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IS IT TRUE September 29, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the appearance of chaos and disorganization this weekend with the City County Observer is a result of an aggressive attack on this publication by an outside entity that would prefer that this publication did not exist?   …we are presently working on addressing this issue and hope to correct  this problem in a couple of days?  …we want to thank you for you patiences in this matter?

IS IT TRUE after we published this status of the Real Clear Politics polling average for the United States Senate on Friday another poll came out that shifted the projections of another seat into Republican hands?…the projected outcome now has 52 Senate seats in republican hands and 45 democrats with 3 independents?…two of the independents already caucus with the democrats but the leader in Kansas has pledged to caucus with the majority party and has a healthy dose of libertarian leanings?…the other big news in national politics is that Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that he is leaving the Obama Administration as soon as a replacement can be confirmed?…this is a certain signal that the democrats are resigned to losing the Senate because Holder’s departure prior to seating a new congress will make his successor’s confirmation more favorable for democrats?

IS IT TRUE the secret opening of the bidding to construct the downtown hotel project has still not been released to the public?…you can bet that if the bids were overwhelmingly favorable that there would have been a celebratory press release and yet another golden shovel moment scheduled?…the longer these secrets remain a secret, the more it looks like there is still trouble in the martini sipping paradise?…the rubber meets the road Wednesday when the latest version of a construction agreement will expire unless there is proof of loan approval by HCW for a hotel complex that meets the RFP that was issued 2 years ago?…we must remember that there was a minimum room number on that RFP and if HCW comes in below that all of the work done including the $20 Million handout are null and void?…you can bet that if silly giddy ceremony is not announced by tomorrow that there is indeed trouble in hotel paradise?

IS IT TRUE a snippet or two has been emerging from the shadows about just what the changes to the hotel were to drive some of the cost out of the bids?…it was widely discussed that 8 rooms would be eliminated but that 8 has now turned into 12 and the total will now be 245 instead of 257?…that is only 5 more rooms than CVB president Bob Warren says is the minimum required to attract conventions?…that word minimum is beginning to be the “identity” of the stripped down hotel?…the new 10 story height with a restaurant and bar look nearly identical to the former Executive Inn?…maybe a facelift would have accomplished the same thing that this 6 year cluster@?/$ is about to result in?

IS IT TRUE the 2013 audit of the City of Evansville happened on time and once again the opinion is “unqualified”?…of course the 17 pages of descriptions of “adverse” opinions with respect to GAAP (generally accebpted accounted practices) remains just like it has for over 10 years?…as long as a laundry list of violations does not result in any consequence other than a “dear Russ letter” nothing will ever change?…we wonder why the State of Indiana even bothers to have audits if a rotten report card for compliance still results in the highest grade possible?…it is sort of like giving the dumbest kid in the class an A after writing a letter of failure to the parents?…the audits are seeming to be pretty useless these days?

IS IT TRUE going back to the hotel there are some who are saying that the price has run off of the rails because the parking garage capacity has been doubled?…if and we do mean if this is the case, then the parking garage expansion should be paid for from the IU Medical School budget instead of the hotel budget?…300 additional spaces in high rise parking by traditional metrics would add about $6 Million to the cost?…deducting 12 rooms will only save about $1.6 Million but will devalue the hotel by $1.2 Million so as far as financing the project is concern the downsizing will have little impact?


    • This is most probably a hack. It’s either that or something to do with the update of Microsoft Windows. It started on Saturday or Sunday and I emails the CCO about it the first time I noticed it happening. I also double checked my computer and ran several virus checking software programs.

      It’s definitely call the FBI and let them have a look at the server and see if they can find out who was behind it. If this was a hack or any type of cyber crime it should be looked into. And if it was not then maybe they can help you figure out what actually happened to the server.

      I would not put it pass any of them SOB. I’ve already got my Concealed Carry Permit and I’m packing now. And I’m able to shoot the wings of a fly with my new pistol. Not bragging about my shooting but I am bragging about my new Pistol. It’s a awesome weapon and it makes me look good. I give all the credit to the designer and production crews at Walthers. My last shots at the range were right on the bulls eye at the 25 meter range today as I was leaving. And that was shooting free hand with no rest for the weapon.

