IS IT TRUE? November 8, 2011 (Wards and Heartburn)


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IS IT TRUE? November 8, 2011 (Wards and Heartburn)

IS IT TRUE that our IndyMole tells us that former Vanderburgh County Sheriff, United States Congressman, and current Vectren President of Something Brad Ellsworth was overheard making a statement about two Evansville politicians?…that Ellsworth was overheard saying that “there is a guy down in Evansville by the name of Friend that is giving me heartburn”?…that we assume that former Congressman Ellsworth was speaking of Evansville City Councilman John Friend, CPA?…that the IndyMole says that the name of Indiana House of Representatives member Gail Riecken was mentioned in the heartburn conversation too?…that the Republican 2nd Ward candidate for Evansville City Council E. Lon Walters must not be making Ellsworth’s heart burn?…that even though he was not mentioned in the conversation that Walters really was the first candidate to start collecting signatures on a petition to reign in future rate increases by Vectren?

IS IT TRUE that as heartburn and Lon Walters goes we hear from reliable people on the ground that his door knocking efforts are giving his opponent Democratic incumbent City Councilwoman from the 2nd Ward some serious heartburn and sleepless nights?…that after word of a Democratic poll leaked out last week that Mosby was only hanging on to a 2 point lead and that this traditionally Democrat seat was actually in play followed by Walters win in the CCO online poll that both heartburn and anxiety became motivating factors for Councilwoman Mosby?…that we know Missy will keep her game face up and will not show the pressure though, because game on is just the way she is?…that it is positive to see a real contest for the 2nd Ward seat and that the contest will make the winner stronger?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to congratulate the 3rd Ward Candidates for running what has appeared to be one of the cleanest and most competent pairs of campaigns in Evansville’s history?…that we are confident that either Stephanie Brinkerhoff- Riley or Alan Leibundguth will meet our hope for all members of the Evansville City Council of conducting OUR BUSINESS in a transparent, honest, deliberative manner?…that both seem to have the depth and diversity of thought to do an admirable job?…that the campaign for the 3rd Ward was conducted as all should be?

IS IT TRUE that the 5th Ward campaign that finished the CCO poll in an exact tie is also expected to be down to the wire?…that things got a little nasty on both sides at the end with negative mailers hitting the mailboxes of the northside on behalf of both Brent Grafton and John Friend?…that one of the mailers for John Friend according to Councilman Friend was done without his knowledge or authority by the Vanderburgh County Democrat Central Committee?…that this particular mailer was cited by CCO Publisher Joe Wallace for using a picture that HE OWNS without paying for the rights to do so?…that Mr. Wallace has been legally advised that his case is rock solid but that his $3,500 bill is too high?…that today he will be sending a bill of $350 that reflects what other such pictures have brought for political uses in Vanderburgh County Indiana?…that another mailer being done on behalf of Councilman Friend of an even more negative nature was aborted on Friday after wise counsel advised the printer and the Vanderburgh County Democrat Central Committee that some things are just off limits?

IS IT TRUE that the 6th Ward campaigns must have set a record for low budget politics and for never saying a bad word about each other?…that even in the debates that Shaun Short and Al Lindsey treated each other with the respect of a couple of Reitz fans at a football game?…that we would not be surprised if these two voted for each other as there is really mutual respect between them?…that while Shaun Short is a person that appears to be a rising star in Evansville politics, Mr. Lindsey would not have even made it to the ballot without the courage that he exhibited to take on the Royal Family of West Evansville politics and prevail in lawsuit after lawsuit that challenged his residence?…that it seems as though the 6th Ward seat on the Evansville City Council will be in good hands whichever way it goes in today’s election?

IS IT TRUE that the weather this morning is the most favorable that any of us here at the CCO can remember for an election day in Evansville?…that Mother Nature wants you all to vote but that the CCO wants you all to THINK BEFORE VOTING and DO AS MUCH DAMAGE TO THE MACHINE AS YOU CAN?


  1. Vote for Shaun Short! He has the vision needed for the west side. . . And is running for all the right reasons!

  2. Sticking it to someone who stuck it to you may produce a great deal of personal satisfaction, but that is transitory. Lets not forget for a moment that doing the best job possible for the people who voted you into office is what will produce the real feelings of accomplishment.


  3. Hey Brad Ellsworth….there is a big difference between you and Gail Riecken: Gail works for the PEOPLE, not big corporations. Better get some TUMS, because the fight for fair electric rates is NOT over!!!

    • I don’t know about that All4_1; the Democrat and Republican parties are larger than most if not all Indiana companies! Rep. Riecken worked out of state for over a month for her party rather than doing her elected job. It is NEVER correct to run and hide from your job whether you like your perceived outcome or not! I’m glad she is stepping up against Vectren’s outrageous rates now, but she’s been in office many years as the rates have gone up and up. I’ve not researched how she has fought against past rate increases in the past, but if she did she was infective! Maybe Rep. Riecken should skip the TUMS and go directly for the PRYLOSIC because her heartburn seems more long term.
      If we only learn one thing over the last few years locally and nationally; if a candidates position is more important for the Republican or Democrat party, then that candidate is not worthy of our votes!

      • Saw, with respect to the Democrat walkout, we will have to chalk that up to a difference of interpretation. I think the constitutional ability of the minority to deny the majority a quorum for conducting business is an appropriate and effective check on the power of the majority. The minority representatives have to represent their constituents, too. And, in Indiana, that responsibility has been utilized by both parties, although the reasons for such vehement disagreement that business cannot be conducted are dubious at best.

        • I agree both parties have used the walkout; I did list both parties, I did not leave the Republicans out! I specifically point out Rep. Riecken DID walkout and disagree with you that walking out is ever the correct way to handle the Cities, States or Countries business. I guess we will agree to disagree, but that’s the wonderful world of this CCO blog, and the reason the site has so much traffic.

        • Do not even try to compare the GOP walkout of hours with the members being in the town to what the Dems did.

          It’s like saying that, “Sure Jeffrey Dalhmer is a bad guy, but the cop that arrested him had a couple parking tickets and it’s all about the same.”

  4. Vote for Al Lindsey for 6th Ward City Council. Al Lindsey has proven he is here to represent the citizens in the 6th Ward.

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