IS IT TRUE October 14, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE October 14, 2013

IS IT TRUE that mother nature was kind to Evansville during the recent Fall Festival that went off without a hitch as always?…for those of you who attended the parade a ghost float owned by the Democrat Party of Vanderburgh County rolled by with nary a person on it?…there may have been some fear of being yanked off the float for past warrants in the air leading to the ghost float making the trip down Franklin?…there may have been no Democrats on the Fall Festival float but there will be some at the Mole Awards luncheon today including incoming Chairman Rob Faulkner who accepted his complementary admission graciously?…Republican Chairman Wayne Parke also was extended a free ticket but has not given the CCO the courtesy of an answer as of this second?…we assume Mr. Parke will not be accepting our generous invitation?

IS IT TRUE that the Civic Center Mole tells us that Mayor Lloyd Winnecke will be going to the City Council meeting tonight hat in hand to ask for money to build Roberts Park?…we find this to be a bit early to start another spending spree on the heels of the approval to provide $20 Million of incentives for a convention hotel?…this fellow needs to apply his powers of concentration on the upcoming IU Medical School project for somewhere in the City of Evansville should that become a good option?…there will have to be incentives, we have no idea how much they will be, Evansville is nearing is bond limit, and a medical school will bring much more economically sustainable prosperity than all of the Mayor and his predecessor’s $200 Million temples to sport and play combined?…this is not the time for the elected leader of Evansville to go to the City Council to beg for money to build parks or correct the Weinzapfel oversight storage shed for the Ford Center?…we hope the Mayor will get the cart in front of the horse going forward?…he has a golden opportunity to change his ways and do an exercise in prioritization starting today?

IS IT TRUE that the Mayor’s VISION program has listened to the small group of Evansvillians who have attending these planning sessions and has come up with a doable solution to placate the masses to make Evansville better?…the request is for lights in the parks?…this seems reasonable given the fact that drug use cast offs, condoms, liquor bottles and fear have been part of the park experience at night for just over a decade now?…it is possible that shining a light on the parks at night will drive out the people who have been using our park system as a drug den and a no-tell motel?…we hope that an affordable solution to darkness in the parks is proposed and that the lights will inspire cleanliness and order in the Evansville City Parks?…we also hope that such lighting does more for Evansville than make it easy to see that the parks have not been mowed and the garbage is overflowing 24/7?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #21 tells us that the City of Evansville is about to become a respondent to a lawsuit that is coming in the aftermath of yet another EPD action that filled up the City Council chambers with passionate people looking for sanity, justice, and a reasonable explanation?…it is sad but true that money often is the only arbiter of justice in this City, this State, and in the United States of America?…that civil and respectful living among all is much better than money but we seem to have a hard time learning those lessons?…it is unfortunate that the lawsuit is now the butt whipping of the 21st Century for adults who can’t seem to get things right with their fellow man?


  1. How much money can Billy Bolin cost the taxpayers before he is fired? We have a serious Barney Fife problem in Evanstucky.

    • You always post the same comment. How about YOU answer it? How much money has it cost you, the taxpayer?
      Just because people file lawsuits does not mean they have a case or that they will get any money. It means we live in a society where people want money for their own actions. Like spilling coffee on yourself and then getting money for it. Like you were surprised to learn the coffee was hot and that lids are not glued onto the cup.
      We love to sue. Lawyers love to sue. Lawsuits are filed because it is well known that it is cheaper to settle out of court than it is to fight the lawsuit and win. Lawsuits are not about right or wrong anymore. They are about getting it done at the lowest cost. That is why you hear about the plantiff allowing it to be settled with no admission of wrongdoing. They just want the money.
      As for Barney Fife, his guys are doing a great job getting the armed criminals off the streets in the 4th ward. How many black men have robbed and shot other black men since the council meeting mentioned in this IIT?
      How many times has Robinson,Brooks, or the CCO commented on “getting things right with their fellow man” when those events happen. NONE. Ain’t no money in it when it can’t be blamed on the PO PO.

    • Police Chief Bolin has tough job. He is doing a very good job in handing the various issues.

      • Taking to twitter to chastise the complainant in supposed police wrongdoing, whether the claim has merit or not, is extremely childish and ill advised if there could be potential legal action taken. The little old lady SWAT raid is still unforgivable. Nobody that has a real job keeps it after that kind of a stunt.

  2. “…there may have been some fear of being yanked off the float for past warrants in the air leading to the ghost float making the trip down Franklin?”

    Is this just a right-leaning homage to the meme of Republicans that the majority of Democrats are criminals, or is there some “red meat” here? I find it odd that none of the City Council showed up, nor members of the Central Committee. Do they all have warrants? Maybe Mr. Faulkner will explain this lapse at the luncheon today.

