IS IT TRUE October 18, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE October 18, 2013

IS IT TRUE that a fundraising event has been planned for the Halloween season that will provide graveyard access to dogs essentially turning at least one graveyard into sort of a dog park for a couple of hours?…dogs will be dogs which means that headstones will be used by these dogs as fireplugs traditionally have been?…while the City County Observer supports events that raise money for humane treatment of animals turning dogs lose in a cemetery is not appropriate?…our alternative is to hold this event in the lot where Roberts Stadium was before the demolition by neglect team did more damage than any pack of dogs has ever done?…it will be a good trial run to see if dog whistles are audible over the traffic noise?…we reiterate that the proposed site for Roberts Park is not a suitable place for a casual conversation due to traffic noise from the Lloyd Expressway and it thus not suitable for a park of any kind?

IS IT TRUE that this whole concept of having the customers of the City of Evansville Water and Sewer Department who happen to reside outside the boundaries of the City to pay a 35% premium for services originated back at the turn of the century under the Russ Lloyd Jr. administration?…the deal was that roughly $80 Million of bonds were sold to build a sewage treatment plant on North 41 across from Whirlpool?…the reason for the 35% premium was to pay for extending sewer services to the North Side?…the reality of the situation is that the bonds were sold but the North Side sewage treatment plant was never built?…what did get built was a jail?…the $80 Million was spread around the City of Evansville by the Weinzapfel Administration for sewage treatment on the West Side and the South Side and the North Side who is still stuck with the bill got nothing?…whether or not the City of Evansville’s 35% surcharge is proved to be legal or not, the actions that lead to it were sneaky and the use of funds was changed?…the people of the County were once again screwed by the City in what could easily qualify as a flim-flam scheme worthy of a three card monty dealer in the streets of New York City?

IS IT TRUE that exposing such things takes connecting the dots over a 10 year plus period and seems to elude the mainstream media of Evansville?…a tool is sometimes defined as one that assumes the appearance of truth for the purpose of assassination or obfuscation of truth?…we welcome comments calling out such tools?

IS IT TRUE insurers say the federal health-care marketplace is generating flawed data that is straining their ability to handle even the trickle of enrollees who have gotten through so far?…in a sign that technological problems extend further than the website traffic and software issues already identified the website for ObamaCare is obviously flawed to the point that the existing coverage is being corrupted?…emerging errors include duplicate enrollments, spouses reported as children, missing data fields and suspect eligibility determinations?… executives at more than a dozen health plans have reported data corruption instances?….these flaws could do lasting damage to the law if customers are deterred from signing up or mistakenly believe they have obtained coverage?…irrespective of the fact that Congress has averted a debt ceiling crisis, it is now clear that the implementation of ObamaCare is not ready to launch and needs to be delayed until it has been proven that damages to the system have been eliminated?…it is embarrassing to have to deal with the utter ineptness of our federal government when attempting to do what nearly every insurance company in America has been doing for at least 10 years?


  1. The legality of the sur-charge is questionable, never was answered if the commercial customers out 41 and 57 pay the higher rate. If the water/sewer dept doesn’t want new customers, require 2 1/2 acre lots with wells and septic systems. I think the w/s dept is addicted to the higher payments and couldn’t function without the additional funds.

    • The surcharge would be “legal” only if and when the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) approves its application on these most recent rate increase proposals. I cannot imagine how the IURC can ignore a citizen’s remonstrance against the 35% surcharge considering there has never been a study presented by the utility that justifies the surcharge.

      Meanwhile, property owners outside the city limits should pay close attention to the notice sent out this week detailing the proposed rate increases.

      If you read the notice, you will find that the utility and the city council is proposing to charge the 35% surcharge not only on sanitary sewerage flow, but also on the water usage along with a monthly charge for your water meters! What the hell?

