IS IT TRUE October 13, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE October 13, 2012

IS IT TRUE that another one formidable and relevant Evansville company is sliding down the slope toward having no local presence at all?…that Vantiv has announced another round of layoffs that will be accompanied by the closing of their local office in favor of having its last 26 employees work from their respective homes?…that working from home is an operational strategy of a startup company that is saving cash for growth and not a long time established business with 26 employees?…that whatever camaraderie and culture that existed at Vantiv’s Evansville office will soon be gone?…that the remaining 26 warriors are most likely already looking for jobs?…this business just four or five years ago was occupying a significant portion of a riverfront high rise and was known as CSC?…CSC brought educated people in from all over the country who bought fine homes and had disposable income?…then Fifth Third bought them out and the first round of changes came?…then came another buy out and a name change?…that it will be true to form if in two years Vantiv takes the Whirlpool route and vanishes from the Evansville business community forever?…we are not surprised that there were no elected officials or surrogates lining up to cut ribbons in front of the 26 homes that these last loyal employees will now be working from?…that bad economic news must be kryptonite to a politician because they run from it like a rabbit running from a rattlesnake?

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer is encouraged to see that the daily Evansville Police Reports that we post have been consistently under 10 pages recently?…that in 2011 the daily reports were exceeding 15 pages on a regular basis?…we hope that this is a lasting phenomena and that the people of Evansville and the good work of the EPD have combined to reduce the crime rate?

IS IT TRUE that on the heels of the exposure that the City of Evansville’s Controller’s Office during the Weinzapfel Administration botched up an integration of a new software package to the point that the books were not balanced for at least 21 months some good Civic Center Moles tell us that there is another software integration fiasco in the pipeline?…the discovery process is near completion and our readers can expect another exposure of bumbling and idiocy that resulted in the waste of taxpayer dollars in the very near future?

IS IT TRUE that a couple of strange revelations have come from the Obama debate preparation team since the shellacking the President took from Mitt Romney in the first of the debates?…that one is that President Obama blew off his last day of practice in favor of a trip to Hoover Dam that he had never seen?…the other strange bit of information is that the President came off of the debate stage thinking he had won the debate and had shown that feisty rascal Romney a thing or two?…that being the stated case which is hard to believe really exhibits extreme arrogance or disconnection with reality?…these two things are so off the wall that it would be easy to believe they are lies made up to set the stage for the second debate that is coming up on Tuesday?

IS IT TRUE as debating goes there is a fine line between being assertive and being abusive?…Mitt Romney stayed just to the assertive side of that line while Vice President Joe Biden crossed over the line and stayed there?


  1. I bet the CCO has the alledged “breaking news” copy cat, Evansville Courier and Press really wondering what they are going to release next week?

    I bet that Evansville Courier Editor is working on another editiorial telling us that the Courier is number one in breaking of local political news.

    Can’t wait to read what CCO has uncovered once again so they shall continued to scoop the “breaking news” copy cats Courier and Press once again!

    • CCO seems to be baiting the status quo protecting CP. Now if the CP comes out with news of screwed up software they got it from the CCO.

  2. Easy on the new Editor of the Courier. Why do you expect an ex-jock writer to fill the shoes of the past and outstanding editor Mizzel Stewart shoes?

    • Stewart wan’t an editor, he was the mouthpiece for Wienie-Boy. The job with the Courier was strictly to be a mouthpiece for the two-term Boy Wonder mayor.

      • Not buying that. However, I am glad to see Mizzel gone. I knew he was a floater the day he walked into Evansville.

  3. A better question is what did the former administration NOT screw up? It wasn’t GAGE, Barnett pay under table, City Controller’s unbalanced books, ERC/McCurdy, homestead tax grab, Greyhound bus station, Executive Inn, Roberts Stadium, Opus 1/CVB, unaudited SMG, Johnson Controls and Central Committee treason to Rick Davis.

