IS IT TRUE? October 12, 2011


Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE? October 12, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the life of a political candidate must be a bit surreal?…that the beauty of friendships is that a person really does have the privilege of choosing who their friends are?…that political supporters are more like family?…that means that you do not get to choose them and that everyone running for office has to deal with that overzealous supporter that does something that is so far off the reservation or even outside the law that it causes what may be called “second hand embarrassment”?…that if Charles Manson were a free man that next year he would have to take sides in the presidential election?…that neither candidate would want to be seen with Manson, have a picture in the paper of Manson holding their sign, or have anything to do with him at all?…that the candidates can’t choose that?…that in every race for anything there will be surrogates that take matters into their own hands and that we hope that is what happened with the incident that we are now calling FloatGate?

IS IT TRUE that the handcuffing incident is just to staged to have been random or even to be the EPD just doing their job?…that in the sea of probabilities that a person with an outstanding warrant would be on the Democratic float, at exactly the right moment that the EPD was notified, and have available officers in place to serve the warrant that this probability is well below 1%?…that this was political theatre and that our readers seem to be evenly divided on who orchestrated it?…that at the time of writing that the readers of the CCO that have voted are favoring the choice “Democratic Central Committee Dirty Tricks” by a small margin over both “Davis Campaign Dirty Tricks” and “Police Just Doing Their Job” that are statistically tied?…that in last place is the “Planetary Alignment” option?…that it surely seems like a dirty trick?…that we hope that someone gets to the bottom of who pulled the dirty trick?

IS IT TRUE that the University of Evansville Aces held an open house at the Ford Center yesterday and that every comment that we have heard or been sent is very positive about the opulence and the beauty of the interior?…that the only complaints are that it is obviously a “hockey” arena and of course that it is downtown?…that the best advice that we have is “don’t take it out on the team because you don’t like the downtown location”?…that Aces fans need to get out and support the team and enjoy the games as they always have even if they did not support the arena?…that Aces games are a part of the enjoyment of life and being aggravated with the Arena as a whole is no reason not to support the Aces?

IS IT TRUE that while this is not a Mole #3 tip, but we have gotten some information that a certain “Material Girl” who spent a summer in McCutcheonville while filming “A League of their Own” may be making a return visit?…that the last time this person spent time in Evansville she is quoted as saying that Evansville reminded her of Eastern Europe?…that was before Eastern Europe was the chic place to visit?…that some locals took offense to her comparison?…that having never been in Eastern Europe that we reserve comment but that we may just attend the concert if Madonna really does get on the growing roster of entertainers at the Ford Center?…that we are still waiting for that first act that could not have performed at Roberts Stadium because of the load bearing capacity of the ceiling?


  1. Doesn’t your back get tired carrying Rick’s water? You can call Sgt. Hubbard a Charles Manson all you want, but the reality is that Bill Denton – Rick’s campaign manager – is a close friend of Hubbard and the two are constantly together in the Civic Center. This isn’t a situation of Hubbard doing crazy things on his own. Rick and his campaign have embraced Hubbard and directed the whole thing.

      • You can’t throw someone into public unless they put themselves up. For God’s sake, there are more problems in Evansville than a little punk that can’t remember a court date! Let’s move on! Christmas is coming! Anyone got any money to pay?

  2. The rumors are, are that Madonna is coming to Lucas Oil Stadium to perform during the Super Bowl at halftime in Indy. Haven’t heard the Evansville part.

  3. IS IT TRUE that the comments section are the bathroom stall of the Internet? That anyone can write anything, and everyone can see it?

    IS IT TRUE that if those who say Rick Davis and his campaign were behind this had ANY proof, they would come forward with it? That the face that they don’t shows that they are simply creating rumors in order to harm his campaign?

    IS IT TRUE that those who continue to push the story of Rick Davis’ somehow involvement in this should stand up and prove it to the world? That the fact that they refuse to, but would rather sit in their underwear in their house and make unsubstantiated claims is what has driven our politics to what it has become now? A game of telephone where the truth is rarely ever heard?

    • While I do agree with your first statement, I think you may have the CCO and the C&P confused, while the CCO does have it’s share of political trolls posting up vile garbage they are very quickly shot down by other users, they get tired and move on, while over on the C&P they are allowed to make post after post and as long as no one complains or takes offense from the C&P.