      Now, ask yourself, or better yet, ask the IURC how the hell a surcharge is justified on county-only water meters when 1) most of our meters are more recently installed compared to in-city meters, and therefore are not among the 45,000 meters scheduled for replacement; and 2) when the water department’s SERVICE GARAGE and ENGINEERING DEPT., from where the meters are delivered, installed, and the meter readers come and go, IS LOCATED OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS, and is in much closer proximity in the many instances to the newer meters on our county properties. The installation, service, and meter reader crews have to travel farther to do their work when they service the OLDER meters inside the city, especially on the East Side.

      The vast majority of sewer and water infrastructure outside the city limits was installed privately, and its cost was passed on to the homeowners and property owners.

      The vast majority of sewer and water infrastructure inside the city, other than that annexed since 1988, was installed with public money.

      The majority of meters in need of replacement are inside the city, while the majority of meters outside the city are newer and not scheduled for replacement.

      The majority of maintenance and reconstruction needed on sewer line infrastructure exists inside the city. Very little infrastructure repair or replacement is required outside the city.

      There’s more that will come to light in time.

      Meanwhile, county property owners need to appeal to the IURC and ask them to require justification by the utility department for the unfair and unjustified 35% surcharge tagged onto the proposed monthly rates for meters, water, and sewer services. The proposal is to jump the rates each year for the next 3 years.

  2. Once it is up and running, it will be more efficient than any insurer. Regardless of the myth they tell you, private sector is not always better. Most countries in the developed world have a single payer system that is way more efficient than our mess, and the care is better to boot. They’ll spend plenty of money to keep up the smear campaign.

    • The real question is why the hell the morons in the Obama White House can not make a website work? This is an embarrassment to the United States. How damn stupid can we be. Kentucky is the only place that the darn thing is working.

      • That’s not true. It seems to be working okay in most of the states that have their own exchanges, of which Kentucky is one. I think they’ve started telling “Hoosier jokes” across the river.
        It is likely that the enrollment period will be extended beyond the March 2014 deadline.
        It is not like the President and VP designed the systems themselves, but I expect Kathleen Sebelius will resign soon. Never fear, this is America. We’ll find a way to make it work.

        • If your insurance company ran their business as the ACA is being run, you would not say “That’s alright, it will work out.” You need the same scrutiny you have for you current provider for what wants to replace it.

          • Agree 100%.

            Not that it will matter, this is the government your talking about where there have been $1000 toilet seats, $%500 hammers, etc, etc.

            But I guess many here want to ignore the warning signs of this year of the woes people losing their current insurance, doctors, double or higher premiums under ACA, and the list goes on.

            Anyone thinks this will be cheaper and better serviced than the private sector is on some serious drugs.

    • John Doe–You sound like a good Obama supporter to me. I hope you are correct, but I do not think you are even close of being accurate.

      This is going to be a mess for a long time and will greatly negatively impact our good quality medical services that we currently receive.

      I do not want us to be like other countries of the world with 2nd class quality service.

      • Wayne, our healthcare is far from the top of the list on quality and it’s the most expensive to boot.

        • Which List? These developed nations you cite are trying to shed their govi-care systems. Most health care innovations originate from this country. We should not destroy that innovation.

        • And you really think the government can do better? You will never be able to convince me of that; government by design is inefficient in anything they do.

      • I think that Obamacare will work just fine and that the GOP made a huge mistake shutting down the Federal Government and costing us millions of dollars by doing so. They will pay dearly at the polls IMHO. So Wayne you have your work cut out for you. Nobody is buying what you are selling these days.

        The GOP has no alternative plan to Obamacare other than to continue to let the Insurance Companies charge every higher and higher premiums. That’s not a good plan IMHO.

      • I think JD is a “good Obama supporter”, Wayne. I know I am. Maybe you should take a look at where the US ranks in infant mortality, life expectancy, and cost vs. outcomes. It is hard for a good fiscal conservative to defend our system when you look at reality, instead of just assumming we’re the best in the world. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass of “u & me”. In this case, not so much me, just you.

