IS IT TRUE November 25, 2014


IS IT TRUE on “Black Friday” Nov. 28th “We the People” are going to be picketing in front of the Evansville Courier & Press building located on 300 Walnut Street beginning at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm rain or shine?  …this protest has been dubbed the “Integrity In Journalism”?  … that protest organizer Brenda Bergwitz stated we are sick and tired of  the Evansville-Courier and Press not reporting the truth about national political events?  …that she also added that the Evansville Courier and Press are not only reporting the real political happenings at the Civic Center but also aren’t publishing important “Letters to the Editor” sent to them throughout the year? …she also stated that everybody is welcome regardless of political affiliation. …she wants everybody to bring the American flag or wear patriotic outfits?  …she also added if you can’t physically attend this event please drive by and honk your horn in support of this protest?

IS IT TRUE that the Master TIF fund  that will supports the new downtown Hotel and IU Medical School projects declined by over 50% within one year, i.e. 3 million dollars?

IS IT TRUE Investment dollars are pouring into Haynie’s Corner which has long been an embattled area thought to have high potential for downtown living and entertainment?…Haynie’s has in the past been subjected to hit or miss public shots of cash that have had little impact?…this time things may be different?…the old Victorian House at 1112 Parrett is about to be home to a restaurant called “the Dapper Pig”?…that is all well and good but this house was bought by Evansville Brownfields in 2009 for $190,000 and subsequently sold for $30,000 in a deal that never closed when the cost to refurbish the house were found to exceed the value by a large amount?…what is offensive and non transparent about this new venture is that Evansville Brownfields is refusing to disclose the terms of the deal?…we strongly suspect that this secrecy is all about handing out a large amount of money to the entrepreneurs who are opening the restaurant?…what we would like to know is what do the people of Evansville get if and we must say if the new restaurant, the expanded Bokeh Lounge, apartments and town homes succeed?…we like the idea of Haynie’s Corner being safe and nice, what we don’t like is the redistribution of tax dollars into the hands of select individuals?

IS IT TRUE in another case of taxpayer fueled development, the old Roger’s Jewelry building is about to become a Mexican restaurant?…the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Evansville DMD, and some private patrons got together and held a contest to award someone a $270,000 prize package to start a restaurant?…we are pleased to see that a local resident won the contest and wish him well, but we do wonder what the people of Evansville will get from this so called “investment”?

IS IT TRUE the negative trending attached to the AA- bond rating assigned by S&P to the Water and Sewer Utility Bonds turns out to have happened prior to Mayor Winnecke’s proclamation that Evansville’s bond rating was great after the 2012 audit fiasco?…we therefore reverse our previous opinion and believe that the Mayor’s statement was intentionally misleading?…whether that was a lie or just being oblivious to the reality is a judgement we are not sure of?…there was a time when the Mayor and several members of the City Council were snookered by Earthcare Energy so the OBLIVIOUS tag may be the reality of our governance whether it is bond ratings or energy scams?

IS IT TRUE the most interesting development on a national stage over the weekend was the disclosure that the 30,000 “lost” emails at the IRS regarding Lois Lerner’s alleged inappropriate application of tax law toward non-profit agencies with conservative leanings?…it seems as though with our federal government that transparency has morphed into open covert tactics against American citizens?…we do not know what is in these emails but we suspect strongly that it will not reflect well on the IRS?…the unequal justice that seems to have been doled out by Lerner and covered up by her superiors is no way for tax policy to be applied in a place that calls itself “the land of the free”?…this as many other cases of lies and deceptions of recent history will be interesting to watch unfold?

IS IT TRUE Controversy over inflated Obamacare enrollment numbers has renewed demands for the administration to be far more open about sign-up data and other crucial aspects of the health care law?…it’s not just Republican opponents on the Hill insisting on change: Consumer groups, health experts and even strong Obamacare advocates are pushing for the administration to be more forthcoming?…Journalists have also voiced frustration over the lack of timely and complete enrollment reports from a White House that pledged to be transparent from day one?…fluffing the numbers by 400,000 dental plans to achieve the goal of 7,000,000 enrollees probably makes little difference in the big picture, but it is just another falsehood in a program that has been riddled with errors and lies from its inception?…we could have all dealt with 6.9 million out of a 7 million goal but Marilyn Tavenor and company must have felt compelled to get a couple of Pinochio awards to go with the ones the President and Gruber foisted upon the “stupid American voters”?


