IS IT TRUE November 8, 2013-Part 1 and 2. IS IT TRUE THAT PART 2 IS BREAKING NEWS?

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics


IS IT TRUE the Schoolhouse Mole tells the City County Observer that Vanderburgh County School Board member Sally Becker has sold her Condo in Evansville?…the Schoolhouse Mole also tells us that Ms. Becker has purchased a place to live in Chicago?…that reliable sources tell us that she is considering renting an apartment in Evansville so she can stay on the school board?…given the cost of gasoline and the time commitment to serve on the School Board we find it sort of amazing that a School Board member could rationalize any reason to commute from Chicago to Evansville?

IS IT TRUE the information that the CCO published yesterday regarding Bruce Ungenthiem’s potential run for the Vanderburgh County Commissioner’s seat currently held by Marsha Abell as a Democrat stirred up a can of worms?…one very reliable Mole let us know quickly that the Democrat nomination was slated for former Evansville Fire Chief Keith Jarboe who also served as the President of the Evansville City Council under Mayor Weinzapfel?…it was also disclosed that Mr. Jarboe has stated that he already has the campaign contributions lined up and that he has boasted that this will be an “easy” victory?…one thing for sure about a race between Commissioner Abell and Mr. Jarboe is that the Homestead Tax Credit fiasco will not come up BECAUSE THEY WERE BOTH IN ON IT?…what may make this upcoming race interesting would be a Libertarian Bruce Ungenthiem with the records of all three candidates plastered on every billboard in town?…between the Homestead Tax Credit Fiasco, the defeat of Consolidation, the blind support of several SNEGAL downtown projects, the proposed closing of Fire Stations, and associations with the mushrooming of the debt of Evansville as political weapons, Mr. Ungenthiem may just crash the two party system to become the first Libertarian Vanderburgh County Commissioner?

IS IT TRUE property taxes are due in Vanderburgh County with the checks needing to be in the mail within the next couple of days to avoid a penalty?…we would like to ask that each of our readers remember the CCO when you write that check and smile that you each still have a Homestead Tax Credit?…on November 10th the savings by the property owners of this county will bring the total savings from proposed trickery by local government and others that have been exposed and opposed by the City County Observer will reach $100 Million dollars?…it has been a fulfilling blast to have been a part of saving the people of Vanderburgh County and the City of Evansville such a large sum of money that would have otherwise been consumed by government bureaucracy?

IS IT TRUE we were encouraged but underwhelmed by the distorted apology to the American people last night by President Obama for the chaos that the ObamaCare website and the over 4 Million cancelled insurance policies have caused?…the pseudo apology sounded more like commiseration for an unknown third parties act that a sincere apology for a direct failure?…this apology had the tone of expressing something along the lines of “gee neighbor, I am sorry to hear that some teenagers stole your Halloween pumpkin” that an admission of failure and a sincere apology for that failure?…this half-arse, sideways, and upside down apology is consistent with the dodging rhetoric coming from the White House for the last 6 weeks and will not fall on receptive ears?…promises and apologies should not have caveats?…the Presidents promises were clear and without caveats which makes his third party apology all the more insincere and insulting to people who are clearly injured by the Obama Administration’s actions?

IS IT TRUE as of last night on the official White House website, the very first subsection of a page devoted to the Affordable Care Act — under the heading, “Title I. Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Americans” — still read as follows: “If You Like the Insurance You Have, Keep It: Nothing in the proposal forces anyone to change the insurance they have. Period?”…it’s astonishing that, even as the president and his administration attempt to spin his stump-speech promise that if you liked your health care plan, you could keep it, the White House hasn’t yet scrubbed its official website of evidence of the statement?…one would think that a cast of characters that ran a strong campaign using email, twitter, and facebook would have the ability to erase one sentence that cements the President’s place in history as a purveyor of lies?…it is as if these people don’t even care?


