IS IT TRUE October 3, 2012


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IS IT TRUE October 3, 2012

IS IT TRUE that we were all recently reminded about how the building of the Ford Center has stimulated such a rush of development and new businesses in downtown Evansville that it was a bargain at $127 Million or whatever the count that was made when the city was not able to count real was?…the consensus among downtown readers of the City County Observer is that the sum total of new businesses that have magically sprouted from the ground in downtown Evansville during the last year since the Ford Center opened is exactly ONE and that is a small bar?…we should also be reminded of the other economic activity in downtown Evansville since the Ford Center opened?…that Stratman’s closed leaving downtown Evansville without a pharmacy or any groceries at all?…the Sycamore Building went to the auction block and the Strouse’s Building on the prominent corner of 2nd and Main Streets is soon to be auctioned off?…the McCurdy Hotel still sits there decaying to dust with nothing going on still on record as being owned by City Centre Properties LLC of Carmel, IN that was a regular generous donor to the Weinzapfel Campaign yet cannot seem to find a way to pay their real estate taxes on the McCurdy?…that on November 12th (5 weeks from now) the McCurdy will probably be 3 tax installments behind placing it square in the bull’s-eye for a future delinquent tax auction?…that we wonder if anyone in their right mind really believes that the Ford Center has proven to be a catalyst for business growth?…it is a nice place to see entertainment but we have yet to have been treated to any act that could not have been hosted at Roberts Stadium that is finally about to be reduced to a pile of rubble?

IS IT TRUE that some members of the Mole Nation are telling us that local building code enforcement is doing back flips to try and explain away violations from the past?…the most visible and publicized violation from the past was the occupancy permit granted locally to open the old Hilliard and Lyons Building to residents when there were some obvious code violations still in place?…that even Homeland Security got involved in that one and that both the residents of the building and the owners had their lives and businesses disrupted because local authorities either did not know their job or just let things slide?…word has it that there are two more code violation issues being thrashed about in private right now but that we may all be entertained to the ineptness of the Civic Center?…that ignorance and arrogance make a very lethal cocktail and it seems as though that is the combination that the people of Evansville have had thrust upon them by local government for over half a century?

IS IT TRUE that the first Presidential Debate will be televised tonight at 8 local time and that the CCO encourages all of our readers to tune in and pay close attention to the words and positions of the two candidates?…now is the time that people will really start to make up their minds on the election as it is widely reported that 10% of the population is undecided and another 20% are open to changing their mind?…there should be a third contestant tonight in Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who would shake things up more than either President Obama or Mitt Romney are likely to do?…it is not because Johnson has a chance to win, it is because his narrative would serve to make the two big party candidates confront issues that neither of them really want to that Johnson should be there?

IS IT TRUE that the Vice Clown Joe Biden must have been commissioned to warm up the crowd for the debates as he let loose a gaffe to top all gaffes yesterday when he said and we quote “THE MIDDLE CLASS HAS BEEN BURIED IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS”?…as dumb as that statement was politically we can now say we have heard a politician TELL THE TRUTH?..this is a truth that hurts but may serve to redirect all of our attention to the economic malaise that has stagnated for roughly 4 years now that has unemployment stuck officially over 8% (unofficial and honest number is more like 20%+), food stamps being handed to 47 Million recipients, housing at rock bottom, several states in a condition of insolvency, and cities filing bankruptcy?…the question is not whether we are better off than we were 4 years ago as we are clearly not?…the question is what policies the government needs to enact to promote a return to prosperity?…we hope that the candidates tonight address economics tonight with real proposals in a way that the herd known as the American people can understand?…that we know of no poor countries that have ever sustained a democracy or defended a Bill of Rights?…if America is to be the America that came to lead the world again it has to start with a vibrant economy where people can exercise their right to pursue happiness as opposed to groveling to survive?


  1. speaking of letting things slide, wasn’t it stated previously that a new local high school could not host a ball game or event until a second exit was created. Is it true that a local new high school has had multiple events/games, let alone host classes while not having a second exit? It is nice to know the palms that need the grease.

  2. Watching the debate tonight will be like watching a rerun of the superbowl when its the exact same two teams playing all over again. For the last 100 years the Dems and Repubs have owned the playing field and like two school bullies have legislatively stopped any other serious party from contending in the final game. These ballot access tactics are the same that you see in third world countries that control who can run and in the end who you can vote for. It’s the same thing here in our so called “Free” country and the people have just become accustomed to it.

    To cook a frog, turn the heat up slowly. Don’t drop a frog in a hot vat of water or he will jump out.

  3. Looks like Trent Van Haaften is will on his way to regain his State Rep. seat this coming November!

    Wendy “Mac” just wasn’t up to the test!

    • Mole 22–What have you been reading and/or listening to? Wendy will win by a big margin! She has earned being re-elected by doing a good job in looking after the best interest of her constituents. The Polls show her in the lead.

  4. I strongly agree with you about Mr.Van Haaften race.

    I predict that State Representatives,Gail Riecken and Ron Bacon shall both be re-elected by nice margains.

    • Urbana Gail,–voted for her before,–won’t happen again.
      When the “going” got tough,—She Ran.

      • She sure did. Went on strike. Was AWOL. We need new blood. Alan will do a good job!

  5. Day 5 of Audit Gate and nothing is being mentioned about the possible credit downgrade of the City which will mean higher interest rates for future borrowings. It may also result in some loans or bonds to default if there are any covenants that state that the City must maintain a certain rating. A default will mean that the entire principal of a loan or bond will be due immediately.

    Also, did anyone notice that the City’s accounts went from 200 million to 174 million in 2011?

  6. I have question for someone out there to answer. The guy running for District 77 State Rep.(Alan Leibundguth) seat has a military jet pictured on his campaign poster. The plane looks like an F-15. Is so, did he fly a F-15 jet while he was in the military? He also states that he went to “Top Gun” school. I would like to know which one he went to? Was it Miramar or was it after “TOP Gun” school was moved to Fallon Air force base?

    • ‘Watchdog’

      Wanting to answer your questions. The plane on the signs and literature is an F-15 taken over Evansville in the air show in June 2011. Pix was taken by Republican Party friend.

      I never stated that I went to ‘Top Gun’ school. Air Force does not train the same as Navy – don’t believe all you see in the movie.

      I attended F-4E fighter lead-in training at MacDill AFB, Tampa, Fla where I was a part of a class of 15 Instructor Pilots all upgrading to the F-4 and then follow-on to an operational squadron. The training consisted of bomb scores, air-to-air simulated combat and air refueling. I was priviledged to win that award by scoring the most points of the class and hence was awarded the coveted title of ‘Top Gun’ of the class 77-DCM.

      I did have one flight in the F-15B in a Red Flag mission, Nellis AFB, Nevada. The jet on the literature and yard sign is in honor of all the veterans in the local area and is a symbol of strength and freedom that our military provides to the citizens of this great country.

      Find my political page at


  7. It looks like a F-15. Did this guy fly a F-15 for for Navy, Air force, Army? Like to know where did Leibundguth see military action as a “TOP GUN”?

    Looking forward to hearing from the Republican party spin doctor, Wayne Parke shall answer my questions about the his party “TOP GUN”.

  8. The establishment Republicans don’t even want people to know who Gary Johnson is. He would make Mitt Romney look too much like a Democrat.

    Likewise, the establishment Democrats are afraid he’ll make their guy look like a baby-killing psychopath who launches more drones attacks George Lucas.

  9. What is the reference to “Top Gun ” school for Mr. Liebenguth
    on his web site? Where is he lying,
    Or is he merely confused?

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