IS IT TRUE? Part 2 March 17, 2011


MOLE #420

IS IT TRUE? Part 2 March 17, 2011

IS IT TRUE that 89 political signs of 6th Ward City Council candidate Al Lindsey have either been stolen or destroyed? ….that candidate Lindsey is posting a $500 reward to anyone who turn in those responsible for tearing down or stealing his signs?….that when the people who stole these campaign signs that were bought and paid for with contributions are prosecuted and convicted the person who provides the information leading to that convicted will receive a whooping $500 check from Mr. Lindsey? ….we wonder why 2nd Ward City Council candidate Patrick McBride isn’t offering a similar reward as signs of his have gone missing as well?

IS IT TRUE that with a few notable exceptions that the Democratic contingency of the Indiana House of Representatives are still holed up in an Urbana, Illinois motel refusing to subject themselves to the toil of the jobs that they aggressively campaigned to serve in?…that many of these people have served the public in an elected capacity for much of their adult lives?…that there are many distinguished political careers including Evansville’s own Gail Riecken who are diminishing their life’s work to follow their newfound Pied Piper House minority leader Patrick Bauer?…that blindly following a career politician that clearly has an axe to grind with Governor Daniels will be the end of the political careers of many good public servants with a lifetime of positive service and goodwill?…that some of the rants coming from the more vocal members of the Urbanana Republic Democrats are beginning to resemble the musings of Charlie Sheen?…that following that Sheenius Pat Bauer is poor judgment?…that the Statehouse of Indiana is where the laws of Indiana are made by elected representatives?…that one does not necessarily have to like ones job but one does have to do ones job?…that the job of these wayward Democrats is in Indianapolis and that the City County Observer encourages and admonishes these supposed public servants to break rank with the Pied Piper and get back to doing all of the people’s business?

IS IT TRUE that the consolidation committee met before the combined governing bodies of the Evansville City Council and the Vanderburgh County Commissioners this week?…that some members of the elected group seemed to be well prepared for the meeting and others seemed to have pulled a healthcare bill move and never read the proposal?…that the elected officials seemed bifurcated (the word of the week) in the sense that County Commissioner Winnecke and all of those sitting south of him seemed knowledgeable with respect to the proposal and those sitting to the north of President Winnecke seemed as though they had never seen it before?…that those SOW (South of Winnecke) had notes and questions on their copies and were engaged in the discussions while those NOW (North of Winnecke) sat there making minimal or no contribution to the meeting?…that Evansville can’t afford to follow Washington’s example of passing something without reading it and finding out afterward how it works?…that the City County Observer would like to thank those elected officials who took the time to prepare for the meeting and articulately engaged the committee in intelligent discussion?

IS IT TRUE that insofar as the consolidation committee’s proposal is concerned that the most learned scholar on the benefits and problem issues with the consolidation proposal is Vanderburgh County Surveyor Bill Jeffers?…that Mr. Jeffers has published many competent articles on the details of consolidation and has commanded the respect of a wide audience with his competent writing?…that Evansville and Vanderburgh County would benefit greatly from more elected officials with the initiative, diligence, and cognitive ability that Mr. Jeffers has demonstrated in his analyses?


  1. Are you sure someone is stealing Al’s signs? Come on. Every election, some candidate bubbles up and cries a river about vandalized signs. Seems it’s just to get his name in the paper and some free publicity. Every candidate loses a few signs to sporatic and usually non-related incidents of vandalism. Hell, I can hardly read Al’s signs anyway. The color scheme is hardly visible. How’d anyone determine they were missing?

    • You would think these two are the only canidates to have a sign taken. It does stink to have them taken but it happens to EVERY CANIDATE.

      • it may happen to every candidate, but almost 100 signs taken/destroyed is ridiculous. Be mature and run the race. Lets play that game of taking signs and replacing them with the others. Grow Up!!!!

  2. actually quite a few of Patrick’s signs have been stolen and his banners have been vandalized. While he has taken the high road and has said he doubts that Missy Mosby knows anything about it, I personally doubt this is true of all her minions.

    • You know what, Henry? I’ve had my signs vandalized before, and it wasn’t done by my last opponent or his “minions,” although he was a punk whom I wouldn’t put it past. Turns out it was some kids who just didn’t like me or a family member for one reason or another. The first time I ran, my opponent accused me of vandalizing his signs, even said someone saw my vehicle. That was a total lie. But that particular knucklehead was known for lying. Just sayin’, stuff like this happens and a candidate has to man up and move on.

    • Can you name any of her minions. I know you wouldn’t go around telling people somebodies name that you think it is, but really don’t know for sure.

      • if I knew for sure I’d name names, but I just have my suspicions. Patrick has taken the high road, put out more signs and kept on.

        • How can you tell he has more signs out? They are the worst signs I have seen in 20 years of campaigns. You cant even tell what his name is.

  3. Take is easy on the puffery as to Jeffers. Just because someone contributes to this site with written word does establish their background as an expert, scholar or analyst. Sounding thorough does not establish thorough reasoning.

  4. I think The working people of Evansville are being very well served by Gail Reicken and I admire her stand to leave the house chambers, the republicans did not run on what they are now doing most of it was never mentioned, and now it is critical to pass?
    Stay away as long as necessary Gail.

  5. Has anyone noticed how you see ONE Al Lindsey sign in A WHOLE LOT of yards. And then where I happen to see a BJ Watts sign, you see MULTIPLE signs in ONE yard? Going down Columbia Street, I see this one yard, that has THREE BJ Watt signs in it.. And then EVERY house around it has ONE Al Lindsey sign. Same on St. Joe Ave. One yard has TWO BJ Watts signs, and then every house around it has ONE Al Lindsey sign. Could it be BJ doesn’t have enough yards to put one sign in? Just wondering.

    • It’s obvious that the Watts group (and yes I am positive it is someone involved with his campaign is involved) is made that they could not get Al Lindsey out of the race. Now they are playing childish games and pulling his signs. I doubt it’s BJ himself but someone involved with his campaign. Grow up. They will get caught and they will pay.

    • theres a house on broadway that has 6 of Al’s signs…come on who needs to trash someones yard like that…wait it might be his son’s house…but again why put trash like that in ones family’s yard

      • oddly enough there is not a yard in the 6th ward with 6 of Al’s signs. can you not count?

    • How many of Watts’ signs were put on properties without the permission of the property owner??? Answer is… ALOT!

    • How many of Al’s signs were taken up and replaced by Watts’ signs within hours and the property owner did not give permission for BJ’s sign?

      mfcdkw, get your facts right!

      • How many? Like I have said before, I’ll put what I know as fact against what you think you know any time.
        I’ve been told by people in the 6th ward that Al didn’t ask to put a sign up but one was there. Just the FACTS.

  6. it’s interesting how there can be Al’s signs at a location in the morning and by the afternoon they are gone and a watt’s and tornata sign are there. And per the owner, they did not authorize for Watt’s nor Tornata to place their signs there. Also per the owner they did not take down the signs!!!
    Those are the FACTS for you mfcdkw! they will be caught! so whoever it is smile for the camera!

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