IS IT TRUE October 29, 2014


IS IT TRUE after all of the hoopla about the dueling messages between the City County Observer and the Courier and Press regard the gloriously announced Meijers store for the eastside, we decided to go right to the source for the truth about a MeijeRs in our future?…the response directly from Meijers backs up the CCO position that this project is not yet ready to be announced?…the response is as follows in response to our inquiry?

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your inquiry, and for taking the time to contact us.

Meijer appreciates that all of our customers want to quickly and conveniently visit our stores. We often receive suggestions for additional locations – if only we could build as quickly as the suggestions arrive!

As Meijer adds new locations, we will announce them online at and advertise locally. As it takes quite a few months to ready a Meijer store, when we do get to your area, you will see us building long before our doors are open to the public. I am sorry; at this time, we do not yet have confirmed information to offer. Please watch your local newspaper and TV stations for more information. Meijer generally announces a grand opening only 2-3 weeks in advance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We look forward to being in your neighborhood someday.


Meijer Customer Care

IS IT TRUE the no budget blues have been playing across the city for a little over 24 hours now and there is not yet an end to this stalemate in sight?…Mayor Winnecke came out swinging on every captive news outlet in Evansville expressing embarrassment and outrage that he did not get his way from the City Council?…the Mayor stopped about a half a breath shy of calling City Councilman John Friend an outright manipulative liar regarding the email shared by the CCO and other outlets with the public yesterday?…the Mayor may be right that there is a cycle to government revenue but he has to realize that this is an annual cycle and that he has now bee through 2 cycles of his own and one that he was handed by former Mayor Weinzapfel?…the stark reality is that the reserve account balances are falling and his own bought and paid for consultant from Umbaugh admitted it?…there may be a disagreement between Mayor Winnecke and John Friend about the amount of the reduction in reserves but the truth is the balances are falling and that means that Evansville under Winnecke is not living within its means?…we are pretty certain that Mayor Winnecke’s induction into the EVSC Hall of Fame is not for his mathematical prowess and we do know that Friend really is a CPA?…if this comes down to a rigorous proof of whose numbers are right the smart money is on Councilman Friend?

IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke was very careful to assert in his interviews that his administration has been staying on budget with their spending?…the thing that was not spoken of nor asked about is the fact that the budget may not reflect the real revenue received which means he could have been on budget with spending but exceeding the revenue none the less?…Winnecke even admits candidly that property tax caps have reduced revenue and the Ford Center bond obligations have increased spending?…anyone with even a slight command of arithmetic can understand that these two statements do not add up to a balance cash flow operation?…this will be very interesting to watch this play out as the default position is to repeat the 2014 budget with a 2% raise for city employees added to it?…this is probably a budget that reflects reality of revenue so let’s just go with it?

IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke asserts strongly that there is broad support in Evansville for Roberts Park?…this is reminiscent of Mayor Weinzapfel’s assertions that there was broad support of the Ford Center that is now biting us on the rear end?…we highly doubt that given the state of disfunction in the 2015 budget that there is majority support to build a new park at a time that the other parks are in bad shape, pools are closing, and the sewers have an $810 Million albatross hanging around their neck?…the petulant assertions to go ahead with this park at this time is just silly and a former banker should know it?…it is time to get real in the City of Evansville?

that just after the 2014 Mole Awards, CCO Editor Joe Wallace was off to Denver to the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) to accept induction into the NREL-Wells Fargo IN2 Incubation and Innovation Consortium on behalf of his Coachella Valley Innovation Hub?…this is a group of 20 business incubation centers worldwide that were invited to become IN2 Incubators based on excellence in performance in launching energy related businesses?…some of the other members selected are MIT, Rice University, and Cal Berkeley’s Innovation Centers?…Wallace’s Coachella Valley iHub is the only public private partnership without a research university affiliation among the 20 innovation center chosen for this?…the membership comes with a generous multiyear financial support contract that will be used to supercharge the Palm Springs Accelerator Campus’ game changing programs in commercial energy efficiency?

