IS IT TRUE? September 22, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? September 22, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer has done something that grabs headlines and attracts politicians like a flame attracts moths?…that we have “CREATED A JOB”?…that every time the act of CREATING A JOB or TWO with the dream of creating a larger number of jobs is announced by any business with a pulse that politicians and their posse flock around the JOB CREATING BUSINESSPERSON like flies at a picnic?…that politicians and their posse will come around with golden shovels, giant pairs of scissors, ribbons, and camera crews for just about any out of town business that creates any kind of job whatsoever?…that this is not just an Evansville thing, it is a nationwide epidemic?

IS IT TRUE that politicians and their posse seem to have a distinct taste for jobs that move here over jobs that are grown here?…that if a local company expands there is seldom any fanfare and the politicians and their posse are not seen or heard of?…that a job attracted with the anticipation of more jobs in the future is often rewarded with tax abatements, training grants, and even with an incentive check?…that when it was announced on WGBF 1280 am yesterday morning that the City County Observer has created one job that host Evansville attorney Les Shively commented that the CCO had created one more job than President Barack Obama?…that we assure everyone that there has been considerably less than $787 Billion spent by the CCO to create that one opportunity?

IS IT TRUE that after 4 years the CCO now has 4 people who are earning a part of their living from the publication?…that the number of public dollars and tax abatements offered to the City County Observer has been exactly ZERO?…that this is how it should be?…that what Evansville needs to really stabilize its economy and to dramatically reduce unemployment is 1,000 or so businesses to do what the City County Observer has done?…that it does not matter what those businesses do if each of them grows to between 4 and 10 people that will mean between 4,000 and 10,000 jobs for this region plus the accumulation of wealth that results from business ownership?

Nick Lacer, CCO Account Manager
IS IT TRUE that the face of the City County Observer that many of our clients and future clients will be getting to know soon is a 24 year old young man with a BS in Business Administration from USI named Nick Lacer?…that we welcome him and hope that our clients and readers will do the same?…that Mr. Lacer is a young educated professional that is ambitious and eager to prove himself in this world?…that a rapidly growing business in a growing field like the City County Observer is one of several places in this region where a broad range of experience and an opportunity to set the stage for a life of high potential can be added to the resume’ of a person who may very well have been at risk to become a BRAIN DRAINER?

IS IT TRUE that given the nature of our writing and our mission to use publishing to further good public policy in Evansville that we do not expect that there will be golden shovels, red ribbons, giant scissors, or smiling politicians at a news conference in the CCO’s immediate future?…that if we started publishing in some other city and CREATED A JOB with the anticipation of creating 10 or 20 more that yes the politicians and their posse would be flocking around us?…that when Google, Apple, Groupon, LinkedIn, and a host of other businesses hired their first employees that no politicians with their posse came around either?

IS IT TRUE that there were plenty of politicians, their donors, their posse, and their sycophants hanging around Solyndra?…that while solar may be one of the energy options of the future that committing over $500 Million in federal money and arranging for photo ops to build a factory with no customers is just plain dumb?…that our elected leaders seem to have misplaced priorities and limited vision when it comes to really CREATING JOBS?