IS IT TRUE October 12, 2012


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IS IT TRUE October 12, 2012

IS IT TRUE that the one irrefutable thing about last night’s Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan is that Vice President Biden came spoiling for a fight?…that throughout out nearly the entire 90 minutes that Joe “the Barbarian” Biden cackled and smiled that Steve Spurrier smile of disgust and disbelief so often that it was clearly a coached response to the sound of Paul Ryan’s voice?…the meek little moderator let it go on and the debate for the most part went from an opportunity to learn something about policy to an endurance of observing rudeness in hopes that a nugget or two of content would be audible?

IS IT TRUE that the debate started out poorly when the subject of Libya was brought up?…Ryan pointed out the now testified series of events that happened on September 11th that lead to the murder of four Americans by terrorists?…Vice President Biden went into “Clueless Joe” mode with his response yelling and being condescending while asserting things that clearly are not in agreement with the testimony before congress of the Obama Administration?…it is possible that Vice President Biden and President Obama still are not in the loop on the testimony about the Libya terrorist attacks but that is highly improbable and the false assertions are wearing thin with informed Americans?…the first thing the fact checkers from the media labeled as blatantly incorrect of Vice President Biden’s assertions were the events before and after the Libyan terrorist attacks?

IS IT TRUE that from there the debate went downhill because of Vice President Biden’s rude demeanor?…that the only clear thing gathered in a moment of quietness is that both candidates know the unemployment rate in Biden’s childhood home of Scranton, PA is still about 10%?…that the part that would have been interesting were it not for the distraction of an angry Vice President was when the discussion came up about how to cut tax rates while maintaining or increasing revenue as the Romney-Ryan plan calls for?…Biden’s loud obnoxious answer was “THE MATH IS NOT POSSIBLE” while Ryan’s response was “yes it is and it was done by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan”?…that Biden didn’t even attempt to use math to back up his claims and Ryan did not disclose what deductions the Republican plan would limit to counter the rate cuts to be revenue neutral?…there are indeed a couple of studies out that support the Romney-Ryan assertion by assuming the details that are still not on the table?

IS IT TRUE that it is impossible for an old debate judge to tell who won the debate as the distractions were so high that most of the points were drowned by Vice President Biden’s laughing and screaming?…this debate will probably have little or no bearing on the presidential race and any award to a mythical winner will have to come from the quick polls taken immediately after the debate?…there were two flash polls reported with one showing a 4 point win for Ryan but with nearly 20% calling it a tie?…the other flash poll gave Ryan a 20% edge that was probably just from the displeasure of the Vice President’s demeanor?…at the end of the debate this old debate judge regretted turning the dial away from ESPNU where the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers came back in the 2nd half to defeat Troy State to go 5 – 1 on the season?

IS IT TRUE that the last two Presidential debates that will decide the election?…that President Obama had better bring his A game next time and that he had better have his facts in line with the congressional testimony regarding the Libyan terrorist attack or he will start looking like a person who puts political ambitions so far above foreign policy that his team directed his staff to spread falsehoods about a terrorist attack?…this truth may be the only thing to set the President free from the thrashing he took in the first debate?


  1. An entire IIT dedicated to the Vice Presidential debate? You mean that no local politician screwed up anything new recently that needs to be uncovered? My guess is that they did, but their cover-up job working so far. Maybe the C&P will uncover it! They are hard at work for us!! 🙂

  2. Facts are facts and they are all that matter in these debates. We knew what personal character traits both candidates had going into last nights debates. I was not surprised that Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times during the debate. I was not surprised that Ryan did not protest more.

    So I will steer away from the avalanche of articles heading our way that focus primarily on delivery styles and personality traits, and concentrate on who spoke more truths.


  3. What an excellent synopsis of the debate! You hooked me with the “Steve Spurrier smile” analogy too. Biden is showing his age and old school political ways with his scoffing, laughing, and even mocking the opposition rather than giving respectful solid answers. He is a well seasoned intelligent man but he came across like an old drunk “Uncle Joe” that the family gets embarrassed about! I appreciated Ryan taking a calm professional stance in contrast to the VP too.

    The moderator, who allowed Joe to get out of hand and keep interrupting Ryan, is a friend of President Obama. He actually attended her wedding. She was surprisingly fair in spite of her connections, I expected worse.

    Once again, well said, Mr. Editor, and by the way “Go Toppers”.

    • When your dealing with 2 comedians like Romney and Ryan, you got to laugh!!! They both are a joke and their lies and constantly changing there stance on issues is getting to comical.

      • And the biggest lie of the night award goes to Joe Biden.

        Biden: “We weren’t told they wanted more security [in Benghazi]. We did not know.”

        Ryan immediately disputed Biden’s claim that the White House didn’t know more security was needed in Benghazi before the embassy attack. According to testimony given by the Obama administration this week, he was right. A top security official in Libya said he was reprimanded for requesting more security and admitted that by the time of the attack it was “abundantly clear” help was not on its way.

        • Romney on abortion? Romney on the 47% of people he discarded? I was wrong… REALLY!!! And then all these solution with no explanation how there going to paid for them? Romney and Ryan will work for the middle class??? RIGHT!!! If u believe this I have some swamp land to sell you.

          • They may or may not work for the middle class we just don’t know. We know that Obama has not and will not work for the middle class. What I do know is that Obama has borrowed so much money and printed so much money that inflation is damaging those on fixed income. Seniors drawing less than 1% on their IRA’s is the result of too much money floating around. Gas is $4 a gallon because that is all $4 is worth. Inflation is at least 25% since Obama took office. The 2 wars we have going are Obama’s wars, 4 years ago he could have said,”we’re out of here” which we are going to anyway. Obama has increased the numbers on food stamps and other benefits, most will never come out of that dark hole.

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