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IS IT TRUE November 5, 2014


IS IT TRUE today is the first day that the 2015 City of Evansville elections are fair game for comments, speculation, and aspiring candidates to make themselves known?…one would think that in a rational world given the level of contention between the Office of the Mayor and the City Council during the three ring budget circus that 2015 should be a very interesting year in Evansville politics?…with and 8 – 1 democrat majority in the City Council and a self proclaimed republican mayor it should be time for a realignment of some kind into a coalition that is willing to work together instead of fighting like cats and dogs?…the reality of the situation is however that the City of Evansville is for the most part a yellow dog democrat bastion so after all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth we expect that the election of 2015 will return more of the same to the City Council even if a few names change?…as for the mayoral race things are shaping up as a repeat of the 2007 election that saw former democrat mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel defeat a place holder republican by an 85 – 15 majority?…this time unless the direction of the city changes dramatically in the next couple of months Mayor Lloyd Winnecke may well face a lesser democrat candidate than Nixon provided for Weinzapfel in 2007?…the real fireworks if there are going to be any could come in a republican primary if some candidate with a head for numbers and a proven track record in business comes forward to challenge our current mayor whose background in PR has been on full display for three years now?

IS IT TRUE the CCO hopes for two spirited primaries that force discussions on how to move toward an Evansville that has functional sewers, pot hole free roads, sidewalks where they should, real public safety and an appropriately sized parks department?…we also hope to see long range planning and using our existing assets like the GAGE Technology Transfer Agreement with the Federal Labs for the common good?…these are things that Mayor Winnecke has neglected to get a handle on and quite frankly these are not the kinds of problems that are solved with soundbites and PR campaigns?…the problems facing Evansville need cognizant thought and deliberate actions?…as long as people with limited thinking capacity and a need for applause continue to be elected these problems do not have a snowballs chance in a fire of being solved?…we hope that a herd of thinking people with track records of accomplishments in the real world come forward and run for local office?…there are a few now, but there are not enough such people to make the system work smart?

IS IT TRUE the parent company of Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis is planning to reduce its global work force by 2,600 over the next 18 months?…a spokesman with Rolls-Royce North America has been quoted as stating that the cuts will affect Indiana workers and are expected to take place early next year?…the company currently employs 4,500 in Indianapolis and the planned he reductions will impact administrative, operations, management and engineering positions?…we wonder if it will take any locals by surprise that the reduction in sales of Rolls Royce products will actually hit home right here in Indiana?…the increasing interconnections between economies is something that schools just don’t seem to prepare people for here in the heartland?

IS IT TRUE the World Bank reported on Oct. 9 that the share of the world population living in extreme poverty had fallen to 15% in 2011 from 36% in 1990?…the International Labor Office reported that the number of workers in the world earning less than $1.25 a day has fallen to 375 million 2013 from 811 million in 1991?…it is sort of stunning that this news seems to have escaped public notice, but it means something extraordinary?…this proves that the past 25 years have witnessed the greatest reduction in global poverty in the history of the world?…the credit for this massive in reduction in poverty goes to the spread of capitalism, and in particular to the adoption of capitalism in India and China which had long been impoverished and under the thumb of centralized planning and dictatorships?…we hope our new congress and President Obama take note of the goose that lays the golden eggs of poverty mitigation and starts to turn the pendulum of the United States back toward capitalism from our recent drift toward socialism?


  1. The last paragraph is more Rush Limbaugh horse shit. As to your babbling about democrats on the city council, get real. Party means nothing at the local level.

    • ……”Party means nothing at the local level.”

      The problem is that the EDITORS and Publisher at the City County Observer are reinforcing they are NOT the change agents they purported to be during all of the old halcyon days of saying “we are going to bring the change the C&P is not capable of” (sic).

      This was confirmed to me when the CCO went full-bore to promote Ungetheim as an alternative candidate to the old ways…and then win….and then only weeks ago to see Ungetheim be welcomed in the old politics back door by embracing Winneke and Wayne Parke (previous enemies) accepting their largesse of campaign money…….AND THE CITY COUNTY OBSERVER SUPPORTED IT. This was humiliating to the reputation of the CCO.

      This blog is little other than:

      1. A local player intent not on real change, but at battling to join the table of other old political hands who remain at the helm of Vandy and Evansville political office.

