IS IT TRUE October 16, 2013 Part 2 “Who Butter’s Your Bread?”

Arena Vetting Process Chairman
Arena Vetting Process Chairman

IS IT TRUE October 16, 2013 Part 2

IS IT TRUE that a elected Democratic  party precinct official from the 2nd Ward has been rattling the saber of no financial support toward three other Democrats who attended the City County Observer Mole Awards Monday?…this person has threatened to withhold any future financial support from Knight Township Trustee Kathryn Martin, State Representative Gail Riecken, and Pigeon Township Trustee and Mole Award winner Mary Hart because they showed their face at the CCO Mole Awards Luncheon?…no threats were made toward Mole Award Winners City Council President Connie Robinson and Councilman John Friend who are also Democrats?…City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff Riley, County Commissioner Steve Melcher, and Rick Riney also are Democrats in attendance along with the recently elected Chairman Rob Faulkner that were not targeted for withholding of contributions?…this finger pointing Democrat who currently serves in an appointed position at the pleasure of Republican Mayor Lloyd Winnecke may want to review the balance of power with respect to the group targeted for non-support?…it is each person’s right to support or not support candidates for office and the CCO supports this right?…we also support the rights of those targeted to do whatever they choose within the bounds of the law to let their positions be known?

IS IT TRUE we have also learned that the windmill blade business that we asked the questions about in today’s earlier IS IT TRUE is no longer in business in Evansville?…we are sure it felt good and made a great story for former Mayor Weinzapfel and his surrogates to smile for the camera when those 400 jobs were announced back in 2011?…the back side of that story is that they came, they worked for a while, they did employ a few people, and they left?…it is really looking like POOR PUBLIC POLICY for elected officials to make premature and overhyped announcements regarding job creation?…if all of the job announcements that have been made by politicians in Evansville would have turned out as announced the unemployment rate here would be negative?…the real question is what happens to the money that is handed out for these jobs that never materialize and is there any consequence to politicians who dramatically exaggerate job creation claims to the point of insanity?

IS IT TRUE that on or about March 1, 2014, the $200,000 loan made by the City of Evansville under order of Mayor Winnecke to Earthcare Energy LLC will come due?…this money of course was advanced to Earthcare Energy from a seldom used pot of money without giving the Evansville City Council the courtesy of notice before they were asked to approve a $4 Million loan to Earthcare Energy LLC?…as we know this whole thing was eventually kyboshed by Mayor Winnecke for Earthcare’s alleged failure to perform according to their contract with the City?…in spite of that allegation Earthcare has continued to service the loan with the minimum interest only payments of about $380 per month and asserts that they were indeed performing according to contract?…this saga will be coming back around in 18 short weeks to haunt the City of Evansville?…this is yet another SWORD of DAMACLES that is hanging over the taxpayers of Evansville from another READY, FIRE, AIM decision originating from the 3rd Floor Office in the Civic Center?

IS IT TRUE the State of Indiana is once again on the leading edge of a lawsuit against the Obama Administration for the employer mandate section of ObamaCare?…Indiana asserts that as an entity exempt from federal taxation as all states are that the Supreme Court’s decision to allow ObamaCare to move forward on the basis that it is a TAX should not apply to states and state employees?…that would include all state and public school employees?…the State makes a strong assertion that intergovernmental tax immunity that is the backbone of duel sovereignty guaranteed by the United States Constitution?…this will be interesting to watch play out and serves to reinforce that then Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was completely out to lunch with her “we gotta pass it to see what’s in it” approach to governance?

IS IT TRUE the ObamaCare website still does not work well enough to call itself a viable insurance portal?…some technical experts are saying that it never will unless they start over from scratch?…we are lucky these varmints did not run the Manhattan Project or the D-Day Invasion because if they did we would either be speaking Japanese or German as opposed to American English?


  1. Local politics is a dirtier business than most politics. I do hope the elected officials go public with a name.
    It is true that the states that have to use the federal website to sign up for ACA are still having problems, but the states with their own exchanges seem to be okay. Over 10,000 Kentuckians are signing up daily, according to Gov. Beshear.