IS IT TRUE former Evansville Redevelopment Commission member Jay Carter has been found guilty of all 11 crimes he was accused of including laundering drug cash for a lucrative marijuana distribution operation in business deals that took place between May 2011 and November 2012?…we must ask just who on earth appointed this person to a commission tasked with decided how to spend over $127 Million for the Ford Center and countless other crony deals, many of which have crashed and burned at taxpayer expense?…we have reaped precisely what our elected officials have sown?


  1. Appointed positions/organizations allows spending tax money without taxpayers scrutiny. Defund these organizations of money needed to balance the upcoming 2015 budget!

  2. Thanks for the accurate info on Meijer. CCO is my only source for local and accurate news. Thanks.

    • I’m afraid that the CCO editor and you have not developed the required ability to read between the lines as deftly as Meijer’s PR dept. is capable of writing between them.

  3. Does ‘Faith’ at Meijer’s have a last name ? Are her sisters Hope and Charity single ladies ?

  4. Winnecke is delusional. On the one hand, if the 2014 Budget rolls over to be the 2015 Budget, LW is sweating how to make cuts of $ 1,500,000 for the 2 % raises, and $ 450,000 in cuts to fund the 2015 elections.

    Then, other side of mouth, he still wants the new Park. Say what ????

    Is it true, if the Revenue comes in higher than budgeted then there will be plenty to go around ?

  5. Dear Editor: Please explain, juxtaposed to your report of “no imminent development,” the submittal by Meijers of site development plans to the APC for development of a specific lot on N. Green River Road in the Jim Vincent development south of Menards.

    • … and you cannot have it both ways. If you want transparency in government, freedom of the press, and access to public information by reporters, then you have to accept and celebrate a reporter’s right and ability to access public records at the Area Plan Commission, and report on recent submittals of site development plans by developers of potentially high employment ventures (such as those you yourself so often brag about out there in California), even when the realization of the actual opening may be a year or two away (same as many of those long range ventures you yourself often brag about out there in sunny California).

      • A store is not a long range high employment venture. It is simply replicating in the case of Meijer exactly what is being done elsewhere. The timing is up to the management and the letter speaks for itself. We don’t get excited about big box stores in CA. We have plenty of stores.

    • I am content to let the written response from Meijer stand on its own. Plans are just plans. Witness the plans for a refurbished McCurdy and a downtown hotel as proof of that.

      • There is absolutely no correlation between a successful big box chain’s proposed new location and a speculative refurbishment of a historic landmark into a retrofitted new use.

        • Other than they both require planning and execution I would agree with you. Neither should have been announced until they were on the doorstep of reality. That goes for the hotel too.

          • So, you’re saying that a newspaper shouldn’t publish a story about a major box store developer submitting development plans to the Area Plan Commission? Are you saying that reporters whose beat is local government shouldn’t examine new plan submittals and report something they discover? Strange.

            • On second thought I think reporting on a plan submitted and leaving at that is fine. It is the reporting of a pending opening that sent the wrong impression. At least with Meijer it is a private business using their own money. Restraint of over zealous politicos on announcing the McCurdy and the unsubsidized hotel in 2008 would have spared Evansville much embarrassment. But when they started committing taxpayer dollars to projects that should be financed privately all bets are off. The eggs on the faces are well deserved.

          • I’m gratified to see you backing off with regard to criticizing the Courier and Press for breaking a story about the potential Meijer’s potential Evansville opening. I mean when’s the last time you held back on breaking a story regardless of the proprietary consequences? Hell’s Bells, you’d fall all over yourself trying to break wind ahead of the Courier & Press!

    • Could be that Meijer is just waiting to see what Mayor McClintock and his merry band of buffoons come up with for a City budget. A successful business like Meijer, with a viable business plan and a realistic budget, may not want to locate in a city filing for bancruptcy. IMHO, but LOL.

