IS IT TRUE October 11, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE October 11, 2013

IS IT TRUE the CCO seems to have opened a can of worms yesterday when we published the shortcomings of the Evansville City Council’s vote to just carte blanche raise the sewer rates and keep the 35% surcharge in place for the people in the county that are on the city system?…this deal of the elected representatives of the City raising prices disproportionally on people who cannot vote for or against them sounds very much like the convention hotel assertions that “you city folks aren’t paying for this, it is our visitors who are paying Innkeepers taxes”?…the way the City is treating the County is exactly like our visitors to hotels are treated and that is like powerless subjects of a legislated monopoly?…the water and sewer hardware and services are paid for by the ratepayers?…the problem with what is being done is that there are two classes of customers (ratepayers)?…one class of customers (city dwellers) can vote the rascals out if they are dissatisfied with their work and the others (county dwellers) have no say over those who vote themselves a slice of their income?…rationally speaking the rates should be equal for all customers with any surcharge based on distance or volume of use?…with the $540 Million – $810 Million combined sewer problem sitting on the doorstep it is time to make the fee schedule for sewer and water fair and rational?…if the truth is told it is the City that has combined sewers?…we wonder just how it would play inside the city limits if the rates were only increased in the neighborhoods that have combined sewers?…that thought should motivate fairness going forward?

IS IT TRUE it is looking like the debt ceiling of the federal government is about to be raised so that the countries bills can be paid on an ongoing basis for a while without another peeing contest between the President and Congress?…the bill from the House does indeed raise the debt limit which will keep the federal debt serviced and the “essential” services of government running?…this bill is not expected to fund the government in its present form and that may be a good thing as much of what the government buys is unmitigated waste and it is time for a spending review?…it seems like every time the federal government does something or buys something like the ObamaCare website it costs too much and is unreliable?…these habits seem to have rubbed off on the American people but this is still something they do not like?…the reality of the situation is that Democrats, Republicans, and the President of the United States all are feeling the tar and feathers of public opinion for their failure to negotiate in good faith to reach an agreement to re-open the government of the USA?…the American people may be distracted by life and somewhat uninterested in the day to day shenanigans of government but for the most part they are realists who understand that both parties are playing politics with the country and will exact a toll on those who have been a part of it from the Tea Party right up through the most liberal factions in Congress?

IS IT TRUE that coinciding with the 37% approval rate of President Obama was the exposure that 5 dead United States servicemen and women’s families will not be getting the $100,000 honorarium that military families are always granted for the purpose of handling the funeral arrangements and travel associated with giving fallen heroes a proper burial?…this happened on the heels of our federal government issuing a permit for an immigration rally on park lands that were closed to World War II veterans just 24 hours earlier?…there are things in government that are wasteful, there are things in government that are irresponsible, but for the first time in a long time the choices made by our government with respect to what to refuse to pay for in the government shutdown are disgusting?…the approval rating of President Obama (37%) and the Congress (10.5%) reflect that disgust?

IS IT TRUE this whole exercise debt deal in congress has stimulated some thoughts about why many regular people are highly partisan?…the only reasons for blind party allegiance are laziness, ignorance, greed, and group think?…none of these reasons are positive and none strengthen our country?


  1. How ironic the Republicans are keeping the families of those they lied to have sent to their deaths from being paid.

    • The house passed a bill to pay the $100,000 death benefit during the shutdown unanimously on Wednesday. It is now up to the Senate and the President to do the right thing and follow that lead.

    • This is now Obama’s war. He could have called it quits 4 years ago. He’s in charge but no leadership has been observed.

    • How ironic that a grovelling sycophant of the pathologically-lying sociopath Hopey Obama posts complaints about imagined lies while failing miserably to hold his own wannabe dictator to account.

  2. Thanks to the CCO for opening that “can of worms”! I am interested to see how the Mayor and City Council deal with the crawly little critters. I doubt they will eat them, but we’ll see. It may be the only way they will go away.
    I do wish you, Mr. Editor, would stop clinging to the “37%” polling number for the President and take a look at the new NBC/WSJ poll. It pretty much shows that the GOP is not winning anything, and that will include 2014 elections if they don’t get their acts together. It is pretty obvious that the “money” Republicans are paying attention to polls other than the one you are concentrating on. That fact is supported by all the current scurring of the DC rat-pack to raise the debt ceiling and open the government.
    I think the President is smart enough to give the cornered rodents a path of face-saving escape. I expect they will get the Medical Device Tax dropped and will hail that as their great “triumph” over ACA, but he has already said they will not be getting anything he has not already decided to give them.

