IS IT TRUE October 24, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE October 24, 2013

IS IT TRUE the question has come up regarding the proposed location of the IU Medical School regarding the amount of acreage that would be needed to take care of the entire campus plus to make allowance for support businesses that are expected to eventually locate as close to the campus as possible?…the Warrick County proposal dedicates about 75 acres and the privately owned may be competitor at the Promenade has about 40 acres?…as a simple exercise we wanted to investigate just how much available space is in downtown Evansville?…40 acres for blocks the size of the ones in downtown Evansville would require about 16 square blocks?…that would take up every bit of land that is presently considered to be the downtown commercial area?…to be a bit more specific it would include all of the land bounded on the north by Court Street, the south by Walnut Street, the east by 6th Street, and the west by 2nd Street?…if it is 40 acres that the IU Medical School has a need for, downtown Evansville is not even a viable candidate unless nearly everything standing is demolished?…proponents for a downtown Evansville location had better cross their fingers that 40 acres with an unobstructed line of sight is not something IU considers critical?…they had probably better hope that a vertical campus with no demand for amenities will suffice if downtown is really to be considered to be a contender?

IS IT TRUE the mainstream media has finally caught wind of the buggy whip days practice of the Vanderburgh County government when it comes to making deposits of taxpayer dollars into a banking institution?…it still boggles the mind that in a world where one can use an ATM card on every continent with a permanent population that local government could come up with a requirement that taxpayer dollars can’t be deposited in any bank that does not have a branch within a mile of the Civic Center?…now that it has been exposed that this anti-competitive and archaic practice is costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per year in banking fees we suspect that this craziness will be stopped?…the sneaky ways that sweetheart deals get done in Evansville never ceases to amaze even the most casual observer?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville City Council is facing a November 1st deadline to pass the 2014 budget?…it is now a virtual certainty that this budget will be passed without the benefit of having a respectable amount of time to review and digest the 2012 State Board of Accountancy Audit that has not yet been released?…this will be the third budget passed by an Evansville City Council without a clean audit on record for the most recent year unless of course a spotless audit is delivered before the vote takes place?…that vote is scheduled for Monday the 28th?…Councilman John Friend is fighting like the dickens to remove the $1.5 Million for Roberts Park and another $4.5 Million from the 2014 budget to account for expected shortages in revenue?…we applaud this effort and encourage the other members of the council to take a safe, responsible approach to their spending plans?

IS IT TRUE the word from Washington is that 4 Democrat Senators are prepared to sponsor a bill that will postpone ObamaCare until 6 months after the technology actually works?…if these four Democrat Senators can count on all 46 Republicans and can pick off a couple of more Democrats, ObamaCare may just be delayed due to the inability of the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a working website in 3 years with $600 Million?…if this is not egg on the face of whoever was supposed to assure that this was functional before the launch then there has never been egg on any face anywhere?…from their personal statements it is painfully obvious that neither President Obama nor Cabinet Member Kathleen Sebilius have even a remote clue how farce this happened, what the reality is today, or how to move forward?…the inability of this administration to be able to do anything but talk is stunning and concerning?


  1. Why does everyone assume IU wants a ticky-tacky suburban 40-acre campus? Many newer schools are choosing taller buildings in downtowns. The IU med center, like lots of other businesses, prefer downtowns. Your employees can walk to get lunch; can’t do that in New-siding-burgh. Students like living in downtowns within walking distance; can’t do that is Newburgh. Employees and students will enjoy being able to walk to the farmers market or the riverfront on their lunch breaks; can’t do that from a field next to an ugly interstate in Newburgh.

    Newburgh is offering a field and no financial incentives. That really isn’t a great package.

    • KN,–I would guess that Warrick is holding close, a more complete “package”, until the “Chess” game needs a ‘Checkmate”.

      • Crash, Nothing Known, I find this remarkable, and amusing, that not one “conceptualization”, so far, has ever shown observation of, or pointed out the best most cost effective applicable location on your local regions map for an viable proposal for an medical school campus.
        Maybe someone is holding out? Oww! The intrigue! Gees,the location sticks out like someones bed sheet flapping on a line.
        I really have no pooch in the hunt,but my pup can however, get up on a downwind hill and find a rabbit.
        Gees. The critter is just sitting there, while the other pack of dogs are relentlessly running round in circles biting at each others tails trying like hell outrun the others chasing some game less trail.

        “Little fellas pretty good at kick’in dirt on a mark too.”