      2. The CCO wants to sell political ads and gain a piece of the C&P’s political ad business. It is a business model choice for the CCO.

      It has NOTHING to do with ANY political will on the part of the Editors and Publisher of the CCO. The authenticity of the CCO flamed out some time ago. There was a claim to want real change, but the CCO just wants a seat at the table to “get theirs.”

      For all of Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley’s faults and some disagreements on her policy, I have no doubts whatsoever about her her authenticity and public service. The CCO can not stand in her shadow.

      Last, the number of the CCO Commenters who believe the CCO is truly authentic is bringing actual change? You are being exploited the same way Sarah Palin deceives and exploits her fans on her supposed political objectives.

  2. It was a rough night for poor little Toad. He’s locked himself in his mom’s basement, painted the walls with a thick coat of denial, and now he’s crouched in his favorite dank corner, clutching his most precious possession: his EBT card. “They’ll need to pry it out of my cold, slimy fingers!” he shrieks. “No one is gonna force me to become a productive, tax-paying citizen!”

    How different it is from those heady Ein Reich-Ein Blutegel-Ein Fuhrer days of 2008! Barry O’Bumbles, metamorphosed into the Lord of Light, Emperor Hopey, would sweep away America’s problems with a single flick of his mighty finger. All too soon though, America sobered up and began to see the true form of the malignant and ignorant racist demagogue they had put into power. The Lord of Light became Emperor No-Hopey, the Incubus of Incompetence, the Sultan of Sullenness, the Emir of Excuses, the Rajah of Racism, and finally, the Archduke of Amnesty.

    Go easy on poor little Toad for the next few days, folks. He needs some compassion. Oh, and an actual job, too.

  3. Will the 2015 winner receive just 13% of all registered voters as in 2011?
    Will there be another 200 voters that will not bother to vote for a mayor, but voted the others in 2011?
    Will the elected city council as a group, develop a backbone to hold the elected mayor accountable?
    Will the libertarian party have a martyr that will garner 3-4% of the vote?

    • If you take away the dead people still registered, the numbers are even worse. Who is responsable for their removal? Most vote absentee, for the party in office. My dad got called for jury duty 3 years after he died, had to explain he would have been 85 and exempt from having to serve jury duty.

  4. Dear Editor, Please explain exactly what you mean by saying Evansville remains a “yellow dog Democrat bastion.” And specifically, tell us your definition of “yellow dog Democrat” in regard to your statement about Evansville politics.

    • I think Joe has his colors mixed up, and meant “blue dog Democrats”. That was true at one time, but the lines have blurred between conservative democrats and Tea Party thinking, which has turned the area to a majority of Republican voters.

      • Your average Democrat voter in southern Indiana would be considered very conservative in most of the rest of the country especially when voting at the state and national levels.

      • Yellow Dog Democrats was a political term applied to voters in the Southern United States who voted solely for candidates who represented the Democratic Party. The term originated in the late 19th century. These voters would allegedly “vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for any Republican”. The term is now more generally applied to refer to any Democrat who will vote a straight party ticket under any circumstances

        • Correct (and the definition you give is directly cut and pasted from Wikipedia).

          However, I think the 2011 Mayoral election disproved that Evansville is a “yellow dog Democrat bastion,” would you agree?

          Well, at least the vast majority of CCO commenters have for the past 3 years castigated the local Democrat party for moving away from definitive “yellow dog Democrat” voting.

          • Unless you come to the realization that Winnecke is a democrat who happens to be registered as a republican.

          • I’m under no delusion as to Winnecke’s true political allegiance. While expressing a few progressive political stances in direct opposition to his party, he has always supported, with work and money, the state and national candidates on the Republican ticket.

          • You have to remember that it has been known for years that Evansville and Vanderburgh County “Democrats” vote Republican on State and National issues and elections and Evansville and Vanderburgh County “Republicans” vote Democratic on State and National issues and elections. National pollsters have known this trend for many years.

        • What is the political term for republicans that vote straight ticket? This past 2012 election locally, both parties were about equal to the straight ticket vote. Republicans seem to had split their vote beings there were roughly 7000 votes more for the president then the democrat candidate.