  1. Always hearing about the Brownfield Corp funding projects – never about fund raisers. What is their source of funds?

    • Google it! No fund raisers but almost half million from a (non mention) government source!
      This is one of 51 “boards and commissions” that the mayor appoints!

  2. “but we do wonder what the people of Evansville will get from this so called “investment”?” –> Refried CSO.

    • At our latest Mexican eatery? The only thing this city needed more than another Mexican restaurant was another Asian one.

      • ‘At our latest eatery? The only thing this city needed more than another restaurant was another one.’

        Fixed *thumbsup*

        Eville (no pun intended) is like a tourist town with no attractions. Loads of places to eat, sleep, shop but, nothing to see/do.

        • Yep, when they all get up and flush the poison in that old downtown its usually a straight shot to the strategic clean water balance of the entire United states, as well. Piss on it, JIG, that’ll cover what you haven’t shit in already.
          Someone, should fine the hell outta that place for the unchecked nasty. Sort’a balance the priorities so too speak. 😉

  3. “IS IT TRUE the most interesting development on a national stage over the weekend…”.
    Silly me! When I read those words I thought the Editor was leading into commenting on the conclusion of the Benghazi investigations, and the fact that there was absolutely no wrongdoing on the part of the Administration. Even Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy couldn’t dig up non-existent dirt, while wasting hundreds of hours and millions of dollars.
    Lerner’s emails are going to be another disappointment, because she and POTUS were not email buddies. It’s only time and money, so waste it!
    On the other hand, the “reversal” on the defense of the Mayor here was really half-hearted. If the Mayor was not openly lying about the S&P rating, CCO should be calling for his resignation for utter neglect of the duties of his office.

    • Yeah, but I still have a problem with our president’s speech to the UN on September 25, 2012, in which he continued to blame a video for the attacks in Benghazi. This was two weeks after the fact. How do you rationalize that?

      • All good, Ellen. It’d be cause for concern if you didn’t have a problem with what Obama said. Nothing there.

        All the money that will be spent going over the, gasp … ‘Lerner emails’, will be for naught. Won’t change a thing or anybody’s opinion of anything. Isn’t going to birth the institution of some form of federal flat tax or whatever regressive tax scheme the selfish far right currently advocates.

        The tired catchphrase ‘Lerner emails’ is now taking up its rightful position in the temporary lexicon next to ‘Benghazi Deadender’. ‘Lerner emails’ is showing its age and scars from abuse. It will be flogged by the Obama haters until there are no discernible letters left in it.

        • Look it up – it’s easy to find. Two weeks later he was still talking about a video to the UN. That is a deliberate lie and you can not deny that.

          • You never did answer my question yesterday, about what government has done to you to keep you from fulfilling your full potential. Please take a look at it, and explain how government harms you, other than collecting taxes for services you receive.
            I’m pretty sure that Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy took your questions into account, as they are bright enough to read the rightie blogs.
            Clearly, Ellen, you will always have a problem with anything that POTUS does or says, and the reason for that is also quite clear. People who consider conservatism to be a euphemism for “greedy bigot” are killing true conservative thought.

          • LKB, you wouldn’t know a conservative thought if you saw it plastered on your mirror in the morning. A “liberal” activist like yourself, can’t comprehend basic beliefs past your own misguided cause. So how can you even dream of lecturing someone on conservative thought? Please, oh please play the “victim card” again, its been a few hours since you have done so.

          • lkb. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I will be more than happy to support POTUS if and when he decides to act in the best interest of the United States and its citizens.
            Who considers conservatism to be a euphemism for “greedy bigot” other than, maybe, you?

  4. Interesting that the Master TIF fund (how many TIF funds are there?) was short $3,000,000. At one time I believe we were assured property tax monies could not be used to make up for shortfalls. So what will be used?

  5. LKB –
    I am a part time employee and with the advent of the ACA my hours were cut back to no more than 29. The difference reflects a considerable reduction in my take-home pay, so yes, the government has harmed me and my family. We have never considered anything less than 40 hours in a workweek to be full time but it seems we are moving in the direction of Europe.

    Also, I will not answer poll questions on the phone for fear that I will be put on some sort of black list. I fear my government.