    • Who says that Medical Centers prefer downtowns? That baloney and you pulled that out of your rabbit hat most likely. Just because You prefer downtown doesn’t mean that anyone else does. Do you really think that everyone has to think just like you? Really?

      Have you ever heard of a cafeteria? Most schools of higher education have one. IU has a few cafeterias. Purdue has one plus a snack bar in every dorm. UE and USI both have cafeterias right on campus. Have you ever heard of the “LOFT” at USI?

      The students can easily walk to the cafeteria or the snack bars on campus if they build it in Warrick County. And the entire East side is a swamp with flooding. So the argument that the ditches in Warrick County are not sufficient to carry away the rain water is crazy. They do the job well.

      At least Chandler’s Sewer Dept is not being fined by the USEPA for dumping too much raw sewage into the Ohio River. They are in full compliance with the Federal Law.

      One thing you can say for sure is that if the IU Medical School is build in Vanderburgh County out on Burkhardt they won’t be able to walk to the Hospital like they could if it were built in Warrick County.

      I think that walking to work is a greater assets than being able to walk to a fast food join on Burckhardt Rd. Besides most all these students and doctors have vehicles that they used to go get their food.

      If Vanderburgh County was so great why did Deaconess Hospital choose to build the Gateway Hospital in Warrick County? Hospitals know their business and chose Warrick County over Evansville Downtown. And why did Welborn Hospital go out of business. Why did St. Mary’s Medical Center chose to shut down Welborn and not rejuvenate it? It’s closer to Downtown than any other hospital yet it was closed down. What’s that tell us?

      • You’re wrong. The land in Warrick County along Epworth Road from the Lloyd all the way north to State Road 62 is lower than the land in Evansville west of I-164, north of the Lloyd to Morgan Avenue.

        The land in Evansville, between the Lloyd and Morgan, west of I-164 to Burkhardt Rd. drains into the old Wabash & Erie Canal, then west to Pigeon Creek.

        The land in Warrick County, between the Lloyd and Morgan (S.R. 62) east of I-164 drains northeast thru Howard Ditch to a point in Pigeon Creek many serpentine miles upstream from where Evansville’s drainage enters Pigeon Creek.

        If you want to compare “swamps,” Warrick County has the lower elevation, more swampy farmland to offer, compared to Evansville’s well drained, development ready property immediately west of Warrick’s proposed location.

        Look at a floodplain map or a USGS topographic map showing the drainage areas and tributaries for each location.

          • hehe. I’m not wrong. I said that the East Side of Evansville has been known as swamp land for over 30 years. I drive down Epworth Road all the time and go by Gateway too and I’ve yet to see any ROW BOATS and fishermen out there in that developed area! And not one single crab fisherman either will be found in that area. 🙂 🙂

            And every time it rains the city’s sewers overflow into many places including Pigeon Creek and the Ohio River.

            I’m aware that the area to the NW of Chandler, IN floods at times but that’s no where near Gateway Hospital or the proposed Warrick County Development.

            Maybe the area out by Burckhardt Road is a bit higher but that’s not going to determine where they build the IU medical Center. I doubt that the Warrick County Proposed area is in a flood plain. Perhaps it’s in the 10000 year flood plain but not in a One Hundred Years flood plain.

            Do you have any links to any real flood plain maps that are not gerrymandered? I say this because many time for political and business reasons they don’t like saying that certain areas are in the 100 years flood plain. Being in a 100 year flood plain brings certain restrictions and problems.

            I’m right in that the East Side has flooding problems as well as the Area along the Lloyd at 1st Ave. During heavy rain events the basements flood in that area due to the sewers getting too full and backing up into the basements.

            I can go look at the topographical maps (USGS MAP) of that area and see what you are taking about. They will show me the way the water runs. It’s been a few years since I actually looked at them. But I was online the other night using the GIS system or Google earth and one can easily see the drainage of pigeon creek on the digital map. It’s where all the green stuff grows in the water shed and not on the farm fields.

            The area around Epiworth Rd and the Lloyd is around 390 Ft above mean sea level on my map. The area on the other proposal is not really defined very well in the media and I’m not sure exactly where you are talking about the other Vanderburgh County Proposed Private Development. It may be a little higher ground but there is a lot more development in that Area and much more concrete to keep the water from absorbing into the already saturated ground out there to the East of Burkhardt Rd. and South of Morgan Ave. and North of the Lloyd Expressway.Both those lands are low lying.