      • The approval ratings of the President, John Boehner, and the jobs being done by congressional Democrats and Republicans are rated. POTUS is the only one of those entities who is not “under water”, which is to say more people approve of the job he is doing than disapprove. He is has a 47% approval rating vs. a 41% disapproval rating, which gives him a net +6%. The job done by Democrats is a net -1%, with 39% approval vs. 40% disapproval and Boehner is a net -25%. The Republicans job was rated 25% approval and 53% disapproval, giving them a net -29%.
        This information and other polls are readily available online, but NBC/WSJ is considered a reliable poll. The poll that our editor is citing is far enough out of the general results that it is being considered an out-lier.
        Btw, the President’s rating is up over last month by about 4 pts in most of the polls.

          • I don’t bark. I don’t follow commands. I am not a dog. I do have some expertise in polling, though. Real Clear Politics is a lousy source.

            • Which of those 11 polls in the RCP average do you think are bad and why. Nine of them have BHO down, one has a tie, and the other (republican run Rasmussen) actually has the rascal positive. So pollster if all of these are bad which is good? The Jay Carney BS made up poll of the day I bet? The reality is that Congress is scraping the bottom of the approval poll down there with dead fish and enemas but President Obama is down there with GWB and Carter. The whole pack of turd heads needs to be fitted for dunce caps. None of them including Barry Boy are fit to govern.

          • Several of those polls include stats that are two weeks old, and there has been quite a change since then. Here’s the bottom line:
            The GOP is in full panic mode for some reason. My guess would be that is because they have internals that scare them to death.

        • As I said before, we need integrity not popularity. This man is vindictive and purposely causing us the most pain to force his costly legacy legislation upon us. Not even the website works, and we are to believe the ACA will?

    • Obama has no shame?

      What do you expect from a despot? Such is he that selectively ignores the laws of the land.

      Such as directing the Immigration department to refrain from assisting Arizona and “amending” laws without approval of Congress; the ACA by changing the terms relating to big business, Congress and Unions all in their favor.

      Despots like Obmama have been as always; petty, selfish, tyrannical and above all, deaf to those they rule over unless you are in their favor.

      Else why does he repeatedly attempt to comfort us by denying he is not a dictator? His actions betrays his words.

  3. Sewers: Fair bills,what would happen downtown if everyone in the county quit fussing about that bills and timed a organized flush at precisely the same time?

    • Spud…No cousin not that! If done during a rain shower your locations lower points of geography would be immersed in “stuff”.

      Push for a smart sewer/water system,technology today can do that.
      Think environmental climate change improvements.

      A system that “can offer sustainability” advancing forward.
      “Fair billing”,clean water sourcing,and actual real time discharge metering,sensed and controlled back to the Ohio River basin.

      ” More community attraction,fair accountability per service locations.”

      A costing for sourcing what you “actually draw from the supply source.” A costing accountability for what is “actually discharged into the sewers” treatment conduits) returning to the facility discharge to the Ohio river basin.

      This does also have the ability in serve too isolate trace chemical/biological contaminates upon discharge from any service location.

      Environmental management moved forward.

      Unauthorized Illegal discharge can be sensed,isolated and controlled,”any trace element” medical,industrial commercial,or private service. Monitored and controlled by technical Control operations management to meet environmental discharge standards.

      (EPA mandate directives achieved and exceeded and sustained) No future fines.

      If you dump contaminates to the system you will be billed for that.

      If your service produces an illegal substance discharging it to the sewers you will be held accountable for that.

      (This stuff cannot enter the Ohio River water supply basin/discharge.)

      Community improvements through sustainable growth in career Bio-technical management and environmental sciences.

      Working for the community and the planet advancing forward.

      Clean water sourcing, sensed controlled discharge 24/7.

      Growth in the Bio-technical employee numbers,sustainable growth in infrastructure improvements,improvement in transportation throughput for logistical growth sustainability.

      Global recognition for real accountability targets concerning climate change action in environmental footprint into the national global water supplies.

      For about 1/3 of the present projected cost estimations/projections

      Creating,Leading,Teaching that for the rest of the planet.