  6. Mayor Winnecke, throw those democrat dogs under the train. Do this to both the current and recent past dogs. They left you a mess and if you’re not careful you’ll leave a bigger mess for the next mayor. The next mayor will be a democrat and bet your rear he/she will throw you under the train. Your budget under normal circumstances would be OK, even the dog park would be nice to have, but there are 8 years worth of democrat bills to be paid. Admit that the reserves are in a decline because they were used to pay bills that came due from the last administration. Tell the people that you transferred money from other accounts to plug that 6 million dollar hole found by the auditors. Haven’t you taken enough humiliation trying to protect and payback democrats for their support. Stop being a southside,”I don’t kno nuttin” and snitch them out. You’ve still got a chance to redeem and become our next mayor under your own power without help from criminals.

    • Wow, you are so blinded by party lines you don’t even realize how ridiculous your posts are.

      • It took a while to figure you out, but a psychological autopsy from your previous posts proved useful. Tom, I’ve never called you a name, as you have me because I was taught that it’s unbecoming of an Eagle to attack a butterfly. That said, the findings of the autopsy should be revealed. Tom, you are the results of a botched partial term abortion. A partial term abortion is where an abortion is performed and the child is developed enough to survive. Before the child is completely removed from it’s liberal carrier a hole is punched in the rear of the head and the brain is sucked out. In virtually all cases the baby dies, it seems impossible to live without a brain, but Tom, you made it. Congrads.

      • I think I told him that a few times. So he has not real excuse of ignorance. He has been informed. But it’s impossible to fix “Stupid”.

        • In reality, You could be right, one would hope human compassion and focused mentoring might prove You wrong. That’s just teaching, and learning.

          r/. 1 the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
          “he refuses to face reality”
          synonyms: the real world, real life, actuality; More
          antonyms: fantasy
          a thing that is actually experienced or seen, especially when this is grim or problematic.
          plural noun: realities
          “the harsh realities of life in a southwest Indiana community”
          synonyms: fact, actuality, truth
          “the harsh realities of life”
          a thing that exists in fact, having previously only existed in one’s mind.
          “the paperless office may yet become a reality”
          the quality of being lifelike or resembling an original.
          synonyms: verisimilitude, authenticity, realism, fidelity, faithfulness

          r/.2 the state or quality of having existence or substance.
          “youth, when death has no reality”

        • That was intended for Ghost, the reasonable, open minded, non-partisan, fair-minded thinker that he is.

          • LOL. That true statement about Ghosts Occupy Wall Street type nonsense posting was almost as funny as the Mayor’s statement that there is broad support in Evansville for Roberts Park. How about fixing and maintaining public pools before dog parks. How about Mesker Amphitheater before dog parks. How about fixing and maintaining what we already have?

          • Biden you moron, your brother pov will defend Winnecke until the bitter end just because of the R behind his name.

    • So true. The mayor made a big mistake by letting the council get away with so much crap until now. Going to be a real big mess to clean up.

      • What makes you think the Mayor has the authority to keep the Council from doing anything? They were elected to represent the people’s interests, the same as the Mayor was. They’re doing a better job of that than he is.

    • 8 years? Longer than that. Did you forget that we had to endure Mayor “I could make more money as a CPA in private business than as Mayor” Russ Lloyd, Jr. before we had the pleasure of serving as the vassals and minions of His Honor Jonathon?
      Hey Russ, how’s that CPA in private practice gig going? Are those personnel recruiters beating down your doors?

  7. Seems to me ERC is the perfect place for criminals like Jay Carter.
    Who put him there?

  8. Well, analytically speaking, the information from Meijer brands communication ought to be enough for anyone posing questions. Actually, the more credible locations around the world usually allow the private corporations and organizations the pathway to use their onboard communication staff in a balanced and strategic direction. Why else would they have staffing with those responsibilities ?
    One things for sure, being rolled about by Evansville’s mainstream media providers along with the local political snake pits, most likely doesn’t sport a well sustained balance in anyone’s reactive strategic or competitive regional balance.
    Face it, whoever’s bents decided to sport an article as a politically driven diversionary tactic, flat out blew it!
    Our Global social economic environmental Consortium observes Meijer brands as very well balanced inside the realm of their own employee base to communicate their companies strategic market balances.
    The competition they do have in the Evansville region is for the most part, very balanced with those attributes, as well.
    The citizens in the regional base are the customers, those that meet the expectations brought forth with them will sustain the best balance sustainability*.
    What Evansville doesn’t have going for it is the modern logistical value such companies must have access too in order to sustain those balances for their customers effectively. We repeat; The “logistical throughput” needs Metro focus, the “utility balances are not competitive.”
    That’s poor infrastructure, and that’s exactly what the mainstream media should be communicating, as affects due end cost availabilities for the population heading to the polls in concern.

