IS IT TRUE November 3, 2014


IS IT TRUE we encourage you to read todays FEATURE ARTICLE in the CCO concerning in depth information about the EVSC that the main stream media doesn’t have the desire to write about?  …we shall have two articles in todays FEATURE ARTICLE section thats worthy of your intellectual focus?

IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke and the Evansville City Council have finally agreed to a budget for 2015?…the agonizing brinksmanship did eventually result in $5 Million in cuts that included both Roberts Park and Spotshotter but fell far short of the $11 Million that Councilman Conor O’Daniel expressed a need for?…given the misleading and surprising misunderstood declining balances in our cash positions, it is no wonder that a few tickets to Fantasyland made it through the budget process?…we will know if this was the right thing to do this time next year when the audited results for 2014 are made available, but projecting a 30% increase in property tax revenues is about a disingenuous as a promise in the dark from a twitter-pated teenager, and as out of touch with reality as flying a hot air balloon to Mars?…in the meantime we all need to buckle our seat belts for an election year of fun and games nonsense?…in the near future the CCO will look into just how well Mayor Winnecke has achieved the goals from his first administration?…we do know there is no master plan in sight so on that account an F is looming unless something changes in the next month?

IS IT TRUE Indiana’s community college system, also known as IVY TECH is grappling with a $68 million deficit, is facing scrutiny over its graduation rates as it works to shore up its role as the linchpin needed to close the state’s skilled-worker gap?…Ivy Tech said an annual study by Community College Week ranked it tops in degrees conferred, 8,940 awarded in the 2011-12 academic years, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year?…despite the high number of degrees, many more students are failing to obtain the diploma in a desired amount of time?…just 4 percent of students at Ivy Tech graduate within two years and only 23 percent earn diplomas in six years, according to state data?…that’s making state officials wary of pumping more money into the system if the results don’t improve?…given the recognized fact that only 4 out of each 100 students who enter Ivy Tech actually graduate on schedule this should serve as a real challenge for our former Mayor who was rewarded with the IVY TECH Chancellorship because of his political connections and not his academic credentials? …he finally has a job that has a tangible need for serious improvement and rather than cutting deals and playing politician we hope to see that 4% graduation rate become his main focus?…without a competent workforce with the credentials to prove it Indiana is facing a future of low wage jobs for people without skills?…it is Ivy Tech that should be at the forefront of fixing that problem?

IS IT TRUE  during his mayoral campaign, New York’s Bill de Blasio did not give high priority to the crucial issue of how and when the city should intervene to abolish or remake failing schools?…he actually went to some lengths to distance himself from the successful strategy of his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, who improved graduation rates and college acceptances in poor neighborhoods by shutting down schools that were essentially dropout factories and starting afresh with smaller schools, new teachers and new leadership?…Mr. de Blasio favored a vague plan to give more “support” to failing schools and close them down as a last resort?…the difference between Bloomberg and de Blasio lies in the accountability that Bloomberg demanded and the touchy feely lack of it under de Blasio?…mercifully the City of Evansville is not in charge of the EVSC, but similar choices are on the doorstep of the EVSC none the less?…over the course of the next few years some of Evansville’s failing schools need some real accountability that has not been enforced for many years?…it will be interesting to see if the EVSC has the courage to make the kinds of changes to build a broad platform of success for all of our children or if chronic legacies of failure will continue to be appeased?

IS IT TRUE in what was about the stupidest stump speech ever, federal Health and Human Services official Joanne Grossie told lawmakers that people shouldn’t view the cancellation of insurance policies due to Obamacare as losing insurance. It’s really an “invitation” to get another policy?…she went on to say, “If you got one of the notices that your policy was going to be discontinued because it didn’t adhere to the law, it meant that now you could go into the health insurance marketplace,” she said. “So, I just want to remind you that you weren’t losing insurance; you were just losing that insurance plan and were now being invited to go into the health insurance marketplace?”…that puts things in a whole new perspective, the administration’s new logic can be applied to a wide range of situations in both politics and daily life?…now we can assume that wages haven’t been stagnant thanks to President Obama’s economic policies, we’ve merely been “invited” to live an increasingly frugal lifestyle…we Weren’t fired from our jobs, we were “invited” to look for other employment opportunities?…Your spouse didn’t divorce you either, you were merely “invited” to return to the single life?…The fact that federal officials offer farcical answers in response to serious questions shows this administration’s disdain for, or cluelessness about, the general public….we must never forget that Obama promised that we could keep our coverage if we liked it?..That invitation got lost in the maelstrom that characterizes the continuing Obamacare implementation fiasco?



