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IS IT TRUE history was made on Tuesday in Evansville, Indiana with the victorious campaign of Stephanie Terry who woke up this morning as Mayor-elect of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that the Citizens of Evansville, Indiana can hold their head high today for going to the polls and smashing two glass ceilings with one vote?…come 2024 we will all see Mayor-elect Stephanie Terry sworn in as the 34th Mayor of Evansville crashing both the gender and race barrier that had been in place since the 1800s?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor-elect Stephanie Terry has long enjoyed a level of popularity across party lines for her pleasant demeanor, her willingness to work hard, and her dedication to building a BETTER EVANSVILLE and VANDERBURGH COUNTY while being humble and respectful?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor-elect Stephanie Terry has promised that her staff and board appointments will be comprised of diverse, caring, intelligent, and qualified people?  …that we hope she will choose wisely because the masses are watching?

IS IT TRUE that this year’s mayoral election was one of the most competitive in years, aside from a few last-minute mud bombs that had very little to do with Ms. Terry?

IS IT TRUE that the voters of Evansville, Indiana can hold their heads high today for going to the polls and smashing two glass ceilings with one vote? …come 2024 we will all see Mayor Stephanie Terry sworn in as the 34th Mayor of Evansville crashing both the gender and race barrier that had been in place since the 1800s?

IS IT TRUE Ms. Terry did receive unexpected assistance from a source that recent elections have not had in years?… that the aggressive and intelligent Libertarian candidate Micheal Daughtry with enough support to garner over 2,000 votes or 11.4% of the vote total which was extremely hurtful to the likable and well qualified Natalie Rascher’s Mayoral campaign?

IS IT TRUE that Stephanie Terry was once, twice, three hundred times a lady during the campaign and that is why the people of Evansville bestowed this great honor upon her at this time?…members of the  “CCO Mole Nation” believe that with Mayor Terry at the helm we may just be entering a time of tranquility, togetherness and progress in Evansville that the previous administrations have never delivered?

IS IT TRUE while Mayor-elect Terry did not hit the magical 50% level she came close with 48.6% of the vote for a victory margin of 8.6% over runner-up Natalie Rascher who had a disproportionate money advantage (one Million dollars in her campaign war chest) due to her heir apparent status with the outgoing Winnecke Administration?

IS IT TRUE that it isn’t surprising that three-term Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has landed a high-paying role leading the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana on his way out the door?

IS IT TRUE that we aren’t surprised to hear that the newly hired CEO of EREP Lloyd Winnecke is already talking about doing a new multi-million dollar project in Evansville proper?  …that we wonder if City Council members and members of the Vanderburgh County Commission will be allowed to give EREP their input on any future big-ticket capital projects created by EREP since both entities donated $300,000 to EREP?

`IS IT TRUE that it seems as though Evansville was ready for a departure from excessive spending and a maniacal obsession with tourism as the key to the future?…in the last 20 years, Evansville has gone from a Mayor who wanted to be President of the United States, to a chicken fat dancing Harold Hill act alike from The Music Man, to what appears to be a temperate, kind, considerate Mayor who is interested in making improvements at home?

IS IT TRUE across the Ohio River in Kentucky, Andy Beshear was re-elected to the Office of Governor over Daniel Cameron despite being a lifelong Democrat in a very Red State?…the Governor’s race in Kentucky featured two qualified candidates so it came down to personal preference?…while Governor Beshear did not get off to a great start, often mimicking the antics of California Governor Gavin Newsom with his COVID10 policies and posturing, the turning point was his compassionate and tenacious handling of the natural disasters that devastated the cities of Mayfield, Bremen, and his ancestral home of Dawson Springs?… Governor Beshear won his re-election on the ground serving the people of Kentucky at a time of disaster?… Andy, as his friends and constituents, call him broke some ground last night too winning 15 counties in Eastern Kentucky and that was likely 15 more counties than any Democrat has won in Eastern Kentucky in the last century?…it was apparent that the people of Kentucky have validated Beshear’s first term by giving him a second, in an election that saw both other statewide elections in the Commonwealth go heavily Republican?…that means straight-ticket voting was off the table in Kentucky and that is a good thing?…the time of partisanship is over in America?…the only question is when will the members of congress figure this out?

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  1. .
    Congrats to Stephanie Terry!!!
    Imagine that. A politician running for office to give back to their Community!

    (The dysfunctional nature, fools and clowns is actually the more accurate term, of the crazy, Trump voters, is FULL-ON display. Here in this election. In the Kentucky election. In the Ohio referendums. We can talk all we want about the Trump GOP being a bunch of losers, led by a Loser. But these results prove, they are bona-fide, Losers.)

  2. Why dont more people vote? Only 20,000 citizens voted of of a 130,000 people that live in the city limits. It is sad. But I have no answers either. I just wanted it brought to the front of the all election story. I realized there is no big issue (taxes being raised, or infrastructure needing repair) Congratulations to Mrs Terry and all the others that won their election. Also a tip of the hat to those that did not get enough votes to win.

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