We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE in order to balance the 2018 city budget council members Justin Elpers and John Hayden are recommending $1.8 million dollars in budget cuts?  …we are pleased that we have at least two conservative members serving on the Evansville City Council?

IS IT TRUE that community leader and highly successful business woman Amy Word Smith is seriously considering running for the At-Large seat on the Evansville City Council in 2019?
IS IT TRUE that the budget amendment process is being executed and much of the City of Evansville support for non-profits and fun and games is being proposed for ZERO funding? …the oft maligned Penguin exhibit may be on the chopping block to be defunded to ZERO as are 14 non-profits which will possibly lose $105,500?…the seldom ridden Highway 41 trolley is finally getting a serious look at because of lack of ridership?  …we hear that Mayor Winnecke is against making this budget cut? …cutting this unappreciated route will save the City $102,500?
IS IT TRUE the taxpayers of Evansville still do not know where Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke stands on the proposed  COIT tax increase? …we hope that Mayor Winnecke will make a public statement if he’s for or against the COIT tax increase before City Council votes on this issue next Monday?
IS IT TRUE that our Civic Center “Moles” tell us that Mayor Winnecke has decided to not to mess with the “HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT” in 2018?
 IS IT TRUE that very little has been said on how Mayor Winnecke plans to pay for the Evansville Thunderbolts Hockey 2018 team operating expenses?  …we can’t find any reference in the proposed 2018 City operating budget?  …we been told that some of the 2018 Thunderbolts operating expenses may have been quietly added to the Evansville/Vanderburgh County Building Authority 2018 operating budget?
IS IT TRUE we wonder why City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr hasn’t informed members of City Council how much did it costs the taxpayers of Evansville to subsidized the Evansville Thunderbolts operating expenses during the 2017 hockey season?
IS IT TRUE we look forward to City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr giving members of City Council a detailed and accurate breakdown on how much it will costs the city taxpayers to subsidized the Evansville Thunderbolts during the 2018 hockey season?
IS IT TRUE that the reporting of open government activities may be taking a major hit in 2018?  …Mayor Winnecke has recommended that City Council eliminate the funding of WINN TV from the 2018 city budget?  …it looks like the Mayor feels that the taxpayers can watch the live and unedited City Council meetings vie streaming them on their personal computers?
IS IT TRUE we are told on Monday that the Evansville City Council will formally vote to raise the County Option Income Tax (COIT)?  …we predict  that any member of  the Evansville City Council who votes for the County Income Option Tax will be putting their future political career in jeopardy?
IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville doesn’t have a revenue problem they just have a spending problem?
IS IT TRUE if you want to contact members of the Evansville City Council to discuss your concerns pertains to the proposed 2018 City Budget listed below are their contact information?


(H) 812-4796336- or


 (C) 812-453-6479 or


(C) 812-618-2122 or


(C) 812-204-3869 or
(H) 812-425-2372 or


 (C) 812-454-3479 or


(C) 812-480-6909 or


 (H) 812-425-4220 or (C) 812-459-4221 or


 (C) 812-568-5393 or


 (H) 812-568-0562 or

 FOOTNOTE: This contact lists was provided to the City County Observer by City Clerk Laura Windhorst.

Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you feel that Mayor Winnecke should make a public statement if he’s for or against the COIT tax increase before City Council votes on this issue next Monday?

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  1. Since the City Council DOES serves roughly 2/3rds of the County residents (~120+K) who reside within the City limits, it gives them a majority representation on which they can vote for their CC members every 4 years. There IS a major aspect of taxation WITH representation. The City has both a spending AND a revenue problem… thanks to the property tax caps. Finally, the County Council HAS to vote on the proposed LOIT increase by law for its passage, as do the Darmsadt reps. I think that it appears they are to cozily waiting to see if they can play off the City Council’s vote .. ..Doc

    • City Council and previous,current mayor are the ones responsible for the large debts owed by the city of Evansville.
      Vanderburgh county residents had 0.00 % say in anything the city did ,they had no representation yet they are being taxed extra by a government body that they were not able to vote in or vote out of office
      Taxation without representation
      You can put lipstick 💄 on a pig and it is still a pig
      County residents are getting f’ed

  2. Everyone references the property tax caps as the reason for the city and county financial problems. Isn’t it true when this was enacted the legislature raised the sales tax from 6% to 7% with the extra I% going to cities and counties to help offset the property tax cap. How much money does the city and county receive yearly from the increased property tax?

  3. Is it true, after reading this CCO IIT, Mayor Winnecke must have been upgraded to Supreme Ruler of Evansville, His Highness, King Lloyd, The First? He seems to have indisputable control over all things in Evansville, like it’s elected council and city finances, and his opinion on the COIT increase must bear weight, also?

    • I call hypocrisy. You complain about such power with Winnecke, but clap loudly and swig your Thunderbird when Trump acts exactly the same way.

  4. The one percent cap is a joke. My assessed value increases every year so my property tax keeps going up. So much for capping taxes.
    Also, how do Vanderburgh resisdents propose we pay for a jail expansion without funding? If Raben had gotten out of the way when it was built, Mosbys plan to add the extra wing would be in place today. The State shoved patients out of the Evv State Hosp years back helping to fill our jail. The mental patients in our jail belong there.

  5. Does anyone have info on Kunkle’s McCurdy $750,000 sewer bill for discharging water from an open loop geothermal system into the sewer line? It will be very interesting to find out who tapped into the sewer line.

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