IS IT TRUE one should not expect to see a request by the Mayor to develop Roberts Park in the 2018 city budget?  …we are also told that the Mayor needs to forget about submitting a request to raze storage buildings at Mesker Park Amphitheater? …the Mayor also needs to forget about asking City Council to give him $1 million dollars to help EVSC to renovate Bosse Field?

IS IT TRUE we still stand behind our predictions that in order to fund the City Of Evansville 2018 budget request either the City Council will have to increases taxes or make massive budget cuts?

IS IT TRUE we are disappointed in the way that a couple of City Council and Mayoral appointed Board of the Zoning Appeals members insulted Amy Word Smith, a supporter of  Maiden Brew Pub during last weeks parking variance hearing?  …if our memory serves us right when the owner of KC Timeout Bar went before this same board for a parking variance on West Franklin Street he was also treated in a similar manner?  …there is no reason why any members of a public board should insult anyone coming before them for any variance request? …we encourage our local elected officials to demand that the Board Of Zoning Appeals members that publicly disrespected Amy Word Smith resign from this board? …we are pleased that the Board of Zoning Appeals overwhelmingly voted in favor of a parking variance for Maidens Brew Pub? …we now hope that this board will revisit the owners KC Time Bar requests for a parking variance on West Franklin Street? …we hope that the Board of Zoning Appeals will approve KC Chesser request to open an entertainment venue on West Franklin Street?

IS IT TRUE that the Area Planning Commission/MPO paid for a new parking study for West Franklin street?  …the study was just released that seemly backup City Councilman Jonathan Weaver claim that the above entities should have not spent any of our tax dollars to do this study because its obvious to him that there is an over abundance of parking spaces on West Franklin Street?

IS IT TRUE that our most recent “READERS POLL” question asked “Which Evansville City Council member do you feel will take the lead to balance the proposed 2018 City budget”?  …that a whooping 523 people voted in this trendy but non scientific poll?  …that 5th Ward Justin Elpers (R) received 207 votes, John Hayden (R) received 127 votes and Jonathan Weaver (D) attracted 116 votes?  …the remaining votes were split between the other 6 Council members?

IS IT TRUE that the North Main Street project to become pretty and bicycle friendly is about to be deemed completed?…in spite of the admissions that the lane width was designed too small for buses and truck traffic, the city decided  to leave the little lanes in place without widening them?…this is taking a willful chance of having an accident with the bicyclists they were hoping to attract when this project was started? …because of the small width of the road and someday an accident might happen and the taxpayers will be left holding the liability bag?

IS IT TRUE we congratulate the City of Evansville for renting their former North Main CVS building to the DaVita Dialysis Center?…DaVita does seem like the right kind of business for that particular location? …we wonder what kind of a monthly rental fee are the Evansville DMD charging DaVita Dialysis Center?  …we also wonder who’s responsible for the expensive renovation costs involved in getting this property up to city codes?

IS IT TRUE some dogs have to get hit by a car on multiple occasions to learn their lesson and the Haynie’s Corner/Washington avenue  area “Idea Home” team may be an example of that?…after 7 long years the “Idea Home” still has an estimated value of only $215,528 on Zillow, meaning that instead of growing the $400,000 investment in our robust stock market, these “Idea Home” supporters seemly turned the money into half of what it once was?  …it will be interesting to see if the Winnecke Administration takes the bait to turn a significant amount of money into dust the way former Mayor Weinzapfel did when the magic words “Idea House” sung a siren’s song to his gubernatorial dreams?

Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you feel that anyone serving on a public board shouldn’t insult citizens that come before them for an approval of a request?
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  1. Maybe McGinn needs to review his notes . .remember during the Separation of Funds ordinance he strongly urged the Council to have an impact study completed via ordinance before anything that could effect the community adversely. So, now the hypocrite sponsors an ordinance to increase income taxes knowing quite well that 80% of businesses are LLC’s and S-Corporations and this tax increase will effect their working capital and employment.

  2. I’m waitiing for the official westside parking study that recommends the City build a new westside parking garage to accomodate the overflow Westside Nut Club Fall Festival parking needs.

  3. Looks like Mommy’s Basement Disaffected and Al Sharpie can celebrate several Trump wins, no wait, make that losses, again:
    a. No wall, especially one paid for by US Taxpayers, cause Trump lied it would be paid by Mexico
    b. No repeal of Obamacare (Trump failed 3 times)
    c. No replace of Obamacare (Trump failed 3 times)
    d. No deficit reduction.
    e. No tax reform, ain’t even close.
    f. Nothing Trump has done is permanent. Everything he claims to have done? Can be overturned by a new President – in ONE DAY.

    Oh, and the Attorney General of New York is gonna indict several Trump campaign people, and Trump, you know. Trump can’t pardon these people. Can’t pardon State crimes, and the Trump campaign was based in New York. Will the New York AG be successful? Well he tore a new one on Trump in the Trump University fraud case winning over Trump to the tune of $22 million. So, yes, he proved he can win.

    Meanwhile, NOTHING is getting done. Am I having fun pointing out all this failure? You bet I am. Cause I know no matter how many times mommy’s basement living disaffected and al sharpie write “maga” in all caps, they can’t change facts.

    REG, i’ll do it for you: “Believe Me!”

  4. Since Muddy River is dumb as a box of rocks and a typical of liberal cattle, graze for free off the Government while big Government leads them to slaughter.Our President has done great things in short time.Since Muddy is a Liberal freeloader it will realize President Trumps accomplishments when it bites it in its big ass.Reg full of lies and bull shit.Believe Me 100%.

    • If you can assure me you won’t fly off the handle and shoot your Mop Head blow up doll with your AR-15 Carlos, I would respectfully like to ask for a second opinion of your opinion.

      Like this opinion for instance; MAGA is just CODE for MAWA – Future Voting Booths Will Only Be Accessible By Yacht

      Or; “When the realization hits the mendacious president elect that he no longer can make arbitrary decisions… When he realizes that the mindless media and every mindless minor elected official will have a say in any resolutions that may be forthcoming from his bottomless well of know it all…When he realizes that the business of democratic government is not carried out at the whim of a huckster…a charlatan megalomaniac…then…he may wish that he had remained in the familiar comfort of his New York domicile doing what he does best…shafting folks while playing the game of business with his like minded oligarch colleagues”…

      Or, realizing this is now what a Trump voter has got to feel like;

      Damn, I think I hear air spewing….

  5. The treatment of Amy Word-Smith by Joy Payne was rude, improper, and incorrect.

    Citizen neighborhood advocates are the backbone of land use policy, especially on the local level, and this level of ignorance on the local BZA by Ms. Payne is offensive for those who spend countless hours and decades of devotion to improving the local land use policy and the discourse surrounding it.

    I’ve worked on land use on the local and state level for over 20 years, and have watched Amy Word-Smith and her tireless devotion to improving our fair city with a lot of admiration. I wish more people would get as involved as she has.

    If not for the tireless devotion of Amy Word-Smith the City would have missed the opportunity to include Franklin Street in the parking study, a study that proved what she and others have been saying all along, that there is NOT a parking issue on Franklin Street.

    If others will not say it, I will. Joy Payne, your disservice to your duties and responsibilities to the local Board of Zoning Appeals and Area Plan Commission show you lack the temperament, qualifications, and knowledge that should be expected by a BZA member. As such, you owe it to the citizens of Evansville and Vanderburgh County to tender your resignation immediately for BOTH organizations, and you owe Amy Word-Smith an apology!

  6. Gotta admire the CCO for congratulating the City on the Dialysis – CVS building deal. Shows character! glad to see.

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