IS IT TRUE? September 21, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? September 21, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the Vectren Corporation issued a statement yesterday afternoon in an effort to inform and clarify the benefits to the residential rate payers if approval is granted by the IURC for them to raise our monthly bills by $1.08 to pay for the installation of the so called “dense pack” technology upgrades that will enhance the efficiency of two steam turbines?…that Vectren’s statement made an estimate of what each residential customer may save over the 36 year life of the upgrade?…that according to Vectren that we can each look forward to banking between $30 and $130 over that 36 year period?…that this calculates out to between $0.07 to $0.30 (yes you read that right 7 cents to 30 cents per month) for our investment of $1.08 per month?…that everyone reading this needs to let that sink in for a second?…that Vectren’s spokesperson actually said that with a straight face?

IS IT TRUE that if each of us sends $1.08 to Vectren they think it is a great service for them to send us between 7 cents and 30 cents each back?…that there must be something that they are not sharing because that proposition is a guaranteed immediate loss of between 63% and 94%?…that the company that is making the people of SW Indiana this offer that we can’t refuse is petitioning the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission for a guaranteed 7.29% return on investment for the same “dense pack” gear that they wish to install?…that some things really are astonishing when you think them through?…that a four year old when offered the same deal with stacks of pennies has the good sense to think they are being tricked?…that the financial proposition of this request for ratepayers is so bad that this must be a trial balloon launched to be rejected as a distraction while something else is sneaked through while we are concentrating on our 7 cents for $1.08 offer?

IS IT TRUE that 7 cents per month can be easily saved or earned by picking up and recycling about 3 aluminum cans?…that the average person consumes 3 cans full of cold beverages per day?…that at that rate just saving each person’s aluminum cans for recycling saves more money each day than this Vectren deal saves in a month?…that whomever put this trial balloon out there must really think that the people of SW Indiana are a bunch of economic imbeciles?…that Chase Kelley, Vectren’s spokesperson says that we will hardly even notice the change in our bills?…that with an average electric bill of $155 per month that this is one thing that Ms. Kelley is correct about so let’s just all pony up our funds and send Vectren an additional $1.83 Million per year so they can buy a shiny new toy and we won’t notice it anyway?…that this upgrade is not even needed to meet EPA standards?…that if the standards are raised that Vectren says we will be ahead of the curve?…that one more time “does Vectren really think we are all stupid”?

IS IT TRUE that unfortunately we the people of Evansville are not the ones that get to make this decision?…that we have the IURC to do that for us and lately they have been getting the wool pulled over their eyes on a regular basis?…that between expensive lobbyists, political contributions, smiling spokespersons, and plain old back room coersion that this playing field will not be level when the decision is made?…that sometimes utility pricing is complex and really does need advanced analysis and a room full of actuaries to teach the IURC why a rate increase is needed?…that this proposition whereby over a 36 year period the ratepayers hand Vectren $466.46 each to get back between $30 and $130 (333% range) really is a deal that a four year old knows is not a good deal?…that we hope that the political appointees at the IURC will prove that they are smarter than a four year old and reject this ridiculous proposition?

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer wishes to issue a challenge to each and every candidate for office in the City of Evansville’s 2011 election?…that we challenge every candidate first to make public disclosure of the full dollar value of the political contributions that Vectren, Vectren’s PAC, Vectren Officers, and Vectren Subsidiaries have made to your campaign?…that the second challenge is to make your position known on this proposition of Vectren’s to take a guaranteed 7.29% return in exchange for a guaranteed loss for the ratepayers of at least 63%?…that we offer to publish each and every candidates position without edit or bias?…that we extend the same offer to Vectren Corporation?


  1. The IURC needs to be a campaign issue, both locally and statewide, at each and every election. You can’t expect Vectren to stop being greedy but we should expect the IURC to represent us. If they won’t, we should put pressure on elected officials to replace their membership.

  2. This is no one off, this is THE pattern of PROGRESSIVE insanity:

    Look at Rick Davis and the “savings” he got us with all his technology purchases…?

    Look at how we’re saving so much money by not running those Roberts water pumps, by building a brand new facility…?

    Look at those FDP homes the city is “saving”…?

    Look at how GAGE “saved” the freedom festival…?

    Look at how much we collectively paid for those jobs in the old Whirlpool building…? Same for the jobs with SSNC…? (Then look at all the jobs slipping away…?)

    Look at how the city is “saving” us from actually using that inadeuqate Executive in…?

    Look at how Obama is saving the healthcare system by placing massive bureaucracies in place…?

    Look at how Obama is saving all these JOBS, by rampantly “stimulating” our debt levels…?

    • And the solution is what? vote republican? vote democratic? don’t vote at all? please tell us how the problem of “out of touch politicians” is solved?….then please point me in the direction of the savior of our (city) country.

        • So teaching history to our children is the solution? while I’d admit that history as it is taught has been rewrote many many times to suit the agendas of the folks writing the text books…I don’t see how “truth in history” other than educating the uninformed would solve any of our current problems…enlighten me please.

          I really don’t think we can wait a generation for people who have been taught proper history to take control and fix this situation. Maybe we should have a 100 question test on US history for all candidates till then.


          One of the best comments to the OP-ED story was this…

          “Many people today take their idea of history from Hollywood movies and leftist narratives. Thus, Lincoln fought the Civil War to free the slaves (untrue), not to preserve the Union (true). The Founding Fathers were, at most, Deists opposed to religion in the public sphere (false) rather than respectful of the Creator (it’s in the documents, folks).

          Leftists particularly like to invent a narrative that supports their ideology and cherry pick evidence to support it, thus inventing history backwards. That’s why FDR is sold as having “saved capitalism from itself” and the Roaring 20’s–in which one-third of Americans were elevated into the middle class–isn’t taught at all. The only exposure most students today have to the 1920’s is in English class, where they read the Great Gatsby. Otherwise, all they’re taught is about the 1929 stock market crash as a prelude to the laudatory weeks of instruction on the Great Depression.

          I guess teaching more history would be good, but first we would have to replace most of the teachers. As for me, I teach my kids to read on their own and to challenge the leftist narratives they are fed in school.”


          History is important…no doubt, but in this case it is just another wild goose chase, it creates no (right now) solution to our current problems.


          • Who said just the children?

            I’m not sure where you got that quote from?

            “Maybe we should have a 100 question test on US history for all candidates till then.” Great, more regulation… to “protect” the clueless voters from voting in clueless “leaders”?

            Do you have ADHD (forget #1), or dislexia (skiped #1)?

          • LOL…..did you even read the story you posted the link to? or any of the comments posted by the other readers of the story you linked to?

            Defensive strategy rule #1 when you post a link make sure it pertains to the topic you are discussing, otherwise you are just flushing your thoughts down the ether.


  3. Why doesn’t people contact the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or the Department of Justice Antitrust Division? I’ve contacted them and they stated that they haven’t heard of any complaints from Vectren customers concerning the high rates

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