IS IT TRUE October 29, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE that Bruce Ungenthiem spoke before the Evansville City Council regarding the 35% premium that people in the unincorporated areas of Vanderburgh County pay for city sewer services?…this unfair practice was started in 2002 on the premise that a new sewage treatment facility would be built on the property that ultimately became a county jail?…Mr. Ungenthiem is accurate in his assertions that there has never been a study done to justify the 35% premium, that all of the construction projects have been in the city, and that none of the over half a billion dollars planned to comply with the EPA mandate are planned for any place outside of the City limits?…he pointed out the burden to prove a disproportional rate is on the municipality?…Mr. Ungenthiem also found nearly a million dollar line item in the budget of the City Sewer and Water Department that covers street sweeping in the City?…no homeowner in the County can possibly benefit from this street sweeping but yet are being charged for this service that they can’t use?

IS IT TRUE Mr. Ungenthiem referred to a calculation based on the assumption that 90% of the users were in the City and 10% are in the county on the cost to equalize the rates?…he stated that the increase to the city required to equalize the rates would be 3%?…the CCO developed an equation to check and came up to 3.5% based on Ungenthiem’s assumptions?…that makes it obvious to us that Mr. Ungenthiem truly does understand his math?…afterward a representative of the City of Evansville stated that the real user ratio was 75% city and 25% county and that this would make an 18.5% increase in the city dweller’s rates to equalize the rates?…the CCO ran the calculations again with the 75/25 assumption and the answer is 8.75% for a city increase to equalize the rates with the county?…the City’s rep either didn’t do the math right or fudged it a bit?…to be fair and to equalize the rates the city dwellers should be assessed an 8.75% increase and county dwellers should be given a 19.5% rate decrease?…going forward any and all increases should be equally assessed to all customers?

IS IT TRUE that certain parts of the ramshackle condition of the City of Evansville cemeteries was once again brought up by political  activist Jordan Baer complete with a compelling video on the dilapidated state of our city owned  graveyards? …Councilwoman Stephanie Riley opined on the disrespectful nature of having many headstones of babies leaned up against a chain link fence located at Locust Hill Cemetery?  … cemetery manager Chris Cooke  stunned those in attendance when he admitted to Councilwoman Stephanie Riley that babies coffins also were buried under the paved road at Locust Hill Cemetery? …that this situation happened before Mr. Cooke took over as cemetery manager?  …it was pointed out that the company that mows the cemetery was letting his dog run free in the cemetery?…Evansville’s cemetery manager Chris Cooke stated in response that he would put Evansville’s public cemeteries up against any others in Indiana?…he probably was correct that getting the cemeteries in good order like the private cemeteries would take many millions of dollars?…Mr. Cooke’s words and body language was quite defensive and in all fairness he may have been mugged without warning?…the truth is Evansville’s cemeteries are in deplorable condition and the funds to keep them in order is non-existent?…this is a rotten situation that is one more piece of a legacy of neglect when it comes to public properties whether it is parks or cemeteries?  …we would like to thank Jordan Baer and Councilwoman Stephanie Riley for taking a strong public stand concerning the dilapidated condition of our city owned and ruined cemeteries?

IS IT TRUE President Obama, who had promised in 2009, “if you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan,” was still saying in 2012, “If [you] already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance?”… the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them three years ago and still stood by empty promises that were not true?… “This says that when they made the promise, they knew half the people in this market outright couldn’t keep what they had and then they wrote the rules so that others couldn’t make it either,” said Robert Laszewski, of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, a consultant who works for health industry firms?…Laszewski estimates that 80 percent of those in the individual market will not be able to keep their current policies and will have to buy insurance that meets requirements of the new law?…it looks as though the website is perhaps the least of the problems associated with the intricacies of Obamacare?


  1. Three cheers for Councilwomen Stephanie Riley and Jordan Baer for standing up to this Chris Cooke guy. I saw him on WINN TV this evening and was upset with his attitude.

    • To blue badge: You said “Three cheers for Councilwomen Stephanie Riley and Jordan Baer for standing up to this Chris Cooke guy.”

      I do not like it when people beat on upon a person who cannot defend themselves.

      1st) you are talking about a person who belongs to your and Stephanie’s party. Chris is a Strong Democrat.

      2nd) you are talking about a guy who is likely managing to the best of his ability and is not in the top pay grade.