      I definitely would apply for a Concealed Carry Permit and buy a good weapon. It only took one week to get my permit and from what I’m reading the process is getting faster now. Get a life time permit and get some training just in case. It does not hurt to be prepared. These SOB will use every trick in the books to hurt you or your reputation. They will use women too. That’s as old as the CIA and other secrete agencies. I remember when a certain Mayor was running for office and was being driven around and kept an eye on just in case they used a women to comprise his reputation. That same Mayor suddenly left office right after he was re-elected. He was probably told to get out of the Mayor’s office or else. You don’t run for the Mayors office and win and then quit right after you win the election. He might have been accused of making his employees pay tribute to the Party. That I hear is a Federal Crime. I know that I was pushed to pay tribute to the party when I worked for the city. And I worked for both of the mayor political parties and a very high profile office.

      BTW: I agree that we collectively have hit a big exposed nerve and they are getting tired of their excesses being exposed. Let the FBI figure this out. The State is controlled by the same political party as the Mayor and will not do anything. But the FBI is another story.

      Sickem Daniel.

  1. The fact that the CCO website was attacked by virus is a tribute to the powerful force it has become. In a town where the Mayor’s office and various other political and governmental factions can effectively censure the newspaper(C&P) to distort, lie, and omit the truth to the public, the CCO is a vital and righteous force for the truth. All those involved in its publishing and comments should be commended. Please know how much the work you do is appreciated, and how important it is.

    As for the Convention Hotel, I am sure it will be no more successful than the Ford Center is now.

    • Or, it’s a sign of poor website coding and security practices that left it open to attackers who will go after any open system.

      • I don’t think hackers hack just to be hacking.

        Politicians don’t like bad things being said about them. Government officials don’t like people criticizing them. Companies don’t like bad things said about them or their products and will often vigorously try to block any negative comment about them or their products.

        I understand there are general worms and viruses, but I doubt that it the case that posts the kind of information that the CCO does.

        • I just noticed that a large amount of data seems to be missing from the CCO site. It’s not just a problem with the picture of the “prove you are human” thing not working. There was definitely some type of attack which seems to have removed some of the IITs all the way back to May 31st 2014. I tried to find the Friday and Saturday IIT’s and their comments but notice today that they were not there anymore. Didn’t they always have all the old IIT’s daily posts on this site so we could go back and read them again? It think that’s always been the case. But was very surprised when I took a closer look at the dates on the IIT’s articles that are left.

          So this was a deliberate attempt to take down this site and the comments that were posted in here.

          I really wish that they get the Feds to investigate and I hope that the Feds take this seriously and find out who did this and put them in jail.

          I hear that the FBI routinely prosecutes City Mayors for illegal political crimes. Also Governors are not exempt from Federal Prosecution.

  2. Test comment from phone while logged off. If this works the comment section is good to go

  3. If you are sure the CCO servers were deliberately attacked with an aim of disabling them or destroying the data on them, I’d suggest contacting your local FBI office. It is a crime and they do employ the type of minds that can trace those things back to their source. Personally, I’d love to see those responsible perpwalked by the Feds

  4. I guess we all knew the day would come when the effort to remove the “Veil of the Dark side” when it comes to Evansville Politics, would result in attempts to silence the CCO.
    This attack is a wake up call!
    I’ll tell you now, I believe the Politicos in Evansville are capable of anything, they have no moral center, I suggest the CCO staff get themselves carry permits.

    • I don’t think they would go that far, and I hope the CCO staff doesn’t worry about that. Physical violence is a big step from attacking a website, which, would if brought to the attention of the right people, would could bring much more unwanted, vigorous attention from law enforcement agencies and the press outside of Evansville and the State of Indiana, which could result in serious punishment.

      Harassment, with the goal of upsetting someone into making a mistake, is a different matter.

      Choosing to be the type of person that makes a difference, takes courage and strength, but the people who do so are among the most honorable in society.

      • I repeat, the Politicos in Evansville–DO NOT–have a Moral Center. I think your a bit naive as far as the threat these thugs represent.