    “…that civil and respectful living among all is much better than money but we seem to have a hard time learning those lessons?…”

    I agree that civility is essential to a society. I don’t even mind that discourse becomes heated, but in the end we need to avoid personal attacks. I just wonder if that thought is “in play” when making the comment about the “ghost float.”
    Attack ideas all you want, as angrily as you wish. We do not convince anybody when we make the differences of opinion personal. That is why I objected to the recent article about Missy Mosby. I am a democrat who has never been a fan of a Mosby, but personal situations should be left personal.

    • re:“…there may have been some fear of being yanked off the float for past warrants in the air leading to the ghost float making the trip down Franklin?”

      FYI, this actually happened at/after last year’s parade. One of the Dem Party guys that was supporting Wennicke was picked up for missing a court date. Blame for “dirty politics” (whether just or not) was placed on Rick Davis or one of his supporters. The officer that made the arrest was a Davis supporter.

      • Okay, thank you for that information. It makes a lot more sense, now. Like I said, I have ignored local political in-fighting for years now. I guess I missed it in the papers when it happened.

      • Yeah, and don’t forget how the young democrat’s booth was removed late at night by some in power to prevent them from being able to support Davis. Evansville politics are to dirty to tell red from blue.

        • I certainly agree. Politics, in general, can get pretty dirty. Local politics is so dirty I can’t imagine how to scrub them clean.

          • OK, so since I got the “facts” wrong, please tell us which booth it was? Was there not a democrat organization’s booth removed by other democrats late at night? Please, correct my facts and show everyone just how wrong I was.

      • Jarvis was not arrested that night. Since you missed that basic of a detail, it is safe to assume your comment about the officer being a Davis supporter is BS too.

    • Laura
      Please remember you can’t judge a book by its cover ,I have known quite a few of the Mosby family members and they are dam good down to earth people
      Just like I won’t bad mouth your family cause of a few bad apples , I don’t like Missy’s or David’s politics either.

      • You’re right. I should have said that I have never been a fan of Mosby politics. They’re fine as people. Thanks, and please call me out if I get personally tacky. I am human, but there is no need for getting personal.

  3. the ghost float is a symptom of what’s wrong with the democratic party, and Rob Faulkner isn’t the man to fix it, he only won by 10 votes in a room full of party hacks.

    • Would you rather have had Scott Danks?

      “There’s been a whisper campaign against me”

      Hahaha. Jesus.

      • I voted for Scott Danks, so yeah I would have rather had him. At least he had a plan, Faulkner thinks everything will work itself out. We’re back to the days of Owen and Weinzapfel. and the party division and debt that Jack McNeeley couldn’t take care of will get deeper and wider

        • How in the world would Scott Danks help anything? Haven’t you noticed the second his name is mentioned on newspaper article, all the comments immediately turn negative towards him? Scott’s a fine man and a good lawyer, but he shouldn’t be the spokesperson for anything. Our community thinks very, very little of him outside the Civic Center.

          • at least he had a plan to pay thousands of dollars in remaining debt, Faulkner hasn’t a clue what to do if Weinzapfel doesn’t bail him out.

        • McNeeley did a great job of paying down the huge debt that was handed to him. The party is stuck in a lease that is the only debt. Jack paid off rest of debt and kept bills paid. Did you do anything to help? What was Scotts plan?
          Rob has a tough job ahead of him, trying to get the party together. He will work hard to get it done.

          • Jack did a heck of a job and resigned when he failed to get the party back together. Rob can’t even get the elected pols to ride together on a float in one of the larger parades in the area. What chance does he have?

    • I didn’t suggest he was. I just thought he may want to explain what happened at the parade. I really haven’t been a part of local party politics for about 25 years, and would not know Mr. Faulker if I fell over him.

  4. I am appalled no democrats were on the float. I guess they don’t feel west side democrats ought to support them. I guess they feel they’re too good to hang out with regular folks who don’t have country club memberships. Shame on the local democrat politicians. Shame on you.


    10. He tried to get a hold of the event coordinator, Mr. Ralph Edwards, but couldn’t find him in the yellow pages or voter vaults.

    9. He heard the Mole once dug up and then stole some of his coal.

    8. He forgot Lloyd Winnecke had won this award in previous years.

    7. He couldn’t afford to go after spending all of his money building a “great lawn” at the Roberts Stadium site and making back zero dollars.

    6. He thought Marsha Abel had boarded Tropicana up with the Centre, Old Courthouse, & Soldiers & Sailors Coliseum.

    5. He thought politicans were banned from eating chicken dinners at banquets with democrats after the Bauerhaus ordeal.

    4. He couldn’t find a time card there for when Rick Davis entered the building.

    3. Winnecke told him the banquet wasn’t as fun as his VOICE sessions because there were no crayons available.

    2. He thought Joe Wallace had reserved 250 seats for all those employed by his new hotel and didn’t want to be stuck paying the bill with just him and his union buddies.