      3rd) Why don’t you and Jordan volunteer to help Chris correct some of the problems you think that need fixed.

      4th) Where are the families at in trying to fix the problems with their relative’s grave. If it was my family’s grave, I would be fixing the problem myself.

      • Wayne, unusually, I agree with you on all counts, save one. On the subject of Cooke’s strength as a Democrat, I must ask, wasn’t he one of the people who helped canvass for Winnecke?

        • I do not know if Chris helped canvas for Winnecke or not. If he did, he was making a wise choice. Several Democrats and independents helped Winnecke get elected. I thank them all.

          I can tell you that Chris pulled a Democrat ballot 5 times in a roll in the primary. In my world that makes him a Strong Democrat. While I wish he were a Republican, I am glad he votes on a regular basis. I wish more people did vote.

          To my knowledge Chris is a good young man doing the best he can.

          • Chris was a Republican ward leader in the 2nd ward before he jumped ship to join the Democrats. You can have him back Wayne, he drifts whichever way the wind blows

      • Isn’t it a no-no for volunteers to do work that union employees are ‘supposed’ to be doing? Wouldn’t they just file a grievance against Mr. Cooke and put a stop to it? This has been the issue stopping neighborhood associations and such from organizing to clean up, do landscaping, etc… in parks.

  2. I’m not sure if I heard it right but did Dan Adams really say letting head stones sit on the ground is romantic? That’s a new one. If all of our neglect is romantic I guess Virginia isn’t the only place for lovers.

    • Kudos to you for acknowledging that Cooke was ambushed. He was asked to attend the finance committee without any further explanation, while those that had issue with the cemeteries were aware of what was going to happen. SBR prepared by spending four hours in our local cemeteries yesterday and Jordan’s video was prepared in advance. I offered to help Jordan or any other concerned citizen to help improve the conditions in the cemeteries under the training and supervision of Cooke. I work across the street from Oak Hill and I sometimes try to burn off a few pounds by walking through the cemetery. IMO, it looks great overall. If there are 70,000 interments in the cemetery and there is issue with 100 sites, that’s a remarkably low percentage. I’d consider that a huge success.

      • Sorry. I accidentally posted in the wrong spot. But to address RD’s statement, I think that Dr. Adams meant it as a addition to the character of an historic cemetery. O’Daniel eluded to the same notion. I think the contrast of the newer cemeteries with their sharp lines and country club quality maintenance and the historic cemeteries with their illegible markers and less uniform placements does add charm to the older cemeteries.

        • Phyllip,

          If your activism in the community or involvement in local politics predated 8/6/2013 when the Mayor made his announcement on the hotel, you would know that the idea Cook was ambushed is absurd. Why don’t we look at the facts. The Minutes from the last two budget cycles will reveal that the condition of the City’s cemeteries was a topic that was addressed to Todd Robertson when his budget was reviewed. The discussion and complaints last year led to funds for this year to address what at the time was largely chalked up to vandalism and mowers. The funds that were allotted for this year were an increase over the prior year. This council has had concerns and has funded those concerns for two years now. Because council has not been satisfied with any real evidence of improvements, Cook himself was asked to appear this year. He himself spoke of funds allotted in prior years. Funds don’t get allotted to put headstones back where they belong unless there’s an actual problem of headstones being out of place. SBR didn’t schedule Cook to come before council. SBR just went out and did her job in preparing for an appearance of the Superintendent of Cemeteries at council. More council members should have done the same. The idea of Weaver’s that SBR has some personal vendetta with Cook is also absurd. Criticizing the appearance of the cemeteries and rebuking poor excuses does not translate to a personal vendetta. There’s no history between Cook and SBR- they barely know one another. Personal vendettas tend to take a bit of effort and have a basis. I think concern for the headstones of dead babies that were strewn about a section of a cemetery is far from personal.

        • After last night’s meeting, I figured someone from your crowd was going to come on here and play the ambush card. I haven’t been following things around here lately because I’ve been out of town and was unaware of what all was on the agenda for last night but even I have been following the cemetery story for quite a while on here from a far as well as the fire issue. There’s been numerous articles about it on here alone and I would imagine it’s been covered by the rest of the media as well. It takes a pretty blind person not to see all of that.

          The same people went in front of the council last year during these budget hearings. Chris never showed. Last night he claimed he was in Memphis when the meeting happened. If you knew you were in Memphis at the same time there was a discussion going on over the cemeteries, how can you claim you did not know about this discussion?