      This is in planning stages for other communities,now,it ought too be for yours too.

      “Ordo ab chao”

      {“Out of chaos comes order.”}

      “Exitus acta probat”

      {“The end justifies the means.”} ,or the outcome………proves the deeds.
      “or flow”

      The group flush thingy would be expensive for those whom might do that with such an system in place….”prevention through focus.”


  4. I’m on my phone so I don’t know how to post a link, but we have proof blind hatred is fueling the anti obamacare sentiment. A full 10% more oppose Obama care than oppose the Affordable Care Act. It goes to show you how stupid Americans have become.

    • Thank you, John. I’ve seen that same information. I can sympathize about the phone thing. My smart phone is smarter than me.

    • That is your proof? The only thing that proves is that the people polled are not paying attention to what is transpiring in regards to ACA. Any time someone does not follow BHO like a sheep, they are automatically tagged as an “Obama hater”. If that makes you feel good, stick with your story. It boils down to the majority of citizens believe that ACA is not good for the American public. If that, in your mind, makes me an Obama hater, again, make yourself feel good.

    • Psychotic drivel. It is not blind hatred that drive consumer sentiment, it is quality, value, and pricing. ObamaCare costs more, does less, and keeps 15 Million people uninsured. If the medical system works as well as the website the President will have taken us straight to the third world by convincing the sheople to give him the keys to the White House.

      Overpromise and underperform is the ObamaCare creed. The folks that don’t embrace such sideshow antics must be racists and haters. I am sure you agree.

      • Please read my post. 10% of the masses you boast about are either evil bigots or are incredibly stupid. That much we can be sure of. More like 20% are probably both, but I’m no mathematician.

        • Yeah,Sure, Good grief. Doe. Thinking (Phillip Davis.)there..
          If Caesar were alive,you’d be chained to a oar.
          Everybody knows about the math,from the recent past though. We agree on that one.

  5. what if the city just stopped the water lines and sewers at the city limits, then the people who choose to live in the county and fight annexation and higher city taxes every time the city suggests it could deal with the problems themselves. Wells and septic systems for all.

    • I think that is a great idea. They obviously don’t want city services or they would have gone for consolidated government.

      • Water/ sewer are not “city” services, they are not funded by taxes. They are funded by the users, be that commercial or residential properties. The consolidation vote was based on the power grab of the one party system in effect in Vanderburgh central committee. I made it singular because thats what I believe, until proven wrong.

    • This comment, along with a few made underneath it, are uninformed at best, and just plain ignorant a worst.

      First off, the City intentionally extended major water and sewer trunk lines up U.S. 41 in the 1970s, and subsequently out State Road 57. This was done to spur industrial development, an essential component of a healthy local economy.

      Residential and commercial development followed that infrastructure, and now in addition to major industries, extensive residential growth, and the commercial growth that follows industry and residential development, we also have a major new educational facility (North High) drawing water and dumping sewage into these trunk lines. it

      Now, y’all can call it urban sprawl all you want, but fact is that it’s suburban growth, and it’s an essential component of a healthy community and local economy. The urban core of Evansville cannot enjoy a healthy tax base, economy, or maintain it’s infrastructure without the suburban component of our community. Sorry, but it’s a fact.

      Now, all we in the county are asking for is a flat rate sewer differential based on facts, justified by a factual study, and fair, fair, fair. Not something dreamed up or clutched out of thin air. And not this arbitrary, exponentially escalating 35% crapola. Dig it?

  6. The county always has the option of building and operating its own water and sewer or switching connection services to neighboring area feeds. In fact, a little interconnect strengthening of options would create some interesting leverage.

    Wonder if Vectren recognized that when a few increase requests back it hit rate payers up for Big Rivers and Duke Gibson electrical interconnects. Keep a close eye on how peaking rates become the basis of filings for competitive rate setting logic under an interconnect wheeling logic.

  7. I echo the idea of cutting off the sewers at the city line. This spa mandate is a good time to build a sustainable and smart growth system not keep egging on a sprawling one.

    Unfortunately I’m fighting a losing battle. Being on the other side of Joe Wallace is a mixture for disaster. I once saw the river city mad hatter go into a smoke free communities meeting with the mole hat and dark shades. He can take away a bureaucrat’s soul with one stair. Resistance is futile.

