IS IT TRUE? Part 2 August 18, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? Part 2 August 18, 2011

IS IT TRUE that according to the gentleman from Hunden Strategic Partners who spoke at the Evansville Redevelopment Commission meeting on Tuesday August 16, 2011, today is the day that the VETTING PROCESS will be getting down to the brass tacks of a face to face meeting with one of the companies that responded to the RFP with a proposal?…that we are not sure whether the Kunkel Group or Prime Lodging is in Mr. Hunden’s spotlight today and that we would choose not to publish that information even if we did know?…that Mr. Hunden stated that the next face to face meeting has been scheduled for next Wednesday the 24th?…that he stated that after these meetings and some follow up questions have been answered that he should be in a better position to advise the ERC on what the options really are?…that in the name of fairness and in giving this VETTING PROCESS a chance that we shall not address this issue again until after the results of the VETTING interviews have been made known in a public meeting?

IS IT TRUE that after examining the final results of the year and a half of work done by the consolidation committee that the only conclusion possible is that the sales pitch for next year’s election will be “WE SPENT 18 MONTHS AND HAVE NOT IDENTIFIED ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE THAT WILL RESULT IN ANY COST SAVINGS BUT WE RELLY REALLY THINK THAT CONSOLIDATION IS A GOOD IDEA SO TRUST US AND VOTE YES”?…that from an intuitive perspective consolidation does indeed seem like it should allow the people of Evansville and Vanderburgh County to benefit from economies of scale?…that this committee has not only failed to recommend any real actions that will save any money, but they are actually putting language into the proposal that will prohibit even considering changing some of the largest departmental budgets that exist?…that this seems to have been more of an exercise in protecting the sacred cows than it has been in evolving local government to a better and more efficient form of governing?…that this is truly disappointing as according to the budgets of other comparable cities there should be some very substantial savings that could have been identified?

IS IT TRUE that we are hearing from the Mole Nation that there are some considerations being given to investing some of the cash surplus held by the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau to repair some of our dilapidated parks?…that wise investments of this nature in parks that are not likely to be subject to instant vandalism will indeed improve the quality of place which will in turn promote tourism?…that we applaud and support well thought out and cost effective investments in the Evansville Parks System by the CVB?…that we will be on the lookout for $250,000 swing sets and $150,000 dugouts though so please exercise good fiscal judgment CVB?

IS IT TRUE that it has been revealed by the United States Secret Service that the $1.1 Million tour bus that President Obama is touring the Midwest in was MADE IN CANADA?…that we are sure that is comforting to the unemployed and underemployed people who are attending his events to hear about his soon to be released JOBS PLAN?…that Kid Rock, David Lee Roth, and Kenny Rogers are former owners of tour busses from the Quebec based company called Prevost?…that we have no problem whatsoever with the President of the United States spending $1.1 Million or more on a tour bus?…that we do wish that whomever made that purchasing decision would have considered a US based business like Hemphill Brothers Coaches of the “Right to Work” state of Tennessee?…that the City County Observer is a supporter of BUY AMERICA POLICIES and wish that our government would spend our tax dollars at home too?


    This is exactly what we have been trying to get across to the citizens. Well said. Get rid of this abomination. If this is the best the committee can do, then get rid of the committee also.

    • This is an example of Mr Winnecke’s ability, no cost saving but it’s a good idea….so follow me on this one. If there isn’t a opportunity to save a great deal of money in consolidation of city and county services, agency’s, employees, offices, police and fire why even consider it? With out the public services ie police and fire in the mix it’s a totally dead issue and they are wasting our time, and money even considering it.

      If after spending (wasting) 18 months, this is the best we can do, they all do need to resign and let some fresh minds give it a try.


      • I hate to flog a dead horse but….2 reasons that consolidation won’t work in it’s current form is the omission of police and fire from the proposal which are the two biggest budgets, and the current “my pile” mentality that has been fostered over the years. The “my pile” is simply you can change the other guys department but not mine, it’s just a basic power play that someone will have to suffer and give in to change. The police and fire is more complex, volunteers in the county fire department and professional firefighters in the city, the only way to get that to work is paid professional firefighters in suburban stations, the police on the other hand is easier, it’s a no brainer that the sheriff is the supreme law enforcer in the county and should head up any metro police department to do anything else with the law enforcement will probably result in a court battle because of violation of the state constitution.

        The cost saving of a consolidated police department should be easier to show then any other budgetary line item, the fire department on the other hand is going to cost a lot more then the current professional/volunteer network we have now even if it is set up the same with some mutual aid assistance and left a volunteer department.

        This is the reason that these two items (police & fire protection) have been put aside to be decided after consolidation passes….both represent the biggest cost saving and the biggest expense that neither of the groups want to give up any ground on.

        Of course this is just my opinion.


