IS IT TRUE? November 8, 2011 (Mayoral Antics: Two Good Men and One Messed up Situation))


IS IT TRUE? November 8, 2011 (Mayoral Antics: Two Good Men and One Messed up Situation)

IS IT TRUE that the race for Mayor of Evansville really started at the 2010 Fall Festival in what would come to be known as the first of many gaffs within the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party?…that BoothGate started it all when it comes to foul-ups, bleeps, and blunders to have their source within the Vanderburgh County Central Committee?…that what BoothGate really came down to is a sense of entitlement on the part of the Central Committee and its de-facto leader Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel?…that the sheer uncontrolled audacity to think that one is entitled to first dibs on an elected position is the source of all of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Parties maladies?

IS IT TRUE that the hubris really started in the Office of Mayor Weinzapfel on April 1, 2008 when a secret meeting was held to allow the lapsing of the Homestead Tax Credit for the homeowners of Vanderburgh County?…that that king complex that lead to the conclusion that such an act would have no consequences was the genesis of the downfall of the Vanderburgh Democrat Party and became the central focus and rallying cry of the Davis for Mayor campaign?…that County Commissioner Lloyd Winnecke the current Republican candidate for Mayor of Evansville as it turns out has taken the most lashes for the secret meeting that Mayor Weinzapfel’s memo told the people of Evansville the details of?

IS IT TRUE that the campaigns for Mayor of Evansville both were guided in a negative direction that may not have happened if the secret meeting referenced above had never happened?…that if that secret meeting had never occurred that Mayor Weinzapfel may be a serious candidate for Governor of Indiana right now and that there would have been no reports of BOOS during his Dukakis like ride on a Zamboni at the Evansville Icemen’s game on Saturday night?…that the secret meeting has been nothing but an albatross and a burden for everyone associated with it in any way and that starting tomorrow we hope that we bury it in the past and move forward in a positive manner no matter who is elected Mayor of Evansville?…that Troy Tornatta was strong armed by Mayor Weinzapfel and the Democrat Party into not using a “secret meeting” commercial in his race against Marsha Abell for County Commissioner last year?…that his proclamation to “keep on Mayor Weinzapfel’s plan” was his undoing in the primary that made Rick Davis the Democrat nominee for Mayor by a wide margin?

IS IT TRUE that from the arrogance that came with a decisive win over a straw man opponent that Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel may have sown the seeds of destruction of “the Machine” that put him in the Mayor’s office?…that if Rick Davis is elected today that “the Machine” as we have know it will be dismantled from inside and outside?…that if Lloyd Winnecke is elected that his core republican supporters are going to motivate him to keep the “machine” tactics that he himself has strongly criticized from playing a part in his administration?…that it is the wish of the City County Observer that whether there is a Mayor Davis or a Mayor Winnecke that the so called “Machine” is dismantled and never heard from again?

IS IT TRUE that we have been lead to believe that regardless of the outcome that the State of Indiana Democrat Party will force long needed changes in the Vanderburgh County Democrat Central Committee?…that if they can clean the mess in Evansville that they can take on Lake County next as it is even worse?…that perhaps our bloodless revolution started with a feeling of superiority?…that from that maybe just maybe Evansville can launch a march to end the perpetual mediocrity that has enveloped us for 50 years?

IS IT TRUE that we wish good people, good planning, and prosperity to tonight’s winner?…that we wish the same for the person who does not prevail tonight?…that Evansville needs educated and ambitious people and that both candidates fit that description?…that after reading the article about how losing candidates have left town or resigned to positions that are less than their talents should merit we must admonish Evansville to STOP WASTING AND DRIVING OFF TALENT?…that we strongly suspect that this was MACHINE ACTIVITY as well?…that to the Machine we say REST, but do not REST IN PEACE for you have brought no peace nor have you brought prosperity? Good Riddance to the Machine!


  1. Princess Leia: Governor Tarkin, I should have expected to find you holding Vader’s leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.
    Governor Tarkin: Charming to the last. You don’t know how hard I found it, signing the order to terminate your life.
    Princess Leia: I’m surprised that you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself.
    Governor Tarkin: Princess Leia, before your execution, I’d like you to join me for a ceremony that will make this battle station operational. No star system will dare oppose the Emperor now.
    Princess Leia: The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.
    Governor Tarkin: Not after we demonstrate the capabilities of this station.

  2. Darth Vader: I’ve been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now *I* am the master.
    Obi-Wan: Only a master of evil, Darth.
    [lightsabers clash]

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