions of Political Action Committees all across the country?…that it was discovered on this public website today that the new PAC that we wrote about calling themselves “MAINSTREAM DEMOCRATS OF EVANSVILLE” is now listed?…that the purpose for this PAC is recorded as “To raise money to support Democrat candidates deemed mainstream moderates by the Committee”?…that sounds very much like an organization that has a small committee of people with a self interest that are intent to financially support those that the committee in charge “DEEM” to be worthy of support?…that is it very likely that even though they use the word Democrat in their name the candidates that they choose to support may not hold traditional Democratic ideology at all?…that in their defense this list of PACS is full of self interested groups on personal missions?…that we are quite interested to find out if this is a PAC or an NC-PAC?…that an NC-PAC is a PAC that is not connected to a particular political party and typically can’t have the name of a political party in its name?…that the “MAINSTREAM DEMOCRATS OF EVANSVILLE” sounds more like a connected PAC than a non-connected PAC?…that we must wonder if that connection is to the Vanderburgh County Democratic Central Committee?…that we also will be watching closely to see how many local Republicans may be DEEMED to be “democratic candidates that are mainstream moderates” by the DEEMING COMMITTEE?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission cancelled their meeting for today due to lack of a quorum?…that we will not have to wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting to learn about the VETTING PROCESS results with respect to the downtown Convention Hotel and the intentions with respect to the McCurdy Hotel?…that if there are any pieces of earth shaking news that they can always call a special meeting?

IS IT TRUE that the US Center for Disease Control is reporting that the number of adults that smoke has dropped down to only 19%?…that even though Evansville and Indiana smoke in higher numbers that those numbers have now drifted into the low 20’s?…that all of this means that 80% +/- of adults do not smoke?…that we wonder if the Evansville City Council will awaken to this fact any time soon?


  1. County: Vanderburgh

    Ad: LEGAL NOTICECAUSE NO. 82DO3-1004-MF-2125 State of Indiana, County of Vanderburgh SS: In the Vanderburgh Superior Court, Plaintiff: CITY OF EVANSVILLE, by its Department of Metropolitan Develop-ment vs. Nicholas Laswell, Owner of 419-421 S.E. Third Street, Evansville, In-diana; US Bank National Association as Trustee; Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; Fifth Third Mortgage Compa-ny; Chase Home Finance, LLC; Wells Fargo Bank; Onewest Bank FSB; and United Fidelity Bank FSB, Defendants. NOTICE OF SUIT. To the above named Defendants, and any other persons who may be concerned, you are hereby noti-fied that you have been sued in the above-named Court in the above-named Cause. The nature of this suit against you is: Complaint to Foreclose on the following described real estate in Van-derburgh County: Part of Lots Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14) and Fifteen (15) in Block Two (2) in the Eastern Enlarge-ment of the City of Evansville, as per plat thereof, recorded in Deed Record E, Pages 415 and 416 and transcribed of record in Plat Book A, Pages 142, 143 and 144 and retranscribed of record in Plat Book E, Pages 16, 17 and 18 in the office of the Recorder of Vanderburgh County, Indiana, more particularly de-scribed as follows: Commencing at point Twenty-nine and One-half (29 ½) feed Northwesterly on Third Street from the Southeast corner of Lot Thirteen (13) in said Block and running thence along the Westerly line of Third Street Sixty-seven and One-half (67 ½) feet, thence Southwesterly and parallel with Oak Street across Lots Thirteen (13), Four-teen (14) and Fifteen (15) to the line di-viding said Lots Fifteen (15) and Sixteen (16); thence Southeasterly along the Westerly line of Lot Fifteen (15) Sixty-seven and One-half (67 ½) feet; thence Northeasterly and parallel with Oak Street to the place of beginning. This summons by publication was granted by the Court on October 8, 2010. This summons by publication is specifically directed to the following named Defen-dant: Nicholas Laswell owner of 419-421 S.E. Third Street whose last known address is believed to be: 767 Chanson Drive SW, Marietta, Georgia 30064. The remaining Defendants have received no-tification of this Suit by US Mail, good service obtained. In addition to the above-named Defendants being served by this summons, there may be other Defendants who have an interest in this lawsuit. If you have a claim for relief against the Plaintiff arising from the same transaction or occurrence, you may assert it in your written answer. You must answer the Complaint in writ-ing by you or your attorney on or before thirty (30) days after the third Notice of Suit is published and if you fail to do so Judgment will be entered against you for what the Plaintiff has demanded. The enforcement authority is the De-partment of Metropolitan Development whose address is Civic Center Complex, Room 306, 1 N.W. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Evansville, Indiana 47708, telephone number (812) 436-7885. The exact terms of the Order may be ob-tained from the Department of Metro-politan Development. Attorneys repre-senting the Department of Metropolitan Development are David L. Jones and Ju-lia B. Langerak of Jones o Wallace, LLC, 420 Main Street, Suite 1600, P.O. Box 1065, Evansville, Indiana 47706, tele-phone number (812) 402-1600. (Courier & Press August 31, Septemeb-mer 7, 14, 2011)

  2. Why does the CCO question the Mainstream Democrats and never question the JFK Club. The JFK club has been raising money for several years and donating to certin candidates without turning in any financial reports. They have worked against certin Democrats who have beat their choosen candidates in the primary election. The CCO needs to send in one of their moles to find out what is going on with the JFK club. That shouldn’t be to hard to find one in that group.

    • The View from where I stand ,looking back on the Record of the “King” and his courtisans, is that they were, and are “The Darkside Democrats ” of Evansville, now they seem to have suddenly at election time to have anointed themselves, or, The “King” has anointed them, the “Mainstream Democrats”,—What a Misnomer!– and at this point in time, laughable as they scramble to retain their power with a “Weinzapfel Clone.
      There has not been transparancy in the Weinzapfel Administration, but —“The Mainstream Democrats” are easy to See Thru!

      • How many meetings have you been to crash, you seem to think you know alot about this group.

    • The self titled Mainstream Democrats are a new political action committe formed with high power City attorneys and host a big money fundraiser tommow evening at the Main Gate bar. The JFK Club had their wennie wagon towed from the Fall Festival last year. Seems like a big difference IMHO.

    • I think its because so many of the JFK club are already loose lipped moles who live to spread the gossip that the CCO readily laps up!

  3. Well, They “is”, what they “is”, and “it all depends upon what ‘is’, is.” –BC

    I think we all know by now the Goal of the “Darkside Democrats”, is to help defeat their party’s candidate, Mr. Davis.

    PS.Can’t keep a sceret in this town anymore, there’s Moles everywhere.

    • What if…

      there just happen to be a few corporations that are accustomed to paying their monthly [BLEEP]… and if you know what I means.. it’s like they aren’t for sure ‘n all… whether Davis… you know… will protect their, “interests”? You know… especially since he doesn’t have “deference”… cause even criminals have to have some sort of a code, right?

      Know what I’m sayin’?

      Sometimes, just like corporations… you don’t create the business first… The money stream is already there… the corporation is just the, you know, the vehicle?


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