IS IT TRUE that our Civic Center Moles tells us that the City of Evansville has a $5 million dollar unfunded lability that wasn’t reported to City Council during recent budget hearing?  …that the Mayor , his Chief of Staff and City Controller didn’t report  to City Council that the City of Evansville has a $5 million dollar unfunded liability for city employees comp time?  …that the fire department unfunded comp time liability is $1.5 million?  …that the police department employees has about $1 million dollars in unfunded comp time owed to them?  …that all other city run departments have about $2.5 million dollars in unfunded comp time owed to them?  …could this issue be one of the reasons why the State Board  Accounts didn’t meet the November 1, 2013 deadline to make the 2012 city audit public?  …we now hear that the official 2013 city audit won’t be released by the State Board of Accounts sometime during January, 2014?


  1. As “The Canceled” set down this Thanksgiving and their stories are part of the conversations that develop, “Obamacare” will come under fire by “cause and effect”, the results will be an extrapolated number far more VAST than just those Millions that Obama’s big Lie has wounded.
    Bottom Line?
    For the Democrats, “Obamacare–The Train Wreck”, WILL result in “Casualties”.

    • Christmas shopping will be down dramatically due to the pall that Obamacare is casting over the country’s confidence in its leaders. Look for some serious bankruptcy announcements in the retail sector after the first of the year.

  2. Interesting now that the City County Observer assumes the reality of both the Democrat and Republican parties endorsing respectively Jarboe and Abell as their candidates for county commissioner, we see Big “L” Libertarian attached to Bruce Ungenthiem’s assumed candidacy.

    Is there a possibility that the City County Observer can get a comment or even an affirmation from any of the three assumed candidates? Any real possibility of a Libertarian candidate for county commissioner appearing on a Vanderburgh County ballot is just too juicy a political news item to pass off as an unsubstantiated rumor.

  3. Bruce is caught between a rock and a hard place.If he runs as a Republican, he will not have the support of the Chairman or the Mayor, or perhaps the entire party. As a Dem, he first must get Rob Falukner’ blessing. As either a Dem or Rep, in the fall, he would garner some 12,000 votes by virtue of straight party voters. As an Independent, he would have to overcome those numbers. Tough decision

    • Rick Davis did not have the blessing of the dems but beat out the chosen one. The local dems had to do massive funding and campaigning for Winnecke to defeat Davis. Bruce could win as a democrat, you don’t need the party’s blessing to run. Didn’t phil hoy run as a dem, Republican and an independent? The people in the county are fed up with Evansville politics and would be easy picking for the right candidate.

  4. Reply

    Wayne says:

    November 8, 2013 at 11:50 am

    If Marsha Abell decides to run for another term as County Commissioner (I hope she does), I as Republican County Chairman, will be fully supporting her re-election. She has demonstrated experience and good leadership ability and would serve the County very well in a another term.

    We are very fortunate to have people like Marsha Abell who are willing to serve as a County Commissioner. With the County Commissioners being the Executive Branch of County Government, this is a very important position and we are blessed in having 3 good commissioners (Abell, Kiefer and Melcher) currently serving the people of Vanderburgh County.

    Wayne Parke
    Chairman Vanderburgh County Republican Party

    • If Marsha decides to run for reelection? You mean as the Republican chairman you don’t know yet? And what if Marsha decides not to run, do you have someone lined up to run in her stead? Surely it’s not too soon to have these things ironed out. The time to announce is just around the corner.

      • I’d guess Wayne already knows the answer but as the party chairman the time isn’t right to divulge the info to the public much less give the opposition any clues till the time is right.

        Personally I’d rather she stayed as to have Jarboe in that office, Mr Ungenthiem is a unknown or dark horse if you will to a lot of voters but since we do need change at every level of government if he chooses to run I’m sure he’ll get plenty of support.

        Wayne would be smart to talk to Mr Ungenthiem and get him into the Republican fold if not for that office a city council seat would fit him just fine.


    • I second your sentiments. I fully support Marsha and she can count on my help when she needs it. I won’t comment on the other rumored candidates until I see it from a reliable source.

    • Wayne

      Well, we go from agreeing to the other day to TOTAL disagreement on this one.