  1. As it pertains to President Obama and his band of Flying Monkeys, is it absurd or comical for me to assign the adjective of farcical to any and everything that has come out of the administration?

    Am I undoubtedly a racist to attach the word farce to this president?

    Is it true? Must be as racism is always based in truth.

    And as it pertains to the mass of quietly embarrassed Democrats who now rue the day they voted for this farce, especially those office holders who are now running pell mell away from any connection to the president, are they to be labelled farcical hypocrites?

    Have I inadvertently given birth to a new American colloquialism?

  2. $5 Million in cuts that included both Roberts Park and Spotshotter. How can you cut something you do not have? A budget is based on what your currant expenses and liabilities are.

    • After 20 years in budgeting I know that a budget is a realistic projection of what your financial projection will be.

      To base it solely on historic data is foolhardy because conditions are always changing.

      • Is there any reason to believe that revenue will jump by the amount that Winnie projected in his silly budget? The good news is that if there is a miracle increase in revenue, Evansville can restore some of the tens of millions that have been raided from its “rainy day fund”.
        I expect that the only thing more foolhardy than basing a budget solely on historic data is to completely disregard trending data when making a budget.

    • You would think, dreamer. Unfortunately in government it doesn’t work that way. Budgets are glorified wish lists and when something is eliminated they say it’s a cut when, in fact, overall spending increases.

  3. There may be more to this then the “two year” mentality here. What percentage of full time students without the needed part/full time job outside of school? They may have to work full time with some schooling squeezed in.

    • In the article we state that after 6 years the completion rate is 23%. That is a lot better than 4% but a far cry from where it should be.

    • When I was 54 years old, Whirlpool Corp., having a sense of humor, sent me to Ivy Tech, E’ville location, to get the equivalent of an Associates in statistical process control. Being prejudiced in my opinion of “Tech Schools,” I was not prepared for the excellence of the instructors; many were not professional teachers but experts in their field who were there for the love of their subject. I’ve often said that I feel one of the problems with education today is that many teachers have no “real world” experience, they are simply regurgitating that which they have been spoon-fed. It took me four years to complete a two-year course but I was working full-time (often more than 40 hours/week) and quite a few of the other students that I met there were either taking courses while working, taking more than two years to finish, or they were there to take only specialized courses that were necessary for their current or future employment; in which case they would never “graduate.” Having completed my degree, in mathematics, in the ’60’s, at a “real” university; I would more than favorably compare the instruction I received at Ivy Tech with that which I received from the Doctors and Professors of a university.

        • Since you love definitions, “Statistical process control (SPC) is a method of quality control which uses statistical methods. SPC is applied in order to monitor and control a process. Monitoring and controlling the process ensures that it operates at its full potential.”

          • Wow. You can learn something. The six sigma program that put your butt in the class was a corporate analytics recommendation, as well, pup. Don’t moon so much ,shows your ass.

          • SPC or TQC are not the same thing. Measuring a parameter and establishing a control chart is not going to get things fixed when they go wrong. All that does it tell you that it’s out of control range. Someone has to still figure out how to get the process back in control. I actually too that class in a real college.

          • Moved: Taught the classes while in the corporate environment, needed the systematic design controls, but its commonly boring as hell. Innovation, and team building always provided more revenue return per hour invested through profitable ideations, forward. Vision to reality. In that environment that landed squarely in the company profiles ROI coffers every time, still does.
            Kennedy created over 450,000 really good jobs in one speech by challenging the country to land a crew on the moon inside of a decade. Pathways evolve, those are challenges, as well as, visions. However most have become workable creations at the same time. Think about the technology developed and still evolving now.
            Pushing the statistical boundaries builds.

  4. I have two friends who are trying to teach students to take a nut off a bolt at Ivy Tech,,, out of a class of 50 they are lucky to get TWO.

