IS IT TRUE October 22, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE October 22, 2013

IS IT TRUE it was reported over 4 years ago that the medians on Burkhardt Road were catching on fire from slovenly drivers who were throwing their cigarette butts out of car windows into the dry mulch?…at that time the area was under the jurisdiction of Vanderburgh County and was not the responsibility of the City of Evansville?…with the annexation of that area by the City of Evansville problems like this became the responsibility of the City?…business owners on Burkhardt have recently advised the City County Observer that this problem has not been fixed in the three years that the City has been in control?…these business owners have also complained about the fact that street lights are not abundant enough to keep the area from looking to dark to be safe?…one particular business owner was so aggravated that he made the following statement:

“It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that replacing mulch with @*! #*@% rocks will solve this problem. Is our government aware that @*! #*@% rocks do not burn and are very cheap. I guess if we were downtown they would give us all of the @*! #*@% rocks we can stand.”

IS IT TRUE the sentiment among people and business owners outside of downtown Evansville is that the City of Evansville under the Weinzapfel and Winnecke Administrations has become the Mayors of the downtown with limited interest in anything that is not downtown?…this attitude has been verified first by the construction of the Ford Center which has yet to attract an entertainer that has not played at Roberts Stadium, second by the willingness of the Winnecke Administration to fork over $37.5 Million for a hotel downtown that competes with other businesses in and out of downtown, and most recently by the outward bias that downtown Evansville will be the only public response to the RFP for the IU Medical School campus?…there is no reason whatsoever that justifies other locations and private efforts to attract the IU Medical School going without the same support from the City that any downtown site will be given?

IS IT TRUE that last weekend saw another South Central Los Angeles style drive-by shooting in good ole Evansville?…this time the location was a residence near the corner of Covert and Kentucky Avenue that just a short 30 years ago was a premium location?…that it has been reported that a full 15 bullets were fired into the home but that no one got shot?…the “I didn’t see nothin” virus must still be at epidemic proportions because no one has come forward to identify just who or what fired 15 shots into a home?…of course the EPD will step up their patrols but the truth is that unless the people of any given neighborhood will find a cure for the “I didn’t see nothing” disease crimes like this will go unsolved and havoc will continue to expand?…we plead and encourage the people of areas plagued by drug and gang violence that this probably was to come forward and turn the perpetrators in so Evansville’s official homicide rate can once again be lower than LA’s?

IS IT TRUE that President Obama after 3 weeks has finally acknowledged that the technology launch of ObamaCare is not acceptable and that there is no excuse for the website to be crashing and reporting false and insufficient data to insurers?…he has also been holding some blame-storming meetings so he can visibly roll some heads over these problems?…some IT professionals and programmers are stating that the technology chosen by the Obama Administration is outdated and that the implementation may be better off if this $625 Million code mess is scrapped altogether?…rolling the heads of Sebillius and a few others for public show will not solve the problem of passing legislation without reading it and of not hiring capable people to lead a tech based effort?…we shall say again that if the Obama Administration would have been in charge of the Manhattan Project and the D-Day invasion that we would all be bilingual (German and Japanese) citizens of a very different nation?…it is time for these people to stop the bullcrap sessions and start to actually do something?


  1. Warrick County is apparently ahead of the Curve, and the Intrigue surrounding the End Game/selected site, will “build”, with Warrick’s expected ILU proposal to be revealed later today. With any sane criteria list in place, I would venture to say, the Elites push for a Downtown site will deemed “Comical” in comparison.

  2. We have a city/county that is on the net decline by the thousands, our health is nationally known to be on the decline, and our infrastructure is way too expanded which has caused inadequate sidewalks ranging in the multi-millions, fire houses on the chopping block, rotting residential and industrial neighborhoods, among many other things due. All this due to an unsustainable development practice and this guy is complaining about rocks and mulch? Wow. It seems to me like Burkhardt and vicinity would be a much better place for a “great lawn”.