          I’ve been out to both lots many times during all of this. I don’t think Mr. Cooke is to blame for the neglect in these cemeteries and I think that was made abundantly clear last night. But I wanted to puke listening to Weaver. I wish someone would just tell him to shut up sometimes.

          • If you figured someone would say it, then you must have noticed it as well. Thanks for backing me up!

        • I think most people will agree that using “romantic” as an adjective for a cemetary is a really bad choice of words. Speaking of bad choice of words, I think you meant “alluded” instead of “eluded”, Phyllip.

          • Thank you for the correction, Laura. I do speak English as a second language with my first language being Ebonics. Yo, I’m outta here cause it’s off da’ chizain!

        • Maybe he is well read. It is not uncommon on the east coast to refer to old abandoned cemeteries as romantic. It would definately not be my choice of words!

      • Issues with a 100 sites? Since when? There are 1000s of headstones to go in terms of resetting/realignment. Why would we be budgeting money again for next year if there only 100 sites with a problem? How inefficient would it be if they couldn’t right 100 headstones this year with the $35k we gave them. What a stupid statement. You must not walk to lose weight often. You also probably should spend more time in the actual city council chambers when a meeting is going on instead of roaming the halls trying to catch a media interview.

        • Overall, between both sites 1000 would still be around 99% good. Just saying.

  3. The mayor,or whoever is in charge of the position held by Mr. Cooke should relieve him of thos duties. [without giving him another job, with better pay] I’ve heard of his non-performance during the last election, perhaps leading to some of the defections of dems to support Wieneke.

    • Chris Cooke, then second ward democratic leader, spent the last election at republican headquarters stuffing envelopes for Winneke. He is a political hack who has made a career of moving from one political job to another. His last job was in the police records room, where, according to what he told me personally, he spent his spare time checking the records of people he knew. He and his kind are the root of whats wrong with Evansville and need to be gotten rid of.

  4. I believe there were “Perpetual Care” monies at the City’s Cemeteries at one time (paid by the buried, or their survivors), BUT, when those pre-paid deposits of funds grew to large amounts, they were of course, COVETED by Evansville’s “Perpetual” brand of “Quality ” politicians , and moved to the General Fund, with the promise that a line item in the Budget each year would be the source of the needed monies for upkeep.
    Kind of reminds us all of what happened to the Soc. Security Fund.
    The Fact, that Evansville is in desperate need of government with a City Manager hired by the City Council cannot be ignored much longer, or Detroit here we come!

    • The “Idea’ behind the taking of these monies, was that the Politicos would have money to spend, and they could tell the Voters in the next elections ” We didn’t raise your taxes”. The “appropriated” Funds were reportedly in the Hundreds of Thousands.

  5. The city should not be involved with cemeteries. Both should be sold to private companies. The budget does not allow needed changes. Unions also are a huge budget sucker there. You just can’t compare a city owned cemetery to a private or church ran one.

    • Good idea, but the government could not justify picking our pockets for a vase full of dust. Public cemeteries are just another tax on the foolish and the emotionally vulnerable. They also allow politicians to reward their envelope stuffers with bullcrap jobs.

  6. This is not the first time the City Cemetaries have come under scrutiny. During Mike Vandeveer’s tenure as mayor, Wayne Pasco took over management of Locust Hill from Alice Lee, and found that there were serious problems with record-keeping. His time at Locust Hill was very short, as he couldn’t make any progress in straightening out the mess, and he resigned in frustration.
    At that same time, there were numerous problems found when Mary D. Williamson took over management at Oak Hill. This is not a new problem. It couldn’t be solved 30 years ago, so now the mess is even bigger.

    • Actually it is much better. Oak Hill’s records are fantastic. Locust Hill is more difficult but most locations can be found with leg work when asked. You are right about issues being around for many years. The headstone issue had been an ongoing project for years. It takes time, experience and alot of money. The stone in the video broken in half would take a monument company to fix. Mr. Cooke would put these on his stone bid if he was aware. Mr. Baer needs to go into the office and request a stoneto be uprighted, lifted or whatever I needed when he sees them. Posting videos will not help. The staff there would be happy to complete work that they are capable of doing. The monument that was shifted I obviously new. You can see this by the lack of mildew, mold or build up where it was prior. The “t formation” was most likely the original placement per the lot owner. The past superintendants and board members allowed some strange placements. The board sometimes still does. Occassionally you will see a random footstone in an area with headstones. There is nothing that can be done about that. It was voted and the family’s request was allowed.