  5. Really, I thought he said “we have to shut down the CCO.” But I didn’t hear it right. He said, “we have to shut down the EEO.”

    Sorry about that.

  6. If this site was attacked the CCO should rest assured it is the act of a coward. Physical violence is not usually something they inflict or court.

    If this was a hack, virus or whatever type of attack the FBI can trace it. No matter how many servers they bounced their foul payload off of there will eventually be a knock on their door. The CCO owes it to itself and the 1st Amendment to try to root out the culprit or it will happen again. It will probably take a complaint to get the ball rolling. I’d go straight to the feds.

    In the meantime, the site is hopping around like a Mexican jumping bean as the banner ads appear and go away every 4 or 5 seconds. Temporarily disabling that space might make the content more readable for now.

    • Ditto. An attempted computer hack should be reported to both State and Fed law enforcement.

  7. This attack on CCO is a tribute to the light it is casting on the reality of the ruling cabal. I doubt its a coincidence that this happened just as another “Unqualified Audit” and the backroom hotel bid opening took place. The local newsrag was very compliant in its reporting of the news, as it always is.
    I truly hope whoever is responsible for this is found out and has to pay the price.

    • The Local Paper IMHO is in bed with the local Politicians on many levels

      I’ve seen post that exposed the inner workings of the city being deleted by the ECP people in the past.

      If one tried to expose the corruption and incompetence the Courier and Press may not want that seen on their comment section.

      Why else do you think that they went to a paid subscription in order to not only ID who’s posting on their comments sections but to control those comments.

      Do you remember who complained on the old Evansville Courier and Press’s free comments sections about closing the comments to anonymous posters? Perhaps those same people were the one’s who convinced the news paper to weed out the free anonymous posters. That decision increased the traffic on the CCO web site. So now they try to take down the CCO web site? What are they hiding other than the 29 Million Dollars?

      Remember that last Friday they announced that the bibs were being reviewed on the hotel that may never be built. But the city tax payers money that was given to the developers is still in the hands of out of town people who really don’t have any real ties to this town …yet.

      The owners of the CCO need to get the site secured and free of these hacking attacks ASAP and then start shining the light on those who were responsible for the hacking attack on the site.

      They are true COWARDS without a spine who hide in their mother’s basements. Real ASSes IMHO.

  8. “if and we do mean if this is the case, then the parking garage expansion should be paid for from the IU Medical School budget instead of the hotel budget?…”

    Here’s a thought. Lets forget building the Med School in the Dead Zone, and place it on Evansville’s “Medical Mile.” The governor got his toadies to site it downtown, so he can get them to reconsider.
    Here’s another thought. Lets yank the public money from the hotel in the Dead Zone, and let a private developer build a hotel and/or morgue on the site.

    • What a mess, here’s a more important subject though, its what we’ve been saying all along too.

      The Eastern gateway throughput on the projected right of way for I-69 is a start , your right about that EKB. Hwy 41 corridor through Evansville has been a non effective global throughput balance since its design and construction. Just an ongoing handicap for cost, and timing effective commercial global economic transportation.

      It was 40 years behind the rest of the nation as the locals there cut out that balance for themselves when they did. Same stuff today, change comes slowly sometimes.

      In todays world such incompetence doesn’t sport much value. Todays balance of sustainable infrastructure needs more resilience to the changing global climates,

      Its the new driver, no ones commerce will change much without that consideration, along with more viability in the planning activities projected.


      • ‘non effective global throughput balance “

        Wow, V. Don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes you’re writing seems intentionally cryptic.

        How about the road system is outdated and poorly maintained ?

        • No! not so much. It’ll take more than just maintenance now. Patchwork is all you have now.

          How about the road system is “strategically unbalanced” for value driven global trade logistics .

          Read the article: That’s its exactly what global distribution commerce already knows. “Everyone else sees that.”
          Climate conditions are increasing the timings strategies with each day passed.

          “Resilience by design”* is the key directive and the real initiatives taken away from any current scientific analysis of the interstate highway availabilities today.
          Same reasons President Eisenhower wanted them in the first place exists today. The Country must have leading edge transportation throughput logistics to remain strategically viable, thus moved forward.

