IS IT TRUE Part 2: May 19, 2014 (the audio failed)


WIFI off

IS IT TRUE that just in the last hour the City County Observer has gotten a number of calls and emails reporting that the public WIFI network in the Civic Center was shut down during this morning’s press conference where Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff Riley addressed the inability of the Winnecke Administration to balance the payroll and pension accounts since taking office?…the timing of this outage is about as coincidental as possible to make those who believe in manipulation on the part of government believe this was done just to disrupt the audio of the live stream from both the Courier and Press and 14-WFIE crews who previously committed to cover the event live?…the CP managed to get up a terribly pixelated video but no audio and the 14-WFIE could get neither?…the efforts to prevent the release of this recording have been on a level unheard of in local government?…we wonder what bogeyman the machine will throw at Councilwoman Riley next?

IS IT TRUE the CCO has also been advised by three credible sources all of whom we have spoken directly with that there was a 2nd exit conference held with respect to the 2012 City of Evansville audit?…neither Councilwoman Riley or Councilman Conor O’Daniel were asked to attend?…all sources also tell us that Councilman John Friend was the only City Council member invited to the 2nd exit interview?…we wonder if having a 2nd exit interview is as unusual as taking 15 months after the audit period to get to the first exit interview?…these sources also tell us that there is a high probability that the audit report from the SBOA will be released this week?

To find the audio  recording it is posted on and on Facebook.


  1. 1) Wow, is it possible that the gestapo tactics of shutting down the WiFi and preventing a recording of the event may be a violation of the FCC ? Will there also be an FCC investigation (better make an appointment now, the calendar for investigations is filling up fast) ?;

    2) OMG, Friend is looking like a stooge now. Any time you go into a meeting by yourself, and then change your entire outlook on the audit, that looks B-A-D, as in highly ethically challenged.

    Friend “fought like the dickens” on the Johnson Controls, Arena Audit and IT Assessment. In the end, it was all just bluster, he caved in on all three. “All bark and no bite”.

    If Friend really did attend a SECOND exit conference, and those Council Members at the first one didn’t get invited back, then Houston, Friend has a problem !

  2. so if there was 2 exit interviews, what was the problem with her havin a tape of the first one. maybe john should have told dave garrett and joe that the results of the first don’t matter. i am sorry thats just crazy talk, my fault for trying to be sensable. i guess accusing stephanie on secretly taping( which isnt against the law) and publishing a transcript is the better route.

    • The first exit interview is very valid, The cities financial state didn’t turn around overnight!

      • You mean

        Debit – Weinzapful-Winnecke Slush fund plug ‘n Chug

        Credit – Taxpayer cash account

        Doesn’t work?

    • In my new job as State Board Recorder, I will endeavor to make sure no future exit interviews will go unrecorded.

  3. When is someone going to call this patty cake opera a case of “malfeasance”?
    Whoops, I just did.

    • My absolute favorite quote from SBR’s State Board Recording is when the examiner spoke directly to SBR saying, “this is confidential and not to be discussed until the audit is final.”

    • Do you have a link to here U-tube channel? Is it called SBR or did she use her full name which I can never spell without seeing it written some where else right in front of me. I like this lady but have a hard time with that name for some reason. Stephanie I can handle. But I have trouble with the Brinkerhoff (SP?) part.

      So a link that takes me directly to her u-tube channel would be great help.

  4. Curt John needs to be taken to task for his role in trying to intimidate and demean Councilwoman Riley. All those things she said about him trading on inside information is true. Her post didn’t make any death threat on him. He is nothing but a machine operator and never has been anything else. One thing she was right about is that as long as Curt John has any presence of mind he will be running some scam on inside information.

    • Not only Curt but the Evansville Courier and Press editors and Photo Editors need to be reprimanded for putting some unflattering pictures of SBR on their paper yesterday. I’m damn sure that the editor of the news paper would not be happy if his staff put a pictures of him like that on their paper’s front page. I know that was done on purpose and I suspect it was done with malice too. The entire tone of their attack on Stephanie is way out of line. This news paper is so unprofessional IMHO that is a disgrace Again IMHO.

      Curt taking what was said on the CCO and acting like he was afraid for his life is just Ludacris and outrageous. He is acting just like the Mayor accused Stephanie of acting like.

      Even Jonathan Weaver is on the attack.

      Not one of these people are acting concerned with the fact that:
      1) the City’s books are in disarray
      2) There could be millions of dollars at stake.

      Instead they complain and make their entire existence about some stupid confidentially agreement that as I understand it was not proposed until after the meeting was over and the horse was already out of the barn.

      What not? From now on no cell phones are going to be allowed in any meetings?
      I’ve secretely tapped people in the past and I’m tape recorded almost every time I call a business these days. Have you ever heard the recorded answering machine say, “This conversation is being recorded for quality assurance and training purposes”? People are being recorded when they walk into the Civic Center.

      I call for the Civic Center to be open to the public and that all recording devices be turned off when anyone enters the Civic Center!

      At one time I read that the Mayor may have a secret recording system similar to President Nixon. That may have just been a bad rumor.

  5. I tuned in, as I always do, to watch City Council this evening on Insight Ch. 12 at 5:30 PM.

    Shortly after the Finance Committee finished, I was surprised to see that J. Friend had, in fact, graced us with his presence.

    I went out to walk my German Shepard, and lo and behold at 5:50 PM Ch. 12 had reverted back to ‘Educational Programming’.

    What is that all about ?

    Did Friend come to the meeting simply to deny SBR the ‘forum’ which Beaver was worried about when he called for postponing the meeting ?

    Also, was cutting off the regularly scheduled meeting just a continuation of the Civic Center WiFi going down, C & P and WFIE having no audio, CCO out of business for a while, etc. ?

    IS IT TRUE that the Ukranians are getting more consistent media coverage than SBR received today in E’Vil ???

  6. I listened to the audio and I truly don’t know what all the fuss is about on either side.

    I don’t know why the mayor/John Friend tried to hide it/make a big deal out of Brinkerhoff releasing it – and I don’t know why Brinkerhoff felt the need to leak it to the news media. It’s not like we didn’t all already know government doesn’t know what it’s doing. Nothing ground breaking there.

    To me – a person who goes to work everyday and pays his bills on time and just wants his trash picked up on time and the police and fire department to come when I dial 911 – this whole episode just looks like a bunch of people grand standing and trying to get attention to further themselves politically – and nothing at all about doing what’s best for all of us.

    Again, nothing ground breaking there, either.

    • So then you would not care if there was over 7 million dollars missing? I’m glad that every one is not like that.

  7. Anyone see the ECP story tonight that’s open for all to read? They took and put up some unflattering photos of SBR on their story.

    And below the story Mark Wilson (political Who knows what) wrote some silly stuff on his twitter account. Now I understand what they mean by TWITS!

  8. So overpaying employees and underpaying pensioners is A-Ok with you?

    As someone said reconciling a payroll checking account is simple as pie. If people get paid twice a month there should only be two debits to the cash account all month.

    The credits would be net pay and the payouts to the various tax and insurance companies, which an accountant should be able to trace back to the payroll reports?


  9. This town, sheesh. So a Democrat is saying a Republican is cooking the books? As in Evansville is the mirror opposite of Chicago?

    Does it get any better than that?

    • HAHA The City needed to save money.
      We are delinquent on payments lol

    • “We’re sorry of the inconvenience The Bill of rights has caused us, so we will interfere in the most cowardly and underhanded ways possible. Screw your internet. Screw your Free Press, Screw your Freedom of Speech and Above all, With utmost sincerity, To the People of Evansville, We’d like to say, Screw You.”

      The Machine

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