          The biggest ” straight party voter by percentage” was the Libertarian party with 1077 of the 1257 votes for their presidential candidate! Is there a political term for these people?

      • Correct, to an extent, Laura.

        However, Blue Dog Democrats remain the norm locally for Democrat candidates, at least as they express themselves to generally conservative Southern Indiana votes.

        And as far as “Tea Party” politics, many of the Democrats who now control and represent what’s left of the local party are Tea Party in their hearts and their rhetoric.

  5. Editor: prepare to steel yourself against the inevitable slings and arrows sure to come your way from Democrats who regularly populate this site (as soon as they regain their voice and ability to insult, lost due to having to eat so much crow) for your absurd (in their jaundiced eyes) assertions that capitalism is responsible for the dramatic reduction in world poverty, and that the U.S. should turn back towards capitalism from our recent drift toward socialism.
    “Them’s fightin’ words” to dems. They are also very true words.

    • Do a little research. Places with very little taxes and therefore no government services are 3rd world hell holes. The exceptions are a few tiny countries used as offshore tax havens, small island nations that bring in mega tourism dollars, and countries drowning in natural resources who have royal families.

      • Yeah, our Centrists Analytics still think you all should stick to that towns social economic and environmental shortcomings, those are pretty darn bold numbers, and costly to all its citizens, families, and the local employers. With the swing on the hill getting that solved effectively just gets tougher for those of us who are working hard to create sustainable solutions.

        Globally the geophysical conditions will continue to present the climate migrations with compounding intensity. Those can’t be changed by several elections in anyone’s governmental processes.
        Adaptation using scientifically based solutions can help the impacts and human costs. Other nations will continue to pursue the working solutions and the adaptations.
        Our Analytics consortium will continue working on that, as well. America probably is going just lag further behind others by a few years. Everyone was discussing the well being index’s yesterday. Wait.
        The systems for solutions pathways were plugged up before so now the plug is larger. Same problems, just more work and well being cost to clear them up.
        We’re not slowing down the work, the next election cycles only a blink in time away.

          • As with many three or more syllable words that V is fond of using, this is used incorrectly. He possibly means Analytic Analysts since analytics (a word that V finds a use for in every comment) is the method of logical analysis not a person. I’ll give him points for the “Analytics consortium” which would be correct. Don’t know why the capital letter though, guess that’s supposed to indicate a proper name.

          • Briefly?
            Just what it says, if the social economic environmental
            consortium agrees by consensus you might add to its knowledge base and you have a need to participate,they’d contact you.
            They are analytics, not all are indeed centrists as defined. The consortium is full range in the social political viewpoints. Personally the organization made first contact, otherwise I’d never have found or sought
            the contacts.

          • Wow. What a crock. Are we supposed to believe that “V” is so special that he was contacted personally for this uber-secret group. A group that specializes in posting dumb-ass videos on a local blog. A group that specializes in pushing the liberal agenda, by making every post seem like a brilliant scientist is sharing knowledge with us. If he were as brilliant as he acted, Mr. v would be actually working in a lab somewhere, creating utopia, instead of posting on a insignificant blow (no offense Joe).

            V is a fake intellectual who gets his jollies from the other libs on here treating him like a professional. Over crowded sentences and the use of the thesaurus to find longer words, does not make one as brilliant as they wish it did.

          • V= Educated Imbecile, or Expert.
            Expert,,,,,,ex being a has been and spert a drip under pressure.

          • 1countryboy – “x” is sign of a mistake, “pert” is a drip under pressure. Or so sayeth all of the plumbers, plumbing system designers, and fire protection system designers that I’ve worked with over the years.

          • Posey, remember also:

            I have done so much with so little for so long that I am now qualified to do anything with nothing.

            Those were the days !

  6. $1.25 a day

    Are they comparing $1.25 a day in 1990 and the same $1.25 in 2013? That $1.25 in 2013 value was likely only 70-75 cents in 1990 value. Big difference and likely would change those rosy “capitalist” numbers.

    Is it a not a good feeling when one buys a item made overseas, from a business store that the $1.25 person creating that item made a few pennies while the remaining cost is for that “over paid capitalist”? Ever wonder how much our governments lost on this free trade transaction?

    Is it true that any “uplifting’ of these 3rd world countries comes from our “annual” $500 BILLION TRADE DEFICIT!