    I also used to work in industrial apparatus repair at places like GE and Mohlar Technologies, part of what these company’s do is service the equipment used to generate electricity,,,it ain’t magic, it requires large machines and work.
    These company’s cannot find people that are willing or able to work,,,,,they will even train people able to learn,,,,I started at the age of 20 steam cleaning parts with no formal education although my pastime at the age of 9 was rebuilding lawn mowers,,,or trying.
    This is a serious problem, all the people my age still in the industry are approaching retirement and the day is coming that the lights may very well go OUT.

    • Something tells me that’s a vast exaggeration. 48 out of fifty can’t take a nut off of a bolt? Come on.

      • Much of the trouble with student achievement at Ivy Tech is more about what they won’t do as opposed to what they can’t do. Ivy Tech for dedicated students is a great way to get inexpensive training or even a basis to start a bachelors program. That said the worst critics of Ivy Tech’s students are their best graduates who will openly discuss the poor work habits of their lazy classmates. Improvement in recruiting and inspiration are vital at Ivy Tech as it really is the best hope to train the Hoosier workforce of the future.

      • They spot welded the nut onto the screw. Tricky situation. Either that or they use the Red Loctite stuff.

    • In the late nineties job ads said that knowing how to read a ruler would be helpful. I was a welder at the time and was completely astonished. The C&P always paints a rosy picture of the public school system. Some of us know better.

  5. How can an 11 million dollar deficit be turned into 5 million. Games are being played by the council people. Either they are manipulating the budget for political reasons or they are clueless.

    • “Either they are manipulating the budget for political reasons or they are clueless.”

      Most likely. All of the above, hell, don’t stop there though.

  6. ‘… many more students are failing to obtain the diploma in a desired amount of time?…just 4 percent of students at Ivy Tech graduate within two years…’ .

    They have a fix for this. I think they are now offering an associate degree that only takes one year to finish instead of two. The conferees will be much sought after throughout the land.

    So sayeth the Chancellor: “Their (Old National & Vectren ?) investment has allowed us to provide students with the resources needed to pursue their goals, without the financial pressures that keep some students from completing degree programs.”

    You’ll never find two better or nicer people than Old National and Vectren. Great folks.

    • It sounds like the chancellor is dumbing down the degree just like he dumbed down the local democrat party and the city budget on his way out.

    • Resources: “investment has allowed us to provide students with the resources needed to pursue their goals. ”

      That’s if they are even able to access infrastructure and a viable logistical balance to get into the classroom or lab period.
      One thing we’ve seen Vectren does have a huge affect on in the “realistic forecast.” This has been noticed during our environmental analytics runs ,and Vectren does seem to be working to improve the grid infrastructures somewhat. Its seems the overhead grid is being improved around the area by some steady activities in foliage trim back along the easements.
      That’s a simple solution to some actual conditionals that interrupt class room availability during the expected increasing thermodynamic energy presented by the planets ongoing climate change migrations.
      The east coast this weekend was a perfect example of how that should be applied today.
      Forethought and progressive infrastructures aren’t all bad, as simple things can be pretty darn obstructive to the complete focus of the regions educational balances at the end of any day.

  7. Ah, the usual social economic mechanical politically controlled drones going into frenzies over a application of a “minor technical imbalance.”
    Your budget is a feature the elected drones manage for those that program the funding destination. So that goes as usual straight into the handlers pockets. The Global social economic environmental analytics where somewhat amused by the analogy presented in todays IiT.

    “about a disingenuous as a promise in the dark from a twitter-pated teenager, and as out of touch with reality as flying a hot air balloon to Mars?…
    While the projection concerning your local political problems is more than likely spot on, please disengage the 14 year olds, they don’t vote, yet.
    That’s really to bad due to the fact those dreams when “unobstructed” by educational “opportunity” are more likely to become realities. Unfortunately the older generations pandering in the relative opportunities by “political manipulation or obstruction” has the very affect that is defining your city and counties reprehensible revenue performances.
    Taking the Evansville downtown as an analogy per its less than useful utility and logistics infrastructures, and that’s primary problem for advancing the means for the region we’d suggest proposing the balloon solution for the exploration of Mars, as well. Its a fact if the real estate on Mars offered political funding somehow there just might be a taupe suited up broker floating over the surface selling the former solar planetary beach fronts at present. ” ReMars” agents, so too speak.
    Actually we’ll take the 14 year olds, offer some useful healthy learning environments, focus on STEM, and take our chances.
    Tell you what, tell us what the size and weight of the projected payload is and we’ll fly all the damn balloons too Mars your money can buy. The gravity on Mars is around 38% less than what presents itself on earth, the atmosphere is about 97% thinner, and the Martian prevailing winds can blow steady 65 MPH, so yup, a balloon could get one around there.

