IS IT TRUE? October 1, 2011


IS IT TRUE? October 1, 2011

IS IT TRUE that there is a lovely quote in today’s Wall Street Journal that is attributed to a French woman named Brigitte Hautier?…that it is the kind of quote that we hope people attribute to the City County Observer’s demeanor as a publication?…that Mme. Hautier is a personal writer for people who need letters, resume’s, and other small writing tasks done who refuses to work for the government in such a job in order to have the freedom that comes with freelancing?…that her quote is as follows:

“There are people who want only free stuff, and others would rather pay and be free”

IS IT TRUE that it is truly a sad day in America, France, or even the former USSR when any government or business accumulates sufficient power over the lives of people to oppress the free flow of information?…that some people are humbled by an oppressive leviathan and others never will be?…that those in the “never will be” category founded the United States of America?…that the people that founded this country would roll over in their graves to see the power held by governments and big companies over free enterprise and the free flow of information today?

IS IT TRUE that the staff of the Governor of Kentucky was advised yesterday that due to poor and deteriorating economic conditions in the national economy that Kentucky is in for a tough economic time in the foreseeable future?…that even Governor Steve Beshear from nearby Dawson Springs was not immune from bad news?…that he is being called out for making claims to have created jobs that were announced that just never materialized?…that the whole country must be accustomed to politicians and their minions telling whoppers about job creation?…that we wonder what the statute of limitations is on an announcement about a magnificent number of jobs that never happened?…that if someone announces 500+ jobs that will be created and ten years later the number is 10 if they are liars or just suffered from delusion when the announcement was made?…that we do applaud the State of Kentucky for publishing their realistic outlook?

IS IT TRUE that there are now solar powered oil wells toiling away in parts of the earth where there is limited or no access to the electrical grid?…that we can soon expect a windmill power gas pump, or even a tidal powered drill rig?…that maybe our path to energy independence will be hastened by using alternative green energy to find or access traditional fossil fuels?…that this may be the most cost efficient use of alternative energy on earth today?

IS IT TRUE that it has now been 1,615 days since the announcement was made on May 14, 2007 that the McCurdy Hotel was to be refurbished into luxury apartments?…that it has now been 1,468 days since the Evansville Redevelopment Commission at the request of Mayor Weinzapfel approved the spending of $603,000 to purchase the parking lot?…that City Centre Properties and Scott Kosene the developers of the McCurdy project are both listed as contributors to the Weinzapfel for Mayor committee for 2010?

IS IT TRUE that in a short 39 days we will all know whether it will be Lloyd Winnecke or Rick Davis who will become the Mayor that will assume responsibility for executing the decisions that are playing out right now?…that that there are 92 days remaining in the Weinzapfel Administration?

IS IT TRUE that there are now 394 days remaining in the two years that the EPA had given the City of Evansville to present an acceptable solution to the Combined Sewer Overflow problem?…..that this plan is an expensive and complex endeavor that needs immediate attention to avoid the embarrassment and expense of another round of fines?


  1. In response to those of you who beat up Winnecke a hundred times a day for being one of Whine-sniffle’s toadies: Has it ever occured to you that the same can be said of the Democrat Rick Davis, who works in the same building as Whiney, and has been under Whiny’s hobnailed boots 52 weeks every year? The poor souls who have suffered under the tyrant Whiny-crapple, the leading figure in the Democrap Party, are within striking distance of the corrupt mayor day in, day out, while Winnecke has an honest job working for a highly reputable financial institution, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Whiny’s opportunities to twist Winnecke’s limbs is severely limited to those times when he has conducted county business.

    So the choice is clear: If you want to vote for one of Whiny-zappel’s mind-numbed robots, Pick Rick!

    • Maybe that’s what prompted Mr. Davis to go into Weinzapfel’s office and annoumnce his intentions for running for Mayor. Yes, Rick was tired of how things were being done in the civic center, and knew the citizens of this city have not had anything to say about what their tax dollars are spent on. Rick was getting a front row seat, working in the civic center, and was not happy with how he had no voice in how his local goernment was handling his buisness. He went to Weinzapfel and announced his intentions and Weinzapfel threw him out of the Mayor’s office, screaming “Mr. Davis had alot of nerve” telling him he was running for HIS office. On the other hand Winnecke, in another closed door meeting, where he and Weinzapfel were conducting your buisness, sneakily, and without your knowledge, got Johny’s blessing, to run for Mayor. Winnecke has stated that he would never have run if Weinzapfel would have run for another term. It is interesting that Winnecke is the only candidate getting support from the Democratic Central Committee. Rick Davis is getting his support from the citizens who Winneke and Weinzapfel are afraid of.

      • That’s not whole story. Why tell just part of story. Tell the whole thing. How about this part. When Weinzapfel said “Rick you have a lot of nerve coming in here telling me that” what did Rick Davis reply? He said “I’ll tell you what takes a lot of nerve, Jonathan. I came up here 2 years ago to tell you I was running for county treasurer and you turned right around called Z Tuley and told her to find someone to run against me in primary.”

        Just another strange conspiracy theory from Davis. Weinzapfel was not the one who got Millay to run. Ask editor of city county observer who found Millay. He knows. Was not Weinzapfel. Was not Z Tuley. Big shocker who dragged Millay into it. Rick has paid back many wrong people for something they did not do. Davis attacks people for things they did not do. Whole thing is very sad joke and not a good reason to run for mayor.

    • Banking is half a step above being a used car salesman, and if you think fifth third is a reputible institution check out the fees they charge, kinda reminds me of another southern Indiana institution. And Winneke usn’t even a banker but is a talking head. He should do what I do and tell people he plays piano in a whorehouse.

  2. Absolutely, Sledgehammer. Pardon the pun, but you nailed it.

    The Demo Central Committee is actively working FOR Winnecke, as they have been since the primary, under the marching orders of the mayor, since they never think for themselves.

    Did you know that Rick has been told several times, “Good luck running against two parties…” by local so-called Dems? That is just shameful.

    I can’t wait for that day in November when we city residents get to go to the polls and vote OUT the good ol’ boys crooked, corrupt network, and vote IN someone whose courage has shown over and over that he wants what’s BEST for this community.

    I’m done with the status quo. I’m picking Rick.

    • Reason there are two democrat parties is Rick Davis split party into his little party and rest of the democrat party. How can Rick Davis expect rest of democrat party to forgive and forget when he keeps on attacking one after another democrat for no good reason. Davis has his own status quo and it’s dreaming up conspiracy so he can keep beating up on other democrats for things they did not do.

      • Yeah, good luck with that theory. It’s laughable.

        How many MILES has Rick Davis logged over the years, knocking on doors for the very candidates/office holders who are now stabbing him in the back and working for Winnecke?

        • Not a theory but facts. What did B.J. Watts ever do to Rick Davis? What did David Mosby do to Rick Davis? What did Missy do? Nothing, nothing, nothing, except be related to someone who Rick’s buddy Al held a grudge against for really petty thing. Now you name someone Rick Davis door knocked for who is stabbing him in the back. Besides it is wise to preemptively strike against known attacker. All Davis knows is attack, attack, attack.

          • Missy Mosby, get over it. I could start another website on her and her tactics in real estate. I can guarantee you that when backed into a corner she folds and …………”goes with the flow”………

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