            All I’m saying is that the area in Warrick County drains well from what I can see. It’s not always how far a ditch has to drain but the elevation changes can make the water run faster or slower. This is all depicted in the USGS 7.5 Minute Newburgh Quadrangle Map.

          • Deaconess Gateway drains into a large, open, dry detention basin, then into Howard Ditch which winds northeast toward Chandler thru the lowest floodplain of the area, often overflowing vast areas of low farmland and closing Oak Grove Road.

          • Coyote, I suppose you never saw Oak Grove Road flooded east of Epworth? And Warrick County therefore is needlessly elevating the roadway right this minute to get it above base flood elevation? I suppose you never saw Epworth Road underwater either back when it was a two lane road, and that Warrick also needlessly elevated it as well?

            And why does Howard Ditch just east of I-164 flow northeast toward Chandler while Nurrenbern Ditch in Evansville just west of I-164 flow due north into the old Wabash Erie Canal channel then due west to Pigeon Creek? Did you know that the same Wabash Erie channel flows west in Vanderburgh County while it flows east in Warrick? Why is that? It’s because the land in Warrick is lower in the floodplain that the land in Vanderburgh. Simple.

          • It all ends up in the Ohio River eventually. Pigeon Creek and Little Pigeon Creek drain into the Ohio River at different locations.

            Where a ditch empties into Pigeon creek really doesn’t matter too much when the creek and the Ohio River are both flooded and there is not place for the waters in the ditch to go to but the surrounding lands that are lower than the other contiguous lands.

        • Burkhardt and Oak Hill Road elevation 384 ft amsl on the Top Map. SW of this intersection on the map. Epworth and Oak Hill road is 389 ft amsl.

          Burkhardt and the Lloyd is 389 ft amsl.

          Epworth and the Lloyd is at 397 ft amsl.

          • The land in Warrick about which I have been speaking is north of the proposed Warrick site for the med center. This land is lower than the land in Vanderburgh/Evansville west of I-164. It also is served by a drain system with less capacity and more propensity of flooding than the land in Vanderburgh/Warrick. These are topographic and historic realities.

            The adverse effects of which I’ve been speaking are the less effective and more expensive storm water detention systems, storm water conveyance systems, and other storm water system improvements that will have to accompany development in this area of Warrick County if that county wants to develop without adversely affecting farm land, roadways, and commercial property generally east of Epworth, north of Oak Grove, and all the way to Chandler, Indiana.

            Time will tell whether I am right or wrong; but in the meanwhile why don’t you ask some farmers and business people in Stevenson Station and Chandler areas of Warrick County how they have to deal with Howard Ditch and Pigeon Creek flooding.

          • Coyote: Those elevations are alright for an overall estimate, however the conditional that involves both areas of discussion relative to Gateway is the ability of the rain water absorbed per inch of rain rate per acre. That is effected by the ground cover permeability. Its very conditional in respect to soil type and ground cover infrastructure.
            So you are some what correct,the drainage in Warrick at that gateway point works well for now. (historical)
            That point you two are discussing has been engineered,and built with the applications on site in accordance to expected rainfall events. (Planning)
            Its pathway to pigeon creek “is capable of expansion” for any expected excessive run off created by the Warrick med center site. Heck just build forward a bit,no big deal. In the studies of true climate change solutions more complex orbital methodology is the prevailing source,Standard GIS is the last look updated per/date. (public offering)
            It doesn’t see temperatures or ground conditions wet, dry or measure thermodynamic evaporation rates (psychrometrics)or permeability per atmospheric barometric pressures. (proportional finite elemental orbital science)
            The conditions Stormy Waters is pointing out possibly could take place with “either location”,it really depends on the level of the Ohio river at the mouth of the creek. (build controls from the source)
            So if Pigeon and the old canal are water table saturating the drainage basin the standing water can only back fill the lower regions such as the road east to Chandler. (natural environmental leverage)
            I wouldn’t recommend one site over the other for a simplistic fixable storm water control issue. (focus orientation)

            Infrastructure access sustainability for growth would be my tipping point,for those two plots.
            Actually the Warrick site gets the ribbon on that one. design it forward. (structure for access growth forward)
            The Martin site is kind of stuffed in between some crumby access roads for best four corned throughput, surrounded with sprawl. (Congested forward by existing restrictions)

