IS IT TRUE? September 1, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? September 1, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the “Mole Nation” tells us that Republican candidate for Mayor of Evansville is having a minor medical procedure taken care of?…that we wish him the best of fortune and a rapid return to full activity?…that we send good vibes to Mr. Winnecke to come back from this little procedure with the drive and stomach to take on the last two months of a tough campaign?

IS IT TRUE that the Mole Nation and others are telling us that Mr. Winnecke is getting a little grief for his moment of complete honesty at the Harrison High School town hall meeting where he declared that he disagrees with the Republican Party’s assumed position on gay rights?…that Mr. Winnecke did impress some of the students with his support of gay rights?…that there are many things that the City of Evansville needs in a leader and that allot of them involve breaking with tradition to do the right thing?…that for a Republican to openly support gay rights is not exactly mainstream but the City County Observer sends kudos and a big thumbs up to Mr. Winnecke for expressing his beliefs?

IS IT TRUE that holding the party line even when it is narrow minded and just plain wrong is part of what is wrong with Washington and it is refreshing for Evansville to have a Republican candidate for Mayor who supports gay rights running against a Democratic candidate who is an NRA member?…that the extremes are the problem and that we are quite pleased that our candidates for Mayor have both shared with us that they are willing to break ranks to support what they believe in?

IS IT TRUE that the Southwest Indiana Coalition for Economic Development has released its long awaited study and plan to tell this region what to do to make a prosperous economy more probable?…that this plan in many ways points out the low hanging fruit that many of us know about and have been overwhelmed by the masses who thus far have not seemed to care enough to act?…that we should not need an expensive study to tell us to pick up litter and keep our properties looking their best?…that the unfortunate truth is that we do indeed need this tutorial in being attractive for our suitors?…that the plan has identified certain strengths that our economy seems to have as platforms on which to build?…that this is once again low hanging fruit that many of us already know but that somehow things just do not happen?…that we should not have to pay someone to tell us that we have a large number of plastics companies and that is a potential strength to build upon?…that we shouldn’t but we must need to be reminded of the obvious?

IS IT TRUE that it is refreshing and uplifting to see that both of the candidates for Mayor of Evansville have overlap in their own multiple plans with the long term economic plan that Greg Wathen released yesterday?…that only with written commitment and diligence will any of the best laid plans of mice and men actually materialize?…that nowhere in any of these economic transformation plans is there a reference to ball games and temples to sport?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville CVB has passed an ethics policy that designates $30 as the most that can be spent on a Christmas Party meal?…that it is a sad shame that a policy was even needed?…that the pendulum may have swung too far in the other direction to the point that board members will not make a point of attending?


  1. “IS IT TRUE that the Evansville CVB has passed an ethics policy that designates $30 as the most that can be spent on a Christmas Party meal?…that it is a sad shame that a policy was even needed?…that the pendulum may have swung too far in the other direction to the point that board members will not make a point of attending?”

    Is it true that the new director of the CVB said that he and his wife were very accustom to having a annual Christmas party in their home and that they foot the bill.

    Is it also true that the new policy will also be reviewed (and possibly amended) annually. (remember the term….”Pleasure Of The Mayor”)


  2. The Mole Nation tells us Winnecke “is getting a little grief” for his honest support of gay rights, yet the Mole Nation doesn’t tell us who is giving the grief and why. Specifics are always appreciated in reporting news, otherwise it’s just rumor.

    I can’t imagine the Davis camp giving Winnecke grief over his honest statement on gay rights, because surely Davis agrees with Winnecke’s stand. Or are there reactionary elements in the Davis camp who have used Winnecke’s honesty to start a negative whispering campaign? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • I applaud both candidates for supporting gay rights. I just wish Winnecke could be pro-choice like Rick Davis.

      • Tom Tucker, not to be argumentative, but does it make a hill-of-beans difference whether a candidate is pro-choice or not ? Abortion is a federal law, and the Mayor of EVV has no say on that. What if one of the candidates for Mayor says they want to increase the Pentagon’s budget or normalize relations with Cuba ? It just really doesn’t matter, does it ?

        • You are right on the money with that one. The voters should vote for the best candidate to handle local issues. Things that a Mayor can do something about.

          • IT matters if you are going to start talking about the gay rights and gun lobby. Those are both equally not germane to mayors race so why not throw the abortion question in as well, USA if we are talking about stuff a Mayor can do, where is your criticism of Rick Davis’s pie in the sky theory of making psudeoephedrine by script only? CLEARLY something beyond a local municipalities purview

    • The Mole Nation has not mentioned anyone from the Davis campaign with regard to this issue. The source of the grief as we understand it is just plain old extreme politics on the right (not to be confused with correct).

  3. CCO,

    Are you positive, in general, “the extremes are the problem”?

    Or is it, the status quo that really is the bigger problem?

    The kind of cuddly, warm feelings the voters get for absolutely useless information – is what gives ignorant voters confidence, creates false mandates and then results in… bad policy? Surprise, surprise.