          The rest of the planet won’t wait on America, the rest of the Nation isn’t going to wait on Evansville Indiana either. “Everybody knows that, as well.”

          • Right, its outdated now ,it was out dated when it was conceived, and even more obsolete by the time your old politics built it.
            Your persistence in excuses and low valued comments on the poor logistical throughput application seen as US HWY-41 N/S in Vanderburgh county Indiana roadway infrastructure “doesn’t change” any thing said, or known about that, “Everyone still knows that too.”

            Our comments are made while modern logistical analysis is made in the light of workable scientifically observed,and engineered solutions as chosen pathways applied to the primary objectives of future logistical demands. Those needs applied for whole Metro Community value as a balanced and sustained value.

            Note: The next 85 years is applicable as the first qualifier when applied to this series of decades and time framed century, forward.

            Your statement is simply political, predetermined and flat on the charts.
            Its seen as created for diversionary purposing only, and is certainly expected. And, furthermore predetermined to be of little affect or recordable value to anything positive towards solving that metro communities long standing transportation logistics problems.

            Those touch points are consistently observed as being created and sustained by its less than adequate leadership focuses.
            Apparently with that groups conceptual planning aspects, as observed and seen for objectives and goals planned and publically funded by its revenue bases for mostly other than applied “whole unit metro community development.”

            Categorically down the list “Everyone knows it.”

          • Facts trumps political propaganda in todays world.

            That’s why our social economic environmental analytics comments bother you so much. Easily seen as you must sport a weak response to the information our analytics gather and freely offer.

            That in its self is quite comical, and a truism in your case more than not.
            As “the article stated” logistical information is a global biased reality today, that’s information gathered from the large working assets the nation still has that operate daily amongst it.
            Not backwards political information offered in a locale that’s has “repeatedly and historically” failed at any attempt through its own conception of what logistical progress might have been.
            Your model fails, the article from the MSN network and those they sought inputs from directly approaches that. Then points out their cost adaptations and thoughts on how to maintain their own productivity in such a competitive global market.

            Its called “realistic logistical planning” ,when applied as a social economic environmental tipping point.
            That has little resemblance to your failed application of “bullshit”, as you there continue to spew and waste the base revenues funding towards.

            That is also blatantly apparent in those smallish non metro community oriented projects which the area has become accustomed to be reliant on in that regional metro and politically influenced small city.

            re·li·ant (r-lnt)
            Having or exhibiting reliance; dependent:

            as in (reliant on medication.)
            re·liant·ly adv.

      • I just don’t understand why the cabal is so insistent on pushing any development in “old, dead downtown.” There is a new, alive district where an updated urban lifestyle is doing rather well. The new local urban lifestyle includes lower buildings and lawns, but most people who can still choose to live where they can get to work, shopping, and dining easily.
        The poll question is sort of a shocker. I had no idea about that. I can understand the need to have schools where the population is, and that is definitely north and east, but as I recall we have an empty serviceable school building sitting at Diamond and Stringtown.

  9. Do any of the jackasses downtown really have the know how to take down a web site? Just curious. Also YAY the stupid kaptcha thing is gone.

    • We can pretty well eliminate the current and former City Controllers from the list of suspects. I agree completely with you on the elimination of proving I’m human.

    • While I really never really liked the CAPTUA thing it did serve a purpose to keep non human bots out of the web site. So I put up with it for that reason. There were a lot of my posts that I had to use the back space on to redo the “Prove You are Human” thing to correct a typo. But it also gave me a chance to read my post again to find any other typo’s and stuck before I actually hit the enter key.

      I really do think that the constant posting about the going’s on at the Civic Center is disliked by those who would rather keep that stuff under wraps and out of the public eye.

      So I would not be surprise if someone hired or got someone to do the hacking for them. Hacking is not that hard to do if you are computer savvy and know how to program a little bit.

    • They don’t have to know how to do it. All they need to know is someone else who knows how to do it. But you already knew that didn’t you?

      It’s obvious that something is missing on the CCO web site today.

  10. This website has for sometime been active in criticizing local politics and government without this happening, which makes me wonder if it was some post recently that motivated the hacking ?

    What posts were made most recent just before the website went down that would have motivated this ?

