IS IT TRUE? September 10, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? September 10, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville, DMD, and the ERC filed a lawsuit this week against a Nicholas Laswell who has a post office box in Atlanta, Georgia?…that the subject of this lawsuit is what is now an empty lot next to the long abandoned Euclid Apartments at 419 – 421 SE 3rd Street?…that the properties between them have a total of back taxes due on the Vanderburgh County Assessor’s website of $44,237.11?…that the total assessed value of both properties is $20,200 that should have an annual tax bill of no more than $404.00?…that we were curious about just how an owner that acquired these properties 6 years ago could now owe 110 years worth of taxes?…that it seems as though when the City of Evansville takes on the tasks of weed abatement or demolition that it can charge what it wants for those tasks and use the Treasurer’s Office as its billing agent?

IS IT TRUE that there must have been a dilapidated house that an investor bought that was demolished by the City of Evansville, and now the city is wanting to be paid?…that Mr. Laswell must have other judgments or liens on the property (sort of like the McCurdy) as indicated by the list of respondents on the complaint?…that given that fact that the probability that the City of Evansville will actually see any of this tax money as a result of this complaint is quite remote?…that the City County Observer wonders just how many dollars from the City of Evansville coffers have been lost during the last 8 years by demolishing property with no chance of collecting the money?…that we bet that Mole #4 bets there is well over $1 Million of accounts receivable sitting in the taxman’s office that is not collectable?…that we agree and wonder how and when the write off of such bad debts will the made known to the public?

IS IT TRUE that there is an article today about the travails of a semi retired CEO who moved to a location that we invite you to guess?…that this CEO built a very expensive compound for his family to live in?…that this CEO invested in the upgrade of local utilities?…that this CEO was befriended by local politicians and was asked to give speeches to local authorities and business leaders on how to improve the local economy?…that in one speech this CEO without naming names mentioned that he had been solicited for bribes by local politicians and that this was not good for the economy?…that this speech was widely reported as this location has a long time reputation for corruption in government?…that there was public outrage and even a couple of death threats made ON THIS CEO as opposed to the politicians that solicited the bribes?…that he never said who asked for bribes?…that the residents of this place should be able to put 2 + 2 together to figure out who was corrupt?…that the CEO has moved to get away from the hostility directed at him by a place that did not want to confront its own weaknesses and was willing to make dealt threats to keep from doing so?

IS IT TRUE that the first one to correctly guess the location and the name of the CEO wins one free ticket to the upcoming City County Observer Public Policy Forum that will be in late October?…that you should enter your guess in the comment section?…that the winner will be announced in a reply comment on Monday afternoon?

IS IT TRUE that is has finally been announced that all seats at the Bob Seger concert at Ford Center will be $70?…that front row center and nose bleed seats will cost the same?…that someone must suffer from the delusion that all seats are created equal?…that this will be Bob Seger’s 5th Evansville performance but his first as a headline act here in his over 30 year career?…that we are waiting to see if all of the “good” $70 seats will be snapped up by insiders and cronies before the public sale starts next week?

IS IT TRUE that one of our best placed moles tells us that the second entertainment act has been booked into the Ford Center?…that this one will be country and once again a well recognized singer who has been here before?… that the City County Observer would like to welcome that pint sized, big smiling, red headed, fireball Reba McIntyre to Evansville?


  1. re: ticket prices

    Don’t worry, people always accidentally spill their drinks forward… if you know what I mean?


    What major arena worth its salt, charges a flat rate for every ticket?

    Could it also be just, laziness?

    Could it be more of the same, flush the union boys (construction budget), trim to zip the non-union potential (Administration budget)? (The new Obama, American dream?)

    Could it be like operating the pools, that finding enough interested staff is too difficult here?

  2. “IS IT TRUE that there is an article today about the travails of a semi retired CEO who moved to a location that we invite you to guess?”

    Can you point us to the referenced article about Steve?

    • Those are re-sellers and it confirms that there have already been some insider deals being made. It was announced yesterday that all tickets will be $70. These people that have listed their tickets for sale at $108 and above are profiting from crony capitalism. Maybe these seats are in the premium areas that were never offered to the public in the first place. Typical for Evansville anywhere that political influence has any influence.

  3. My guess for the contest is that the name of the CEO is Ron Cosby and the town is Evansville, Indiana.

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