IS IT TRUE: Part 2 August 31, 2011


IS IT TRUE: Part 2 August 31, 2011

IS IT TRUE that a new political action committee (PAC) has been formed in the City of Evansville for the sole purpose of keeping the cash spigots of the City of Evansville open and flowing in the direction of a very small number of professional services firms that have grown and prospered under the Weinzapfel Administration?…that the “Mole Nation” tells us that this PAC has every intention of financially supporting candidates and making political endorsements for all of the City of Evansville elected offices?…that this group will try to do this quietly and under the banner of the Democratic Party?…that the candidates who are wooed by this new PAC had best be cautious about whom they crawl into fundraisers with?…that Democrat, Republican, Whig, or Independent that this PAC is allegedly self serving, had prospered from “machine” politics, and wants the MONEY PARTY to continue with the playing field tilted in their own favor?…that voters who do not like “machine” politics and SNEGAL tactics should reject each and every candidate that allies themselves with this new POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE?

IS IT TRUE that today at 11:15 am that Greg Wathen, the president and CEO of the Southwest Indiana Coalition for Economic Development will formally release a study titled “A Blueprint for Success – A Master Plan for Economic Redevelopment”?…that this plan was developed in part due to the closing of Whirlpool’s Evansville manufacturing facility?…that the is the follow on to the study titled “Competitive Realities” that was released earlier this year that compared Evansville’s competitiveness with a couple of peer cities?…that the City County Observer called for the writing of a master plan as one of the critical steps that needed to be taken in 2011?…that we anxiously await this master plan and will review it rigorously?…that we beg and encourage both candidates for Mayor of Evansville to become “A students” on the contents of this plan and the “Competitive Realities” study?…that even if the medicine is sour that the patient called Evansville is economically anemic and is in serious need of a transfusion?…that we hope that “Dr. Wathen’s” study is a catalyst to start a lasting cure?

IS IT TRUE that one of our comment posters has made some interesting observations regarding what “could have been” if the Vectren electrical rates were equalized with Henderson’s?…that if the Vectren electrical rates were equalized with Henderson’s that each of the 141,000 households would save an average of $105 per month?…that in a year that the total of the money that would be liberated to be spent or saved would amount to just over $177 Million?…that over a 5 year period and accounting for a small interest rate that the difference in the electricity rates on the north side of the money taking bridge will have removed about $1 Billion from the region’s economy?…that maybe if the rates were equalized that the Front Door Pride area may have sufficient value to be sustainable?…that maybe if the rates were equalized that the McCurdy and the downtown Convention Hotel would not have become the debacles that they have become?…that if the rates were equalized that maybe a half dozen downtown businesses would not have moved to the east side to reduce their Vectren bills?…that if the rates were equalized that the water pumps at Roberts Stadium would only cost $133,000 per year to run instead of the reported $400,000?

IS IT TRUE that today is the second of the face to face vetting interviews that will be conducted by Hunden Strategic Partners for the ERC with respect to the downtown Convention Hotel?…that maybe we can expect a preliminary report on the findings on the agenda of next week’s meeting of the ERC?


  1. Just curious are we referring to the Rick Davis splinter group, the JFK Club or the Mainstream Democrats.

  2. Is the political action committee about which the Mole Nation warns us called the JFK Club by chance? Has the JFK Club filed a finance report with the county clerk announcing its formation as a PAC and reporting the source and expenditures of funds which it used during the primary electon to advertise its slate of candidates in the City County Observer?

    I ask because it’s hard to tell from the article if the JFK Club is the PAC that is “supporting candidates and making political endorsements … (not so) quietly and under the banner of the Democratic Party.”

    • It is not the JFK Club that we were referring to. It is a follow up on the invitation that was posted a couple of days ago.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I assumed you might be talking about the JFK Club when you said the PAC intended to support a candidate for each and every city office on the ballot. That’s what the JFK Club did in the primary, support an alternate candidate against each Democrat on the ballot.

        My understanding of the Mainstream Democrats is they just had a few candidates they really favored, and a few they had serious problems with, but not that they supported an entire slate of candidates for each and every office on the ballot. To me that sounds typical of many PACs regardless of partisan affiliations or non-partisan special interest PACs.

