IS IT TRUE – September 30, 2010



IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Council had their annual review of civil taxing unit budget? ….that the Evansville-Vanderburgh Airport Authority is on track to lose $2.7 million dollars in 2010 on a $6.0 budget? ….that the Board of Directors of the Airport Authority seemly forgot that this area is battered by a recession and extremely weak economy and should make the financial adjustment accordingly? ….that for 2011, the EVV recommended 3.0% salary increase for employees. ….that the County Council Finance Chairmen, Tom Shelter, Jr. recommends that the request be lowered to 1.5%, same percentage as Vanderburgh County employees are getting this year? ….that County Councilmen also recommends $0.00 for an Assistant Fire Chief position that has been vacant for more than 6 months? ….the County Council voted 6 to 0 to approve Chairman’s budgetary motions with only one abstaining? ….the City County Observer staff congratulates the Vanderburgh County Council for making sound budget decisions in this matter?

IS IT TRUE we wonder how much money the Evansville/Vanderburgh Airport Authority made on it’s Golf Course this year?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville City Council met yesterday to discuss and vote upon the Community Development Block Grant and Emergency Solution Grant Programs for 2011? ….. that this program is funded by the federal government but is controlled by the Department of Metropolitan Development?

IS IT TRUE that City Councilperson Connie Robinson and Council President BJ Watts surprised at least four Council members by making last minute changes to this program? …..that their amendments passed by a final vote of 5 to 4 to remove funds from established programs that include food for the elderly, food for needy children, funds for homeless shelters, and funds for the Tri-state food bank just to name a few? …..that the majority of the funds recommended for transfer by the above Council members were well over $15,000?

IS IT TRUE that the majority of the funds recommended for transfer, over $15,000.00, were moved to fund a new untested and unproven program that duplicated the efforts of an well established and respected second chance to society program?….specifically monies were moved from the following organizations, $6,037 from Churches Embracing Offenders, $2,283 from the YMCA’s Caldwell Community Outreach Center, $1,000 from Tri-State Food Bank, $4,042 from CAPE for family homeless shelters, $1,775 from meals on wheels, $2,000 from ARK crisis care child care, $1,000 from Needs Weekend Child Care in Ministry, $2,458 from Tri-state food bank program backpacks for kids?

IS IT TRUE that the nine (9) member Community Advisory Committee met for numerous hours over a period of months to recommend to City Council for approval of allocation of the funds to worthy organizations in our city?….that Five (5) Council members (John, Watts, Robinson, Mosby & Friend) arbitrarily cut these programs to give the money to a newly established program called Counseling for Change? …..that none other than the past City Council member and retired city detective Steve Bagbey, who spearheaded the new arena project, a past member of the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and present Chairman of the Evansville Safety Board, and is also the new Social Service Director of Counseling for Change organization?

IS IT TRUE that some of the newly appointed board of directors members of this new organization are Steve Bagbey, retired Fire Chief George R. Flowers Sr. and Evansville City Clerk Alberta Matlock?…. that we hope that Mrs. Matlock has filed her “conflict of interest” statement with the Vanderburgh County Clerk immediately for being on a City of Evansville subsidized board?

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer congratulates Council members Dan McGinn, Wendy Bredhold, Dr. Dan Adams, and Don Walker for exhibiting courage and wisdom by voting against this last minute presto-chango to redirect money to a long time political ally of Mayor Weinzapfel? ….that the City County Observer and staff are disappointed that there is seemly a blatant disregard of decorum for protocol when reallocating public funds when John, Watts, Robinson, Mosby & Friend vote as a political block.

FINALLY IS IT TRUE that this entire vote represents blatant disregard for good public policy.


  1. sounds like someone has been having behind the door meetings er i mean caucuses

  2. Appalling arrogance on display once again by this Administration. They appparently think they are immune at election time in Evansville.
    Are they?

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