    Your comments reminded me of this article… (

    We have lots of issues going on here in Evansville, but our leaderships positions on gay marriage don’t seem to fall on the radar to me.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but a mayoral candidate announcing his stance on gay marriage, at this point in the campaign strikes me as desperate and pandering.


    Winnecke, how about relevant stuff? You know, since Weinzapfel lead a letter writing campaign to oust the leadership at Aztar… How about you enlighten us to what your tolerance level for “extremists” like William Yung are? Specifically, how far you will move city resources to oust private citizens from private enterprises, via regulatory back channels and leverage? Are there any sitting private business owners doing business with the city that have targets on their backs? (Or should we assume they are all getting calls for contributions, to alleviate any hard feelings?)

    Could a spilled drink at the new arena or a light bulb out, promptly sweep Venuworks out?

    Will you as mayor hold any official votes in an unrecorded, secret fashion?

    You know, relevant?

    • The status quo that you speak of an that we continually call out for malfeasance is a series of extremes.

      • We need integrity & honesty, to root out malfeasance do we not? (Or at least give the appearance of it)

        There used to be a thing called Christian values…
        They used to be embraced by the “Republican” party…
        Supporting gay marriage used to be rather “extreme” left (or progressive)…
        Reading a report giving kudos to a “Republican” candidate for supporting gay marriage, is something I would read in the C&P…

        You are free to give him all the kudos you want, but I would just suggest reporting that this revelation will obviously not all be positive for Winnecke. He’s a candidate that already has problems distinguishing himself from the “establishment”, and this could lead to issues with the traditional religious right that is typically addressed in campaigns, could it not?

        • Yes, it could lead to issues with voters who hold conservative Christian values, yes. However, I figure most religous right voters will consider that while Lloyd Winnecke and his wife are attending Catholic mass on Sunday morning, Rick Davis is out putting up yard signs or plastering the windshields in church parking lots with campaign literature.

          In other words, I think when a conservative Christian voter is faced with a choice between a Republican who attends church, and a Democrat who does not, there is a huge bank of historic voting data proving the most likely ballot choice for that segment of voters.

          • Only in Evansville could a Republican work at Democrat headquarters and pretend to support a Democrat candidate for Mayor. I can’t wait for November 8th so that the rest of the good old boy club with you included can be sent down the road. Pack your bags for your one way trip to loserville.

          • teaparty,–All you continue to offer is alluditory Character attacks on Mr. Davis. it’s getting old,old,old–to just about everyone on these boards by now , just keep it up, you just continue to sully your self even more with your repetitious “Davis Rants”, and become easy to ignore.

          • Only in Evansville can a so-called Democrat take out after every other Democrat who he imagines has slighted him, when in fact the only transgression was placing his opponent’s Steve Millay yard sign during a primary for county treasurer, when Millay had paid his assessment, same as Davis, and the Central Committee did not endorse either candidate in that open primary 2008, and to a person, those Democrats also offered to display Davis yard signs in the same locations.

            Only in Evansville would such a disgruntled Democrat, after concocting paranoid conspiracy theories, spend the next 3 years attacking one fellow Democrat after another, and causing a near irreparable schism in the local party, for what?

            All you high school acting, playground primadona, hot shot, fart-in-the-wind, wannabe power brokers need to reserve a crying couch at the post-election political rehabilitation clinic. Make your reservations early, because it’s going to be standing room only in the Sanitarium of Traumas, Tirades, and Tears come November 8th, 2011.

          • teaparty, what is the difference between your complaints about Rick Davis and the new Mainstreet Democrat PAC who apparently are working against Davis Mayoral election based on the posts here? It looks like the demos should support the candidate who won their primary and not form a splinter group PAC against their own candidate. I would have the exact same observation if Mr. Tornatta won the primary and team Davis formed a PAC to hurt Mr. Tornatta’s chances in the fall election.

          • Joe Biden, the difference is that Davis did what he did in a reaction to imagined sins he assigned to the persons he attacked or worked against. The Mainstream Dems are reacting to what really has happened.

            As far as your “same observation if Mr. Tornatta won the primary and team Davis formed a PAC to hurt Mr. Tornatta’s chances in the fall election,” that’s already happened and the PAC is called the JFK Club who worked against Troy in the fall election of 2010.

          • teaparty, no offense but what I hear is the JFK Club is not a IRS registered political action committee like the Mainstreet Democrats. Seems like a big difference. A few guys playing clabber with fishbowls and agreeing on what to do, is r different from political committees to beat slated demos. Just my opinon.

        • There is a difference between a belief in gay marriage and a support of gay rights.

          • Teapartyfriend you sure know a lot of big words.Your hate spewing will not last much longer. You are right about November the 8th, but you will be the one crying the alligator tears. Only 68 more days before I call you out to your face, because I know who you are.

    • I think you have completely missed the point. A student at the Harrison High School forum asked each candidate how he differed from his national party on major issues. Davis answered that he differed with national Democrats on gun rights. Winnecke answered that he differed from national Republicans on gay rights. Good question, and important answers.