      • Rails: Go to the NOAA Paducah,Current informational site. also read up on the (space weather) solar storm influences in the last 72 hrs.
        Satellites, communications devices and other high altitude features,and people can and are effected by those pulses,they monitor and list them to standard scales.
        The safe mode,reaction of the “Juno probe” that was recently sling shot’ed with orbital fly-by boost ,is very likely a directed on board safety system to control extreme solar charging to protect the controls and the power systems on board.
        Don’t know, but it makes sense. Kinda like a circuit surge protector for your electronics.
        Those guys are good ,however the solar flares influences are uncontrollable.
        Sometimes the devices we create can get the best of us. Good luck with the new phone.

        Your ball field site at Kleymeyer would work well into an updated storm water management system,and be an excellent location for Recreational uses while doing that.that plan would be one enhancing the other for complete effectiveness.
        Like the methane burn off that’s an innovation score for Global warming. The Japanese are already on that,you see the methane stored under the northern permafrost and along the deep ocean sea floors IS the largest natural energy reserve on the planet “ever”. Its now seeping into the atmosphere and is an damning condition for planet wide warming issues,sea levels,mass migrations ,extinctions and ocean acidity are real confirmed conditions moving forward.

        Any thing we do to reduce or capture and use the methane’s into lower a more useful managed planet ecosystem absorbed level carbons is planned evolution for earth science.
        Methane’s at certain conditions are 20-60 times more effective changing overall mean temperatures than our carbon foot print added up for the last 20,000 years.
        BIG problem! however,HUGE new energy source, if its access can be controlled.

        When I studied that site at Kleymeyer in comparing it to the chosen one the flood plain issue was bare faced to me because of Ohio river Evansville gauge records listed on the Hydrology site for the United states river systems.

        I think as per study of that the records met on 5/5/2011 (46.78. ft gauge) and (3/10/1997 47.72 ft gauge.) With studies into the basin histories one must include the Wabash river system as well at Mt.Carmel. Its an strong indicator of more regional precipitation run off conditions in the basin maximums.

        The ability of the Ohio to pass down stream effectively from the mouth below union town and point township in Posey.

        The last 3 decades the Wabash is running extremely high on the end numbers. Record little Wabash flood Carmi Ill. 2011.
        The 2011 Ohio reading was high to,the Wabash changed channels and created an new Island at its mouth due to flow differences.
        Powerful stuff.
        Historical floods are one thing, controls are another.
        What would have been conditions for CSO had the river been at the march 2011 level with the other days rain event?
        The creek could only back up higher into the flood plains along the new road construction that is now wash board settling failed. If the same or extreme run down of the whole creek basin increased due to an rain event over what was there in March 2011 it doesn’t look good there.
        A single rain event will cause that condition with those Ohio river gauge readings as of now.
        Nothing would stop it.
        Those fields would fail too,the over burden will push the water even further into the surrounding country side and community there. CSO is no question. It will propagate anywhere it can find a low outlet.

        Further planning is drastically needed on that location if in fact the location is to be successful.
        You have no flood walls there only the road itself. that will back fill under heavy rain and an similar river stage as the recent past has recorded.
        One can see the failed bridge joints with orbital science,you don’t have to walk it.

        Those site plans can be made to work and the work completed,its possible,hope so anyway for the concept plan there. Could be an nice asset for the community there,if the right design is in place.

        From what I Read that’s the location chosen good luck with that too.

        • Yes, it’s kind of embarrassing. Kleymeyer seems to me a better location, that might even get the downtown hotel some visitors.

        • Excellent analysis V-is-to-R. You are right that currently they are stuck on wasting this project, and more money, on the Goebel site.

          Wayne Parke made a comment a few weeks ago that they could be in doubt but I fear they are going to be built. It wouldn’t be this city/county if they didn’t do everything in their power to build a more expensive project in the wrong location.

          What it comes down to is this: Political pride. I’m led to believe that if I would have walked into a VOICE session with 10 crayons, I could change all of that. Bologna.

          WIth that being said, a lot of supporters, including me, are still working on it. We’ve got three fields already there to work with. Going to fight for the pedestrian bridge and see what we can do with the methane gas. From there, we’re going to see what we can do to renovate the current fields with 4 others in the future planning.

