IS IT TRUE? October 11, 2011 Special Evening Edition


IS IT TRUE? October 11, 2011 Special Evening Edition

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer will most certainly be setting records today for pageviews, absolute unique users, and for time online?…that some folks would think that it is the stories about the Evansville City Council and Vectren that would be driving the traffic but then one would be wrong?…that our mid morning IS IT TRUE about FloatGate is what is driving the traffic?…that the other story that still has wings is Andrew Smith’s letter of endorsement for Rick Davis that was published Sunday?

IS IT TRUE that excluding police reports that the most read IS IT TRUE ever is now the story about the young lady who was tricked by a faulty Vectren electric meter into thinking here use was affordable only to find out later that they were billing her for power that she never knew that she used and still isn’t sure that she used because their gear was defective?…that we have since learned that the contract out the reading of meters but they still have not admitted to or accepted any fault?…that perhaps this sort of behavior is why Councilman John Friend and Candidate for 2nd Ward City Council are circulating petitions and why Occupy Evansville is putting Vectren on the same list that they have banks and government on?

IS IT TRUE that there is a spoof organization that is being bantered about online that is calling itself “VACATE EVANSVILLE”?…that if there is such a thing that it has been in existence since 1960 and has chapters that meet regularly in progressive cities with plenty of job opportunities all over America?…that the best way to be invited to join is to get a bachelor’s degree from any of our good local universities?…that they will sign you up for the Alumni Club that is otherwise known as “Vacate Evansville”?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #8 tells us that Justin Alex Jarvis ran as a Republican for public office in 1994?…that specifically Mr. Jarvis ran for pigeon township advisory board?…that he also managed the campaign office for Lori Frary when she ran for mayor in 1995?…that if this sounds a bit strange that you can confirm it yourself on the following link to the Courier and Press Archives

IS IT TRUE that reading that article is a strong reminder that Evansville may not be very good a recycling garbage but it sure is good a recycling politicians?…that even then names don’t seem to change?…that when we sing “old boss same as the new boss” or “same old story same old song and dance”, it really is the same old boss and the same old song and dance?…that it is no more apparent than in the Office of the Mayor of Evansville where we can honestly claim to have 52 years, 13 administrations, and 4 last names?…that even the deepest darkest hollers of Appalachia are more diverse?

A Little Dueling Banjos for Old Times Sake


  1. Congratulations, CCO! You’re providing an enormous service to the public by allowing public discussion of the “real news.”

  2. First a Republican and now a Democrat Justin Jarvis just like the rest of the insiders! Today’s “Worst Person in the World!” Who will give me $20. Now $30. I need $30. No takers? Sold for $30 to Mark Owens, the lowest bidder!

    Priceless CCO!

    • Lol.. Couldn’t help myself! I don’t like putting myself out here but the last 6 months I just couldn’t help myself!

  3. Whoa on the deliverance banjo song. That will give you the willies just to hear it. Hey Evansville! Squeel like a pig, Go Weeeeeeeeee!

  4. Will Mr. Jarvis be ridding a scooter with helmet on and orange flag flying to Demo HQ in Kunkle’s building after Mr. Jarvis 3rd bench warrant was issued for his arrest for failing to appear at Court hearings for driving with no valid license? Was he going to drive the Central Committee float at the Fall Festival before his arrest? How the heck was he getting to work at the Demo HQ? Did Mr. Jarvis have a reserved parking spot in the Kunkle building? Can’t wait for Mr. Owen to answer these questions. Thank goodness this serial driving offender is (hopefully) off the road.

    • So true! I’m so tired of the largest part of MY bill being for uninsured motorist!

      • The largest part of your health insurance is for uninsured people. The largest part of your taxes are for non tax payers. Welcome to America in 2011, the USSA.

  5. Um… just a thought. Winnecke’s own wife won’t even claim him, so why should we? He just will be a repeat of Weinzapfel – God help us all.

    Wake up people. “The machine” is scared of losing their power, so that’s why they are attacking Davis from ALL sides.

    He is the change we need. No more sweet deals! The status quo must go!!!!!!!!!

  6. Watch the meter reader for Vectren and see if they actually read the meter! Our meter reader just bare glances at ours and doesn’t verify that the information she is inputting is accurate, while she’s chatting nonstop on her cell phone

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