      • I must add that if one would simply email, go into the office or call a lot lay out copy will given to you for free. That way you can see how these monuments, markers and footstones are supposed to align.

      • I think big Chris was right last night when he said that to get these cemeteries in “private” condition will cost millions. Evansville has treated is dead the same slovenly way it has treated its sewers. Now here is hell to pay. Can we learn from all of this?

        • Yes, it would. It was and always has been the responsibility of the headstone owners family to fix damage. It is the cemeteries right to move and upright them as needed. Mr. Baer is asking the tax payers to replace and fix headstones and large monuments the family agreed to maintain. Where do you stop? Should we fix their homes broken gutters when they flood the sidewalk? It would be nice in wonderland where there are no budgets. Both parties are at fault here. The fingers should be pointed way back. Many families no longer tend to graves. Many years of the city not tending to erotion issues. This is not the fault of the present. It is so large an area you cannot see what has been fixed by Chris and paid for by the taxpayers.

          • I didn’t hear anybody ask for one dime last night. The council awarded several thousand but that was not requested. What appeared to be requested were maintenance issues. I don’t see how anyone can be against cleaning up these cemeteries. I’d like to see more follow up articles on what Mr. Cooke and Mr. Baer come up with. Both of these men should be supported in what they are trying to do. I live on a fixed income but will try to donate if they come up with a comprehensive action plan.

          • EXACTLY Jim! I’m trying to figure out what this debate was even about. Both Baer and Cooke seemed to agree that there’s problems (as do I) with both of these cemeteries. Both seemed to agree that it was not the fault of the present superintendant. The only debate seems to be about what can and can’t be done. In the grand scheme of things that is trivial and can be worked out.

            I don’t know if that thursday cookout is something that is really happening or just a nice way of deescalating the situation in front of the public but I seem to be of the mind that both of these young men are advocating for the same idea just taking a different path to get there.

        • Answers are in the applications: Here’s some areas, and peoples differing views on the subject. Really some qualified training put to work might be the solution for your local municipal managed cemetery locations.
          What, I perceived about the grounds conditions while researching family ties in Vanderburgh county.
          The apparently misapplied pruning to the old growth native tree forestry that graces those grounds. Those plot selections of the period is just that, basically what was secured for burial per the period. Looks fine if the grounds that support them are maintained for perceptional reflections of plot legacy periods.

          That grounds management should be done, and done for preservation of the historically attentive features blend such as the period fauna moved forward for site preservation,as well as the monument and constructed infrastructure present.

          The Tree conditions seem to be mostly due to apparent weather induced wind and ice weight breakage. Oak hills “legacy ceders” look to have seen the brunt of the damage,the outstanding “large Bald Cypress” along SE wall are an legacy treasure forward. (millennial growth trees)
          The whole place with some slight, incrementally applied repair,placement and pruning for growth can bring the grounds to a very nice presentation forward for the area.

 ie: Green/natural,
          Ie: articles.

          alternative funeral monitor :sustainable cemetery management.

 Ie: solar project awarded at Rosecrans national cemetery.

          Green green management programs

          Not that I would recommend one plan over the other,but a look forward for solutions is being applied in other areas as of now.
          Maybe that works for Evansville.
          The U.K has seen this as an issue for a long time now and are developing really nice grounds presentations with applied sustainability concepts and some advancing lower maintenance techniques moved forward.


          look behind.


          look here.


          look ahead.

          • Urban forestry is based in Oak Hill Cemetery. Planting trees is no longer allowed. You are correct in many of these family planted and established trees were not kept pruned. Ice storms a few years ago damaged several and were removed. Trees themselves uproot headstone foundations where one would think a tree was not there. Some distantly root far enough to damage an area you would never guess at the distace planted. There is so much more involvement than meets the eye. Yes, edeucating yourself and a little common sense go a long way. There is drainage in place as well that has to be watched closely when attempting any escavation to fix erotion and run off. You cannot simply stick a piece of metal in a monument with some cement and claim the cemeteries fixed. I agree with Baer on some issues and he means well.This is not one of them.

  7. yes it is true CCO barry and the radical left did know millions of hard working Americans will not be able to keep their coverage……commie barrys destruction of the middle class continues……..

