IS IT TRUE? November 26, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? November 26, 2011

IS IT TRUE that if a scholarly study on the performance of the consolidation of the City of Louisville and Jefferson County government is not front page news in Evansville, IN then the CCO wonders what on earth would merit front page news?…that yesterday the Louisville Courier Journal reported that the consolidation of governments in Louisville which was the first major consolidation in a couple of decades had utterly failed in every category?…that this was buried on the Henderson Gleaner website and that the City County Observer was the only other local publication that carried it until a comment went up calling the Courier and Press’ failure to cover it as “sick”?…that about 20 minutes later the story was posted on the CP site and that today it is buried in the middle of the paper so a story about Mater Dei fans can grace the front page?…that consolidation is the most important topic on the 2012 ballot for local affairs and that every scholarly study about consolidation and especially Louisville’s should always be covered and done so prominently?…that we bet if the results would have been glowing that they would have been right on the front page?

IS IT TRUE that there were about a dozen emails touting getting something FREE in the old inbox this morning?…that in every case there was small print of some kind or a fee to get it FREE clause that caused them to make sense?…that the only FREE offering that did not have some fine print qualification was from a wayward Princess of a third world country that needed help getting some $10 Million out of a secret bank account?…that we all know that is a scam?…that so goes the thought process on the $51 Million deal that the City of Evansville has signed with Johnson Controls?…that there has to be a catch somewhere and that the CCO has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn exactly how the cash flow diagram will look and whose cash if fueling it?…that in searching for other places that have taken Johnson Controls up on this we found some but not a large number?…that the sparseness of implementation also raises one’s eyebrows?…that if there is any group in America that is adept at getting free stuff it is local governance and Mayors?…that if this deal was really a $51 Million for nothing deal that we would expect to find that thousands of cities across America would have this in place or in process?…that we anxiously await the contract and will make it available to anyone who wants it including the other media outlets who seem to be falling for the third world Princess’ offer?…that the CCO was not invited to the official press briefing about the FREE $51 deal?…that we expect that the Weinzapfel Administration that called the meeting wanted nothing to do with answering the questions about cash flow that they know full well would have happened?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO is very proud of the accomplishments of the Mater Dei Wildcats football team?…that we are even proud of how close they kept yesterday’s state championship game against Fort Wayne Bishop Luers (or Fishing Lures as we were calling then while watching)?…that sometimes in sport, mathematics, acting, and even literature one runs across a competitor that is just so much more talented that victory is of extremely low probability?…that Fort Wayne Luers looked like a Division II college team as opposed to a high school team?…that the natural talents of speed and size were complemented by focus and good coaching?…that our well coached and focused but out-manned Wildcats had about as much of a chance to beat Luers as the Indiana Hoosiers would have against LSU and for the same reasons?…that the #1 ranked high school football team in America is Louisville Trinity that knows as Bishop Luers does that speed and size are the ticket to a dynasty of championships?…that Trinity beat the #1 ranked in 4A in Indiana team from Cathedral by a score of 36-14?…that in all likelihood Trinity would beat Fort Wayne Bishop Luers by a similar score or more because of the talent superiority?…that Mater Dei, UE, and all of the other Evansville schools and even businesses will have to realize that, accept it, and do something about about the talent gap to compete on those levels?…that until then we will continue to express pride in teams like the Mater Dei Wildcats who truly did their best against a superior opponent?


  1. I suggest you inform the rest of the media about this information and see if they have the fortitude to report what needs to be reported, versus another feel good story. (no reference to MD, I was at the game) The reference is to the constant pet stories, viral videos, and world news. I watch the national broadcasts when I want world news. I wish they would actually give more local stories and especially the news.

    Try these:

    and for what it is worth:

    All we can do is email these people and challenge them to report the information unbiased and let the people decide ( hope they don’t twist it to their liking)

    Thank You CCO for all you do for our region.

    Let the pursuit of the truth continue to haunt those who twist it on a daily basis.

    I also would suggest to the CCO to keep these links easily available for all to find.

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