      Marsha Abell is an absolute disgrace and disaster to local politics. She has embarrassed herself and Vanderburgh County numerous times, and I know of multiple people in her own party that firmly agree with me.

      I could go on and on about the total disdain I have for her, but to be honest she is her own worst enemy. I look forward to seeing her be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity, and it will be a great day locally when she is no longer allowed to be the power hungry and vindictive you-know-what that she is. She has absolutely ZERO regards for the hard-working local people that she is supposed to “represent”.

      She is a blight on the people of Vanderburgh County, and the day she is out of office cannot come too soon for me. There are numerous people locally who have saved up the examples of her mismanagement and poor treatment of Vanderburgh County residents, and as the saying goes, “she can run but she cannot hide” from all her errors as a County Commissioner.

      For the record, I have not decided on any of the candidates that have voiced opinions on running against her, both Republican and Democrat candidates. Like always, it matters not to me the party that is running, what matters is the integrity of the candidate, the proverbial “who is the best person for the office”. And in this instance, I am 100% confident that she represents the WORST County Commissioner in the history of Vanderburgh County, and it will be a day of sunshine when she is kicked to the curb.

      • ClassyEvillePolitics: You make general allegations/statements with no specific examples. What are you facts?

        You hide who you are by using an assumed name.

        All this gives you zero creditability. “ZERO”

        • Wayne in this day and age it is not wise to give your name to the people who may possibly be aiding the enemy
          like I told Phyllip I didn’t fall off any truck delivering turnips to market

          • I do not agree. If you are going to criticize or degrade somebody, you should be man enough to state your name. Otherwise, you should keep your opinion to yourself.

            I believe many people tend to lie/exaggerate when they do not have to state their name.

          • WAYNE
            that’s fine you don’t have to agree just like I don’t have to put my god given name on here
            On the same token it sure seems to me that our previous and past two mayors have very much exaggerated everything that comes out of their mouth , and we know their name so what the diff.
            They don’t need my help degrading theirselves ,their doing a good job of hurting themselves. The TRUTH will set you free

          • I obviously agree with Wayne since I use my legal name when posting. I don’t see a reason for not using my name unless it’s to take potshots at people without any type of personal responsibility. If we are all for the betterment of the community, there are no enemies. There’s just people with different ideas.

          • Phyllip
            Obviously you would
            Ok I understand you now ,if I put my real name then that means I right
            got it buddy
            Father I did not chop down the cherry tree
            George Washington

        • Hey, Wayne, what’s the deal with the poll, your girl is taking it in the neck!

          • If you really believe this poll or any poll in the CCO fairly represents the actual voters believes, I have a nice wet lot in FL I would like to sell you.

          • Um, Wayne, do you often forget what you write? YOU are the one who pointed people to the “poll”

          • EVery poll that I’ve ever seen on this site is skewed for the desired results. Let’s have three days worth of IIT’s celebrating the greatness of Ungentheim and run a poll next to it. First of all, by the comments on these boards, most of the visitors on this site have the same general outlook on local issues and politics. Every poll will show that as well. That’s like Farrakhan holding a poll about Jews or the Klan polling about Blacks.

        • Wayne, Wayne, Wayne

          I am not so foolish as to reveal the FACTS and ISSUE that point to the utter incompetence of Marsha Abell.

          But rest assured that if she is stupid enough to run again, they shall be used against her on every available opportunity if she decides to run for office again.

          The voting public has a long memory about her poor performance in office and her numerous episodes of poor treatment of Vanderburgh County residents. And there are plenty of people who will gladly make sure that those issues come back to haunt her.

          I’ve got no issues with you (personally), but if you choose to back her as your “best” candidate, then you are backing the wrong horse, as they say.

          Your choice

    • What??? There you go again Wayne out flying above 12,500 feet without oxygen…you surely can not be serious? Please stop putting whatever you put into your pepsi!!! Primaries are for the party people to decide who they want as their candidate, not backroom political power broker, like you!!!

      • When in the hell will the precinct people come to their senses and vote in someone with some common sense for the republican county chair???

        • Are you liquored up again? The precinct committeemen voted me in by a 10 to 1 margin.