    • T-TIME:Finally, after all of the posts, someone that comments on BHO/Obamacare. How do you know when BHO/administration is lying; their lips are moving. I know, corny, but so apropos. And the blatant dishonesty of this administration is an insult to EVERY citizen of this USA. If a person is not insulted by the lying, that person is on the same band wagon as BHO. Let’s hear it lkb.

      • Speaking of dishonesty, the GOP concern for the difficulty caused by the “glitches” in ACA seems a little disingenuous. They should decide whether they want people to sign up or not. They spend money to discourage people from signing up and then cry crocodile tears when they have trouble doing it. Frightened politicians, just like scared human beings, tend to behave erratically.
        How’s that for starters?

        • Of coarse they are disingenuous. The President and the democrats were disingenuous about the government shutdown. That is just how partisans are. That does not change the fact that the software doesn’t work, people are losing their coverage, and those who stick with it long enough are hit with sticker shock at the price for ObamaCare. ObamaCare’s biggest problem is not from the website failures. ObamaCare’s biggest problems are that it is an overpriced rotten product and its Spokesman in Chief lied like hell about and still does. It is not the website that will make Obama look like a snake oil salesman. It is the program that bears his name that will do that.

          • People who have “sticker shock” either are overlooking their subsidy/tax credits or they can well afford to pay their premiums. The people who lost their coverage did so because their previous policy did not meet the requirements of ACA. In other words, they did not have adequate coverage. The President over-simplified his explanation about not losing a policy you like, probably based on the assumption that consumers are a great deal more savvy than they are.

            • You are reaching. You are too smart to believe that garbage. President Obama laid a big egg, he knows it, and it is time to admit it, clean the mess he has made, and move on.

              • The SOB knew he was lying too. This country will need 50 years to clean the messes this clown has made. He is to damn conceited to admit a mistake so nothing will be done to fix this piece of shit unless if implodes on its own.

        • Maybe u are the only person that feels the GOP “concern” is disingenuous, and one opinion carries little wait. And those “crocodile tears” are tears of shame for how this administration has handled itself, here & abroad. Our enemies no longer fear us, and our friends are losing respect for us and are angry with us. That is strike two. If the misguided citizens would realize just how much this administration has either lied, or totally misled them, STRIKE THREE. This President has not been man enough to stand up and take responsibility for anything. The teflon Pres. Oh, if only I am around when history writes about BHO….. Richard Milhous will turn out to be a choirboy compared to BHO. And you say “the President over-simplified his explanation about not losing a policy you like”. Really? That’s a whopper of a spin. And you are no better for attempting to cover for his actions. How many times will you let a person lie to you, insult your intelligence, disrespect you before you jump up and say “wait just a doggone minute. I am mad and I’m not going to take this any more! “Their policies did not meet minimum requirements of the ACA”.I agree. Since BHO & his cronies wrote the ACA, and the stated minimum requirements, they knew all along that hundreds of thousands would lose coverage. Again, he lies. Now your spin. Go real fast.

          • Looks like elkaybee gave credence to Michelle Malkin’s article today “They lied, but for your own good. Culture of Corruption 101.”

  8. Bill Jeffers and Bruce Ungethiem gave well researched presentations on the inequities of water and sewer rates between city and county residents, asking for justification for the why the rural residents pay 35% more for these services. Just because 50 other cites charge a higher rate for rural residents is hardly a justification. Bruce also pointed out that rural residents are paying for street cleaning. Has Boonville/New Harmony Road, Schutte Road, or Old Petersburg Road ever had a street sweeper on them? This is outrageous.
    8 council members listened, but the questions went in one ear and out the other. At least Dr. Adams made an effort to delay the vote on the increase, but that was quickly ignored. Apparently the next step is for a class-action lawsuit, and include the IURC to provide proof of the need for higher rates for rural residents. Thanks Bruce and Bill.

  9. I was in attendance last night and felt that the presentation (not ambush) was fair and validated in the video. Multiple people went out of their way to state that Chris Cooke is not the sole reason for blame for these pre-existing conditions and problems. With that being said, he is the current Superintendent, thus ownership and action are needed.

    Cooke spent alot of time defending himself, verbally sharing his resume of seminar attendance which turned into his valedictorian honors (more fluff and lies). The dead do not have a voice in this matter. Instead their remains and gravestones rest along tries, broken and tainted. This decreases the value of presentation and honoring of such a public service.

