IS IT TRUE October 22, 2014


IS IT TRUE the Civic Center Moles are telling us that a change may be in the making with the Evansville Redevelopment Commission?…there is at least one seat that is up for re-appointment an it seems as though the seat has gotten pretty hot for the person sitting in it now?…to be a “good” member of the ERC one needs to have the ability to think analytically and have the backbone to call out the nonsense that gets slipped through the ERC?…it is time for an independent, intelligent, and courageous person who is in no ones pocket to be appointed to the ERC?…it is really time for five such people but if we can actually get one that will be a good start?

IS IT TRUE the shadow of a shovel in a pile of sand has not yet been seen down at the lot where the obsolete new hotel sign is?…no permits have been issued to start a hotel, and the Old National Bank has not announced a $14 Million payment to the Centre for the naming rights?…we suspect the wheels of progress ( if this is indeed progress) have once again collided with the truth of reality?…it is time to start according to the latest PR nonsense, but it is also 6 weeks from the time one better not start due to inclimate weather?

IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke got to do his favorite thing yesterday and flipped some sand along with a wildly hyped jobs announcement?…the hoopla was all over exactly 18 jobs that are being opened at Mead Johnson?…the total of the incentives granted to Mead Johnson to get these 18 jobs amounted to $3.75 Million or a federal stimulus busting $208,333 per job of incentives?…this is an okay thing for Evansville since these jobs pay about $60,000 each, but it is really a spectacular thing for the 18 people who get the jobs and relatively insignificant to the 120,000 other people who will not get one of these 18 jobs?…on the other end of town a new Los Bravos was announced which will have seating for 200 people?…it is a certainty that this restaurant will be hiring way more than 18 people and is doing so without the benefit of a public handout?

IS IT TRUE that the McCurdy is once again on the docket of the ERC and this time it is really ready to go?…that is of course if and we must say if some federal tax credits are ready to stoke the fire to get a flame started?…we must remind you that it has been 2,340 days since a proud former Mayor Wienzapfel proclaimed the deal of the century with one of his Indianapolis campaign contributors that would transform the classic old hotel into luxury apartments?…we hope it is for real this time but do not recommend holding your breath until this gets started to anyone who values their life?

IS IT TRUE a controversial mailer was were sent to people who live in District 76 which includes parts of Posey County, Vanderburgh County, and Gibson County? …this mailer was sent to people who live in District 76 which includes parts of Posey County, Vanderburgh County, and Gibson County? … District 76 voters are receiving this controversial mailer alleging that State Representative Wendy McNamara’s property taxes have gone down $700 since she became an elected office holder? …this mailer was sent out by the Indiana State Democratic Party?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer has requested Ms. McNamara give us a official response concerning a controversial campaign mailer recently sent out to voters of her district? …as of today we haven’t heard from Ms. McNamara concerning this issue? …we have inserted the link of a copy of the controversial mailer sent out by Indiana State Democratic Party alleging that Ms. McNamara’s received special treatment concerning her property taxes?

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  1. Comical Joe…. comparing $2/hr dishwashing jobs to a job at Mead Johnson. Yes, ain’t capitalism great?

    • This happens all the time with many politicals when they talk about new jobs. They never talk about how much a year those new jobs earn or if they are equivalent to a job at a company like Mead Johnson or not. A job added does not always mean it’s a great thing. We can add 100 new min wage jobs and act like it’s a big deal.

      I’ve seen Governors talking about new jobs that they added but not once have I heard the Governor explain the details about how much these new jobs pay!!!!!!!

      Job + A

      A= Variable.

  2. McNamara, another crooked Republican hypocrite adulterer from the “family values” party.

    Oh, and what happens to the 7 figure sum already paid to the hotel developer? Just a gift?

    • I’m pretty sure that cool million will wind up as a “parting gift” for HCW, Ghost. I just hope this agreement was written in such a way to keep them from suing our socks off for the rest of the cash!

    • You are so good at making stuff up. Now this is true and something for you to chew on, The greatest democrat of modern time is a misogynist, rapist, adulterer, child abuser, known liar and the list goes on. I’m talking about Bill Clinton who was in Owensboro yesterday campaigning for Grimes. Think he got a Monica as a reward?

      • POV,

        Those are some pretty alarming words to describe Bill Clinton.

        It says something significant about you POV.

        You must REALLY, REALLY, REALLY consider Hillary Clinton a formidable candidate for President.

  3. Corporate welfare, good for the stock holders, bad for the property owners pocket!

    Money spent for new (or just relocated) business jobs, while hacking local government jobs that service it’s citizens! Do the math, feel the pain.