    Is it true that the trade deficit comes at the expense of the lower and middle class and all levels of government coffers? The upper class and stock holders are the true winners? Ever wonder why stocks are at record highs, while government coffers are in shambles? Had we stayed with the mentality of producing what we consume as in 50 years ago, the governments would not had resorted to what you “capitalist” call a socialist movement that are trying to support the citizens that were left behind by the “capitalist” globalization movement?

    Is the CCO endorsing that we become those $1.25 a day wage earners as well? Today’s “capitalist” has no conscious toward the nation citizens as they once did 50 years ago. You capitalist, don’t forget to pay your homage to your “money god” this morning!

    Yes IE, I’m being nostalgic with cause!

    • Yep. What happens when the peasants here are working for China wages? Make no mistake, it WILL happen. Incomes ARE declining. Who is responsible for globalization? It sure ain’t the “socialists.” What happens when we go no longer afford Romney’s china made junk?

      • Speaking of low paying jobs, more details are available about the Mayors job announcement yesterday.

    • My above post was geared towards the capitalist that offshore “any part” of their business.
      For the “capitalist” working inside our borders with 100% USA product. a big thank you!

      Thought I better clear that up!

    • A couple years ago I had the opportunity to visit Saipan. The small Island is a commonwealth and therefore had the unique distinction of being able to declare products made there are made in the USA. THere were several clothing manufactures in Saipan which provided employment for people from the Philippines, China, and Korea. They were not good jobs by our standards, but by their standards they were highly sought after. Of course that fell apart because of the Jack Abramoff scandal. The factories shut down. While I don’t agree with the greed, the closing of the factories left man, mostly young women, without an income. Prostitution has become a large part of the economy. So when you talk about bringing low wage jobs back, remember that there is a life and family on the other side who is losing a better opportunity. A $1.25 there is a big deal.

      • Remember which side of that vast ocean we should be worried about, IE. Capitalist did not give a damn about their government, families and life on this side of the ocean when greed send them over to the rice paddies field of Southeast Asia. Those people were existing before the capitalist shown up. Just like in real life, take care of immediate family (country) first! If anything is left, your neighbors.

        I remember that “USA” trick years ago.

        I remember also back when the Tech school on Lynch Rd was being considered. A editorial in the C&P from a local prominent business man condemning the vocational school based off of his business deals. It was being said that was not necessary because of globalization. This person had his mold making shipped overseas saving that “worshiping” money. Then it went on to say it was moved to another country that was even cheaper yet! For some reason I was thinking it may had been moved once more, but not 100% sure. I “LOST” all respect to this person and family which I had before!

        • That world does not exist an longer Arms. Like it or not, the economy is global. Those businessmen buying molds discovered that they received the value they paid for. There are things we do better than the rest of the world, and that is what we need to focus on. Technology will win. You can only through so many cheap labors at a project before you receive diminishing returns. China is not the threat. We are when we think we can not compete.

          • The capitalist better except the fact that socialism is here to stay when one can not work because it is cheaper over there mentality! If the U.S.A. resident does not have a decent paying job for a “ROI of their time”, government will have to carry these people. Keep in mine when the jobs left/ leave, our residents are still here! How does globalization help our sovereignty and building of this nation? Are we not in hock with China at over 2 trillion dollars being held of our debt? I see this as our money originally before your glorified global economy drain us, know as trade deficit!

            Seriously IE, how long do you think this country will last before it implodes with this continues trade deficit? How much longer before we become that third world country?
            Odds are there won’t be a “300 year” celebration of this country!

        • That “person’s” Dad was a great industrialist and built a great business. That “person” is a total ashwipe but had been honored by this community by inducting him into a business Hall of Fame. He was handed everything on a silver platter.

        • The “USA trick” is also alive and well in Central America. Offshore (Asian) manufactured products are shipped to Central America countries, unloaded from massive shipping container transport ships, repackaged as “Made in **** Country”, repackaged, reloaded on massive shipping container transport ships, and shipped to the United States where the goods “owners” now pay a lower tariff or easier embargo due to where the product is labeled as being produced (Favorable Trade Rate). And they can do this and have a higher profit margin! Tariffs and trade embargos and trade restrictions are manipulated by the Asian manufacturers and their US partners all of the time.

