IS IT TRUE? September 4, 2011


We is gonna uhtract us some women lookin like dis

IS IT TRUE? September 4, 2011

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is pleased to see that some of the other local media is awakening from their coma and starting to point their finger at the ugliness of this area?…that they of course avoid words like ugly and favor carefully chosen terms like “unattractive” which is not as likely to offend as terms like ugly, dirty, unkempt, distasteful, or disgraceful?…that using calming terms like unattractive reminds us of the politically correct yet universal excuse for poor performance “less fortunate”?…that it is right to point out that Evansville is stifling its own growth and eliminating opportunities by CHOOSING to be “unattractive” or shall we say “distasteful and repulsive” to outsiders?…that at least one editorial did use a term that was accurate enough to hopefully get some attention?…the term “SEA OF MEDIOCRITY” sends the right message about what Evansville seems to be to outside observers and furthermore is what it will continue to be unless it can first learn basic civic hygiene?

IS IT TRUE that this whole job creation through attraction of businesses and inspiration of growth is so much like dating that it takes one back to the days of youth?…that young men who are seeking young attractive women and young women who are seeking their ideal young men ALL seem to practice basic hygiene and even a little deception when they are in the “attraction game”?…that to attend a dance or another social event these youngsters routinely have the good sense to take a shower, put on deodorant, brush their teeth, comb their hair, use some cosmetics, and put on clothing that is carefully selected to send the message of whatever it is that they seek?…the bottom line is that people in “attraction mode” know how to look what they think is their best and go to great lengths to do so?

IS IT TRUE that a teenager that is a total and complete slob most of the time will switch into look good mode very quickly if the boyfriend or girlfriend is coming over to meet the parents?…that these kids will even clean the parents house and beg the parents to be on good behavior and looking good when “attraction” is on their mind?…that we wonder what it is that has caused the City of Evansville to lose this most basic of human personality traits?…that having travelled to many cities it is quite clear that Evansville from a main roads and gateways perspective does not live up to the “SEA OF MEDIOCRITY” description?…that the City of Evansville needs to make some serious improvements to show as mediocre to outsiders?…that mediocrity should be a first goal on an improvement program that eventually gets Evansville looking well groomed and ready for a date?

IS IT TRUE that we hope that this newfound enlightenment of the 2011 election year is not as fleeting as such efforts usually are?…that for the first time in many years there seems to be a reason to believe that there is actually sincerity and a pulse behind the cleanup efforts?…that with hardworking organizations like Keep Evansville Beautiful with its Joan of Arc like champion Ann Ennis who never takes her eye off of the ball do the basics to the best of their ability and economic development professionals like Greg Wathen finally connecting the perception of filth with failures to attract economic opportunity Evansville may just have one last ray of hope to join the cleansed cities of America?…that we are very encouraged that both candidates for Mayor of Evansville acknowledge the litter problem and have proposed actions to do something about it?…that the first step for a filthy dirty person to become clean is to look into the mirror and see themselves the way others see them?…that the second step is to be as repulsed by their own nastiness as others are and to vow to clean up and to stay that way?…that the final and most important step is to actually practice good grooming and hygiene on a daily basis?…that most people learn that in the 2nd grade and it is a joy to see the leadership of Evansville finally seems to be ready for the 3rd step as we begin our 165th year as a city?


  1. Is that a gourd or a butternut squash in the lap of that young man on the left ? Also, is the fellow on the right the guy who played “Greg Brady” on “The Brady Bunch” ? Regardless, love the tats. They were just getting ready to apply the first coat on their house when your photographer had to interrupt them.

  2. Good job, CCO, of identifying the lethargy. I have already been formulating some ideas having to do with “A Woman’s Perspective of Evansville”:
    She is neat
    She is clean and tidy
    She likes things that smell good
    She looks for quality at a good price
    Her kids are above average

    She is what marketing experts tell us make most of the buying decisions for the family. So, where she wants to shop and live are of utmost importance for forecasting consumer activities.

    There is a very interesting thought in Proverbs 31 (New American Standard Bible) verse 16 – makes suggestions of this sort … “she considers a field and buys it. From her earnings she plants a vineyard”. She is the principal buyer for the economy and most advertising is geared to the woman rather than the man. Her sensory perceptions are keener than the man’s and advertisers use this to sell.

    Who eventually picks the house to live in … primarily the woman. She considers location, amenities, neighborhood, schools, shopping and safety (not necessairily in that order). And, of course, price.

    Surprising what a woman will notice when she comes into a roon. Sights, sounds, smells, messiness … she is geared to noticing these things.

    There is too much trash in the gutters, construction debris on downtown streets, weeds along the Lloyd, smells from sewers that make Evansville a less attractive place to want to live. Have our women put up with this long enough? Guys, do we care about where we ask our women to live?

    I think this is a grass-roots issue that can we can help fix with some well-placed money, pressure from City Hall to actually get projects done quickly, and strong convincing (advertising) that everyone who lives in and uses Evansville are stakeholders in this community improvement project.

    Thanks to the volunteers of Winnecke for Mayor campaign who have actually been seen along Evansville’s streets cleaning up trash. We shall start with the small things ….


  3. Anybody else drive down by the government building downtown lately…?

    That old Frontier liquor store… has the roof started to fall in?

    Sure looks as “dangerous” as that pile of rubble was…

  4. After almost stepping on a dirty diaper on a sidewalk, I made a decision. I’m not coming back to Evansville ever again

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