        • I do not think obamacare will effect the infant mortality rate or increase life expectancy. Our standing in both areas are actually pretty good considering the lifestyle of Americans. The greater the number of thugs, the more premature deaths, thus life expectancy decreases. Americans know no moderation, we eat more, drink more, smoke more, drug more than developed country. We exercise less. Infant mortality rate is directly linked to the lifestyle of the mother and we know that child producers outside of the traditional family is dismal. The healthcare of expectant mothers and children in this country is second to none. The math is simple on obamacare, the folks that live right and do right will be penalized by paying for those who don’t. I think health insurance should be available for all and paid for by a gasoline tax, as in Europe and Japan. I started to say, “free” but that’s a liberal concept that most people over 30 have abandoned.

          • There is also a difference in how country’s define “infant.” Why would more infants die in the USA than Europe

    • When and where is it? In Western Europe, the socialist paradise? If the US consumer was not financing the bulk of new drug development for rest of the world, maybe our health care bill might just a little less burdensome? Given the defense subsidy that US has been providing for the last 60 years to NATO, and the fact that most of these countries actually enforce their borders, and are much more homogeneous in their populations as a result, you would think their health care funding would be a piece of cake. But even they realize the gig is up unless the spending on health care is curtailed. This is what is happening in the UK. Last poll I saw, only about 60% approved of the NHS in the UK, and if you were really sick and went inpatient, it was less than 40%.

      There is no way, if a Republican impemented a bill like this, that if after almost 3 years it had not yet designed a workable Web page, and had exempted almost every friendly Republican supporter, that there would be such a forgiving and supprtive attitude from ACA cool aide drinkers. This bill needs at best to be significantly changed.

      • Reality check time! It is here, it is real. Get over it!
        It will likely undergo change as most programs do, as a result of experience with it. I expect that change will lead to improvements and eventually, single-payer or at least, a public option.

        • You mean change like Obama illegally granting wavers *after* the ACA became law? How do you think businesses got the extension?

          The simple fact is a president *cannot* alter a law to his liking; that is the responsibility of congress.

  3. “Roberts Park is not a suitable place for a casual conversation due to traffic noise from the Lloyd Expressway and it thus not suitable for a park of any kind?”

    Yesterday, I went to the state hospital grounds and guess what, I could hear everything behind just a couple rows of trees from the Lloyd.

    I know you all are grasping for excuses not to build a park, but when we put up a couple rows of trees, the sound situation will resolve itself.

      • Auction the land off to the highest bidder and get it back on the tax rolls.

        What is this obsession local politicians have with parks? Evansville is not New York City or Chicago Illinois. We are surrounded by rural countryside with scads of places one can visit to commune with nature. Many within a 10 or 20 minute drive.

        Since it is a documented fact that Evansville does not have a history of taking care of or improving its existing parks, spending millions of dollars to create another one makes zero sense.

        Take a small fraction of that money that is “burning a hole” in the pockets of city officials and use that to upgrade existing parks which cover a greater geographic area of the city.

        Take care of what you have and it will take care of you.


        • PAK: I’ve looked into some of the recent past auctions in your downtown,if that is any indicator the closed bid won’t be much.
          Man those were “lowwww bids.”

          Really couldn’t believe the auction bids accepted for a couple of complex buildings in that district, I’ll bid a few bucks on the Roberts property, Its got a little bit of promise if the place was put back to work for a revenue producing plot.
          Return on investment,and equity.

          Some park features,with the advanced green space planned natural sound barriers planned and included,year round 24/7 recreational water recovery functions. Self contained alternate energy, transformed forward, unique lighting with added energy provider back up. Absolutely no CSO impact to combined sewers. Incremental functions towards CSO elimination for site district per Counties EPA mandate issues.
          Whole property in design to stabilized and sustain counties environmental signature per Global Climate Change conditions.
          Planned forward growth to accept compounding requirements to naturally and environmentally remain viable and advancing,proceeding forward.
          On site training for site applications development. Media complex for incoming global urban environmental science development teams arriving for training and demonstrations of the on site science engineering planet science concepts forward planning.
          On site management and technical staff to maintain innovations and apply preventative measures for site infrastructure management.
          Probably around ten FTE, four PTE,and about 34 Heads in beds per week a year. Not bad for a place offering a park type experience for the public.