    • Yeah right? This is why we need fewer committees and political appointees. There was a lot of kool aid going around when JW was in office. I refused to drink any of it! Rick Davis at least recognized the problem, but because of his deep union ties, was offering a change of face, but not a real change in policy.

  4. Get ready, I hear that Wayne Parke and his political puppet Susan Kirk are already planning the next smear Rick Davis mailing.

    I hear that Mr. Parke and Suesan Kirk shall have a lot of explaining to do after it hits the mail boxes.

    They better get get ready for the political sparks to fly!

  5. Misguided attack by Rick Davis supporters. Susan Kirk has been against the the Yes/Consolidation from the very start. Rick Davis knows this is true. Rick Davis knows that Susan Kirk has nothing to to do with the negative mailers sent out be the Yes/Consolidation/Weinzapfel/Vectren supporters. She did a statement on the CCO after the first mailing:

    Also ask Al Linsey who stood by him when the Weinzapfel Democrats went after him to be kicked off the election, Susan Kirk. The Rick Davis we know, will not put up with this nonsense on his behalf. Susan Kirk is not negative and Rick Davis knows this. Rick Davis should tell all his supporters to look at the real problem, the Yes/Consolidation/Vectren/Weinzapfel supporters.

    • Davis didn’t blame Kirk for the 1st mailing. He said it was sent the day before his big presentation on behalf of CORE in an attempt to discredit him. He never even mentioned Kirk or their election bids.

      • Exactly correct. There is a second Core/Yes debate this week so try to guess when a second mailing attacking Mr. Davis will occur.

        • Maybe the next mailer will attack Bruce Ungethiem or Rev. Adrian Brooks. Possibly even Susie Kirk since she opposes Consolidation.

          Or maybe it is just another political dirty trick aimed towards Davis’ campaign for Treasurer.

          I suspect the typical donor to Parke did not intend for their hard earned money to be used on negative ads to prop up Consolidation.

          • I know of one stanch, heavy GOP supporter who told Parke that if you want to waste my money on such garbage, then you don’t need my donation, and the GOP was cut off.

  6. Parke has to be a jerk, Kirk will pay for his actions whether she was in on this or not. The question is are the elected people doing their job? I see Davis as having a good record,no problems. Kirk though popular,has had too many would’a, should’a, could’a events during the last couple years. The mishandling of the rushed merger petition is one where she didn’t bother checking the numbers for duplication, and incorrect info. Then the residency questions on 2 different candidates, I don’t think she’s done as good a job as she should have.

  7. equal t, do not disagree that voters are tired of the Rick Davis bashing. Have you forgotten it all started with the Owen/Weinzapfel Democrats?? They are still bashing Mr. davis along with the Yes/Consolidation/Vectren and now Parke/Winnecke supporters. However you are flat out wrong that Susan Kirk is any part of that. Please stop trying to spread untruths about Ms. Kirk, who is also against consolidation.

  8. Captain Kirk’s claim she is not involved in this smear campaign is a bunch of malarkey!

    Her approval is implied by allowing Parke to mail political flyers on her behalf. If she were truly a positive person, she would direct Parke to mail flyers touting her accomplishments rather than a Rovesque smear.

    • So your saying when the VandyDems attacked Brent Grafton last year in a piece mailed to MY door that John Friend was lying when he said he had no knowledge of it and was angry at Owen and their gang for attacking his opponent?

      • What did you think when you got the mailer?

        I would suspect John Friend had some knowledge of the flyer.

        What is just as important to me is the accuracy or truthfullness of the campaign literature. You can only claim ignorance so many times before if you didn’t have any involvement, you should have.

        • Political parties often keep their candidates deliberately in the dark about negative attacks they do on behalf of their candidates. I do remember asking Councilman Friend about it at a town hall and he swore to have no knowledge of it and said he was upset with his own party for doing that. I may be naive but I had no reason to doubt his honesty.

          • The sure way to tell that John Friend is lying is whether or not any sounds are coming out of his mouth. If he is making noise there are lies being told.

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