IS IT TRUE? PART 2 March 7, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? PART 2 March 7, 2011

IS IT TRUE that Evansville City Council members have gotten the message that our city parks need a great deal of TLC? ….we we hear that 4th Ward City Councilwoman, Connie Robinson is pushing to up the financial requests from $60,000 to $100,000 correct maintenance problems at our parks?….we also hear that 5th Ward City Councilman, John Friend is also on board in requesting the additional money for park repairs? ….we want to thank 1st Ward Councilman, Dan McGinn and At Large City Councilman, Dr. Dan Adams for bringing the lack of maintenance problems of our City parks to the public attention?…that we would also like to thank and comment private citizen Dr. Neil Troost for having the courage and perseverance to not just let this problem go without challenge?…that the time for the public to sit back and blindly let Evansville rot to the ground without holding elected officials accountable has passed?

IS IT TRUE that we are extremely disappointed with the Parks Board and the Parks Director for complacently sitting back and letting our city parks get into this mess? ….we hope the new Mayor of Evansville replace some members of the City Parks Board of Directors and looking at ways to motive the present management staff of the Parks and Recreation department?…that the Evansville City Parks contains some 2,300 acres?…that a middle school kid is paid roughly $30 nowadays to mow a one acre yard?…that the mowing season in Evansville is about 30 mows per year?…that if the City of Evansville were to hire an army of middle school kids to mow our parks for $30 per acre for the whole mowing season that the budget for mowing would need to be just over $2 Million?…that comparing that statistic to the budget allocated for parks maintenance when paying prevailing wages to Teamsters and a city benefit package that one just has to scratch their head in disbelief?…that whomever writes, recommends and approves budgets for maintaining 2,300 acres in Evansville must have no knowledge whatsoever about the cost to mow grass and the time it takes to do so?

IS IT TRUE we wonder how much John Kish and his Evansville Redevelopment Commission have decided to pay the Vanderburgh County Democratic party to relocate their offices from the Executive Inn parking garage to its new location at the old Welborn Hospital?…that there were several offers to get the pickup trucks mobilized and move the desks, chairs, and pictures of politicians for free back last year when this first came up?…that if there was ever a project that should be subject to bidding and transparency that this is it?


  1. Is it true that if Dr. Troost weren’t a Dr… we wouldn’t be having this conversation?

    Is it true that the only reason some are acknowledging the issue is to avoid egg on their face at high brow gatherings?

    Isn’t it also amazing how inpenetrable the protective barrier is between this Mayor and the press?

    How long would it have taken for some reporter to corner, for the record, ex-Mayor Lloyd… if some kid got stuck with a needle in a public park on his watch? And how often would he have been confronted asking for his PLAN to protect the innocent children not yet stuck and or infected?

  2. Isn’t that why the mayor appoints a parks board and hires a director of parks … to keep the parks functional and safe, and to come up with plans to correct insufficiencies in the parks system?

  3. Except for McGinn and Adams the rest of the council sat on their hands while Weinzapfel was pulling the strings and now they want to make nice and actually do their jobs too late. Some will go in the spring and some in the fall and some will be non players when Davis is the Mayor and we get the new council members in the 3rd, 6th, and 2nd.

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