            The whole basin area to the creek has no levee system to retain the backwater from the flood plain basin.
            Looking at the historical’s I access and the Doppler incremental cloud-based to surface element return imaging data per/times such as say, March 2011. (Historical)
            Its apparent what the problem is. Its not the site built infrastructure rain water management,its like you said the whole area is an basin,granted that’s been adjusted with project construction over time,but the problem is still present at both locations. I’m thinking Stormy has a stake in the Martin site,and does has some valid and correct information,however? (skeptical)

            Say providence sends the Ohio past you at about 44.7 feet EVV gauge. Pigeon creek will be backed up into those fields, ditches, culverts,and under all your new bridges raised roads and such.
            Not to mention the CSO from the combined old city sewers if it rains much,Chemical,biological contamination basements,fields,yards parking lots or streets,where ever it finds a low conduit pathway to the lowest surface.
            Now say,a basin wide upstream,downstream frontal rain event shows up with 3/10″/hr for around 12 hours and that basin is backed up from the River. (!)
            “Ought to toss in a beaver or two per location also.” (sharing the environment)…. (? :/ )

            Build for climate change forward,Identify,conceptualize,plan,build,control and sustain. (preparation for sustainability)

            Look into the bio-swale curbside capture project being tested,in Brooklin NY. Kinda cool, seems to work take on three issues. (cheap)
            They also have a nasty CSO element to address,and the Gawanus canal. So they are testing a innovative dual curb sponge park application,they said “We have too little space for any one trick ponies here in New York” (Nette Compton NYCPRD.) So they use the storm water for green space soaking,separate and filter the CSO. Then use the space for a city park too. The Sandy event, Eyes now wide open. (sustainable assets, and project blending)

            Take that concept into your metro and give it some altitude,plenty of test sights there. (Open door)

            This is completely possible,the technology is available,this problem just isn’t your metros,its the planets.
            Actually after studies into your basin and its location per region,and its geography,being centralized to the overall waterway structuring in the United states, Your location is an idea location for movement forward on environmental balance to carbon sequestration. With the perimeters set forth by the nation wide 2012 clean water plan. (Growth Trending)

            Its pretty much an almost perfect location for that concept to create some acceptable standards for others to strive for. (location,location)

            Actually sea level communities have the most to gain from such applications,considering,however, the Ohio basin as an unit, and its impact on the whole of the eastern half of the country,the whole nation can incrementally, benefit forward. (National Impact)

          • I’m replying to myself as there is no reply button for the posts below.

            V is to R: I think you are right in that he has a stake in the Vanderburgh County Development.

            And yes I have photographs of the flooding all along the area of Pigeon creek in Warrick County all the way from 62 north out to Boonville New Harmony Road.

            I’m not exactly sure where the old erie cannel runs though Vanderburgh County. I sort of figured it was silted in by now. It runs though the squaw creek area of Warrick County. Lot’s of dead trees out on Interriderend road and I wonder what’s in those waters.

            V you are hard to follow. You drifted from Hydrology to Global Warming. I can see to some degree what you are saying. Thinking towards the future and more rain events?

            My Main point is that both areas are low lying and subject to flooding as certain times of heavy rains and high water levels in the Ohio River. (Drainage Basin)

            The Vanderburgh County Private developers brag about having accesss to the Interstate! What? They don’t have any better acess to I -164 than anyone else in that area. In fact Warrick County’s site has better access to I-164!

            I tried to post some of the spot elevations for major roadway intersections for both areas but this web site seems to crash more than the Obamacare web site. So I’m going to have to learn to copy every thing that I type just to make sure that I don’t lose it all when I hit the “submit comment” ion.

          • I really don’t see the area’s elevation as coming into the decision making process right now. It’s not a big problem and will not really impact the areas. Most of the environmental impacts are well north of both proposed sites and those areas of impact are already flooding. I don’t see any huge increase in the level of flooding in those area if the IU medical center is built in Warrick County.

            Any ditch can easily be expanded in size. BTW. Meandering of waterways is a good thing. It slows the water down and helps retain sediment that would otherwise wash away. It also helps keep the water table saturated so that in times of drought the farmers can still plant their crops.

            There is not much we can do to make the Ohio River and Pigeon Creek Drain any faster when we have huge rain events upstream from us. We can’t straighten out the Ohio River and make it drain faster. Mother nature would not like that at all.

          • The land in Warrick about which I have been speaking is north of the proposed Warrick site for the med center. This land is lower than the land in Vanderburgh/Evansville west of I-164. It also is served by a drain system with less capacity and more propensity of flooding than the land in Vanderburgh/Warrick. These are topographic and historic realities.