    “IS IT TRUE that just after the 2014 Mole Awards, CCO Editor Joe Wallace was off to Denver to the {{{{{{ National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) }}}}}} to accept induction into the NREL-Wells Fargo IN2 Incubation and Innovation Consortium on behalf of his Coachella Valley Innovation Hub?…”

    Scheezzz, Evansville metro ………. got it yet?

  9. “we must ask just who on earth appointed this person to a commission tasked with decided how to spend over $127 Million for the Ford Center and countless other crony deals, many of which have crashed and burned at taxpayer expense?”

    Rather than ask the question. Just provide the answer.

    • The Courier seems to have buried that information, which indicates to me that it was Winnie, but google makes reference to the City Council appointing Carter’s successor. That leads me to believe that he was the City Council’s appointee.
      Btw, take a look at “Evansville Transparency” today! They did a good job of “dogging” the City Council!

  10. How will the Mayor ever trust John Nobody’s Friend again? I wonder if the Commodore will resign as President of the City Council, as that is what he thought SBR should do when she committed the mortal sin of losing the Mayor’s trust. JNF thinks that mutual trust between the Mayor and Council members is necessary for them to work together in the best interest of the citizens, and he has disqualified himself from being trusted by using some real numbers in the budget process. Carol and her husband don’t like reality when it gets in the way of their delusions.
    JNF and Winnie are setting the public up for one the very few people that will lose to the Poop to be the Democratic candidate. It’s going to be played up like a “rasslin’ grudge match”. Please, will a viable candidate come forward SOON? Four years of either of these buffoons will be Evansville’s death knell.

    • Are you speaking/wishing of the 2015 election of a “downtown only” mayor (past two), or the “city wide” that once was?

      • That whole mess needs some Serious Intervention. including your Councils and appointed Organizations. Its costing your local Citizens progress for their well being, that’s inexcusable. It isn’t what’s expected by ones Constitutional American heritage. Bad stuff.

      • I think the whole city could use an honest, capable leader. Neither of these two fit that, though.

      • hummm. South Florida is talking about succeeding from the rest of Florida. I wonder if the rest of Evansville can succeed from the Downtown and become a separate town all by itself? The Mayor of Downtown could then stay with the Downtown while the rest of the people elect a new Mayor to represent the rest of the town.

        Actually I think the people of downtown succeeded from the rest of Evansville a long long time ago.

  11. A lot of misdirection attempts here to divert attention from our mayor’s day of arm twisting. He seems to be a bit panicky lately. Political benefits will accrue to those council members that stand firm and more importantly it will help Evansville. If they cave to Winnecke’s arrogance and desperate moves it will be … business as usual.

    Meijers will build a new store here or they won’t, their pockets are deep which is good, we’re just about out of bribe money. The CP didn’t do them any favors with their way pre-emptive article professing to know more about Meijer’s plans than Meijer is ready to release. Pounding the subject on forums does not deflect focus from the mayor’s failure to get a budget passed or his myriad other fiascos. He should have offered up a financial plan that was palatable to the people of Evansville and the council. A budget that reflects the true state of Evansville’s fiscal condition, rather than the illusory rubbish put out by his paid spokespeople.

    Let the mayor’s foot stomping and scare tactics (‘we might have to shut some street lights off’) be for naught.

    • Exactly!! It is the mayor’s responsibility to present the City Council with a reasonable budget and the Council’s job is to make reductions, if needed, and pass it in a timely manner. If the Mayor wants to throw a tantrum, he should do it in front of a mirror, because the failure to present a passable budget is his.
      Did he really think they would just give him his silly park and Shotspotter because time is so short?