    Furthermore, the way Cooke spoke to Councilwoman Stephanie was disgusting. Manners go along way with me. You do not raise your voice to a woman or cut her off when speaking . Yet this is the man we have running such a integral part of public service to the Greater Evansville Area. #Shame!

  10. Wayne says the overwhelming majority of residents/voters are dying to get into a city-owned cemetery.

  11. People outside the city had their chance to get water rates equalized when the vote was held to consolidate city & county. They voted no, now they want one of the benefits that merging would have brought without being consolidated with the city.

    • Perhaps the people of the county should buy the City of Evansville for what it is worth and reverse the deal charging city residents double what the county people pay. The worth of Evansville is most likely negative when all of the legacy liabilities are considered.

    • OK. I meant sewer rates. If I recall correctly, this was one of the talking points about consolidation.

    • Still a little bitter over the 4th time that Vandigov was voted down?

      There is no excuse to charge more for water to those that live outside the city limits.

      A class action law suit would remedy this unfair situation eventually. And the sooner the better IMHO.

  12. Does the watchdog care about City Council increasing their budget? Here’s a new motto: “City-County Observer – Carte Blanche for our brethren.” Laura, can you proofread that for me? Oops, my misogyny just came out. Bad Republican!

  13. To Around the world and Jim, The uprighting money has been in the budget for years and has been used to fix broken monuments. You can’t easily see what has been done because it is scattered around the cemeteries. Baer thinks visible results are going to happen over night. The point is he should walk into the office and request a work order like everyone else instead of video grandstanding. Also when are the families going to be held accountable. When a vase was loose on my family member’s monument I contacted a monument company and had it fixed. I did not go to the superintendant and demand it fixed nor should I. If you are not going to maintain your marker do not place one. Some of these are so old you will not find a family member. Those are the ones that for years have been focused on as they should be. You own the marker and burial rights and the city owns the ground. The footstones he keeps pointing out are the way that family chose to place them and was allowed at that time. He really needs to go into the office and research before his video shows. Yes, something should be done about the sinking and out of place markers but please do your homework before you claim foul. So you know I am all for helping the cemeteries. Before you donate you better make darn sure it does not end up in the general fund like so many other donations. You do realize the above posters are correct about the perpetual care funds being depleted years ago for other uses. There have also been personal wills leaving funds to these cemeteries and neither seen a dime.Be patient on a long process and go to the source when you want something straightened.

    • Fixing the cemeteries after all of the years of neglect is just like fixing the craphouses all over town. You can’t fix things as fast as they fall apart. Both of these activities in a poor place like this won’t even stop the bleeding. I can slow it down a little though.

  14. If anyone is to do their homework, it would be that of the role for Superintendent Cooke to take in regards to the misplaced gravestones and unidentified locations, plots and formations. Presentation is of the essence in sales and customer service. This is business 101.

    My childhood was spent out in the East Coast and New England area until I was almost 11 and I have never heard of broken, crumbling monuments to honor our dead as ‘Romantic’ to compensate for a lack of follow through.

    I can not objectively comment on the effort which neither did Jordan, or Stephanie last night. So thank you for paying attention to individuals who speak up when they have an opinion. Again, that goes back to the concept of ‘Homework.’

    Moving forward, lets resolve the matter. It’s not a case of how well is the job getting done… We all know there is A LOT more work that needs to be done. So step up Superintendent Chris Cooke. Let’s settle this and make conscious efforts to improve an unfortunate situation you may in fact have inherited, sadly.

  15. What was the college Cooke attended accredited by the state or a national organization?
    What degree does he have? What are the criteria for admissions? (Exams)
    Is it a certificate? An associate’s degree? A bachelor’s degree? A master’s degree?
    What was the criteria for him to attend or receive scholarship or aid?
    Where did he attend and did taxpayers pay for it?

  16. Superintendent of Cemeteries of Evansville Chris Cooke announced that he was invited to the City-Council Meeting on Monday, October 28th, 2013 with no prior notice or time to prepare, but yet shared with all those present that he ‘in preparation for the meeting pulled the complaints that were filed (6)’ against the Evansville Cemeteries for the last 6 years and in addition he went through his records of alleged conversations he had with City Councilwoman Connie Robinson and City Councilman John Friend from September 2010? One can conclude that this would consummate as a form of preparation for the meeting.

    Superintendent of Cemeteries of Evansville Chris Cooke should be very familiar with Jordan Baer concerning his political activism efforts in regards to the conditions of the graveyards since he made a formal presentation last year at City Council budget hearings. Another contradiction to the stance Cooke took in regards to Jordan Baer.