    1. He was told it was at a downtown hotel. So he went to a vacant run down lot behind the Ford Center.

  6. To Rails&RobertsStadium: TOP TEN REASONS WAYNE PARKE DIDN’T COME TO THE CCO MOLE AWARDS. Very funny–Letterman could use you.

    Actually I had a choice. Have lunch with Lt Governor Ellspermann or attend the CCO Mole Awards. Easy choice. Ellspermann is a very intelligent pretty lady who I believe has a good shot of being governor some day.

    Wayne Parke
    Chairman Republican Party

      • You people must be nuts, Geez! Rails, Again from afar, in observations perceived, that fellow Wayne is said to be in some leadership function as Chairman Republican Party in “your” local area.

        Is that a joke?

        The comment and rebuttal, I guess is what came off the tip of an programmed closed mind. –> “Ellspermann is a —>{{{ very intelligent pretty lady }}} who I believe has a good shot at being governor some day”. <–

        Good grief that says it all, I actually support and respect people from both parties,however that sounds like a pure chauvinistic load of machismo jingoism all rolled up into one response created for the moment.
        I can "pretty" well get the picture that LT. Governor Ellspermann is qualified for the job held there Wayne,Didn't need that load of crap to adjust my thoughts already in place there.
        I hope "your local party" spanks the hell out of any of the persons that support such a remark, its nonsense.
        Jerks alert. Note the plural.

        Man Rails, Respectively,local republicans you have some work cut out there.

        as asino lanam

        wool from an ass,blood from a stone (impossible)

    • The Republicans probably called in on Jarvis just to put the stink eye on Davis-
      They were bold about their treachery this last time, I guess they had a lot of money at stake…

    • Sue Ellpersman. LOL!

      Seriously, Mr. Ron Cosby spends hours after hours after hours setting up and arranging an awards banquet that recognizes those who have done acts of good public policy and you’re saying it was an easy decision NOT TO GO to this? Do you realize how elitist that is?

      As I’ve said before, I really was glad to see Mr. Ben Trockman receive the Mole Award of all of those who have ever received it because he has fought a battle that was not handed to him. He’s doing on his own and he’s winning. I want to see more of that in this community.

      But also, Councilman Friend was recognized for saving the city $17.5 + mil on your buddy Winnecke’s wasteful hotel deal. I can tell you one thing. I will never see that amount of money in my entire life combined. Yet Councilman Friend made it look easy.

      What I love most about the Mole Awards every year is Connie Robinson. Most of the time when I go to these things I have to give a fake laugh at some cheesy joke. But Connie is easily the funniest person I have ever listened to and she does it every single year. I love how open she is about race, about the council, and about life in general.

      I guarantee you if Winnecke was getting another Mole you would have showed up. So please quit disrespecting Mr. Ron Cosby & Mr. Joe Wallace who take time out of their busy schedule to round up dems, reps, liberts, and independents to come together, work together, and celebrate those who actually give a damn about this city.

      If you want have breakfast at Tiffany’s with Elpersmann you should have done it on the day you testified in front of the Parks Board against Roberts Stadium.

      • Hope you caught John Friend’s performance last night. What a joke and embarrassment to have this guy sitting on the City Council. WOW!

          • I believe you know full well I was referring the the Garratt financial report that John Friend sent to the State Auditors in an attempt to embarrass the City Controller and the Mayor without them giving them a chance to review the report before sending it off to the State. This type of action is absolutely unprofessional. How low can you go?

            It appears Friend wants to be Mayor. The past year, John Friend has looked very stupid and certainly not worthy of being Finance Chairman. An embarrassment to the City of Evansville.

          • How I am suppose to guess at what you’re complaining about Friend on?

            I have no problem with Friends’ actions. The Winnecke admin seems to have a problem with reports and should be the absolute last people to cast stones.

            It’s about time these reports made it to their destinations without being tamed down. The city’s books are a mess.

          • I love how Friend uses Garratt as a puppet for doing the research for the report. Everyone knows John Friend did all the research for the report. Did any other City Council members see this report or JUST JOHN FRIEND. John Friend is the KING of City Council and he wants to be KING OF EVANSVILLE, oh…. I mean Mayor! Garratt filed for personal bankrupicy, if he can’t control his own finances, what makes him qualified to audit anyone’s books, let alone the City of Evansville. This is a JOKE and Evansville is going to pay for it….so sad.

  7. c/p website can’t find the front page article about the roberts park funding meeting last nite. Afraid of all the post of sensible people, till they get all their pro-posters lined up.

  8. “I love how open Connie is about race.”?????

    If Connie Robinson really believes what she said at a recent City Council Meeting when talking to the Police Chief, she truly needs to seek professional help. Her words were terribly racist. It was an embarrassment. She should have resigned. If the Police Chief said that, he would have been fired that night.

    Rails&RobertsStadium: Such statements like this destroy your credibility.

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