    Property assessment and it’s tax, is “public” information. May be a good thing to check “all” public figures to confirm that this may be just a isolated case! I’m sure someone will step up and admit it was a (wink-wink) clerical error.

    $2.5 million projected shortfall for city government. Who is responsible for frivolous spending of the citizens money? The mayor just needs to look into the mirror when he is alone!

    Could this be why city residents are fleeing the grasp of this “elite-business driven” city government?

  4. Wendy McNamara seems a candidate willing to engage political conflict outside of the cultural and religious war issues demanded by the extreme Christian right, and I admire her for that. She was willing to buck the religious bigots who demanded the State House of Representatives put back in the sentence banning civil unions, something the radical Christian extremists wanted to put back in….as stripping that sentence effectively delayed the vote on the Indiana ban…as she knew the Supreme Court would eventually do its judicious work and nullify all of the State bans on same-sex marriage…effectively humiliating the extreme Christians who campaigned and won all of those individual State bans. That means McNamara realizes the extreme Christian right is no longer a force in the Republican Party. And that is a good thing.

  5. —-“it is time for an independent, intelligent, and courageous person who is in no one’s pocket to be appointed to the ERC”–
    Fat chance of the ERBC letting that happen! Abolish the ERC, –cut off the head of the “Snake”.

    • I don’t think the ERC is going anywhere soon, so the next best thing would be to have somebody who fits CCO’s description fill that seat. I’m not certain who will make the appointment, as I think appointments are spread among the Mayor and some other offices. Our chances of getting someone who isn’t “owned” by some arm of the ruling cabal are approximately zero. Who occupies the seat currently? Does anybody here know?

      • The global social economic environmental Analytics data runs usually kick out the Brad Linzy CCO article when one throws in the ERC, and the ERBC. It kicks out others, but this one does stand on its own. The consortium has at times taken a somewhat highlighted notice when those points become that “consistently repeatable” during the normal subject analysis. That’s a regional focus due effective solutions to your clean water availabilities and how those might be addressed with a some “more scientific viability” through projected redevelopment in the coming century. That’s more or less a high percentage incremental value due the entire “Strategic Clean Water Balance of America” because of the balance you hold over the “Ohio river drainage basins clean water availabilities”.
        That’s the primary reasoning and data recovery driver for our groups focus, or tipping point strategy, however, anyway that can be improved will trend to improve “the National balance”, as well. So, agreed, better strategic community focus for the right developmental project balance won’t hurt your whole metro community, at all.

        • The consortiums Analytics runs also specify something getting more accountable daily due the old historic McCurdy hotel building, The winter season is not going to be conducive to the value projected within that’s operating parameters.
          Not even touching the extremely poor utility infrastructure the building is established on, the projection seems to indicate an structural depredation due the outside walls. The longer that goes on, the less time increments will pass before the structure failure becomes detrimental to the viability of renovation financing moving forward. That’s a finance call per the recovery of the properties return value due the run out on anyone’s investment.
          Doable, as we’ve observed with some additional focus to viability in the utility blending, however that pathway wasn’t exactly taken, or available on previous structure renovations in the Evansville downtown, so. those also remain unbalanced, and most provide little returnable investment value conditionally, as well.

          making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.
          “the harsh lights and cameras were hardly conducive to a relaxed atmosphere”
          synonyms: favorable to, beneficial to, advantageous to, opportune to, propitious to, encouraging to, promising to, convenient for, good for, helpful, instrumental in, productive of, useful for
          “an environment that is conducive to learning”

  6. The mailers concerning Rep. McNamara’s property taxes are a really bad way to spend campaign money. I did take note that Tony Goben is NOT associated with the tackiness, much to his credit. The taxes are relevant to the campaign, but they don’t deserve to be front and center in it. This is just another example of bungling leadership in the Indiana Democratic Party.

    • As rare as it is…we are once again in agreement on something. If you truly believe that you are a viable candidate with the neccessary skills, education, ideas and record to be elected to an office, there is no need for mudslinging. I’m of the belief that you should avoid even mentioning the other candidate. That’s just free publicity for them off of the lips of your mouth. Mudlsinging is a sign of worry.

    • Our state party seems to like to put out caca like this, something Dennis Avery used to complain about a lot. I received the flyer(since I live in that district) and immediately, went O-boy! This was not necessary.

      Let’s remember though the local R party go a big guffaw out of TT getting two Homestead exemptions, and Wayne Scummy Parke made a BFD out of Rick Davis’ attendance while Treasurer even though that office ran like a well oiled machine.