  7. Well, I can say I was only truly happy with the outcome of one race yesterday. Congrats to Bruce Ungentheim. Hopefully he can start taking Vanderburgh County in the right direction.

    Also… Come On, Kentucky…You had one job…

    • I think Mr. U is going to be fighting an uphill battle against patronage, cronyism, nepotism, and greed. He only has one vote on a three person Commission. If he accomplishes anything it will be by working with Steve Melcher. They have a good working relationship from CORE, and Steve is a good, honest man. They may actually do this county some good.

      • We are better off that Melcher lost (not to be mean) his state district race, and will continue to serve us at the county level. Hope Bruce and Steve will continue the “across the party line” partnership as well!

    • I agree. I voted for Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians and I don’t any of them won except Ungethiem. Most upset about Kiefer and Wedding winning. Of the people I couldn’t vote for, I’m most upset about McConnell and locally Mike Duckworth.

  8. Unless Melcher drastically changes his ways-& I don’t expect he will- I expect he’s already won his last election.

  9. I love the smell of denial in the morning…it smells like…victory.

    Emperor No-Hopey, please resign for the good of the country and take the Vice-Plagiarizer, Plugs Biden, with you. We the People will be pleased to grant you 10x the normal presidential pension, lifetime memberships in your top ten preferred golf courses, a dozen full-time flatterers paid out of public funds, and a partridge in a pear tree. I expect a good deal of competition for those flatterer positions; we have some well-qualified mom’s basement dwelling sycophants in the local area who would have a good shot at these.

    The moderate Speaker of the House, John Boehner, will complete the last two years before the next election cycle, with the solemn promise that he won’t run himself, not that he would actually stand a chance, anyway.

    • You have a very active imagination. You should probably try your hand at writing novels.

  10. Duckworth? Duckworth got that many votes? Well, I’ll admit that his competition wasn’t anything with which to be amazed. But come on, we’ve got to put up with Duckworth again. Well, at least Swanson got booted.

    • I was really surprised at Rance Ossenberg’s victory. He is another retired school administrator, but several people assure me that he is a good man. I hope he votes with the students’ and public interests in mind and breaks out of the “retired administrator” mold.

  11. Yesterday wasn’t the Republican “wave” many were predicting. It was an out-and-out Republican tsunami! There were a great many factors that made for the trouncing the Democrats took. One is that the Demos ran a lot of seriously flawed candidates, but I believe that the biggest factor was the unreasonable hatred for POTUS that was stirred up by the Republican campaign strategy. I say that because it is clear that the Democratic agenda does appeal to the voters, as evidenced by the ‘red state” acceptance of the minimum wage referendums. This was more of an emotional, “hot button” election, and those often don’t turn out well.
    I do believe that the voters will soon have “buyer’s remorse”, but am hoping there will be some compromise on “quality of life” issues.

    • When a pretty face can’t beat Mitch, I think what you saw was buyer’s remorse. The remorse is not hatred but disillusionment. Obama was elected with a great deal of popularity and has achieved one of the lowest ratings ever Did those who found him popular suddenly start hating him? Grimes wouldn’t even admit voting for him.

      Minimum wage should be a state issue.

      All that said, I think we will be better off with this change and the true source of gridlock will be revealed, but I am not expecting miracles from republicans either.

      • IE, didn’t Bush “2” hit the low twenties causing the Obama wave 6 years ago?

        And yes, state should have a voice on minimum wage as long it is not lower then the Federal wage minimum. More is always better from the state!

        2/3 majority in both houses to override the president veto in a “all or nothing” mentality along party line congress, will call for more “soda and popcorn” as we watch this unfold!

        • Why should the federal government set a minimum wage? Cost of living varies by location.

          Not sure what your point is about Bush.

          It will be fun to watch it unfold, but if Obama waves the veto pen he will not be able to blame republicans for obstruction. I’m not fan of McConnell, but I am glad to see Reed, gone as speaker.

          • Federal rate is a minimum country wide, the states can adjust up if their cost of living is higher? Are you wanting us to work for $1.25 a day?

            Just pointing out Bush “2” was at least 15-20 percentage approval rating lower then the current president.

            Maybe the current president will use it to his/democrat advantage? Time will tell!