        In either case, my question remains, has the JFK Club filed a finance report with the county clerk as required for any PAC that donates to or publishes ads for a political candidate or slate of political candidates?

        • The Mainsteet Democrats fundraiser invitation said it was a political action committee. Don’t know about the JFK Club. Did the JFK Club ever get their wennie wagon back after it was towed from the Fall Festival last year?

          • First off, it wasn’t the JFK Club’s weenie wagon, Joe. It was the Dem. Central Committee’s Fall Festival Booth. That’s the whole rub. Rick Davis told the Nut Club officials the permit should be made out to the JFK Club, and the Nut Club officials called foul, because you cannot sublet Fall Festival booths. Davis should’ve kept his mouth shut for once, and the JFK Club could’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for Rick’s campaign!

            As it turned out, the JFK Club could only give Rick and his pals a short run of ads on CCO in the primary, and now Rick’s campaign is said to be having trouble rubbing two nickels together.

            But speaking of the booth, I heard it now belongs to a church, and possibly the Fall Festival space will be assigned to a more worthy non-profit as well. Ironic, when you consider how it all started.

          • teapartyfriend, thanks for info. below. Very interesting. What is the plan this year with the wennie wagon. Will the JFK Club be there? It seems silly the Demo Central Committee has 2 wennie wagons and only allows 1 to be used at our Fall Festival. Can you explain?

        • Simple. The Democrat booth down in front of the pet food center at the St. Joe end of Franklin used to be the Young Democrat booth. Now it’s the Democrat Club booth which evolved out of the Young Democrats when the only active members of that org. got to be over 30 yrs/old, and there weren’t enough truly young Democrats to fill a small car.

          At the other end of Franklin Street, down in front of Hagedorn’s Tavern, there used to be two Democrat booths, the Women’s Democrat Club, which sold chicken dumplings, and the Men’s Democrat Club, which sold shish-kabobs. The Women’s Club folded first, and their booth passed into oblivion.

          Then the Men’s Club dissolved, and their booth was taken over by the Central Committee. That’s the “weenie wagon” that you thought was the JFK Club booth. Now it’s history, and the only Democrat booth left down there is the Democrat Club, formerly the Young Democrats.

          That’s the best I can do for an explanation.

  3. There are no PAC’s operated by or sanctioned by the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party. Editor, please get your facts straight before you make such claims.

      • Facts are still used, though maybe not so much here. There are no PAC’s associated, approved nor operating under the banner of the VCDP. Anyone wishing to claim otherwise is welcome to contact me at the office and share such information with me.

        • Are you SNEGAL with a screen name of Alex Jarvis. You have been very vocal with certain people about supporting the Republican candidate for Mayor. Sanctioned or unsanctioned there is a group of Democrats that have formed a PAC and I suspect that you know it. Shall we assume that the VCDP has no preference for Mayor of Evansville. Make your position known sir. Who will Mr. Alex Jarvis be voting for for Mayor of Evansville and why? With your position within the VCDP you should either support the candidate that your party elected in the primary or resign and support the Republican. You and those people with the PAC are trying to play both sides of the coin.

        • Exactly! The invitation that whatever group designed was clearly put together for the purpose of attracting “mainstream democrats”. That day they had the flag.

  4. What might have Been:–If the Current Administration had had a Communicator, instead of a uncrowned King?
    What might have been: If Snegal wasn’t behing every grin?
    What might have been: If “Ready,Fire,Aim” was not the direction of every decision?
    What might have been: If transparency and forthrightness was respected.

    I could go on, and on, but,– bottom line,

    What might have been, is shared by many enablers, and is the Sad Epitaph of this Administration.

  5. First, I am not a member of any PAC. Second in my official capacity and personally I support all Democrats. Assuming the VCDP has no preferrence for Mayor is incorrect as well. The party supports all the Democratic candidates on the ballot.

  6. The bickering inside the VCDP is the best entertainment I have ever enjoyed. Keep it up, folks!

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