IS IT TRUE October 6, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??IS IT TRUE that after much wailing and gnashing of teeth the City County Observer will unveil our new format later this week?  …we hope you find this as worthy of your readership as you found us back before our poor experiences with the programming and layout design of our previous theme in April?…that bad experience is now behind us and we intend to continue with our daily IS IT TRUE column along with lots of other interesting content from a number of contributors?…what we assure you as our readers is that the best is yet to come from the City County Observer?…we are enthusiastically looking forward to the 2015 local election cycle in the City of Evansville and will continue to fill in the blanks that other local media leave out when it comes to pragmatic scrutiny and the analysis of reality?  Please just give us a couple more days to tweak the new CCO layout design?


IS IT TRUE  that the repeated Facebook confessions of 2nd Ward Councilwoman Missy Mosby about all of the substantive budget discussions that happened in a so called “caucus” at the office of City Council Attorney Scott Danks about 5 democrat members of the City Council is just flabbergasting?…the things that she has posted and boasted about are precisely the things that are forbidden from being done behind closed doors?…the other four members and Danks had the good sense to concoct a story that at least sounded like this was a caucus?…Councilwoman Mosby with her intended self serving FB posts along with Councilman Jonathan Weaver’s tweets have removed all doubt about whether or not the closed door meeting was a caucus or a violation of Indiana Sunshine Laws?…the “Sunshine Five” clearly violated the law?…the real question is whether or not there will be any consequences for what they did or if once again the people of Evansville will sit complacently on the couch while our elected officials violate both the spirit and will of the law?…the CCO is shocked and amazed but encouraged to see that the Courier & Press has at least temporarily exhibited some level of enlightenment and called the Sunshine Five out for their tasteless back room budget session?…it will be interesting to see if even one member of the general public takes the Sunshine Five to task in the public comments section of tonight’s City Council meeting?

IS IT TRUE City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley is rightfully questioning local government tradition in the handling of indigent properties that land in the annual tax sale?…she is entirely correct that some fortune seeking bidders vastly underestimate the cost to refurbish a long abandoned house?…the reality of the “flip that house” prospects with the older abandoned properties like many of the ones that end up in the tax sale is that there is absolutely no way that there is a profit to made in the refurbishment?…a typical 1,200 square foot older home can cost at least $60,000 to refurbish properly with modern HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service?…some such projects with structural issues and roof repairs needed can run as high as $100 per square foot?…the reality is that even the exemplary refurbishment jobs do not even offer an investor or starry eyed landlord the prospect of breaking even in a lifetime?…the only rational action to add long term value for these lots is to tear down the houses so the land can be repurposed?…when it costs more to fix up an old house than it does to build new as it does in vast areas of Evansville, the wrecking ball is the correct thing to do?

IS IT TRUE what has been happening with the tax sale properties is that the starry eyed would be flippers come face to face with reality when they “win” the properties at the tax sale and just cut their losses and let the taxes lapse again?…18 months later these properties are abandoned to the tax sale and the cycle repeats itself?…Councilwoman Riley is exactly right that finding a way to stop the cycle of abandonment would be a good thing?…it will be interesting to see of it is possible to change a failing tradition to make the perpetuation of dilapidation end?


  1. IIT…..”the things that she (councilwoman Mosby) has posted and boasted about are precisely the things that are forbidden from being done behind closed doors?”

    * * * * * * *

    We do have a prosecutor in Vanderburgh County and I believe it is his job to enforce state statute. He is not afforded the discretion to pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce.

  2. The Sunshine 5 KNEW they were in violation, but –in your Face Evansville!–We ARE meeting behind closed doors,—-whatcha gonna do about it?
    That’s Right,–Nothing!

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