            Story: That land that you speak of is not where they propose to build the IU Medical Center. The land that Warrick County is proposing is higher ground and will not be affected by the flooding in Chandler, IN.

            I really don’t think that this issue will be a determining factor for where they locate the IU Medical Center in this area of Southern IN.

        • You mean the study the Evansville Regional Business Committee (ERBC) is helping to pay for?

          • We just started hearing about the IU medical center a few months ago. It has probably been in the works for quite a few years. When Deaconess built Gateway it was questioned by a few including St Mary’s which stated this area could not support another hospital. St Mary’s has made a few bad costly decisions in the past few years and Deaconess has steadily moved to the front. I think Deaconess is ahead of the curve and positioned themselves to take full advantage of the new IU medical center. I think it’s a done deal and Deaconess knew what was going to happen. This is a win win for Evansville.

  2. Why did they hire a Canadian company as lead developers for the ACA website? The US Government is no better than Evansville’s leaders. They always hire outside contractors/consultants.

    “The company [CGI] – the largest tech company in Canada with subsidiaries around the world – was initially awarded a $93.7m contract, but now the potential total value for CGI’s work has reportedly tripled, reaching nearly $292m.”

    “Last year, the Canadian province of Ontario fired CGI and canceled a $46 million contract, accusing the company of failing to build an online medical registry on time.”

    • Maybe there is a problem here! Between this company and Ted Cruz, Canada isn’t doing us any favors! I think I just caught a whiff of conspiracy! Somebody call Beck and Jones and get them on it!

    • Houston–we got a problem here. Obama and the Senate Democrats have created a xxxx mess. People all over the world are laughing at us. Another negative creditability issue. What we got is a 600 million dollar plus mistake.

      Obama and the Senate should have done what the Republicans wanted and delayed it.

      • It’s funny you see this clearly, but yet you still defend the “Overwhelming Majority” of people that wanted to give $37.5M for the hotel. This amount with just a little wheeling and dealing over a weekend got reduced by $17.5M.

        You’ve been really quiet on the IU topic. Do you think it is a good idea for the city to only recommend/offer a downtown location? It’d better be a knock-you-socks-off proposal or it will end up in Warrick County. How can a downtown location with all the demolition and acquisition that would be necessary not cost 10x more than land that is shovel ready? There is shovel ready land in Vanderburgh County that is closer to hospitals and has better options for transportation, parking, retail, housing, plus room to build more, right?

  3. Editor: The Martin Development Group has far more than 40 acres available between Burkhardt Rd. and I-164, and between Columbia Street extension and Oak Grove Rd. This is the old Hirsch Farm, and is bisected by Cross Pointe Blvd. Check it out on the Assessor’s GIS site.

  4. I believe Mayor Winnecke has already announced his preference for the expanded medical school. By his asinine statement concerning downtown to the exclusion of all others, I believe he has selected Warrick County to be the future site.

    • Absolutely! Why would the Mayor put all his eggs in one basket? I do not believe a downtown site will fly, therefore Warrick is the winner.

      • Exactly!! This project is the most potentially valuable “seed of hope” for real, viable growth that Vanderburgh County has been offered in a long time. It is imcumbent on the Mayor that he work to plant that seed in the best soil available and nurture it carefully. If he continues on the path to planting in the poor soil he is rooting for, (pun intended), he should resign his Office and let the entire City of Evansville have a leader to look after its interest.

    • The downtown proposal is going to be interesting. Regardless of how much lipstick the Mayor applies to the pig, it will still be a pig, and a truly “land-locked” one, at that.
      I have heard that UE and USI are collaborating on a proposal for the USI Campus, as UE considers itself to be “land-locked”. They have apparently not looked at what seems to be a really good choice, the Roberts/ESH property. How can the Mayor justify competing against the two local Universities? That makes no sense to me, and will be a hard-sell to the public, I think!
      If he succeeds in losing this to Warrick Co, even the local GOP will have a hard time supporting a bid for a second term for him. What do you have to say about that, Wayne?

      • No way in hell this mayor could get re-elected without once again the help of the Democratic party, you have to go back to Russ Sr in the ’70s to see a two term Republican mayor. The chance of the Dems getting behind him again with Davis out of the picture…the Indiana lotto has better odds of winning.