      Normally neither gay rights nor gun rights would appear to be pertinent issues in a city mayor’s election, until you consider a couple of things.

      First, a mayor controls employment and personnel policy for several hundred municipal employees. I think it’s refreshing to read that Mr. Winnecke would take a more progressive approach to equal rights than his national party, particularly considering he will be hiring department heads, and influencing personnel policy.

      Davis’s stand on gun rights alarms me a bit though, because as a member of the National Rifle Association, he appears to embrace the NRA campaign to extend gun-toting rights onto public properties such as parks and public buildings. I wonder how his NRA membership makes Davis subject to pressure from NRA activists. For example, I believe Davis already has stated he has no problem with gun owners toting weapons on public property, and I find this a bit alarming.

      I wonder what our police chief and county sheriff thing about Davis’s apparent approval of gun-toting on public property like the Civic Center, the Courts, or city parks?

      • The problems with the “progressive approach to equal rights”, is that all the sudden you find a candidate/official spending 200K on homes that will be worth 100K – JUST TO BE “FAIR” TO SOME LUCKY PERSON THAT CAN’T REALLY AFFORD A HOME!

        THE PROGRESSIVE APPROACH, is what brings us eventually things like Obamacare, FDP, new expensive Arena’s, baseball proposals, tennis facility proposals, Bank on Evansville, parking lot give-aways… etc, etc, etc.

        There are some that look at the current administration and see the epitome of progressivism run amok.

        So, when others praise the progressive approaches to “fix” the problems – I laugh.

        • How do you possibly connect a progressive outlook on equal rights, specifically in this discussion regarding gay rights, with programs like building a downtown arena, Front Door Pride, and Obamacare? Or would you just stretch any discussion in order to rant about your favorite topics?

          • Your happiness about his “progressive approach” on gay rights, indicates you think his administration would in some way, not just treat everyone on the merits of their capabilities… Rather, he would, arbitrarily dissect the population into categories based on gender, race, sexual preference etc. and dole out certain to each bucket perhaps?

            That is not refreshing to me, that’s silly, borderline sick.

            If you think there is some personnel policy that is offensive to gays, state it, let him run on it, let him officially change THE LAWS, if he chooses to.

            Your concern about the NRA is a valid, concern. But, again, if there is a policy change desired – MAKE THEM STATE IT, make them run on it and let them try to pass it.

            Yes, I am ranting a bit, but I’m sick of politicians getting mileage out of vagaries, that allow voters to feel that the imaginary plights of citizens will be instantly healed.

            • Actually we support no one ever losing an opportunity because of discrimination of any kind. We also do not think anyone should be given an opportunity because of being part of a protected species. The CCO in in favor of a meritocracy with every person’s merits and developed talents being fully utilized in their highest and best place.

          • Careful there Eville Taxpayer…

            “Rather, he would, arbitrarily dissect the population into categories based on gender, race, sexual preference etc. and dole out certain to each bucket perhaps?”

            Sounds like profiling to me, surely you don’t think Mr Winnecke would use such a tool in his administration?


    • In all fairness to both candidates, the gay rights has really been taken out of context, both candidates were asked if there was a topic or position that they didn’t agree with in relationship to their party stance, Wennicke said gay rights, and Davis said gun ownership, neither really stated a position on either topic, just simply answered the question posed to them.


  4. I can’t wait for the candidates to weigh in on the paper or plastic issue; it’s just about the only topic that is less important than one’s attitude toward six percent of the population, which give or take five percent is the portion of this country that is homosexual.

    • Black people make up 12-13% of the US population, <5% Asian, I guess their rights are as much of a non-issue to you as well?

      Just because you don't like them doesn't mean it isn't important.

      If the law started discriminating against crotchety old men, I bet you'd have something to say about it.

  5. HEY CCO: What is up with the REPLY button only being on some posts and not others ? As best I can tell, the original post can have a reply by poster # 2, that reply can have a reply by poster # 3 , and # 3’s reply can be replied to by poster # 4. After that, all other replies have no reply box. There is more nesting on this site than at Hovey Lake. Those posters who are not offered a reply button usually go back up and reply to poster # 3 (first available REPLY button), and we have more nesting.

    I had hoped to reply to Joe Biden’s post at 9:55 PM on Thursday, 9/1/2011 where he stated a bunch of guys were sitting around playing clabber with fishbowls. I was going to question the difficulty of shuffling the deck, not to mention the spillage involved !

    The reply button issue reminds me of that scene in one of the Austin Powers movies involving Will Ferrell as one of Dr. Evil’s henchmen. He is wearing a fez, and Austin Powers figures out that if he asks him the same question 3 times, he must answer truthfully. Mr. Fez tries to get around that by saying ” no, no, that was the first question in a whole new line of questioning” . Classic !

    In closing, get a business card for the group that “accidentally” password protected the ERC Web Site, they should be able to accidentally fix the nests faster than you can sing ” Rockin’ Robin” !

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      This keeps the response box from getting extremely narrow.

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