      I think it could be easily stated that the CCO takes care of the problem via the users rebuttal while the C&P relies on moderation by their staff. Which is a better system? IMHO the CCO is more open not being moderated although I have seen posts where specific words have been moderated which is very understandable but the body or theme of the post is left for all to judge.

      Moderation is a tricky thing, everyone has a 1st amendment right and my personal belief is that the CCO respects that right, there will come a time when the CCO will need to moderate posts like most other boards on the internet but they will have to be very careful not to squelch someones rights to free expression in the process.

      Like it or not vile garbage is part of our local political scene, it serves no direct purpose, but does add color and sometimes humor to the conversation, the thing is not to feed the trolls spouting lies it only reinforces their need to spout even more garbage because they think they have an audience.


      • Very interesting and timely post. Could not agree more blanger. Fair and passionate comment is very healthy debate, but any evidence of roboposting by political operatives should be rooted out as that practice is deceiving and abusive.

      • Moderation is like herding cats. The CP did a poor job in allowing cat fights and reincarnations.

    • Did someone say “perception is greater than reality?” This story will continue to have legs ….

      • That’s what I’m afraid of and perhaps what Mr. Jarvis was counting on. Him saying that he suspected Davis was behind it caused people to believe it as fact whether true or not. Nice way to divert attention away from the embarrassing events that Mr. Jarvis brought upon himself and gig Davis at the same time.

        • Agreed…the sheep should believe whatever they are fed, but I doubt it will have much effect on Mr Davis’s campaign, most folks see it for what it was a attempt to point a finger at Davis and say tsk tsk how petty….there are others that say if he did have a hand in it that he should be rewarded for the public service…not really the effect they were going for was it?

          Best guess is that it was a orchestrated event planned by Mr Owen to sacrifice Mr Jarvis in hopes that it would make Davis look bad/petty/vengeful, it didn’t really turn out the way they hoped, other than the C&P slanting the story because of Jarvis’s comments and boosting the CCO’s stats it really had little effect.

          I’d like to think Davis is intelligent, if he had a vendetta for Owen, Mosby, Jarvis, Weaver etc it would make much more sense to wait till the opportunity presented itself to take all of them down at the same time, not dropping a dime on Jarvis by himself, it really doesn’t have the WOW factor and logic would tell you to look who had the most to gain by pointing a finger at Davis…that would be Winnecke, King John, and then Mark Owen/Wayne Parks pretty much in that order.

          Does it not seem like a sleazy plan concocted my our current mayor and implemented by his henchmen? I can hear Johnny now yelling “paybacks are hell!”, Jarvis had nothing to fear he knew he wouldn’t be going to jail, he just had to remember the scrip that they all put together.


          • My fondest hope is that this is a foreshadowing of events to come.

            If Davis is elected mayor and has access to all of the “unshredded” files from Weinzapfel’s time in office, I think that a lot of people associated with the Machine could be getting visits from police officers.

            Hence my proposed slogan for the Davis campaign:

            Under a Davis administration, “Perps get Served!”

          • And that Sir scares the hell out of the machine!…so much so that they will do almost anything in the last few weeks to try to sway the public, anyone who can’t see the puppet-master behind the curtain hasn’t been paying much attention the last few years.

            Someone should ask Mr Winnecke if he believes there is a political machine or an old boys club in place here in Evansville, I’d be really interested to see the look on his face and what his remark would be.


          • The first thing Davis should do when he is elected should be to call for an audit of the arena and hotel projects. Purely a defensive move on his part.


          • That’s what I’m saying! Mr. Jarvis is not equal to Mr. Owen’s. Sorry Mr. Jarvis, we all want to believe!

          • If Rick was elected Mayor his first act would be to go into severe depression on account of withdrawal from his constant litany of negative mudslinging which seems to be all he’s good at.