  7. Editor, I can’t believe that you’re kicking this can of Democrat propaganda garbage further down the road. The Posey County Republican Party already issued a statement on this lame attempt at mudslinging at Wendy McNamara. Here is their response as posted to their Facebook page:


    Yesterday, the Indiana State Democratic Party sent out a mailer on behalf of State Representative District 76 candidate Tony Goben attacking State Representative Wendy McNamara for receiving a decrease in the assessed value of her property which amounted to more than $700 in savings. It was implied that Rep. McNamara had received preferential treatm…ent from Nancy Hoehn, the Republican Posey County Assessor. The Posey County Republican Party would like to refute this as an absolute distortion of facts for the following reasons:

    1) The reduction in the assessed value was the result of a statewide reassessment that occurred in 2010 and which resulted in a whole host of individuals receiving reduced assessed values (likely including many of you reading this post).

    2) While it is true that Rep. McNamara’s property assessment went down 27%, the property where Tony Goben currently resides saw a decrease of 22% in assessed value during the same time frame as well.

    3) These reassessments were performed by a third party vendor on Posey County’s behalf.

    4) The changes made to Rep. McNamara’s property record card, bringing her assessed property value down, were entered by the previous Democrat Assessor, Kris Carroll. This took place prior to Wendy McNamara and Nancy Hoehn taking office.

    In conclusion, these types of distortions represent the worst in politics. We should be focusing on the issues and what is in the best interest of Posey County and not personal attacks or whisper campaigns. The People of Posey County deserve better than this. Wendy McNamara for State Representative District 76

    • I did not write those two paragraphs of today’s IIT. I saw the flyers and thought they were grossly misleading.

      • I didn’t believe that you had. As often as we interact on Facebook, I assumed that you had already seen where I posted this the other day. The flyers are solely relying on someone’s ignorance of the issue in question. Unfortunately, there are people that will swallow the bait and let it affect their vote. That’s just a product of our national epidemic of low-information voters.

        • Listen to some of the republican ads for the Kentucky offices. They are preying on stupidity.

          • I think both parties have well oiled propaganda machines to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the populace. Multiple Pinocchio awards to both parties.

          • Affirmed in the Evansville metro, the national balance has better balance incrementally. Some of that is weighed in, “first balance” by the what we’ve called the Texas largesse. Kind makes the other regions work more for their own tipping point projection. 😉

  8. The state Economic Development Corp. is about to bestow $125,000 worth of tax credits plus another $125,000 in training grants on Mead Jo. Evansville will be on the hook for tax breaks worth 3.5 million dollars, pending approval from the city council. No matter, we’ll all step up and carry our portion of the tax liability that is being abated. No wonder they ‘selected’ Evansville for this great expansion.

    Winnecke glommed onto the Mead Johnson party yesterday partially because it’s what he does and partly to deflect any untoward questions about the non-hotel, the signature event of his failed mayorality..

    Mead Johnson’s headquarters remain in Glenview, Illinois.

  9. Even referencing those fliers in this blog is little more than trolling for the uneducated to comment on. And Ghost of the Murderous Tom Joad doesn’t need to be trolled to emit his venom.

    • He/she did cross the line with their comment regarding those flyers. It amazes me how quickly and viciously some people can go into personal attacks. Anonymity trumps civility too often.

      • We don’t always agree, when we do its is uncommon. today we didn’t either, but we still like you man.
        Anonymity is a “abstract defense” in that metro. “Everybody knows it.”

        Where do you vote, what’s is your name……………etc, etc, “Why is that?”

        • I’m sorry, but again I’m having trouble understanding you. Like I’ve said before, I understand that this is your schtick. Your identifying brand. I don’t know if you’re pretending to be part of a collective like the Borg or some scientific think tank, but I have difficulty staying interested in what you’re saying while trying to sift through all of the superfluous parts of your comments. Like this comment, I assumed that the first three uses of “we” referred to you and me. The fourth time you used it, I’m not sure if it’s in the same context. Of course I like myself (as I’m sure that you know), so it seems unneccessary for you to include me in that affirmation. Oh well…at least you stopped with using latin all of the time. Only if we should get so lucky to get you to stop with the excessive links to other pages and Youtube videos.

          • ” I assumed that the first three uses of “we” referred to you and me. The fourth time you used it, I’m not sure if it’s in the same context”

            Wrong as usual for “you Phillip”, (singular) but then as “you”(singular) sift, “you” (singular) must be in a hurry ,being on the “job so too speak” “we’ll”(as in me, and others) give that much to “your”(singular) abstraction. And “we”(plural) wouldn’t expect “you”(singular) to understand much of anything “our consortium”we (plural) delve into and research while creating viable solutions to the climate migrations being presented every minute of everyday. We (us plural) still get a kick out of the sheer unbalanced stupidity presented by “your” defenses (plural) and responses (Builds data points as well) “We” (us, plural) still like “you”(singular) though.

