IS IT TRUE? Part 2 March 30, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? Part 2 March 30, 2011

IS IT TRUE that Governmental Standards Account Board Statement 45 requires a Habeas Corpus record on balance sheets to present the value of future retiree benefits for all city and county employees? ….that we wonder if the Vanderburgh County taxpayers are willing to pick up the future financial liabilities of the these post retirees benefits when or if the we approve Consolidation of Vanderburgh City and County Governments? ….that we wonder what the total costs of the above retirement fund shall become the liability of local taxpayers? ….that we are extremely surprised to find out that there wasn’t a formal committee appointed to study this possible $30 to $40 million financial liability facing the taxpayers if the issue of Consolidation of local governmental entities is approved?

IS IT TRUE that tonight at 5:30 in Room 301 of the Civic Center is the second joint meeting of the Evansville City Council and the Vanderburgh County Commissioners to question and discuss the magna carta of the MAYOR’S DOZEN?…that there will be more and more questions and criticisms that will come out tonight and into the future as people begin to read and opine on this made to order document?

IS IT TRUE that a candidate for Mayor in the upcoming Democratic Party primary shunned some professional marketing advice concerning a new campaign advertising strategy? ….if this candidate was holding a broom and was telling the voters that a “new broom sweeps clean” would be more effective than petting a dog?

IS IT TRUE that our media partner, the Community Observer shall begin the final stages of their E-Debate series beginning this coming week? ….that the Community Observer staff shall be asking the 6th ward City Council candidates in the Democratic primary to answer a few political questions? …..that this E-Debate shall be extremely interesting?

IS IT TRUE that real estate is often considered to be a long term investment?…that the foreclosures continue to rise and the price of housing continues to fall despite of the government programs like TARP and the Stimulus Act that had specific provisions to blunt such things?…that most of the Midwesterners who watch the news assume that the real estate markets on the coasts have been decimated and that the Midwest and the rest of flyover country has withstood the storm?…that when real estate is examined over 10 years that nothing could be further from the truth?…that for the 10 year period from 2001 – 2011 that Los Angeles housing increased by 53%, New York City increased by 48.2%, Miami increased by 28.2%, the country as a whole increased by 25.2%, while the middle American enclaves of Dallas and Chicago both chugged along with a 7% increase and Detroit fell by 38.5%?…that the rise or fall in real estate values tracks very well with the rise or fall in population?

IS IT TRUE that it has now been 1,427 days since the announcement was made on May 14, 2007 that the McCurdy Hotel was to be refurbished into luxury apartments?…that it has now been 1,281 days since the Evansville Redevelopment Commission at the request of Mayor Weinzapfel approved the spending of $603,000 to purchase the parking lot?…that City Centre Properties and Scott Kosene the developers of the McCurdy project are both listed as contributors to the Weinzapfel for Mayor committee for 2010?

IS IT TRUE that there are now 582 days remaining in the two years that the EPA had given the City of Evansville to present an acceptable solution to the Combined Sewer Overflow problem?…..that this plan is an expensive and complex endeavor that needs immediate attention to avoid the embarrassment and expense of another round of fines?


  1. “A new broom sweeps clean” would be a genius campaign message for Mr. Davis. It would attract Demos, Repubs and Independents that are dissatisfied with how the City has been run, and will be run by political insiders Mr. Tornatta and Mr. Wienecke.

  2. Could someone more fully explain the potential financial liability regarding retirees and consolidated government. I’m not sure how it would be any different than the same debt spread over the existing two governments.

    • The total debt would be the same. The issue would be if the city has a larger liability then county residents, who currently are not on the hook for it, would potentially be obligated to pay it through higher taxes. This is most likely an unfunded liabilty and therefore would need to be paid from future tax revenues.

      • You need a lesson in local government 101. The city AND county pension fund is through the State of Indiana PERF and is funded.

        • The employee’s share is withheld from salary. Who funds the matching money. Not the state.

        • Actually you may be correct on the pension and the PERF comment. But if there are other post-retirement benefits such as the ability to continue on medical or some other benefit with a dollar cost, then there would need to be a local cost not covered through PERF.

          Further, if some employees were not covered by PERF and their future pension costs are not prefunded then there will be an issue with that expense as well.

          Retiree benefits can encompass more than just pension costs.

  3. This upcoming E-Debate will be very good. I can already hear the comments on the debate answers.

  4. I would rather see a live debate between Lindsey and Watts at a westside location. Would want to make sure both canidates answer the question without help from another party.

    • Yeah it has to be on the Westside, don’t want to make Al Lindsey have to drive too far in from the county

      • We wouldnt want BJ to actually put any pysical effort into this campaign.

        It’s funny how you haven’t gotten over the fact that Al Lindsey DOES live in the 6th Ward and has lived in the 6th Ward for quite some time now.

  5. what about an e-debate for the 3rd ward, i think it would be nice to hear from those candidates too.

  6. Thank you for letting me have an opinion. You been hanging out with RailOverAuto thinking up those witty replies.

    • dont have a clue who RailOverAuto is but sounds like she/he knows a thing or two and is not afraid to voice their opinion.

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