  4. In case you have not been informed, Harrisburg Pennsylvania has filed for bankruptcy.

    Mayor Stephen R. Reed (Democrat)

    In the Democratic landslide victory year of 1974, when he was 25, Reed campaigned hard for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and upset four-term Republican incumbent George Gekas, who later became a Pennsylvania state senator and U.S. Congressman. He would go on to serve three terms as a member of the state’s House of Representatives until 1980. Re-elected to the state house in 1976 and 1978, Reed was elected Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Commissioner in 1979 and Mayor of Harrisburg in 1981. He has won re-election as Mayor in 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001 and 2005. (looks kind of like mayor for life)


    Harrisburg Pennsylvania City Council Members

    District Name Took Office Party

    1 Gloria Martin-Roberts† 2004 Dem
    2 Patty Kim* 2004 Dem
    3 Brad Koplinski 2007 Dem
    4 Susan Brown Wilson 2007 Dem
    5 Wanda D. Williams 2004 Dem
    6 Eugenia G. Smith 2010 Dem
    7 Kelly D. Summerford 2010 Dem

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Population (2010)
    – City 49,528
    – Density 4,344.6/sq mi (1,677.4/km2)
    – Urban 383,008
    – Metro 528,892 (97th)
    – CSA 647,390 (56th)

    Historical populations

    1890 39,385 +28.0%
    1900 50,167 +27.4%
    1910 64,186 +27.9%
    1920 75,917 +18.3%
    1930 80,339 +5.8%
    1940 83,893 +4.4%
    1950 89,544 +6.7%
    1960 79,697 −11.0%
    1970 68,061 −14.6%
    1980 53,264 −21.7%
    1990 52,376 −1.7%
    2000 48,950 −6.5%
    2010 49,528 +1.2%

    In 2010 Forbes rated Harrisburg as the second best place in the U.S. to raise a family. Despite the city’s recent financial troubles, in 2010 The Daily Beast website ranked 20 metropolitan areas across the country as being recession-proof, and the Harrisburg region landed at No. 7. The financial stability of the region is in part due to the high concentration of state and federal government agencies.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    This is what a 1 party system of tax and spenders can do for your city. As we have seen. Vote smart in November, the city you save may be your own.


  5. Has no one considered that Alex may have just taken one for the dark side democrats? Maybe Mark Owen who has protected him this long told him to be a team player and they would have his court date moved to after the election when the charges could be safely dropped? He is not above using the police for his purposes, notably using an officer to make Pat McBride remove a Rick Davis sign from a semi trailer he rented as part of a stage for the band during his Guns and Hoses tailgate party.

    • Henry, who tipped you off to the upcoming street drama that you filmed at the Fall Festival parade staging area? After your fair haired boy takes it on the nose at the polls, you’ll need something to brighten up the post-election wake at your next family Thanksgiving get together.

      • I wasn’t there so I couldn’t have filmed it, but I wouldn’t mind getting invited to the Davis Family Thanksgiving, Rick’s mom is a hell of a good cook. I’ll probably be eating turkey with my own family however

        • Better than eating crow over at Rick’s place. At least he’ll have that video of the Fall Festival parade drama to bring back memories of fonder times. Rick seems to thrive of Fall Festival drama. Must be something in the pronto pups or elephant ears that kicks his serotonin into high gear!

  6. Mr Jarvis save yourself before it’s to late! Boy, you ain’t even from these parts!

  7. IS it true that Lloyd Winnecke has cut a deal with Mark Owen and the Machine Dems to switch parties after the election?

    • Is it true that Rick Davis cut a deal with Nick Hermann, when he was still Republican Party Chairman, to splinter the local Democrat Party beyond all repair?

      • If you’re just going to make sh*t up, at least hve it make sense.

        How would “splintering the local Democrat Party beyond all repair” help Davis? If Davis simply wants to get into office, all he needs to do is coast on the usual tide of straight-ticket Democrat voting in the city.

        Winnecke, on the othre hand, would benefit hugely by switching to the Democrats.

        First of all, his own political views are much more in line with liberal Democrats. Second, his money backers wouldn’t care either way (they backed Weinzapfel, after all). Third, he would be guaranteed re-election.

        • First of all, you should examine Winnecke’s historical and current support of very conservative state and national candidates. There is no way Lloyd Winnecke can or would switch parties. So your original post is totally rediculous on its face.

          Next you should examine Rick Davis’s historical and current campaigns to splinter the local Democrat party. It’s his hallmark.

          • Anybody who follows local GOP politics knows that Lloyd is a “squishy” centrist at best. His conservative credentials are completely non-existent.

            On most issues, his views are more in line with the Democratic party than his own. Switching would make perfect sense.

            The fact that you–an obvious Machine operative–are out so quickly to deny this is confirmatory evidence.

          • You’re out rather early yourself. If you want to continue spurious rumors on behalf of a phony “reform” candidate whose only credentials with regard to political philosophy are negative attack and party splintering simply for the sake of ego, go right ahead.

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