      • Actually we’ve done that analysis, and developed some viable project pathways allowing some focused viability so you could have all those “socially fluffy” things. Just takes the right staging in metro planning. It’s a large breakout from what’s usually offered there.
        Sure could solve some problems. The plan works, its sustains and grows its applied value through balanced economic growth for the whole region.
        What we are finding through daily data returns and consistent model analytics is such a plan “should be a Strategically applied Nationally available plan” through balanced regional introduction and development. The ideations planning provides the infrastructure needed for “straight to the chase” climate migration solutions, as well.
        Given the governance sported by your own town verses its actual metro balances as observed, that problem multiplies those aspects working components, exponentially.

    • @Bandana; and EKB, “The Courier seems to have buried that information” “Oh, boy…..”

      As lousy as the information is sometimes, the global social economic analytics consortium kicks up stuff not really offered up to the public more than once before the “suppression controls? might be applied, or not. To answer that burial EKB speculation. Looks like Mr. Carter might have had at one time, some kind of say, as well as, some others. So.


    • Shut off street lights?! Good!! Turn every other one off I would be OK with that. Your neighborhood needs may vary

      • There’s a lot of street lights that are already “out” that the city residents are still paying monthly charges to Vectren. Vectren does care if they burn or not, they just want their monthly payment from the City. Want some frustration? Just try to report a burned out or non-functioning street light to Vectren. Or a streetlight filled with bugs or dirt. They don’t care.

      • BB,

        The FIRST Mayor Lloyd did exactly that. SIG&ECO screamed bloody murder and the day after a new mayor took office they were all turned back on.

  12. Where in the world did anyone get the idea that Winnecke was ever a BANKER? He has no background in finance or accounting. I’m not sure he can add two and two.

    The man worked in TV before going to work in the public relations department of a bank. That means he knew who to send pieces of propaganda, generated in house, to get the most free advertising for the bank. All that was an attempt to make the customers believe the bank was the best thing to hit Evansville since sliced bread. This is the bank that wanted to charge you $5.00 for cashing a check drawn on your own account.

    Winnecke is unwilling to face the reality that he is going to have to reduce staffing in his office and others under his control. Nobody wants to be the tough guy, but if he can’t get it done, maybe his wife will step up and do it for him. Leaders lead. If he can’t handle that reality, he had better cut his losses and step down.

  13. There is not one person that I have EVER spoken to in my circle of friends and acquaintances that supported tearing down Roberts Stadium, building the Ford Center or creating Roberts Park. That’s a lot of folks. Where are these people who were so in favor of these ideas?? In the mayor’s back pocket? In his head?
    And by the way, I am a responsible voter, never missing an election.
    I think too much time is spent bickering and name-calling in these responses. Does not make you look smarter. Many responses I skip because of the negative or personal nature. I’m probably not the only person who does. I do enjoy the reasonable discussions.

    • I think that was the blowhard Governor of New Jersey berating a victim of Hurricane Sandy, when they held up signs pointing out that Christie has failed to distribute 75% of the relief funds received by the state to get people back into their homes. I think he’s doing his best to act what he believes is “presidential.” He needs to wrap his head around the fact that he has reached the pinnacle of his success. What a jerk!

      • HeavySet lost his tall for several months while waiting to see if anyone was going to directly implicate him in closing two lanes of the George Washington Bridge to punish the Fort Lee mayor who displeased him by not endorsing his fat ass. His pronouncements during that period were squeaked out like Joni Ernst had castrated him with her hog knife. He survived that so now he’s back woofing at people like he famously did that teacher a couple of years ago. He’s just another big bully who will never be president.

  14. ****************BREAKING NEWS****************************

    Today Obama held a press conference and a Benghazi victim protester held up a sign right in Obama’s face.

    Obama proceeded to berate the man and told him he had been trying to run the WH while the protester was only trying to score cheap political points and was only looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Obama challenged the man to roll up his sleeves and do something about Embassy security, then he told the man to sit down and shut up!!

    Do you believe that?
    Right before the mid-term elections!
    After Obama was finished chewing the man out a bunch of scumbag liberal OWS types cheered Obama on
    and a bunch of liberal pundits also chimed in saying this was how a real leader of men, leads!

    Liberals are scum!

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