IS IT TRUE? PART 2: February 17, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? Part 2 February 17, 2011

IS IT TRUE that yesterday’s announcement by Douglas de Groot took the Vanderburgh party leadership by surprise? ….the select members of the local Tea Party are extremely pleased that Mr. de Groot entered the Republican primary race? ….that the Tea Party membership shall engage both Republican candidates for Mayor in open dialogue concerning serious issues facing the City of Evansville during the upcoming primary?

IS IT TRUE that Dr. Neil Troost has been asked to run as a Republican in the upcoming city election?….if he decides to run for elected office it would be for the At Large City Council seat?…that his passion is to see the city park system in Evansville and Vanderburgh County become a source of civic pride?…that the investment to bring our parks up to exemplary status and to keep them that way is a small fraction of the cost of the new Downtown Arena?…that visitors to the City of Evansville are more apt to judge our city as a place to live or invest by our parks than by a basketball stadium on Main Street?…that the policies that allowed the park system to turn into a neglected domain of drugs and prostitutes is the epitome of poor public policy?….that we bet the good people of Evansville would support a respectable budget to make and keep our parks beautiful and safe for families to enjoy?….that the current leadership and management of the Evansville Parks Department would be terrified of the prospect of an advocate to clean and maintain the parks like Dr. Neil Troost to be elected?

IS IT TRUE that the elected Vanderburgh County Surveyor Bill Jeffers published an excellent article today in the Evansville Courier and Press titled “Keep Elections in Odd Years”?…that the body of the article expands on much more than just election years?…that this article is a well thought out and superbly written observation on the irrelevance of national party agendas in local government?…that Mr. Jeffers also points out that the unification committee after engaging former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson on the issue of non-partisan elections summarily rejected his advice?…that the City County Observer would like very much to provide a link to this article but cannot because it is not published in the online version of the Courier?…that this article alone is worth many times the 75 cents that the daily Courier costs so please go buy one, borrow one, or visit the library to familiarize yourselves with this article?

Here is a link to the CCO version.


  1. I definitely support Dr. Troost and I hope he decides to run for the Council. Improving and overhauling our Parks would be a major improvement for the city, particularly if they start with Garvin and Kleymeyer Parks who, imo, need it the most.

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