            And thanks, for the extra objective data base hits, we (that would be us the members of the analytics consortium) do appreciate them.
            Everyone (plural)knows that, and “you”(singular) see everyone (plural) counts. Surely by now you’ve (singular) proven how “you as a articulate, however stalwart defender” (moving more to being singular daily) demonstrates some value to the “establishments” (plural) requirements.

            “Keep on coming back”………….


            r/.1. loyal, reliable, and hardworking.
            “he remained a stalwart supporter of the cause”
            synonyms: staunch, loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable, steady, constant, trusty, solid, hard-working, steadfast, redoubtable, unwavering
            “a stalwart supporter of the cause”
            antonyms: disloyal, unfaithful, unreliable
            strongly built and sturdy.
            “he was of stalwart build”
            noun: stalwart; plural noun: stalwarts
            r/.1. a loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organization or team.
            “the stalwarts of the toadies’ Auxiliary”

          • It’s called over compensating for a nasty developmental disability. The old “baffle them with bullcrap” syndrome.

      • Personal attacks? Politics?– The way the subversive attacks SBR were orchestrated by “The Gang”, or the equally cowardly boycott of the CCO, I Wouldn’t be “Civil” to two Creeps like Winnecke ,or Parke on here, –or in person. I view them as utterly contemptible Political thugs. I would probably spit on them in person if it wasn’t viewed as an assault/attack….

        • Your comments affirm what I said about anonymity and civility. Would you say the same things if you were not using a pseudonym? We’ll never know. I always say what I need to say without hiding. I voice my opinion. Sometimes, in support and sometimes critical, but people always know who I am saying it so they can address me directly, if needed. Even at my most critical, I always try to be civil and respectful. Especially, when almost everything that we discuss is subjective.

          • PD

            As you say this about using your real name, remember when the CCO website went down for whatever reason, many folks on here headed to the gun store to arm themselves. You make yourself a true target by placing your name on your comments.

          • Mr. Davis , I have posted my name on this site more than once and in particular responded with my full name to a post by Parke. I have absolute NO RESPECT for low life like Winnecke, or Parke, to whom I would not give all the Green Flies they could eat if they were starving. My Name is Terry Rickard, and I was born, raised, and schooled in Evansville and find it sad that Evansville now endures Characters like the current crop of Political Creeps that kiss the ring of political thugs like these two. Your lap dog allegiance to the power brokers defines your character more than any “personal” attack by ANY anonymous poster.—-Sincerely Crash

        • As for the comment about SBR, I’m not going to get into the issue of right/wrong or ethical/unethical. All of the things that made the news recently regarding her were actions taken by her. If she chose to do those things, I’m sure that she assumed that there would be repercussions. She’s a big girl. She’s smart enough to become a lawyer and she’s tough enough to be a politician. I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t need your sympathy/support through making sophomoric threats on the CCO.

  10. Kunkel/McCurdy

    The Kunkels, recently, through refinancing on four properties, purchased the building that contains our offices. It is a large multi floor building. Since that date the following has occurred, without notice:
    The heat/air is shut off each evening at 6:00 pm;
    The heat/air is shut off each weekend ( the windows are sealed shut );
    Nightly office cleaning has been discontinued;
    Trash service is no longer provided;
    The rest rooms are running out of paper towels:
    and the list goes on.

    They owe multiple vendors/partners large sums which remain unpaid.

    Any discussion of the McCurdy should be that the Kunkels are trying to unload it, and the city is not in bed with them.

    This has been confirmed by several of my moles 🙂

    • My guess is that you are in the Curtis Building which was one of the better operated of the refurbs in Evansville. If so I hate to see that one turn into a vertical ghetto.

      • Jimbo, Kunkels have nothing to do with the Curtis Building. That building has been subject to a major makeover on the outside funded with, get this, rent from tenants. The Curtis building has a hands on local owner and is a rare downtown success story.

    • “Kunkels, recently, through refinancing on four properties, purchased the building that contains our offices. It is a large multi floor building”

      Although working analytics normally cuts straight through anonymity by data base analysis you might be a little more careful when dealing with some there. Use Caesars rule on that one, or have your armorer do an enhancement on the torsos rear side.

  11. To Phyllip Davis- Tony Goben did not own his current property in 2011. It’s all available on the internet. It seems to me the Republican Party and Wendy’s nitwits are reaching out to spread even more lies to the Southern Indiana public. Nothing out of the ordinary for her and her last four years in office.

    • The article does not say that Tony Goben recevied a discounted re-assessment, it says that the property that he now lives in received the adjustment. See: reading comprehension

      • McNamara’s got enough problems without you cheerleading for her, Phoenix. See: uninvited help.

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