          • Arms, I don’t have to work for minimum wage. Neither do you. Who is proposing $1.25?

            The current president has had his swing at the bat. I doubt Obama has had a wake up call like Clinton had.

          • The $1.25 “a day” was just a tie into the IIT this morning,. Your belief that the states should be the one setting the minimum wage instead of the Federal government is telling me you favor a much lower wage. I don’t worry about us, but their are at least a 100 million who do.

            I was raised around a lot of WW2 vets that were very patriotic. Many of times I heard about our country and the flag that represented everything they fought for. This mentality is still with me, and always will be! I see it being “pissed away” with this globalization economy destroying what that generation fought for!

          • Why would I want lower wages? I want a solid wage base not an artificial one that sinks the wage value of low wage earners and eliminates minimum wage workers. The best way to achieve a solid wage base is a strong economy.

            I was also raised around WWII vets, but that war was 70 years ago. The world has changed and it will not change back. People like you and I have been blessed to witness amazing changes, but we need to change with it also.

            However, another thing that has changed is the amount and type of our national debt. Great debt was accumulated because of WWII, but it was discretionary debt. When the war ended, spending returned to pre-war levels. Today’s debt is mandatory debt and our greatest spending is health and human services, entitlements.

            When I leave for work in the morning, mos tof m neighborhood stays home. Two young men half my age are sleeping in. Both receive aid. We are not competitive because to many have figured out they do not have to work.

  12. Saint Ronnie lost 8 Senate seats in 1986 with a booming economy. Many of the Senate seats were in the supposedly Solid South. Was that a rejection of his policies and Presidency?


    The question is what will the republicans do with their new found powers?

    Will they head for Pragmatic City or straight for Crazy Town?

    Based upon their base and the comments on this board, I’m betting on Crazy Town.

    • Agreed! The insane laughter that punctuated Joni Earnst’s acceptance speech is a harbinger of things to come. She is clearly the new Sarah Palin.
      If they do go to Crazy Town, it will really hurt them in 2016, but I just don’t believe they’ll be able to be at all pragmatic.

    • Unfortunately they have no choice. It’s straight to C-town. This election should encourage the loon Sharon Angle and the witch Christine O’Donnell to make another run, or fly as the case may be.

      McConnell has been the obstructionist in chief for the past 6 years, and proud of it. Aqua Buddha says they’ll inundate the president with bills. Obama owes them nothing, certainly not a signature. Conciliation is seen as a weakness to them, the Turtle didn’t even take Obama’s phone call last night. They will impeach him no matter what he says or does, they won’t be able to convict him. He has already spent too much time trying to accomodate the wackos, it doesn’t work with people operating with a one-speed mind, trying to placate a herd of knuckledraggers to get re-elected.

      The local gloatgasm crazies are a lagging indicator. They are incapable of original thought and get their cues from the nationals, spouting the ridiculous speech-writer inventions long after everyone else has abandoned them.

  13. The south has been under GOP control for over 50 years. Still last in every category. What more proof do you need? Lowest wages, high school graduation rate, percentage of population with insurance, life expectancy. Highest in diabetes, teen pregnancy, meth production, poverty, pollution.

    • Followed closely by Indiana!
      One would think that Rolls would want to keep as much business as possible in wonderful, RTW Indiana.

      • RTW is not even considered at Rolls, they pay above union wages. The plant here in Evansville only hired one person from this area. In some cases they had to import technicians from Europe due to a lack of local high skilled craftsman. What is wrong with RTW, shouldn’t a person have the right to negotiate their own pay and benefits? Shouldn’t a worker have the right to sell all his skills to the company? The real party of CHOICE is the Republican party. So much a year is collected for the education of each child in Indiana, shouldn’t a parent have the Choice of where that money is spent for their child’s education? The moderate democrat is starting to wake up to the fact that their beloved party has been taken over by the most unsavory our society has to offer. This election, won by the Republicans was a win for diversity. The plantation owners have been exposed. The women of this country are discovering that the democrat males are all a variation of Bill Clinton, misogynist, one and all.

        • I’m sure you are aware that RTW does not give people a right to negotiate their own wages. In a shop where there is a union, the non-dues payers are the freeloaders that you righties so detest, collecting the fruits of union negotiations. Where there is no union, NOBODY negotiates ANYTHING. It is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition in an at-will state.