      • I am not a not a “backroom” political power broker. I am very up front with my believes/positions.

        I am the Party Chairman. The Chairman is a leadership position. People want to know my opinion and I give it. They can take my advise or leave it. They should vote for the person of their choice. I support who I believe is the best candidate to serve the people of Vanderburgh County.

        I do not hide behind an assumed name like you do.

        • The problem with the Vandy GOP is that your current political King; Winnecke has been in bed too many times with Dems and is rightly perceived, do to his actions as a careless free spender of taxpayer monies. ie. Homestead tax credit , Earth Scam gave 250k? plus was ready to hand over millions, ready to hand over 17million more than needed for Doubletree hotel.

          Many in Evansville area see most of the local candidates as a lesser of two evils. Fiscally it seems two dems have been the biggest fiscal Conservatives Friend and Riley. SAD!

          • While I do not agree with Riley on many of her conclusions/votes, she does explain her thought process and it shows she has put some thought on the issue. This is one point I like about her.

            As for as John Friend is concerned, most of the time he is a loose cannon trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill so he can get his name in the news media so he can run for Mayor. What he does not seem to realize that when doing this he makes himself look bad.

            • So Wayne, if this makes Friend look bad, shouldn’t you be encouraging him to keep it up?

  5. Part 2
    What’s $5,000,000.00 to a city like Evansville , whenever we plant the money trees we need
    To help us out on our sewers and everything else we have had shoved down our throats ,and are about to pay for something else which should be private funds . We can just put in a couple more money trees to cover the 5 mill .
    Oh I’m sure it’s a honest mistake , oh me oh my I forgot to send in my 30,000 $ house payment to the bank last month and they said don’t worry ,we let things like that slide

  6. $5 million in unfunded comp. time?

    Wasn’t a department head recently fired for allowing accrual of excessive comp. time?

    Seems some are treated differently by the city depending on who they are or who they know.

    • I think the department head was fired for allowing an employee to rack up excessive overtime hours in lieu of a pay increase. Also, said department head purchased a truck without prior approval for the city/county purchasing department. I’m not sure but the comp time for EPD & EFD may be negotiated through their respective CBAs. I’m sure someone on here can shed some light on that.

      • What about the $2.5 million from “other city departments”?

        Not exactly a prudent fiscal approach to budgeting.

        Guess we won’t know the whole story on the audit until next year.

        Maybe the books will be reconciled by then.

  7. BHO IS a purveyor of lies. And NO, he does not care one iota what the American citizen thinks about him. For BHO, the ways ALWAYS justify the means. HABITUAL LIER OBAMA. While BHO’s walls are falling down around him, his very loyal followers are noticeably absent from the CCO. What about it LKB? Shame on me. BHO did not lie about being able to keep your doctor/insurance if you liked it. He just “over simplified the ACA” with his statement. It must be getting lonely at the top.

  8. Why does it need to be a Bruce-Marsha show? Steve Melcher is who you can ultimately trace to the initial support of the Consolidation without separate votes approach. Bruce corrected the potential disaster Steve had stumbled into. The fitting challenge and clear bounds that Bruce can easily win is to replace Steve. Bruce is head and shoulders better, being knowledgable about issues and articulate regarding viable courses forward; neither of which is true with Steve.

    • The trace to Melcher was he was sworn in as a commissioner the night the petition by the League of Woman/Chamber of Commerce was presented at the January county commissioners meeting. It was to look into “all” forms of consolidated government that was spelled out by then recent state law. Tornatta that night spelled out the simple majority. Keep in mind that the “Fischer Plan” was rushed thru in a “well rehearsed” play the first night of the choosen “12” consolidated meeting!