  8. Editor

    I commend you for not touting political candidates for the election on this pre election day. Hopefully your followers will be all voting tomorrow. I have voted, and my modus operandi is, when I do not know a candidate or about a candidate, they do not get my vote, does not matter which party they represent.

    Please vote…

  9. Under the “blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn” heading; I would like to say that it’s nice to hear something complimentary about Michael Bloomberg. I would like to but won’t because I still think that he is a “Forrest Gump” that has a lot more money than sense. His stands on diet and gun control (and his attempts use his money to buy influence and votes) are offensive to me and should be to most Americans. The fraudulent organizations and politicians that he has paid for (especially Moms Demand Action and Everytown and Rep. Robin Kelly as examples) show a disregard for anyone’s opinion but his own.

  10. Ivy Tech is a great school for those serious about getting a fairly low cost education. But there are not nearly enough “students” who are going there for an education. Too many folks who already take advantage of the entitlement system have found thier “pursuit of higher education” is simply a way to collect more government dollars. In addition to tuition they can get money for tuition, a laptop computer and other education and living related expenses.

    A sizable number of students are just there to suck off of the government teat.

  11. Editor: your story about the latest Obama elitist official to insult our intelligence , Health And Human Services official Joanne Grossie, is a genuine classic.

  12. Apparently everybody has paused for a bit, while the previous two commenters above pull their collective heads out of the anal restriction that regulates human waste elimination. Commonsense would dictate fresh air and sunshine would help those obstructive conditions. That given, those complex personalities such as JTD above, might, have more of an actual living dimensional balance in which to dictate their preferred policy ranges. Its really a defining solution when one considers the dilemma of the mid term electoral processes in the United States of America. You know, that’s the generous country nearly everybody on the planet depends on to advance globally based working scientific solutions for the human balances,and living operational needs to thrive forward.

    That understanding was put to me today by a very educated young Lady scientist from Belgium EU., and a active member of our Global Analytics solutions Consortium.

    My answer, don’t worry Ellie, those people are just being a little overboard with partisan personal income controlled responses sported by their providers locational manipulation standards. Those said types are expected to do that by their superiors who provide their very slight effects in those patronage jobs in a minor, however struggling, region of the United States. Not to worry. They are not Nazis, as you might have indicated by your regions very astute understanding of those historical social applications, due those systematic types of comments, and actions of the past. They take themselves a bit serious due their only perceived or available income connections. That’s all.
    The United States as a whole scientific unit will be just fine, the majority of Americas citizens have proven that historically over and over, especially, in the last two nationally important electoral processes.

    Thanked Her for the sincerity of the concern, She doesn’t really understand the extent of the political machines manipulation in your Evansville Indiana bents regional. That’s probably for Her own good, as well. Leaves more time for finding working solutions.

    • I think that the term you’re looking for is sphincter,; at the anus, there are two sphincters which control the exit of feces from the body. The sphincter is a circular muscle not a restriction. Common sense isn’t usually spelled as one word unless used as an adjective; speaking of which, your constant misuse of the terms “affect” and “effect” is distracting. Please review the rules of grammar regarding these words, a good start would be” Affect is a verb. It means to produce a change in or influence something. Effect is a noun. It is the result or change that occurred. When an “s” is added, “effects” means personal belongings. (Affect can be used as a noun to describe facial expression).
      Also, while Belgium is a founding member of the E.U., it is also a kingdom as well as my home (in the Wallonia region) for several years. It’s a beautiful, warm and friendly country that loves Americans and it has many very well educated people who are able to easily converse in English as well as many other languages.