          I’ll bid the first low ball buddies bid, “twenty five bucks……”
          That should cover the present dates “inflationary figures” per the bids on the complex downtown properties.

          Deal?…. Of course “we both know” the city itself could probably build it with the right bids for couple of million,or so. Ain’t much…….

          • My math tells me that $25.00 coming in is preferable to $20. million going out.


        • That property was donated to the PEOPLE of Evansville for a stadium that no longer exists-the entire idea behind the stupid dog park joke is so someone CAN sell it to an outside interest (with a nice little kickback to someone’s real estate deals) I say let it sit. Plant an orchard, it still makes me sick what’s been done. My dog already has a park: my large yard.
          And Friends of Winnecke: send me any more beggar letters? I’ll send you a present from my dog.

        • PAK; After further study into site conceptual bid planning an cost over run was incurred. Planning forward* should allow for an additional “two cents” in bid costing applied to the project* site overall bid*.
          The additions of the incremental costing will make the site bid for twenty five dollars, and two cents*. $25.02.

          The incremental bid costing run up is as projected and applied “due” the engineering research charges incurred of “two cents” sustained by the overall bid process.

          Explanation: Planning forward, plus costing projection’s required for the environmental sustainability cross blending developments*, and those said collaboration*’s forward to technically adapt the plans* advanced,unique, green planet forward concepts* to an “flower pot”* application,per request.

          As requested, per public and municipal planning efforts too date.

          die dulci freure

          Have a nice day. 😉

      • Even better than Googling, is taking a walk in a park along the Lloyd (like I did) and actually see how bad the sound is. When you get around 200 feet away through trees it wasn’t bad.

        However, I googled “trees as a sound barrier” and the very first result confirmed that it is a good idea to use evergreens. What’s your point??

    • While that’s probably true if you plant the right type of tree and they have time to grow to the proper size.

      Tree’s will not only filter out the sounds but they will help filter out the air pollution that comes from the thousands of cars that travel the Lloyd.

      I would not want to be exercising near an expressway where thousands of cars, trucks and busses zoom by leaving a toxic trail of air pollution from their tail pipes. Nobody has even discussed that in here yet. Until right now. The amount of Carbon Monoxide that comes from those vehicles could have an impact on the park if it’s built in this location. Not to mention the fine particulates and the Nitrogen Oxides and Hydrocarbons that come out of the exhaust pipes. This is not a little country road but a major highway with thousands of cars going back and forth on it daily.

      • Coyote: That’s just it, if one plants and maintains the right tree it absorbs the Carbon dioxides and greenhouse gases and converts those to stored carbohydrates,then releases that back as Oxygen and nitrogen,trees provide sequestration of greenhouse gases.
        One average native tree from age 1 to 30 years can remove the average of 13.2 lbs of carbons per year from the atmosphere.
        About the equal of driving your car for 5K-7K miles and adding it. Make that an acre of trees then this adds up to incremental global carbon sequestration actions.
        Indeed, when that is added this sequesters global warming numbers, and as the tree grows it sustains that with increased canopy that also acts as an sound barrier to some of the lesser white noise frequencies such as road noise.
        Properly selected tree species can easily remove 2.6 tons of carbon elements per/acre, per/yr. The hydrology numbers get even better if the mix is proportioned for the permeability of the acreage where applied plantings are located.

        Over all climate science proven numbers. “Urban forestry for climate change.” Low coastal countries are already building for these issues globally,due to actual and forcasted sea level rise.

        “Finis coronat opus” (Ovid)

        “The ending crowns the work”

  4. That’s so cute John, but is the ACA a single payer system? And is the dismal failure a smear campaign or indicative of a system wrought with problems?
    How will those who can not afford insurance be able to afford it at the more affordable twice the rate?
    How will a family who can afford insurance now afford it when the affordable care act doubles their premiums, cut’s their coverage, and increase their deductibles 600%?
    How will a business of 40 grow to over 50 when it subjects them to a new level of liabilities they can not afford?
    How will a part time employee become full time when his employer faces new liabilities for over 36 hours?
    Here is the future legacy of the ACA.