          • Rails you also have a perfect location for CSO control,The upgraded north side sewer station is right there. I looked at the capabilities it was built with and with some engineering and landscape adjustment that could be an very effective incremental feature in CSO control.
            This can be in design to create sustainable environmental green space in the improvement applications.

            The height to the referenced creek flood plain of the station already provides access to Garvin park,with that said to add a foot bridge connected to the south side of the Diamond avenue creek expressway bridge would be an snap. Taking that
            “over or under” Diamond to the easement and west to 1st ave and you have a unrestricted passage to Ivy TecH. With Foot and bike pathways connected to the trail “as now present” in the Garvin Kleymeyer creek district.

            That could extend the also on site Greenway into your proposed Ball field site at Kleymeyer park cost effectively.

            “Building useful environmental sustainability multiples productive with, sustainable recreational applications moved forward”

            Over three community functions, and supporting many others through commerce gained by locations pertaining to municipal urban redevelopment and brown field management on an major four point internal gateway provided by the east, west, north,south,however centralized location provided by the intersection at your 1st ave. and Diamond.

            This all structured to take on your areas global footprints addressing climate change solutions incrementally ,with “real stuff’ advancing forward.

            “Environmentally structured re-purposing”

            Remember this Rails:

            (“diligentia maximum etiam mediocris ingeni subsidium’.)

            diligence is a very great help even to a mediocre intelligence.

            (“a posse ad esse.”)

            from possibility to actuality.

  8. As another point of clarification it has been brought to my attention that the mad hatter was a villain in Batman. My reference to Joe as the mad hatter was in reference to Paul bear Bryant of Alabama and les miles of LSU subsequently. I feel blonde for not knowing the mad hatter was a villain in Batman and apologize for the mixup.

        • EKB; I Really don’t think this board requires great literary giants. Just good points of discussion,by the way your sensitivity does reflect in your comments,that’s a good thing. 😉
          I sure don’t meet those writing specification’s either. (Too many years of engineering test reports,briefings)
          Have noticed lately that Wayne fellow has slowed the bombard some what,maybe someone with the strings “zipped his lip” so to speak?

          Saw the guy speak at one of those hotel planning shows the leadership there set up. One thing came to mind was something an ole Indiana farmer said to me once.

          “If your headed to a meeting house to make a point,don’t be the first fella going in the door”… “hind end first” ….

          Apparently,however some of your local news sources don’t push being large standout sources by that literary fame either.

          The C&P and WFIE = An mixed up drizzling of politically biased content. News 14 sure has allot of stories about tabloid type drama crap from outside the viewing area there…who there cares?
          What, “one used to read” from the C&P was usually edited by the comments section for proper use and execution,and proof of suggestive content.

          A test report would just say “fails to meet specifications of content design “.
          Recommendations: Further development.

          • I understand that it is not necessary to be a literary giant to post here, but thinking that Batman was the source of that character blew me away.
            I really don’t pay much attention to local news, and ceased watching any of it on TV years ago.
            As for the C&P editing comments, I never had one edited in any way. I did have 3 or so taken down, but never had so much as a typo changed. They do prohibit certain words, even though most are anatomically correct references, and they won’t let commenters refer to Cummings Diesel.

  9. for all you “literary giants” that likes to insult people……in lewis carrolls book alice in wonderland the character was only referred to as THE HATTER…..not the mad hatter……..unbelievable……..

  10. Agree T insulting people while being ignorant is the stuff made for comedy. I guess now only the ignorant can read the ignorant comments on the courier and press. Thank you city county observer for being the place to go for the truth.

  11. Didn’t think it would take long for some of the “posters” from the C&P boards to find their way over here. (i.e. literary giants)

    • Money Saved for the People of Evansville and Southwest Indiana:

      Homestead Tax Credit Restored: $25.5 Million ($5.1 M per year in perpetuity)
      Downtown Hotel Supplement Reduced: $18.5 Million
      Earthcare Energy Scam Defeated: $4 Million
      Johnson Controls Price Reduced: $11 Million
      Ball Fields Price Reduced: $5.5 Million
      Vectren Fee Averted: $32 Million

      Total Savings from CCO Initiatives: $96.5 Million

      There is your beef, you are very welcome.

      • Yep,I’ll take the editors beef over your salt barrel pork offered any day…”Johnny.”
        Whew,meah. I better watch it!
        Don’t want to sound political… “A person never knows “what” will come through that door.” around theses parts.

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