IS IT TRUE? Part 2 May 23, 2011



IS IT TRUE? Part 2 May 23, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the wrecking ball is scheduled to swing into what is left of the old Executive Inn today at 4 o’clock?…that with that final swing any shred of thought about turning an obsolete pile of bricks into a functioning 2-Star flop house is officially over?…that there are a couple of relics that someone may want for collecting purposes like the E or a brick from the tower?…that they need to get on about the business of getting them because soon they will be recycled into something?…that this day is only two years behind schedule?…that the most cost effective and well planned solution would have had the Big E taken down when the west wing went down in 2009?…that if that were done according to a well thought out MASTER PLAN that there would or at least could be a new convention hotel already in operation?…that much money could have and should have flowed into the city if this whole exercise had been planned and vetted when it should have been in the 2007 – 2009 timeframe?

IS IT TRUE that the old refurbished Kentucky Theatre in Downtown Lexington is still in operation and serves as a movie theatre?…that on Friday night that hundreds of people were seen coming out of the Kentucky Theatre after watching a movie?…that every Saturday night the Rocky Horror Picture Show is shown to fully costumed crowds?…that we are curious as to the feasibility to show movies in the Victory Theatre?…that if there is one entertainment venue in Downtown Evansville that could be adapted to show movies to increase both event nights and attendance that the Victory could serve that purpose?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Arena with its 11,000 seat capacity and $127 Million price tag is across the board about half of the Yum Center in every category?….that given that ratio that the marquee naming opportunities for the Evansville Arena should be expected to scale accordingly?….that would mean that there are over $50 Million in naming opportunities that can be identified in the new Evansville Arena? … that a search of the Evansville Arena website makes no mention of naming rights opportunities?…..that with the potential for around $50 Million of naming rights opportunities to be sold that a concerted effort to sell sponsorships with a chairperson and a committee or even a paid professional team should be underway?….that the only reference in an archive search is that project manager John Kish is quoted in “hoping” that someone will buy the naming rights to the Evansville Arena?….that the City County Observer as one of the fastest growing internet traffic sites in Evansville has not been approached or been told of any naming rights programs that exist?….that the CCO would not know who to call to name so much as a floor tile?….that the naming rights efforts today remind us of the Executive Inn Dilemma?

IS IT TRUE that if the City of Evansville will release a list of the naming opportunities in the new Evansville Arena that the City County Observer will post these opportunities with or without pricing so that our readership can consider these marketing opportunities as their marketing budgets are being formed for 2012?…that well run businesses are starting to think about and form 2012 budgets RIGHT NOW?…that if sponsorship opportunities at the Arena are to be in the mix that they need to be in discussions RIGHT NOW and not in a panic to get into the mix after the dollars are already committed to other places?…we really wonder where we would go to buy so much as a brick or a chairback naming opportunity?…that we are shocked and amazed that a public naming opportunity of some type is has not yet been announced?


  1. Have I failed to find the “contact us” page on the CCO website? Please email me with directions. I appreciate this as a Vanderburgh County Resident and a City supporter.

        • Maybe so on the name on the building as that is a short list but that won’t fill out the opportunities for sponsorship. Louisville gets something like $1.3M per year from YUM for the name on the building but that is only about 15% of what they get in total. It is selling bricks, doorknobs, etc. that gets the community pride thing going. 10,000 x $100 = $1M and nothing is being done at the citizen pride level. Someone will name the building for about $300k or so with or without a campaign. It will be a disservice to the taxpayers of Evansville if the so called little opportunities are ignored.

  2. Like I used to say, “In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation. The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat”.

  3. Given the lack of vision of the current administration and the fact that Vectren, Old National, and Berry Plastics all declined the opportunity to put their names on the arena, the city fathers will probably just name the arena “MLK Arena” in an odd way it kinda’ makes sense. Not that that would be a bad thing, it requires the least amount of effort and thought, and of course could be changed when a big hitter shows up to buy the naming rights.

    I am curious if the arena name is being used as a bargaining chip for the financial backing of the hotel, Kunkel Arena anyone?

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