    Could it be any comments which might influence the upcoming Sherriff’s election ? Lack of Ford Center bookings ? Questioning the lasted C&P article that the Cities budget was an ‘unqualified’ success ? Questioning the pricing at the upcoming Fall Festival ?

    What was the straw that broke the Camel’s back ? What made recently was someone so worried about that made them finally result to this ?

      • It appears that everyone’s insinuations are that the ALLEDGED attack on the CCO has been politically based.

        You give this site too much credit, as normal. The NORMAL population of Evansville and Vanderburgh county, including the mayor and his cronies, do not give a hoot about the CCO. It is humor at it’s best.

        • givemeabreak, With the MILLIONS involved in the Evansville “Playground” of the Politicos, Who knows?
          The State board of accounts doesn’t have a clue where the $29 MILLION went from 2011. We are not talking about chump change here, The “light” the CCO brings to the issues is a burr under someones saddle, and it’s not some nerd hacker on his computer in his mom’s basement you can bet your A$$ on that!

    • I saw that on the TV news tonight. I hope he stays safe and has a good trip.

      If Bob Hurst a Democrat or a Republican?

      It’s always good to have the Countries President visit the area.

    • We all know that he’s really coming to town to get a headstart on the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.

  11. One really has to ask about the timing of this attack on the CCO website, coming, as it does,right here at election time.

    There is some smart ass out there who thinks he is getting one over at this point in time, but I can assure you in the long term it will cost him dearly.

  12. We’ll be hosting a groundbreaking in Evansville on Wednesday, but it won’t be hotel-related. It will be for the interchange on the Lloyd and 41.

  13. In a way I’m glad that it was the CCO’s server as I thought it was my computer at first. Or I thought it was something that I said that made someone mad at the CCO. 🙂 But I’m learning that it was not just my computer. I was running all types of software checks just to make sure. I’m pretty secured but one never knows what’s going to happen.

    Shields are UP!

  14. They did dump some news about the Hotel Project on Friday was it? There was a lot of good news material for the CCO to attack and then suddenly the web site was not able to accept the “Prove you are Human” things as the ability to show those pictures was disabled. I checked my browser’s security settings a few times just to see if it was at my end but then I saw the post by the editor about the site and that finally convinced me that it was the CCO site’s server not my computer.

    I’m just glad that we can make comments again.

    I personally would love to find out what happened and if the sight was hacked or if something else went wrong with the site.

    I’ve seen this type of problem before on other sites. Where the web site could not display pictures on the web site and all you see was a icon for the picture. That’s exactly what happened to the CCO this weekend.

  15. It does look like the republicans will retake the Senate.

    Here is what it means/their goals and objectives.

    1) Tie defunding of Obamacare/ACA, Dodd/Frank and the CFPB to popular parts of the budget like the
    military and the new war against ISIS/ISIL. Force a government shut down if necessary. Blame Obama for the shutdown Tell Seniors they won’t get their SS checks because of Obama.

    2) Impeach the President. They do not care that they will never get the 2/3rds votes to convict. They want it on the record that he was only the 3rd President ever impeached. They want him humiliated on a national stage . They want every executive order he ever made reversed or repealed.

    They simply do not care about the consequences of dragging Obama and the rest of the country through the mud.

    3) Multiple investigations by both the House and Senate on everything you can imagine.
    Michelle Obama passed gas at a state dinner? Investigate it!

    4) No cabinet vacancies will be filled…. Period. John Kerry keels over and dies? Too flippin’ bad Obama will have to make do with his undersecretary of state. Then Obama will be blamed for a failed ineffective government.

    5) No court vacancies will be filled period. The Courts aren’t functioning properly? Too bad America, that’s your punishment for electing Obama!

    6) Abortion bills and personhood amendments/bills will pass by the dozens

    7) Tax gifts to the petroleum and coal industries will be pawned off as jobs bills.
    The Keystone pipeline will be tied to popular measures as in #1

    8) Massive deregulation to the energy and manufacturing industries will be pawned off as other jobs bills. Obama will be labeled a jobs killer for vetoing these bills

    9) Massive amounts of money will be demanded to “secure the border”

    10) All social safety net programs will be cut across the board or recommended to be privatized

    11) Absolutely NOTHING will be done about our crumbling infrastructure nor will anything be done for the unemployed.

