IS IT TRUE? Part 2 June 13, 2011


IS IT TRUE? Part 2 June 13, 2011

IS IT TRUE that a major classic rock and roll artist has been booked into Roberts Stadium for later this summer and that a detailed announcement will be made very soon?…that this artist has been to Evansville many times in the past and has perhaps 100 Million fans?…that there is hardly a person alive who has not heard of this artist and can sing a few lines from at least one of his songs?

IS IT TRUE that the funniest comment of last week was in the Courier & Press in response to a column by David Coker that once again raised the issue of obesity in Evansville?…that the hilarious comment was something like “When I was watching Jay Leno and he said that my hometown of Evansville is the fattest city in America, I nearly dropped my fudge bar”?…that this comment was hilarious and tragic simultaneously?…that this subject needs some attention nearly every week so that people do not forget about their duty to get healthy for themselves and their families?…that if one wants a fudge bar that it can be earned in calories burned by walking about 2 miles at whatever speed you like?…that beer is what puts that all to familiar beer belly onto many tri-state men?…that one mile of walking or running will burn off about 1 beer’s worth of calories?…that if you are one of the folks that pounded down a half-case of beer down at the ShrinersFest that all you need to do to burn it off is a half marathon?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Fire Chief Keith Jarboe will be announcing the appointment of a new assistant chief very soon?…that the winner of this appointment is none other than 10 year veteran Jim Phender?…that this job will pay one of the top rates in the City of Evansville pecking order of salaries?…that the City County Observer would like to congratulate Mr. Phender on his appointment?

IS IT TRUE that yesterday and today are what we always hope that a June day in the tri-state will be like weather wise?…that this weather with highs at about 80 degrees and lows in the 60’s with ideal humidity is known as a Mediterranean climate?…that places that have climates like this year round have been sought after since the dawn of recorded history?…that we are thankful for days like this and hope for a summer full of more of them?…that Mother Nature must love the W. C. Handy Blues Festival which kicks off in Henderson this week?…that the weather always seems to cooperate for this event?

IS IT TRUE that the fundraiser that is sanctioned by the Democratic Central Committee at Maingate is primarily to help the candidates that it benefits to pay their “assessments” to the Central Committee?…that the party assesses each office holder a fee of 10% of what they earn in office?…that for an Evansville City Council member that is about $1,800 during the year that they are elected?…that a Mayor would be assessed for nearly $10,000?…that some of the candidates opted out of the assessment?


  1. Since Mr. Owen’s Central Committee actively opposed Mr. Davis with a primary challenge and secretly towed the Kennedy Club food booth from the fall festival, will they still assess Mr. Davis 10% for all of their “help”??

    • They will try, but why would Rick Davis pay them nearly $10,000 so they can continue to tell our community that they will not support TEAM DAVIS? A. Jarvis has been quoted as recently as last week, telling anyone who will listen that they “…are not supporting Rick Davis.”

      • Rick doesn’t make $100k as Treasurer, although if the city and county paid what a job is worth he would

        • Henry, the assessment is made according to the first year’s salary for the job the candidate is seeking, not the job the candidate currently holds. Hahahaha.

          Get with it dude.

          Like if a candidate is running for an office, but doesn’t currently hold an office, and let’s say he makes 120K in private sector, do you think the party would assess him 12K? I think not! Hahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh though.

    • Davis was not asked for any assessment in the fall. The assessments have been around for 40 years or more and are for commiitteemen and rent. Each candidate is asked to voluntarily help.

  2. Sounds like “legal” extortion to me. But then again when it comes to politics, I don’t know very much. If you want this office “donate” x amount of dollars.

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