        • Weinzapfel will move back into the Mayor’s office in 2015. The campaign against Winnecke will be a knock down drag out death fight over who really tried to screw the people of Evansville by stealing away the Homestead Tax Credit. The joined at the hip bond between these two will be broken in the process.

          Winnecke will win the argument and expose Weinzapfel for the sneaky bastard that he is. Weinzapfel will win the election because so many people in Evansville just vote for democrats without regard to character.

          • If there has ever been a perfect storm for a third party or independent candidate to win a mayoral election it will be a Weiney vs. Winnie campaign. An intelligent outsider with good communication skills could destroy the two of them, but only if they both are running. The machine would get either of them elected over Jesus Christ himself, but if it is Weiney vs. Winnie vs. a better alternative these two clowns will be sent packing.

      • The mayor is another liberal so real Republicans will not back him again. His following through with razing Roberts Stadium allowed all to see his true colors. He’s a duplicate Jon-Boy & will be unemployed again come the next election cycle. Since his idol built the land-locked Jon Center this mayor may the same with IU-but I doubt he will get away with it as IU has the power to pull away where we the sheeple had no choice once his majesty made up his mind to crown a poorly designed arena and cut costs so bad on infrastructure we’ll pay the price until it is demolished 15 years from now as obsolete & beyond feasible repair. I PRAY I see the day that building comes down in a planned demolition.

      • 2015 is a long way off in the political world. If the election were held today, Mayor Winnecke would win by a landside running against anybody.

        IU Med Center is a real plus for SW IN regardless where it is located. From A Purdue graduate, thanks IU. I am pushing for downtown. There will be a lot of water go under the bridge before a final decision is made. Yes–I am in the boat the Mayor.

  5. I would like Councilman Friend to know that I really appreciate his work in fighting the good fight to get the $1.5 million for unRoberts Park removed from the budget. Monday will be the 58th birthday of Roberts Stadium. What a treat that would be to see this money kicked out.

    One of the most ironic, and sad, things about the $1.5 million is that most of it is for building a road BACK from Division St. to the EVSC’s back parking lot (of course leaving that lot would NEVER get in the way of connecting Wesselman and the ESH, just Roberts which was completely out of the way). If he would have just left the existing road there and repaired it, he wouldn’t even half to be demanding this money monday. That’s how pointless and wasteful this project is.

    One of the things I have always wondered about: Was the auction deal with Wilson Auctions a bid or no bid contract? I never really thought about it til the Sherman Greer thing came up. Now I’m curious as all heck to know.

    • What about Sherman Greer? What does Wilson Auctions have to do with Sherman? Just curious.

      For the Record. I think all business with the city and county government should be bided out. Even the so called Professional Services in which Millions of our tax dollars are spent without a bid being taken. This IMHO is where a lot of the tax money goes to the politicians favorite sons. There is a lot of room for preventing waste here.

      • Coyote:
        I want to thank you for reading the comment about the those local drainage issues. I”ll try not to be so incremental with the processes involved in those type of fixes.
        I always look at each sectioned discussion point and find how incremental climate sequestration can be addressed while the other work is being completed. To wrestle and immerse ourselves into any planning for control of a sustained and balanced carbon sequestration infrastructure the nation needs to start now with project forward
        Incrementally every little bit helps. (Project blending, evolution)

        It’s just project blending forward.From what has been done around the globe until recently we haven’t done that.
        If as an nation we can practice incremental responsible growth. (National balance impact forward)

        Having balance for sustainability forward with those type of project solutions incrementally at the present leaves our grandchildren a nation that’s has some built in balanced thought out infrastructure.
        Those,with evolving vital solutions in place to sustain their rights as Americans to thrive in an free, clean,healthy and prosperous society left with Balance and sustainability we ourselves have build for their quality of life forward*. (Sustainable vibrancy)

        “Gutta cavet lapidem,non vi seu saepe cadendo.”

        “the drop excavates the stone,not with force,but by falling often”


        • Yes Erosion by water and wind is a very powerful source when given time.

          When you talk in generalities there are many possible solutions. The devil is always in the details.

          And I do think that we should all be thinking about sustaining this planet and our way of life well into our future. However long that may be.

  6. Looks like County Commissioner Marsha Abell and County Auditor Joe Gries will have a re-election issue to defend. I’m amazed that Auditor Joe Gries would allow Marsha put him a political bind over this Old National Bank deposit deal. I expect Marsha to do back room political wheeling and dealing but not Mr. Gries

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