    I have enjoyed visiting your CCO website on an almost daily basis for some time now. You do an outstanding job of asking the tough questions that no other media outlet asks. I’m of the opinion that local and national media is engaged in propaganda campaigns more so than true journalism. That is why a publication or website like yours has the following it does. However, there are a few things I’ve seen that give me concern as they should you.

    So let me first ask: Do you have a mission statement? If so, it should be prominently displayed on the home page for all to see. It’s a statement of dedication to what you do. Do you have rules of conduct for posters? If so, that should also be displayed for all to abide by. I’ve seen the suicide post, the “f” word used and other demeaning, and borderline slanderous comments made. This should be monitored. Freedom of speech DOES NOT mean we can say whatever we want. Civility should always be maintained. The internet is an open environment, who knows who may be seeing what’s here and for what purpose. (I’m not paranoid, or trying to sound that way. LOL)

    I would like to see a wider variety of headlines on this sight. The headline about the Mars Rovers, lighter side news stories and sports are great ways to bring additional viewers to this sight and provide a great balance to the stories concerning our local government.

    I will continue to visit this site, post when the urge hits me and be entertained.


    • I’m fine with everything you said except I’d like all articles on this sight to be related to news and events occuring in or affecting the Evansville/Vand. County area.

    • Gosh, for a minute there I thought that I was reading the script of Citizen Kane, Jedediah!

  3. Although I strongly disagree with some of the positions taken by the CCO, I find their reporting and commentary to be outstanding. The CCO is doing an great job in shining the light on critical issues that would never be covered by any of the other media outlets here in town; and even if they were it would not be in the same detail as given by the CCO.

    I found the postings wishing ill will on the editors of the CCO shocking and apalling. Those who think they could do better or have a different view are welcome to start their own blog or newssite, or submit their own commentary. I’m sure the editors would be glad to publish anything substansive.

    So here’s to you CCO, you’re making SW Indiana a better place to live and helping raise the level of awareness for all in this community.

    Keep up the good work!!

  4. I think Rick Davis has the correct position on opposing the merger, but I think he missed the mark on his explanation of why he opposes it. He says it’s because it doesn’t benefit county residents as much as it benefits city residents. I wish he would say he opposes it because it doesn’t provide any/enough savings.

    • Maybe he got his pander lines mixed up. That one must be for the Country residents when he tries in vain to hold on to his County job

      • Rick Davis will not need his county job as he is going to be the next Mayor of Evansville. Winnecke has shown what he would bring if elected to Mayor by the awesome consolidation plan he has helped to construct. That and his involvement in the Homestead Credit attempted theft should alert the voters of Evansville to what a Winnecke administration would be like.

        • USA1975, I hope you’re right that he won’t need his county job after Jan.1, 2012, because I read somewhere in these blogs that a very popular Democrat is announcing for County Treasurer the week after Fall Festival.

          • Popular democrat? That sure narrows it down. Dr. Dan Adams, Mr. Curt John or Mr. John Friend? Seriously doubt that any of them would run for treasurer.

          • Wow, is Mayor Weinzapfel planning to make a run for Vanderburgh County Treasurer? He has never wanted a real job so maybe this opportunity will be attractive to him. Can he count?

  5. Hey CCO! Way to go with all your hard work. TV and that boy at the newspaper don’t know what hit them.

  6. Over at the Courier they have an editorial supporting the Front Door Program(or whatever it’s called).
    I shuck you negative.

    • It seems as though the CP thinks that a plan to spend $200,000 and sell that item for $100,000 or even let it sit unsold is a good thing. We stand by our longstanding assertion that the current program is ill conceived and benefits only a few at the expense of many. Why can’t the term “affordable housing” be translated to mean a home that cost $50,000 to build that will sell for $50,000 as opposed to the selective redistribution scheme that has been playing out in Goosetown? With the budgets that Barnett has talked about the present Front Door Pride program will take more than 100 years to regenerate that area. By then today’s new $200,000 homes will be dilapidated and the cycle can start again. The Wall Street has an article today that takes a hard look at nonsensical programs that come from the minds of people who have never created a job or produced a profit. I think you will find it applicable to the Front Door Pride fiasco.

      • That is a great piece,thank you.
        Every day I read inane articles about how some “stimulus” thing is going to revive the economy.How some taxpayer funded program is going to create jobs.How increasing unemployment compensation creates jobs.
        It gets older than old.
        John Maynard Keynes was a blithering idiot.

        Instead of all these public funded programs,why not just take a big tub of cash down to the boat and play blackjack with it?
        At least there would be some chance of a return.
        Not much of a chance,but much more than near certainty that it will fail.

        You know, I bet if some politician actually did that they would advertise it as job-creating. Why just look at the dealer and the cocktail waitress,and the parking valet! Jobs,man,jobs!

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