IS IT TRUE? Part 2: February 23, 2011 Get Evansville Beautiful


Beautiful Well Kept Park

IS IT TRUE? Part 2: February 23, 2011 Get Evansville Beautiful

UPDATE IS IT TRUE that we have gotten a few messages that Keep Evansville Beautiful is working quietly with Dr. Troost and others and seems to be joining the effort?…that we welcome and applaud this news?…that we look forward to promoting and praising any and all efforts that Keep Evansville Beautiful is taking on to Get Evansville Beautiful again?

IS IT TRUE that Dr. Neil Troost and his crusade to return our parks to respectability from the unkempt mess that they have become is gaining momentum?…that a private effort to preserve and re-establish the downtown park at 4th and Main is gaining support?…that another private effort is also in the works?…that candidate for Mayor Rick Davis has proposed a program that will create 50 summer jobs specifically to help reclaim the beauty of Evansville parks?…that there is an exemplary plan for Garvin Park that has been tabled for seven years now over lack of interest and funding from the City of Evansville that may just be at the right time to come out of hibernation?… that all of this positive energy from the private sector and from candidates for office is positively uplifting?

IS IT TRUE that with all of the interest in restoring the parks to their former beauty that we would expect that the organization known as “Keep Evansville Beautiful” would be jumping on the bandwagon to help or even lead?… that the silence of the so called “Keep Evansville Beautiful” is sort of confusing to many people who have already signed up?…that Keep Evansville Beautiful receives a significant amount of public funding?…that if Evansville’s parks were beautiful as they once were that Dr. Troost’s daughter would not have found that needle and he would not be involved in an effort to “Make Evansville Beautiful”?…that maybe “Keep Evansville Beautiful” needs to change its name to “Get Evansville Beautiful”?

IS IT TRUE that if something that is beautiful is not kept that way that the word KEEP needs to be changed because it supports the status quo and calls something beautiful that is not even acceptable?…that the status quo with Evansville’s parks are neither beautiful nor acceptable?…that this organization and many others including the City of Evansville Parks and Recreation Department need to take off the rose colored glasses, roll up their sleeves, and do the things that their founding missions say?…that is right now to first “GET EVANSVILLE BEAUTIFUL”, and when that is done to get back to the business of keeping it that way?