    As for the downtown bias, I really don’t know how you can say that. The EVSC built that Fugly new high school about as far away from downtown as humanely possible, the ECVB is building ball fields in the boondocks (any word yet on what location the GPS came back with?), and both mayors have supported this boondoggle interstate that is redundant and a financial mess (the modern day Wabash & Erie Canal). Just about every road in the northeast quadrant has been widened or renovated to support future “growth” i.e uncontrollable sprawl that is a shift away from the core.

    The current and past mayor have been complete failures, but there’s been no bias for downtown. Ready, Fire, Aim is a better description of their planning practices.

    • Rails: What if? Say the direction of the “rest of the whole planet” is one planning to reduce carbon inputs and seek sequestration of climate change. (Happening as I write)

      What if you there in Evansville were required to score your carbon foot print per acre in the whole county? (eventually you will be)

      Now look at what you can almost instantly change and improve. (Oh boy lots)

      First clean water is a must for carbon sequestration,2/3 of the earths natural mechanisms to sustain the atmosphere is living on the surface and in the water itself. Ocean salinity is changing at a astounding pace,for the worst. As the sea temperatures warm,and they are,the surface life suffers. there is standing science of very recent research that shows real possibilities of mass extinctions of sea born micro organisms supporting the atmospheres sustainability.
      The contamination from the world wide river deltas destroy sea bed environmental balance and further create warming.
      That is the bite in the EPA’s bark about the CSO mandate demands. (something your city can change)

      Furthermore just the increased bus traffic too the “Fugly new High school” adds enough output carbon to knock over any real gains the building itself might have..”if even planned”. Thats a straight 0/f for carbon sequestration. How much earlier does a kid have to get up and burn energy just to get ready to head out on those buses? Is the actual time in class reduced by driving kids all over the county in a carbon bombing bus any?
      Very poor carbon sequestration infrastructure. (terrible planning.)
      Even take a look at what must take place to properly use the court system with your rotten jail location. (carbon foot print flunk)

      Green spaces can actually improve sustainability in carbon and methane levels.
      Green space must first be planned and maintained to achieve the most attainable sequestration per acre. (pretty easy stuff if left alone it happens naturally)

      Alternate clean energy should be applied incrementally over time parking lots,road signage,street lighting and landscape accent type applications.
      Better kind of look that over a bit, when planning a new medical school application forward as well,That should be leading edge in that design advancing on.
      By the way stop lights are horrible in the numbers for sequestration,less run time less emissions, more throughput better fuel consumption numbers. (positive objectives)

      Location,location with sourcing for life needs infrastructure,the availability for alternate transportation and mass transportation brings positive numbers. (Goals moved forward)
      Most new public areas with lighting,should have sequestration design in mind when the conceptualizations are on the drawing boards.

      And yes! Rails are very much in all the plans moved forward,”least carbon footprint per/mile in all applicable operations.” (common sense acting forward)
      Any thing that can be re-cycled should be. less landfill,less carbon transfer,less incremental methane released. (sequestration)

      Follow the “euros trail” on all this,that’s where the progressive actions are already forging forward on carbon sequestration.


      look behind.


      look here.


      look ahead.

  3. Has anyone heard from Wayne? Maybe the State Republican party chairmen told him stop making a fool of the local republican party by writing stupid blogs to local papers.

      • I’m surprised we hear from Wayne at all then. That, ladies and gentlemen, is proof in the power of delusion.

        I would, for one, miss the comedic value of Wayne’s folky, ill-timed babble.

  4. I have told both Whinezapfel and Winnecke that they were elected to be mayors of ALL of Evansville, not just downtown. It appears that they were/are too wrapped up in themselves and what they want to listen to me and others who think the way I do.

    I can GUARANTEE that unless Winnecke moderates his position about supporting only a downtown location for the expanded medical school, it will be built in Warrick County.

    • I believe you’re right, Pogo. The consultant who decided that downtown was the “optimal location” for the school must have never been downtown. Available sites there are land-locked and lack suitable housing, convenience to clinical sites, and existing retail. Sometimes I wonder if the Mayor of Downtown is on the Warrick Co. payroll, because he surely seems to be making this easy for them.