      • She’s from Zemst, borderline Antwerp, Flemish Brabant regionals commutes to her research facility on the coast weekly. Her family originates from the Leige region near Veviers, and Malmedy. Know the area well, and have toured there while in service myself, had to see it. As while in Europe my Father became a decorated Army Veteran on the very site during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes. Go back to your”ineffective”worthless local politics and leave the global solutions to us please. We don’t mind helping and we try to stay available for working scientific solutions globally. pup.

        Here’s a map with all the Belgian regions just so you can stay informed, beware however mooning shines unneeded attention on your otherwise unnoticeable region.

        • Thank you for the colorful map of a wonderful country – the beer, lace and chocolates are unsurpassed. I’ve traveled through all the areas you mentioned and Antwerpen is a beautiful city as are many in the area. The cleanliness and order of that area rivals the Nederlands. My son was recently in the Ardennes and visited the area where my father-in-law (who has just recently died) fought. When he visited me, he had absolutely no desire to see it himself though; he indicated that one trip was enough. If your father is still alive, please express my appreciation, as one soldier to another, of the sacrifice he made.

          • My father will never die, He is an American hero, one can lay them to the grave. From what I’ve experienced with them. They never die if you’ve known them.
            I was shown a place nearby Chaudfontaine , beautiful place where a pitched artillery/armor battle went on during the Christmas holidays in 1944. Its a cemetery what’s left of it, shelled hard, and that still showed in the later 20th century. Its one of the many battlefields Dads outfit was defensive reactive to. The people maintain its memorial to the Americans and the Germans along with the local Heritage like one wouldn’t understand in the United States. The Lady said everybody that died here, we think died for something, or by something not really in their control, whether we agree with that today or not, we must still respect them as human beings, so we do keep this respectable.
            Given the suffering there, the attitude was an indication of how the Belgian culture thrives. Your right, its a very decent place and is old country beautiful, as well. I’d recommend Belgium by convertible like I traveled back when I took my historical trace pathway through Europe to honor my Father and his generations sacrifices in that dark period of human conflict.
            My fellow environmental Analytics consortium people there are in sea level rise oceanic climate dynamics due to real stuff happening right now, its no matter of debate for them. Or, any other northern European low country sea coastal region. They have serious challenges to overcome, real fast.
            In a very similar solution some of the problems plaguing Evansville can be addressed by some very tactical project completions due many of the same actual climate dynamic global conditions presented today.
            Our modeling is being worked on their sites in a corporate confidential situation on a small scale right now. Its working perfectly, just like the modeling we’ve developed in the Americas.

        • I have a question about your last line, did you mean “unnoticeable” or was the word that you were look for possibly “unremarkable”? If so, you, as a military veteran should know that it is a very remarkable area, in military terms. The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (S.H.A.P.E.) is located there and is the N.A.T.O. equivalent of the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. It was my privilege to serve there for several years, an experience that few in the military get and one for which I am very thankful.

          • I was either flying over, passing through, or on my way to Great Briton, Spain, Italy, or Frankfort Main. while serving. The drive through Belgium was a eight day leave myself and another Officer took to experience the liberation battlefields our Fathers and Uncles served on.

    • Well we’d suppose first one would have to piss in their boot to be faced with that dilemma al.

      Something we haven’t experienced yet, if it ever happens we’ll send the solution step by step as needed. Actually something else that’s kind of a fun process to apply. When one encounters really creepy right wing trolls as your comments specify you to be, day by day. We have indeed developed a locational analysis process to isolate those said persons vehicles. Once that is established, the remote application of an small political sticker onto the back of the vehicle clandestinely as possible takes place. Drones can be programmed for that. That approximate 3″x5″ sized sticker reads as follows YES I VOTED OBAMA tm.* The background is blue, and the YES is yellow in color, BTW thank you for your support…………………..

      **** **** **** *

      • LOL!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

        Your first line is a killer v……………………………………………………

        And I can see tommy doing just that to see if he needed to put a piece of gum on the bottom of his boot….

        I can also vision him having the boot above his head looking at the bottom after pissing in it….

        tommy is certainly a pistol……

        that’s why WestSide criminals shouldn’t be allowed to pissess guns….

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