IS IT TRUE September 10, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE that the article written by Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Christy Gillenwater that referred to downtown Evansville as a “ghost town” and stating that “we need a plan, we need a time line, and we need a leader” was published by the Evansville Courier and Press on September 3, 2013?…her backtrack article where she referred to Mayor Winnecke as a “visionary” was published on Sunday September 8, 2013?…in a search of the CP under the name Gillenwater the tag line for the first article is still on record but when you click on the article a Code 404 error comes up?…that means that the CP has sanitized their own website and removed the “ghost town” article?…it seems as though there is a concerted effort to going on to keep the “ghost town” article from ever being read again?…negative feedback that is presented in a constructive manner describes the “ghost town” article very well and it is counterproductive to try and propagandize that article out of circulation?

IS IT TRUE that another of the SNEGAL (sneaky but legal) acts of the Weinzapfel Administration that has been carried forth by the Winnecke Administration has been presented to the City Council and is about to result in the right thing being done?…Klenck Construction who cleared the lot where someday we all hope a hotel will be and got stiffed by Woodruff Hospitality LLC for work done on the City of Evansville owned lot?…Councilman John Friend has been pushing for Klenck Construction to be paid the $355,000 that they earned prevailed last night when the Evansville City Council voted 9 – 0 to pay Klenck for their work on the lot?…it was good to see justice done and to see SNEGAL’s ugly work overturned?

IS IT TRUE in another big oversight of the Weinzapfel Administration part of the $37.5 Million that the City of Evansville is now expected to spend to get a hotel is to provide storage that should have been part of the Ford Center design and construction?…this building is going to cost the people of Evansville over $5 Million and it should have been part of the $127 Million spent on the Ford Center?…the CCO thinks that all of the funds that are coming back due to overbilling and all political contributions that were paid to the Weinzapfel for Mayor campaign should be used to pay for this storage space?…any dollars that the Ford Center was under budget should be applied to this gross oversight?…whoever designed a building that has insufficient storage and called it a modern arena needs to have their head examined?

IS IT TRUE a portion of the funds that the City of Evansville gets annually from Tropicana and affectionately called “Riverboat Money” is planned to be used for payments on the debt incurred to pay HCW to build a hotel in downtown Evansville?…this is a direct taking of taxes from the hands of a taxpaying business that employs more than 1,000 people in Evansville and giving it to a direct competitor in the same area?…Dunn Hospitality as we know has heartburn over this issue but what is being done to Tropicana really is a direct act of taxing McDonalds to give money to Burger King?…this sends a very rotten message to businesses everywhere that may have an interest in Evansville as a place to establish a branch plant?

IS IT TRUE we hope that the 2012 audit is completed and that it is fully established that the City of Evansville can balance their books before any vote on a hotel giveaway is held?…this is the only responsible thing to do?…we also hope that the eventual location of the IU Medical School is known before a vote is held because if the IU Medical School goes to the medical campus in Warrick County as is strongly rumored the size and nature of the hotel needed may be dramatically impacted?


  1. I searched the CP website for “ghost town” and the article came up for link and then showed a Code 404 error which states: “Ooops. The Evansville Courier & Press page you are looking for might have been removed, had its URL changed or may be temporarily unavailable.” Umm, “might have been removed”?? Mr. Pate and the CP are all in on the big money giveaway for the hotel.

    • I think it’s safe to say the letter is still in print in the latest issue of the Evansville Business Journal. Unless the CP removed all copies from the newsstands.

  2. Deja Vu all over again? HCW and the city of Branson had a little problem with property ownership concerning the Branson Landing project. It took the courts to straighten it out.

    Klenck certainly had a case, in my estimation, to put a lien on the property until he was paid by somebody. Evidently the council had been advised the same and thought it prudent to clear away the cloud hanging over the property.

    I wish Woodruff would publish a little tone poem about the whole affair, and what he learned from it. I view him as a pawn, willing or not, who was used and abused.


  3. But wait the clowms,cronies and conmen need to be paid so this will pass like a fart. It will smell bad but will make someone less gassy as they walk away with free money and jobs to be named later!

  4. “Boat money” will be used to pay for the hotel??

    Wow just wow. According to the supporters this is supposed rain down manna upon Evansville, no need for taxpayer funds.

    • It’s not tax money, it’s not tax money, it’s not tax money, BRAWK KOO-KOO

      • It is 7 o’clock in E’ville. Have you already finished a bottle of whiskey? Why don’t you ask one of the higher ups at Tropicana what they think of this deal.

          • As high as you can. I think the bossman’s name at Tropicana is Ward Shaw. Give him a call and see what he has to say. Come back here and post what he says.

  5. 250 jobs, SQUAWK! $14M in TIF money BRAWK!

    We deserve it, We deserve it! SQUAAAAWK!

    • The City did not have a contract with Klenck Construction and does not owe the bill even though they benefited from it. Is the City going to start paying for bills of all the business that go broke?

  6. Don’t rely on the audit revealing anything big this year. They got Airhead and some rookies working on the job this year. None of them have a CPA and one of them was seen waxing his surf board in the Civic Center parking lot. We call him Cowabunga. Another one has been arrogant and rude to everyone. We call her heifer. It’s also rumored that the State Board’s very own Sheldon Cooper will be arriving soon.

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