    • No, it’s not a single payer system but that’s what we should be working towards.

      • That’s what you think we should be working towards. But we are already seeing the the ACA is going to deliver less and cost more than promised, so how would a single payer system deliver more for less? And if we need a single payer system, then why are you supporting the ACA?

        I would love for you to explain the concerns I presented.

        • For starters, it may decouple insurance from employment. I cant post links here but it’s not rocket science. Just face it, you can’t look at this without bias. You’d rather pay more for less to keep with your out of whack, sick principles. To make our current system work we’d need to start having ERs turn people away if you can’t pay cash up front to stop your heart attack or stroke.

          • Decoupling insurance from your employer is a good thing. Moving from the company store to the government store is not.

            Sorry, but “more for less” is your sick principles.

            I can look at the ACA or single payer with math. It is you who has to much Denver pixie dust in his eyes to be objective. In the least the ACA needs to be bumped until the problems are resolved.

            Do you think people won’t be turned away under the ACA? How will people who can not afford health insurance now or can barely afford it pay for when they are forced by the government? You guys are all dreamy eyed over the ACA and ignoring the reality of what is happening with it.

        • One more thing, IE. People will NOT be turned away. They can’t be. Did you not understand that?
          I would have replied directly to your post, but it was too far down the list to have a “reply” button.

          • and therein lies the problem. The old and the sick that use plenty of expensive medical services will sign up paying the same premium as the young and healthy are quoted. The young and healthy however will be faced with spending $6,000 or so a year for insurance they think they don’t need or paying a $95 fine. Make no mistake, they will pay the fine. That will send the system into a death spiral of higher and higher rates until it implodes. The benefactors of ObamaCare will be the poor and the sick. The “hosts” are the healthy people with good incomes. The option to just pay a fine is what will kill the system.

            By the way in my circle of friends most of whom are employed and healthy, not one person is planning to sign up and pay for the insurance. Why would they? If they come down with something they will sign up then. Afterall, even if they need brain surgery they can’t be denied coverage. Get ready for a clusterF@$* of epic proportion.

          • People are turned away now? injured folks taken to the ER are denied help because they don’t have insurance? really?

            Other than the stray story on the interweb I’ve never in all my years ever heard of a single person taken to a hospital turned away, this really happens?


          • LKB, you’re fooling yourself. They can’t be turned away now. But what about extended wait times? There is a whole industry in Canada devoted to helping Canadians receive timely care in the USA. That is a form of being denied care.

            “I would have replied directly to your post, but it was too far down the list to have a “reply” button.”

            It’s hard to keep up with you reply button or not. 🙂

    • The insurance rates will be cut in half not doubled. Your base for your argument is without an foundation.

      Prices for insurance have already dropped for many people because of the completion.

    • I really have my doubts about the scenarios you present being correct. Obviously, the answer is that single-payer insurance would do what all insurers seek to do, spread risk in order to reduce cost.
      If a family really cannot afford insurance now, the chances are that their premiums will be fully subsidized. If they are simply choosing to forego insurance for things that are more “fun” I suppose we are enforcing the “personal responsibility” that conservatives preach.
      In reality, ACA is not the best answer, but it is a step down the road. It will need tweaking and changing, and will likely lead to single payer.

      • LKB, unless you limit yourself to only liberal points of view, then I don’t see how you miss hearing these scenarios, and I think you are a well informed person.

        What will the family do who is not at a poverty level but has little discretionary money and facing an increases of $6,000 a year do? They will certainly have less “fun” as you say. They may have decide on building retirement vs health insurance, or the may decide that paying a $94 fine is more beneficial for their family than pay more for less. The math of it is that most will choose the fine, but a key part of the ACA is such families being willing to pay more.

        “Obviously, the answer is that single-payer insurance would do what all insurers seek to do, spread risk in order to reduce cost.”

