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IS IT TRUE that we find the campaign style of the outspoken Libertarian Mayoral candidate Michael Daughty is conservative, sometimes politically unorthodox, idealistic, sometimes lacking a little tack, refreshing honest, and direct?  …that we get a kick of a rumor that Micheal is a bone-fide redneck with little education?  …that the real fact is that Mr. Daughety has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and an MBA in Business from Purdue.

IS IT TRUE that a recent “LETTER TO THE CCO  EDITOR”  written by Michael  Daughty was a political bombshell?  …that Mr. Daughty stated in his letter that he has a strong belief that many politicians are FOR SALE? … he further stated that Corporations, PAC Committees, and Lobbyists have caused politicians to make bad political decisions based on the needs of their political contributors?  … Michael Daugherty also announced that will not be taking any money from Corporations, PAC Committees, Lobbyists, Governmental Vendors to fund his Mayoral campaign?  …we are about to see an ole fashion in your face door to door political campaign?

IS IT TRUE that several local Republicans are hosting an event for mayoral candidate Stephanie Terry (D) soon?… this event titled “REPUBLICANS FOR TERRY” will be held at a downtown eatery on Sep 20th.  …that this type of “bipartisan support” event is reminiscent of when several prominent Democrats hosted a similar event for Lloyd Winnecke (R) in 2015  …that we wonder if any local Democrats will host a “Democrats for Rascher” fundraising event for Mayoral candidate Natalie Rascher (R) in the near future?

IS IT TRUE that we can guarantee that the City Controllers who worked for Mayors Jonathon Wienzapfel and Frank McDonald Jr. ensured that the City officials lived within their budget restraints?
IS IT TRUE that former Evansville Mayors Jonathon Weinzapfel and Frank McDonald Jr. not only lived within their budget restraints but when they left office they had comfortable cash balances in the “Rainey Day” fund to pass on to their successors?
…taxpayers are hoping and praying that the current outgoing Mayor can do similar?
IS IT TRUE that we recently pointed out that Evansville Fire Department Hosehouse #17 stated that they allowed political signs to be displayed inside their building? …that this act directly violates the state and local election laws of Indiana?
IS IT TRUE that we wonder when the President of the Evansville City Council will require that a couple of members of the Council stop blatantly misusing Skype instead of physically attending City Council meetings?