IS IT TRUE? October 30, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? October 30, 2011

IS IT TRUE that it was a good weekend to be a Cardinal?…that it all started off with the St. Louis Cardinals winning the 2011 World Series?…that it continued into Saturday afternoon when the University of Louisville Cardinals defeated the Syracuse Orangemen to forge into a tie for 2nd in the embattled Big East Conference?…that Saturday night completed the trilogy of victory for any Cardinal fan with the Stanford University Cardinal defeating the USC Trojans in multiple overtimes at the Los Angeles Coliseum?…that ever getting out of the LA Coliseum with a win over the Trojans is rare?…that while St. Louis and Louisville are named after birds it is a little known fact that Stanford has no mascot, the “dancing tree” is a member of the band, and the name “The Cardinal” while having many legends is really just the color of the uniforms?

IS IT TRUE that much has been written and filmed regarding the now infamous secret meeting to discuss the Homestead Tax Credit?…that we who are close to local politics are as sick of this as this writer is of the word VETTING?…that believe it or not there are still vast numbers of people in the City of Evansville who are still oblivious to both and thus the banging on the drum continues?…that it is the people of Evansville who will elect the next Mayor and City Council and that as long as a large number of Evansvillians are oblivious that it is good political strategy for any candidate who may benefit from the dissemination of this knowledge to keep pounding the drum?…that those of us who are hearing about it for the 1,000th time really need to let the campaigns be the campaigns and hope that when the ballots are casted that those voting are not oblivious to anything?…that Eric Bradner wrote a column today that seems to be the best that the CCO has seen regarding this issue?…that we endorse the following column?

IS IT TRUE that other mainstream media outlets are finally seeming to catch on to what may be the most telling thing about the Davis for Mayor campaign?…that we can talk all day about meth, parks, jobs, FloatGate, BoothGate, and the three ring circus called the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party, but the very consistent rock on which the Davis campaign is built is the disdain for the Evansville political establishment, or “the machine” as it is now commonly referred to as?…that the CCO wishes success for the future of Evansville and that either Mr. Davis or his opponent Lloyd Winnecke will be chosen to drive the machine called Evansville starting on January 1, 2012?…that one thing for certain is that Evansville needs to change and it is not the moronic hopey-changey kind from the 2008 election cycle?…that real fundamental changes in how we think and act are what the government of the City of Evansville needs?…that we hope that whomever is elected to be the next Mayor of Evansville will not have to deal with any “machine” that is dedicated to keeping things as they are for selfish purposes?

IS IT TRUE that the Ford Center had its first official event that had the potential to draw a large crowd and test the parking situation yesterday?…that both the UE Aces men’s and women’s basketball teams played well and that the crowds were 3,846 and 643 respectively?…that neither of those crowds should have taxed the available parking in the least?…that the Aces games with Butler and IU should be the first real opportunities for capacity crowds and then we shall learn just how well the anticipated traffic and parking problems have been managed?


  1. A response to today’s C&P editorial pieces:

    I would ask Editor Stewart and the editorial staff of the Evansville Courier&Press newspaper: Who has shown the most leadership here?

    1.) The man who told Jonathan Weinzapfel that you (Weinzapfel) will not decide whether I run for office. I will decide that! And then proceeded to win the nomination of his party.

    2.) Or a man who has taken his direction from Jonathan Weinzapfel for the last eight years. A man who has reaped the financial benefits of Weinzapfel’s failed attempt to put the sock-puppet Tornatta in the mayor’s chair. A democrat in Republican clothing.


    • I am incensed at the audacity of a party “machine” that would deliberately work to undermine a candidate elected by the popular vote of the people of that party!

      They should be thrown in jail!


      • Well, they should be thrown in jail, but not for that.

        That’s exactly what they fear when Davis is elected. He’s gonna find some dark stuff in some dark closets!

      • Press, the arrogance of disloyal rouge Central Committee “leadership” of the VC Democratic party is finally on display for all to see. The popular vote of the Democrats that they took an oath to serve, means nothing to them. They only care about perpetuating their own power and money by threat and intimidation. Kim Jong Il would be very proud of their tactics.

        • The whole damn bunch should be thrown out of their party offices.

          Just imagine telling the primary voters that their votes did not count, and you will use the democratic party name and funds to back whatever candidate you desire, voters be damned!


          • What Dem. party funds are being used to back Winnecke? Be specific or stop your silly babble.

          • Clovis, nice try. The failure of the Democratic Central Committee leadership to do their sworn duty to promote their own primary winning candidate for Mayor is worse than funding his opponent. The Democratic leadership signed a smiley faced resolution supporting Vice-Chair Robinson for openly opposing their own candidate and trying to suppress 4th ward voting. High fives Connie, we got your back! Any donations from the Democratic County Chairman and party officers for the top of their ticket?? Defend all you want the disloyalty of your Central Committee leadership, regular Democratic voters understand their primary winning candidate is being attacked by the Machine because it will weaken the Democratic insiders lock on power. Independents get it also. Simply an unprecedented abuse of power and disloyalty by the Democratic Central Committee insiders. Now a serious question for you Clovis: If Mr. Davis wins, will he be invited to give his acceptance speech at the Central Committee/Demo HQ post-election reception? We’ll be looking for the answer. Thank you.

  2. Winnecke is for consolidation, even if it saves no money at all. The politicians did not have the guts to combine Evansville Police or the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department; the two most expensive departments that city and county taxpayers pay for.

    If Winnecke wins, you can bet the house that he will use the mayor’s office as a bully pulpit for consolidation. Rich Republicans, locally; state wide and nationally will pour money in to ensure that the mayor’s office will always stay in the hands of the GOP.

    In 2012, we will decide who will be the governor of the state of Indiana and the president of the United States. Does Connie Robinson really want Obama to lose? Do the people of the 4th Ward want less? Really?

    Rick Davis is against consolidation. He wants to keep the mayor’s seat in Democratic hands. It’s time to quit the end fighting and egos and vote to ensure that the third largest city in the state of Indiana will vote for the ideas and dreams of the middle class in 2012!

    It’s just a decision and a vote.

  3. Davis is a one trick pony. For months all we have heard is what he is against, not what he is for. Vote for growth and development not for vengeance and hate.

    • You obviously haven’t been paying close attention to the candidates and their positions or your drunk on the kool-aid, either way you should do as Judge Judy says and put your listening ears on!


  4. Rick Davis was Chief Deputy, Vanderburgh County Recorder’s Office on April 1, 2008 the day of the meeting on Homestead Tax Credit and other financial issues were discussed in Weinzapfel’s office. He continued to work as the Chief Deputy, Vanderburgh County Recorder’s Office through 2008 then he became County Treasurer. In these positions he should have known Weinzapfel was letting the Homestead Tax Credit expire if he was doing his job. If he was not doing his job, anyone who has worked in a large office knows the rumor mill is always running full blast in any large office and for sure the Civic Center is no different on this type of issue.

    If he was really opposed to Weinzapfel not extending Homestead Tax Credit, why did he wait until he runs against Winnecke for Mayor to bring it up? Why?

    Winnecke did not stop the Homestead Tax Credit–Weinzapfel did. And he is not running for the mayor’s office.

    When the Democrat leadership and most Democratic officeholders support (some openly and others quietly) the Republican candidate for Mayor and not Davis, it is a huge message. Things like this do not happen but once every hundred years!

    The Democrats really screw up by not having better candidates than Davis and Tornatta to run in the May primary. Both are very week and do not have the leadership needed to guide our city.

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