    If our president wasn’t so prone to prevarication, I might have more faith in him. He didn’t lie though when he said there would be fundamental changes in this country but you have to wonder how the hope is holding out. Economic conditions have deteriorated for African-Americans under his watch and the abyss between the races is deeper than ever. It’s only going to get worse when the pieces of pie for those on government assistance get even smaller in order to accommodate the influx of “undocumented immigrants”. I suppose another tax increase will be in order. It may not be income taxes but they’ll find a way to slip more taxes in somewhere. In NY many residents pay 60% of every dollar in some form of taxes and many in NY are moving out of state. Atlas Shrugged.

    • Do you work in government? If so, government harmed you. If not, it was your employer who cut your hours, not the government.
      If you want to see what big tax cuts do, just take a look at Kansas!

      • I don’t think you really comprehend the purpose of owning/operating a business. It is to make a profit and therefore make a living. Businesses aren’t established in order to provide jobs or pay taxes; that is a bi-product. In light of the new ACA requirements, employers could not afford to make all their part-time employees fulltime least they go out of business and then they would not be employing anyone or paying any taxes. No, I don’t think you can lay this one at the feet of business. Nice try though.

        • @ Ellen:
          I absolutely understand the goal of business. I also understand that shabby employees accept shabby treatment, but good ones don’t have to. When an employer treats them badly, good employees move on, and wise business people know that.
          Btw, that fear you have of answering polls isn’t a reflection on government, it is a reflection on your mental health.


    Yesterday, a poster reported that the two bonds for the Smart City project were purchased by the Evansville Bond Bank. I went out to the State Board website, and that is true. The 2013 State Board of Accounts Audit (B43631), pg. 19, presents that fact on Series 2013C (Water) and Series 2013B (Sewer).

    I believe that poster’s notion that the Evansville Bond Bank had to be the purchaser–because no party would touch these Bonds after the S&P negative outlook–is plausible. However, presuming that the Bond Bank did ‘resell’ these bonds–wouldn’t it be something if Johnson Controls actually purchased some of the Bonds themselves ??? I.e., that’s one way to ‘drum up some business’ ? Another poster used the analogy of a ‘black hole’ for the smart meters, and that sounds right: no “light” (i.e., transparency) will ever come out of the Evansville Bond Bank.

  7. Commonsense,
    If we dare to disagree with any policies of this administration we are bigots, period. It couldn’t be that we just view issues from a different angle. No, we’re are bigots. Since we think there is not a revenue problem but rather a spending problem, we are greedy. Thus, we are greedy bigots.

  8. In regard to today’s “unscientific poll”, I realize that “liberal” is the worst epithet in the vocabulary of many posters here, and labeling the Mayor that reflects serious dissatisfaction with him. Liberals, however, are more associated with everyday people and conservatives are more associated with elitists. Conservative politicians spend just as freely as any other, and I think it is pretty evident that our “First Couple” are elitists. I’m the “weirdo” who called him a conservative.

    • No matter the party, I want smaller government, and you’re right, there are big spenders on both sides but the rate at which we are spending is not sustainable. Our “First Couple” are elitists but I’m not thinking of Carol & Lloyd. A man that consulted in the writing of the ACA, a/k/a Obamacare, said the American voters are stupid and they utilized that stupidity in “torturously” drafting the bill. While campaigning, Obama talked about those who cling to their guns and their God – that covers a lot of everyday people. Not many everyday people golf at Martha’s Vineyard and take prolonged vacations in Hawaii.

      • Sounds like you’re suffering from class envy. The United States doesn’t elect “everyday people” to the presidency.

        • This from one who says liberals are associated more with everyday people and conservatives are associated more with elites. Ridiculous.
          The word liberal is not an epithet, it’s a description commonly used in politics to describe Democrats (dems). They are. Why should they object?

          • I surely don’t object, nor do I consider it to be an epithet. Righties consider it to be a vile thing, though. I thought you could understand what I wrote.

    • “Pocket puppet” is the right classification for that subject of todays poll, they needed more choices, but then that’s what you get there. Their choices, and either don’t go to the polls, or pick one. Every name on the list is just another machine plug by the time the primary rolls. Write in your dog, if you really are liberal with your taken funds,write in the cat, like them, it already thinks it owns you anyway.

  9. LKB. I understood exactly what you wrote. As what you call a “righty” (epithet?) I simply consider liberal a descriptive word. Epithets are reserved for some dems’ vile comments.

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