        Is that how the ACA has performed? It is not in my comprehension level to understand how one can see the problems and delays with the government taking a large portion of of our health care and believe that if the solution is to give it all to them. As I said, if your insurance provider performed this poorly you would not reward them with all of your security.

    • In what world have health care premiums been cut? Fantasy land maybe. I know of a few instances where this is true, but in most cases this is not the fact. Given 80% might not even have to pay a penalty, and they can sign up the first day they get seriously sick without any waiting, this is reduction is not going to happen. That bullocks about 50% price cut must come from the same type of soure that told us how little the cost of Medicare and Medicaid would be. I’m not against some type of health care to help the uninsured but these pipedreams will only result in higher cost and disappointed people.

  5. The people in question did get sewer service–did they not? Those sewer pipes and connections did not just magically appear in the ground–they cost moneyto install.

    • Wayne, I’m sure you believe the “overwhelming majority” of county residents support the surcharge and even enjoy paying it.

    • Wayne, you need to update your learning curve on how those sewer lines out in the county were put into the ground and who paid for them. The vast majority of sanitary sewer infrastructure outside the city limits (aside from the huge, major trunk lines running alongside U.S. 41 and S.R. 57), and including most of the pump stations, were installed by private land developers and charged out to homeowners and commercial lot developers in the price of their property and homes. Only then did the sewer utility inspect and assume ownership and maintenance of the infrastructure.

      Conversely, the vast majority of sewer infrastructure inside the older city (I mean that part not recently annexed from the county) was installed by the water and sewer utility, or by contractors with public money.

      Moreover, the majority of physical maintenance and reconstruction of sewer lines, as well as the majority of the needed and mandated reconstruction, is inside the city; while the sewer infrastructure out here in the county is relatively new and requires little or no immediate reconstruction.

  6. The fundraising event in question should turn the dogs loose in the proposed Roberts Park to not only test the sound level effects between owner and animal but also provide much needed fertilizer to the property.

    Heaven known there is enough %*#@ spread around by the double-u administration.

  7. exposing such things takes connecting the dots over a 10 year plus period and seems to elude the mainstream media of Evansville?… Go back 30 years. The water dept is a profitable operation. $200,000000 in the black. the sewer dept has been mismanaged for decades under BPW is $300, 000000 in the red. Some body had a bright idea lets combine them. Neither operation has been right since.

    • It is starting to sound to me like we have numerous public officials, past and present, who should be occupying the sewage-plant-turned-jail.
      Does anybody else see the irony here?

      • The only “faith” I see are those who say “It will work out” even after seeing the problems.

        The article takes a true statement by Cruz, applies it to a very narrow scope, then says everything he said was wrong. e.g. “For people buying on the individual market, through the ACA exchanges, will premiums go up? The short answer is: for some yes, for some no, and there’s usually a significant reason when premiums do go up: much more coverage is being offered. Cruz is wildly overstating his case by saying “virtually every person across this country” has seen higher premiums.”

        The article uses an undefined “some people,” an “usually a significant reason when premiums do go up,” Then concludes by cherry picking his statement about ‘virtually everyone” by leaving out his “I would venture to say.” Everyone I know will be paying significantly more for less. Does anyone know a person paying less?

        It’s not about “faith;” it’s about most of us are not gullible enough to believe that the ACA has lived up to the promises.

        • I only really know of one person’s situation and that is someone who could not get health insurance because of a chronic condition. That person is going to have health insurance for $75 dollars a month with a max out-of-pocket of less than $1,000 a year.
          I think that is a pretty good deal. It includes prescription coverage that will make medicine that currently costs about $260/month cost around $30/month.
          I think the peace-of-mind of knowing that getting sick isn’t going to cost him everything he has and ever expects to have is worth the premium, don’t you?
          I really KNOW this person’s situation. I wonder if you really know the situations you are citing, or just repeating what people have told you.

          • I know of someone who is 42 and has been told that his insurance does not qualify and his out of pocket will be $3,400 and can have up to a $6M deductible. He isn’t paying nearly 8% of his income for insurance now. What about the fairness to him?