    12) They will attempt to repeal the minimum wage, just for spite, because the Dems wanted to raise it.

    All this of course will likely throw the economy into a recession and cause the stock market to fall dramatically, of course Obama will be blamed for all of it for not agreeing to the recommendations of crazy insane teabaggers.

    • Wahaaaaa, boo hoo, BB the soothsayer knows how to put out the drivel, sad, usually his posts have a touch of intellect in them, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty when he posts ridiculous statements like this about the “Evil Republicans”, it bolsters the impression it is BB’s alter ego, Brain Dead Benton
      posting stupid stuff like this juvenile tirade.

      If the Republicans win, is it not like the elections of Obama,–the Voters have spoken, or is “the Voters have spoken” answer, a one way street only reserved for the Democrats?

      • Crash LaRue you are wrong about Bains.

        Baines is right on the money again. He said nothing trivial or untrue.

        Everything he said is exactly what Mitch McConnell and his cohorts are all about.

        BTW: Mitch’s that’s not how you hold a gun? HA HA.

        My hope is that Allison Grimes beats the KY Senator at his own game and wins the Senate Seat for KY in the US Senate. She needs more money to compete on the air waves with all the money Mitch gets from his Rich Corporate friends to spread his lies about Allison on the TV and Internet.

        We need to get people like Mitch out of the US Senate and put some good hard working people in there like the young lady running on the Democratic Ticket this time.

        Mitch has been there too long and does not really represent the regular people of KY. Not everyone in KY works for the coal companies Mitch. Some work in the Hospital trying to fix the problems that the coal companies caused in this country. Problems like Cancer and heart disease due to the burning of coal and releasing all it’s toxins into the air uncontrolled. People know known that burning coal without any controls is toxic and dangerous to your health. Mitch needs to go!

        • Moveon, I have absolutely NO USE for McConnell or Reid, both represent whats wrong with the Congress and it’s archaic seniority system. The Democrats have raised about $200 million more for the congressional races this cycle than the Republicans , but their not going to bet much on a inferior candidate like Grimes, so we all are stuck more than likely with McConnell.

          • Grimes Is now leading McConnel in a recent political poll. I hope she wipe the floor with that stupid Mitch McConnel and wins the US Senate race.

            Mitch’s war on coal is not Obama’s fault as the cheaper and cleaner natural gas is destroying the coal business one day at a time. Cleaner Natural Gas has been replacing dirty coal over the last thirty years and that’s a result of good old Capitalism in action.

            Does the KY Senior US Senator have a problem with Capitalism now? He is a idiot and an obstructionist in the US Senate. He’s not good for American nor for KY.

      • Everything I wrote is based upon promises, statements or prior actions of high level republican operatives or politicians.

        The one exception might be the elimination of the minimum wage which only IA Senate candidate Jodi Ernst is the only one to say that out loud, however the elimination of the minimum wage remains a high priority of the Koch Bros., you do the math.

        So I guess if it is drivel, it is republican drivel.

        • You’re 11:41 p.m. post is massively truth-laden. I can’t see a single thing even remotely iffy in it. The sad thing is the co-opted poor lemmings will vote against their own best interests again, still not realizing that real change is never in their favor. They won’t even wake up as their daughters and doctors are marched off to prison to sate the terminally certain.

          • Come on guys, when Obama was elected the republicans howled about the low information morons electing him. Now that it looks like the democrats are about to lose the senate they are already blaming it on idiot voters. For the first time in a long time it looks like the two major parties agree on something. The American electorate are a bunch of self centered idiots when it comes to voting is something that McConnell and Reid can toast with expensive champagne that the babbling hoard paid for. As BB says, “and the band plays on”. People vote for the candidate they get tricked into thinking will give them something. Greedy self serving idiots elected Obama and greedy self serving idiots are about to elect a republican senate. We will only have good government when we have a population that deserves it.

          • ‘ … they decide and the shotgun sings the song …
            meet the new boss, same as the old boss … ‘. ♪

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