      • Steve’s misplaced vote assured county residents would not require separate approval to support consolidation. By not supporting the separate county vote he cleared the path for the machine to try to overwhelm the county resident’s with city resident’s votes. It was then up to Bruce and a solid small team to rally not only the already organized West Siders against annexation team but also north and east county plus key disenfranchised city groups to stand in solidarity against tremendous organized political pressure all the way to the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme court and outside funding and visits from aggregators as far away as Kansas City to attempt to hijack the vote. Bruce calmly coordinated local people from a very diverse range of backgrounds and geographies within the county to assure true citizen understanding, involvement, and action. He did this with no personal political agenda; simply a strong personal belief in doing the right thing for the people of the community.

        You can claim Steve was blindsided but I was at that initial meeting and he was informed of the implications of his vote clearly before it was made. If he is unable to stand up for the rights of his constituents, either through lack of knowledge or skill or through intent, then he is not deserving of the people’s votes.

        • Separate votes by city and county to pass consolidation was not adopted by the statehouse until the “recent” several years after the initial county commissioners approval to “look into” all various forms of mergers. Tornatta brought up the simple majority “after” the vote, and not before. Also when the county commissioners approved the merger plan to be put on the ballot, Melcher had the only “no” vote. Steve also attempt to put in a threshold vote with no “second” of the motion by the other two.

          • I remember the headline in the local newspaper some 30, 40 or 50 years ago that read: “ONE MAN, ONE VOTE.”

            This means to me that to deny me a COUNTY vote on any proposition but to limit me to a CITY only vote is to “flip the bird” to the US Supreme Court. I believe it to be not only unconstitutional, but un-American.

            But, in the meanwhile, the consolidation in Vanderburgh County has been defeated. Let it rest.

    • Steve was at every CORE meeting I attended, he knew it was a bad idea as presented. Steve Melcher is the only county commisioneer who is representing the people of this county. To another point, primaries are when the parties members pick their candidate, not when the smokey backroom deals are made. Wayne should stay out of it except for his individual vote at the polls. There was a lesson in the Democrat loss in the mayors race, endorse the voters choice or loose.

      • onemeover: You must not understand the role of the Party Chairman or the real political party process. The Chairman’s role is to “lead”– not be a backseat driver.

        Are you making these statements because I do not support your candidate?

        How are you really involved in the political process except to make negative comments under an assumed name?

  9. Wayne

    Please read todays CCO Readers Poll and you should see how the masses feel about your buddy Marsha Abell.

    Seems like you are riding a dead political horse.

      • Just to clarify, we do not even pretend to represent that our polls are an indication of how an election will turn out. The CCO polls like the CP polls etc. are simply a forum for their readers to express a preference.

      • You are a rare combination of arrogance and ignorance much like the President you support. You can’t even seem to state a fact without making a degrading yet meaningless comment about people you don’t even know. What a useless excuse for a decent human being you seem to be.

  10. Is it even remotely conceivable that of all the subject matter addressed in this “Is It True” section that the overwhelming concern is with local yocal politics?

    Self absorbed comes to mind.

    It’s no wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

  11. Sally Parker. What would that be any different than what the U of Southern Indiana Mens basketball coach has been doing for five yrs? Never moved here. Still lives 90 miles away in Carbondale, Illinois despite making 100k + a yr funded by Indiana tax payers. Paid to represent Evansville/Southern Indiana but lives in Illinois.
    Sally can be voted out of her 20k? role.

  12. So I am reading the paper this morning and see all this crap about the food police wanting to expand to the next thing on their agenda, and I could not help wondering what Roy would think about that and about food Nazis in general.


  13. I hope that Republicans, RINOpublicans, Independents, and sane Democrats will unite against Jonathan Weinzapfel.

  14. I would still like to see Bruce run as a Democrat. Jarboe is not popular with the current Democrats in office and has a lot of baggage. I agree that if Jarboe is the Democrat candidate for Commissioner against Abel it will be an easy victory but for Abel. Jarboe was one of the Democrat bobble heads on the council when Weinzapfel was Mayor and cashed his council seat in for a Fire Chief’s job where he tried to close 2 fire stations, just keep that in mind if you live in the county, your fire stations may be next if he gets elected. I hope the voters do themselves a favor and vote against this egomaniac who is as self serving as anyone they will ever meet. I’ve got a campaign slogan for 2014 (VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT JARBOE).

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