            • There are literally millions of people that are not eligible for this piece of crap program and will remain uninsured. This is just about the government taking over full control of healthcare. Even I could have not predicted how terrible ObamaCare would turn out. I guess Congress needs to pass a law to read everything completely before holding a vote. Pelosi, Ried, and Obama need to be convicted of treason for what they have done.

          • There has to be a better way for chronic conditions to be covered than ACA. I will agree these people need additional help but not via ACA.

          • “I wonder if you really know the situations you are citing, or just repeating what people have told you.” LKB, that’s uncalled for. Maybe you’re uninformed and just repeating what you have been told.

            I do personally know one young person whose insurance was just increased by nearly $100 a month and was informed to expect more increases.

            But then I don’t need to talk to others. The glitches and math alone are indicative of a plan that will go bust.

          • LKB, for years I tried to support Bush, and while I still feel he was better than the far left want to give him credit for, there came a time when his ineptness was no longer defensible. That time was when he tried to fix the economy with his stimulus.

            Obama is even more inept. He has accomplished nothing except getting himself elected. The ACA is a failure on its way to a disaster, and at some time you, as a thinking person, will come epiphany with Obama as I came to with Bush. You will still like him as a person, even I find things I like in him, but you are going to have to accept that he has been inept as president. His uncompromising stances and vindictiveness in getting his way is indicative of a person who is unsure and inept.

            Of course I find the republicans just as inept.

          • Not from ObamaCare. The numbers you quote do not exist unless this person is extremely poor and you are quoting an after supplement number.

          • My premiums will go down if I ever get signed up, information I have gathered thus far from Anthem indicate about a $200 a month reduction for a like policy ($1050 to $850/month). I don’t like the idea of riding on someone else’s back for my lot in life but I also didn’t like being canceled from my insurance after diagnosis back in 1997 or so when I played by the rules.

            As to ACA, I have been trying to “shop” that boondoggle for 19 days, took 9 just to establish a username & password. I talked to an Anthem rep yesterday and was told they couldn’t “sign” me up because the government site was down ?????? I’m still trying to figure that out, are the private insurance company’s just agents for the ACA or did I get an idiot ?

            All in all it looks to me like another demoncratic utopian con !

          • One more thing, think of all the lost productivity this nation is experiencing with people just TRYING to sign up or find out what this ACA all about,,,,boggles the mind !

          • This person is most likely on disability with an income of less than $1000.00 a month. What are the real facts and exactly what does he have that he’s fearful of losing? It must not be as important as his health. So who picks up the difference? I do see a lot of benefits from ACA, such as, people opting for earlier retirement, leaving unsatisfactory jobs, more mobility to move to more desirable locations, and most of all more leisure time. Maybe we can get to where the Greeks are, I’m taken care of for life so I’ll only make enough money to stay at the lowest tax bracket. This is going to be a boon for the 46% who pay no tax.

          • if this is true 75 dollars a month then a young hard working family with little children will be paying this persons health insurance all the while not being able to afford their own…….this is a disgrace……redistribution of wealth the barry obama commie way…..

  8. I really want to know what cemetary is involved in this fund-raiser. I think people who have loved ones buried there should seek an injunction on this.
    I love animals, but this is disrespectful to both the families who have relatives buried there AND the animals. Seems like somebody finds humor in it, though.

  9. There is a graveyard off hyw 64 that has a bunch of white crosses. I think it is a baby graveyard. They should ask the land owner if its cool.

  10. Why is everyone even arguing over healthcare? It’s called civil disobedience. Let them fine you. Then just don’t pay the fine. Let them arrest you. Or barring that, just leave the country. No point in working anymore really. The working people are paying for everyone including themselves.

    • More red scare tactics. I wonder how those dirty pinkos in Europe sucessfully pull off social programs and are doing just fine? Of course you’ll cherry pick the failed ones and ignore the successful ones.

      • “braccae illae virides cum subveula rosea caledonia-quam elenganter conncinnatur!”

        “those green pants go so well with that pink shirt and plaid jacket!”

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