    The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association that Superintendent of Cemeteries of Evansville Chris Cooke claimed to have graduated from offers membership and incentives. It is a national association or organization, not a University. The aforementioned Association is not a bonafide University which would offer a Diploma, Bachelor’s , Master’s and/or Doctoral degrees? Upon further research, this University is not accredited by a Regional and/or National Accrediting agencies that is recognized by the Department of Education as an Institution of Higher Learning? Furthermore, we want to know does this University have a curriculum that is approved by a state agency to offer certification in this particular field.

    Upon research from the ICCFA’s website states that the mission statement of the ICCFA is ‘to improve the appearance and operations of their properties.’ This is the alleged University that Cooke claimed to not only have graduated from but had achieved honors in such as Valedictorian of his graduating class.

    As Superintendent of Cemeteries of Evansville Chris Cooke stated there are some updates in policies, one of which mandates that pets are not allowed on the premises. On Saturday, October 26th, 2013 pets were present for a fundraising effort at Oak Hill Cemetery, which is seemingly a violation of such stated and posted rules and regulations.

      • ha ha.

        I love it when political types pad their resume with fluff that they make up.

        Some claim to have been “Certified” but by who or what organization?

        It’s one thing to study for four years at a State Accredited University and graduate with a bachelors degree and it’s another thing to take a quick one week short course in a subject. And it’s totally another story to just attend a one day or week long seminar or conference at the executive Inn hotel.

  17. Mr.Cooke we are respectfully awaiting your response to the above posts concerning the accrediting manners?

    • Indeed, we are. I do hope CCO pursues this. If they can’t get an answer from Mr. Cooke, perhaps the Mayor will explain Mr. Cooke’s apparently imaginary credentials.

  18. After searching Google and a lack of response from Chris Cooke, the news is in and the ICCFA actually means ‘I Can Create False Accredidations.’ Cooke was telling the truth about that. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘tuition’ cost $35,000 a year because that’s what was given to him by Weaver and the Alleged Witch Hunt!

  19. Can’t wait for the Valedictorian of “Graveyard University” answer the above detailed information concerning his real educational credentials. Oh, did the city pay Mr. Cookes plane flight, room, meals and resignation fee to attend “Graveyard University”? If so, the taxpayers did foot his bill to attend this alleged University!

    • People did not search through google long enough. Wabash University bachelor’s degree in history.

  20. In a comment to Jordan Baer this past July on the City County Observer, here:

    I said, “I respectfully disagree with your approach on this matter. I believe a better approach would be to create a volunteer group of people who are sincerely interested in addressing this one particular issue and hashing it out. It would be important to include people such as Chris Cooke, and maybe some Township Trustees like Kathryn Martin. Other people and resources come to mind…

    I would be willing to make some phone calls and spearhead a meeting and embark on a greater, deeper conversation on the ideas that you and I may have about this subject matter. But I am not going to debate or discuss this in this type of medium. With all of our technology, nothing beats a sit down face to face conversation.

    Aside from that, I pray that you have a wonderful 4th of July and I will be checking back next week!


    Reply from Rails&RobertsStadium says:
    July 4, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Fair enough, sounds good.

    You have a great holiday as well!

    Appreciate it!”

    Just so you know, I did meet with Jordan Baer and I did speak with Chris Cooke about this subject material. Jordan and I agreed to take action and look into this further by, getting a database and a cemetery plot survey together to start making an accounting of these problems. Though, I have not spoke with Jordan in over a month, I was surprised to see that he went before the City Council with a video presentation. As illustrated in the City Council meeting and above in the July conversation, Jordan never once approached Chris Cooke to discuss these problems with him. Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone here? If you have a problem with a Park in Evansville, wouldn’t you call the Parks Director?!?

    Further, I have already built a database to be used to gather data on the cemeteries. Jordan and I agreed to a questionnaire layout and type last month. And now this? How can I perform any diligent steps to better account for these problems with a partner who writes his own pages and book on it?



    • Given the condition of the parks in Evansville, I just assumed there was no parks director. I would call the Mayor’s complaint line. I would do the same for the cemeteries. Looking at them I would just assume there was no cemetery director.

  21. Maybe if Mr. Cooke spent more time doing his job instead of managing the Scooter People of Evansville hate page…

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