  5. I first thought Sebellius was “toast”, but POTUS would never get a replacement for her through the Senate. The website is a mess, but the GOP should sit down and be quiet. The failure of ACA is their last best hope to remain relevant on a national level.

  6. “… the Ford Center which has yet to attract an entertainer that has not played at Roberts Stadium…”

    If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it is, it is revealing, interesting, intriguing, and other adjectives as well ending in “ing”.

  7. Build that med building at Roberts park. How many times do we have to tell you, we don’t need another park? We don’t have the money and have proof we can’t take care of the parks we have now. The mayor says the public wants a park at Roberts, he must be smoking something because I have not run into anybody that is in favor of a park at Roberts Field.

  8. “It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that replacing mulch with @*! #*@% rocks will solve this problem. Is our government aware that @*! #*@% rocks do not burn and are very cheap. I guess if we were downtown they would give us all of the @*! #*@% rocks we can stand.”

    Hey Jack, We need more people like this guy to complain about all the attention and money going to downtown. Everyone pays taxes in the city and to take all that tax money and spend the vast majority of it on the downtown is crazy.

    People who don’t own property in the downtown are getting cheated. And they need to be more vocal about this fact. Not all the tax money should be going into the dead beat downtown. These businessmen in the downtown area sure are lucky to have so many politicians helping their businesses grow at the expense of everyone else in Evansville. Perhaps those on the North and West Side should also voice their complaints about all the money going to the downtown area.

    • The installation of the rocks would be essentially “free” when you consider the cost of fire runs to the median fires. Besides, sooner or later, there will be someone hurt because of the fires.

  9. “this time the location was a residence near the corner of Covert and Kentucky Avenue that just a short 30 years ago was a premium location?…”

    Not so much. It has been more than the sixty years that I readily recall since that was a desirable location. My parents resisted the “siren song” of the ‘burbs longer than most, but finally gave in to doing “what is right” for me, so fifty-plus years ago, I exited fifth grade at Culver School and entered Plaza Park in sixth.
    I do recall that the apartment buildings on the NE corner of that intersection were still well-taken care of and home to some well-off, older singles until the ’70’s.
    I am beginning to think I could write a “historical novel” about Evansville of the fifties and sixties that may actually be a good read. A rowdy river town, with a redlight district, houseboats on Pigeon Creek, and the Spurlock case, with a little Leslie Irvin mixed in, could be interesting, if it was “spiced up” a little.

    • Someone told me about some houseboats under the Franklin street bridge over pigeon once. The way it was described that sounded like the people on the houseboats were a little bit of the red light district and the creek population …eewoow.

      That title was applied to one of your west side political names by someone from there once,wow that was kind of harsh to hear,gees.

      • Many of the girls from the houseboats aspired to work in the “upscale” red light district, known as the “Gears.” That was 1st, 2nd, 3rd Avenues and High Street.
        The tales I have heard about the houseboat people will raise your hackles. I suspect there is more than one local politician that can trace their lineage to the houseboats and/or “Gears.”
        My aunt was the med tech who tested the “girls” on a monthly basis. She spent part of her time in the office and part of it out hunting down the ones who were late for their tests. She also assisted in the testing of specimens in the Spurlock autopsies.

  10. Where is the council member that has insisted tepe park be a top priority? Maybe the crime issue should come before hotels, water meters, dog parks and whatever else that is stealing the focus. Not saying that money will solve this but anytime a suggestion is made the budget comes in as a concern.

  11. The mulch catching fire on Burkhardt has been going on for 15 years…not 4. It originally was the developer of the area that required mulch (and rock was forbidden). I was contracted to do some landscape work along Burkhardt 15 years ago and when I presented my plan to the business, I had to make several changes to comply with the developer of the area.

    The client I was representing NEEDED rock laid because the watershed from the adjacent roof was not guttered (by design). It was a freefall down to their landscape area. And what happens when you have a big storm? All of the mulch would backwash into their driveway and parking lot with a certain percentage of it ending up in the city sewer.

    I understand and appreciate some of the standards that were put in place in the Burkhardt commercial development area. But requiring mulch is not a very high standard and screams poor common sense or simply being an asshole developer.


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