          • I’ve worked union and non union jobs, only one union job. Except for the union job I have always negotiated my pay and benefits. The union job was sort of like a womb to the tomb with nothing in between. There was no merit, the rewards were all the same, so there was no motivation to accomplish, to achieve to be the best, when a union worker is ask what they do they tell you how much they make per hour. When a person is recognized and rewarded for their work they are motivated to repeat and perfect those behaviors. I have rarely, if ever, seem union workers take pride in their workplace and the work they do. Whirlpool and other companies that have left Evansville are good examples.

          • Pov, had you been around me for my 35 years plus in the construction trade you would had seen what you claim you where missing!

          • Pov, how does that work when a group of workers who are doing the same type task, maintain harmony when there is a wide range of different wages? Why do government elected bodies have a basic wage for all it’s members? Would they not have harmony if there is a wide range of wages?

          • That’s ridiculous. RTW does not prevent one from negotiating one’s terms of employment. Without it another organization who is not your employer dictates your terms of employment and forces you to pay them. They are not freeloading, If there was a value in being represented by a union, then one would gladly pay for the value. Instead, when given the opportunity, man chose RTW. Doesn’t matter anyway. After the union thuggery and democrats sneaking away to Urbana with our state’s constitution, RTW is the law in Indiana. Unions will be better to learn how to live with in the law and provide value for their members.

      • They might be. One of my customers has several new contracts from Rolls and I know of another company with increased orders. I don’t know for sure if it is true with Rolls, but many corporations find it more cost effective outsource. In fact, I have gained income from work being outsourced by a large corporation.

  14. Delusional. That’s the word to describe dem reaction to yesterday’s election defeat, one poster chalking it up to “unreasonable hatred for POTUS”. I would suggest they open their eyes and ears and listen to what others are actually saying rather than simply dismissing opposition to POTUS as hatred, but I fear it’s too late.

    • I’ve listened. Plenty. Most of them actually have no idea why they hate the president, or they won’t admit it.

      • It’s clear Toad! They all, to the very last one, hate him because he is black!

        The central narrative of last resort that has fallen flat on it’s face. A proven non-issue that is so worn out and detached from reality that it borders on delusional.

        • Uhhhh it had plenty to do with it. Read a few internet anonymous messsage boards with no moderation. Better yet, open your ears around here. It had plenty to do with race.

        • Damn, I’ve learned something today. The POTUS is black. All of this time I thought he was an American. An American of mixed racial ancestry. His mother was Caucasian. His father was of Arabic roots. Pray tell, how does this make him black?

      • When did he become black? Obama was elected on a wave of popularity. Did he turn black and all of those who loved him started hating him?

  15. this election was with out a doubt a complete and absolute rejection of obamas commie policies……….his lying his lawlessness and his incompetence………….the media polishing of this turd has left them dripping in shit from head to toe………http://drudgereport.com/

  16. It comes to them as an blasé personal attitude Ghost.
    The base locals have no workable conception of the balance the office requires. Being strategic isn’t a priority with those nuts sometimes even genetically dependent, on one, or the other parties local patronage bents.
    People hate the Elected American Presidents for the most mundane of reasoning.
    Either party, any religious or social preference, yet Presidents once in office the complete protection and best case well being for the United States is an oath. With that sometimes the tough stuff is often the only reality balanced policies are defined by.
    The information flow for the balance isn’t always a shared asset with the entities who simply cannot fairly govern once given that strategic balance. As is the case in your town.

    Hating President Obama, or hating Bush, or Reid, or McConnell, that’s the attitude taken that doesn’t support squat.
    Always balance directions with facts. Any scientific analysis either meets or doesn’t meet standardized evaluation techniques. Being smart require facts first, and balance later.
    Guess what, other strategic global competitors like that. So, choices are ok, but actual work is always better.

  17. Simple but true mainstream : Good observation point for what our focus group records as an global climate migration touch point seeking balance for improved overall economic impacts.

    Good to see the frontline actives (Wild Fire crews) are calling for some change and adaptation as well as effective changes in techniques, or preventative tactical responses. Tough situations require strategic policy. Like we say, study the parameters find the facts, and balance the response.


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