    • Thou does’t exaggerate by an extra zero. While 10,000 per day would be a ringing endorsement, 1,000 per day does not ring so loudly. Here is the quote from MSNBC on Sunday.

      “Kentuckians are signing up in droves–at a rate of more than 1,000 people per day–in a state where more than half a million people have been uninsured.”

      That said if this enrollment rate keeps up for 500 days Kentucky will be fully insured. What is hilarious is that Kentucky could figure out how to make a website work but the federal government can’t. Who are the ignorant toothless hillbillies now?

      • I hope they will be honest and give a breakdown of the number who are actually “paying” regular price for insurance vs the subsidized and new Medicaid enrollees.

        • Would those “paying” regular price be the employer paid benefits? No one pays full price for insurance. Its a complete fraud. What you want to know are how many “moochers” vs people paying for insurance. I guess the number of people paying a low amount for insurance instead of sucking up tax dollars going to the ER or just being unproductive at work while they work sick and get YOU sick on the job does not cross your mind while you demonize those who are poor. OF course you ignore the fact that your money going to pay for this private insurance is lining the pockets of numerous executives who keep making the top lists of executive pay and keep getting pay increases and perks. You dont mind the rich executives mooching off your dime but those pesky poor must be the problem. WOW!

      • You are correct, I used a wrong figure. The truth is that the bulk of the sign-ups will take place between Thanksgiving and the end of February. The point is that the plan will “fail” where the state wants it to, like here in IN. In places that want it to succeed, it will.

  2. The only money a precinct committeeman controls is the money he packs in his own wallet that his wife is unaware of and the party has not separated him from. Besides, in today’s local politics, precinct committeemen are very small potatoes. In this instance, big threats don’t equal a big deal.

    • If only you knew how “BIG” this guy is… And I ain’t talking literally. I’m talking physically.

      • he hasn’t shown up at the last two democratic caucuses to vote on party leadership, I had hoped he took his ball and went back to play with the republicans

        • and I wonder if Rob has taken it upon himself to discuss this with the offender or if he’s going to overlook it like he did when the same guy was stuffing envelopes for Winneke?

          • Was Rob chairman when you say this person was stuffing envelopes? Did you see this person stuff envelopes?

  3. Why the innuendo regarding the person threatening to withhold campaign monies? Just name them if the information is reliable. Also, do they have the ability to actually withhold said support?

    • Probably not, unless they are talking about their own personal financial support. I’d still like to know who it is.

      • It sounds to me like it is a commitee member that helps raise money and plans on communicating their dislike.

  4. Speaking of threats to politicians over something they’ve done… I hear Wayne Parke is on the warpath again. This time he’s targeting high profile people in elected County positions for having Facebook photos that depict them with a certain Democrat candidate for Sheriff.

    Wayne Parke is continuing to make enemies within his own Party over the silliest of things. Whist he demands complete fidelity to the Party, he violates the meaning of the word “conservative” on a consistent basis.

    • Brad this kinda reminds me of the democrats who had pictures posted with Winneke last election. looks like both parties are coming apart at the seams

  5. Was the Mole Award program a Democrat gathering with a few token Republicans? Sounds like it.

    • There are only two elected republicans in the City of Evansville. One was in attendance and the other is the Mayor. There were plenty of Republicans in attendance.

      • I’m a Republican. I was there. Nick Hermann was there. Brenda Bergwitz was there. Brent Grafton… Those are just a few off the top of my head.

        The Libertarian Party Chairman, Bart Gadau, was there.

  6. “…this money of course was advanced to Earthcare Energy from a seldom used pot of money without giving the Evansville City Council the courtesy of notice before they were asked to approve a $4 Million loan to Earthcare Energy LLC?…” (CCO)

    * * * * * * * * * *

    It was federal grant money that was used and since nothing was achieved of any benefit, that tax money should be repaid to the agency that provided the funds!


  7. As Knight Township Trustee, I was made aware of this by reading the CCO. I was not informed that I needed” Permission” to attend any functions, nor do I take orders from CHRIS COOKE. It is now on record that you “Sir” have met your match.

    • Congratulations for outing Jabba the Gravekeeper (Chris Cooke) as the loudmouth turncoat who did this.

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