IS IT TRUE? October 19, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? October 19, 2011

IS IT TRUE that it was announced this morning by State Representative Gail Riecken and Evansville City Councilman John Friend, CPA that they will be holding a news conference to discuss the just scheduled Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission (IURC) hearing in Evansville regarding Vectren Corporation’s recent application for a fee increase?…that the City County Observer is thrilled that the IURC has actually agreed to come to Evansville for this meeting that will be in the Locus Room at the Centre on November 28, 2011 at 6 pm?…that our Indy Mole Nation tells us that there will be opportunities to discuss both the proposed dense pack technology upgrade and “other” issues of concern to the citizens of Evansville?…that there will be a sufficient contingent of people to offer one-on-one time for people who would rather express their grievances in private?…that this meeting is a big win for Evansville and SW Indiana and in all fairness it is a win for Vectren too?…that we think they will be supportive of local hearings?

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer would like to challenge and admonish the people of Evansville to get out of the house and attend this meeting?…that by our presence we can make our concerns and our commitments to be engages as citizens known?…that after these elected officials have demanded this, the CCO has continually called for this, and even Vectren is supportive of this that the least we can do is “densely pack” the Locust Room for this meeting?…that the days of the people of Evansville being complacent about the issues that determine what our community is need to come to an end?…that we call upon everyone who spends time moaning and groaning about Vectren to put this on your schedule and pack the house?…that admission is free?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to thank and congratulate the officers, the board of directors and the new shareholders of the Evansville Commerce Bank for doing what it took to acquire the shares back from the Michigan company that held them and establish what is now Evansville’s 2nd bank that is locally owned?…that this effort is precisely the kind of effort that is needed over and over in Evansville so that local wealth is built and channeled for local good?…that this people is precisely what is meant by Angel Investment?…that while we still have no formal Angel Investment Group or Venture Capital Firm that this share buy-back should be an example to rally around to light that entrepreneurial fire that we certainly hope is smoldering?

IS IT TRUE that on a national level that last night’s Republican Presidential Candidate’ Debate from Las Vegas nearly resembled a WWF smack down or a cage fight with things getting so contentious that pointing, touching, and yelling ensued?…that the night started out with the pack going after Herman Cain’s 999 plan like it was a 666 plan instead?…that the jackals (candidates) said everything they could short of calling 999 “the mark of Cain”?…that the question that we have about all of the official reports on how this plan is unfair, insufficient, etc, is “aren’t these the same people that said the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%”?…that for the Washington economists and think tanks that gave their blessings to the economic policies of Presidents Obama and Bush to opine on any economic plan is just unnecessary?…that this is sort of like a 3rd Grader issuing a negative opinion on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?…that it is actually worse because the 3rd Grader will not have lost credibility yet?…that most people should be able to do their own math with a simple plan like 999?…that either it works or it doesn’t?…that if the taxpayers of this country are incapable of simple multiplication by 9% then we really are beyond repair from and educational point of view?…that we wonder what percentage of 100 random people in the mall can correctly answer the question “what is 9% of 100”? Care to Guess?


  1. Vectren Electrical Rates: Indiana Public Utility data are public records if you know where to look. Vectren should produce for the public a side by side cost comparison showing their cost per kilowatt compared to all other Indiana Electric Utilities. As a state average, Indiana has one of the lowest electrical rates in the US. Keep in mind, Vectren already has the the highest electrical rates in Indiana before this latest rate increase request. WHY?

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